The Lampmaker Ch. 04


"You had better be careful. I'm tempted to have YOU here and now you walking sex machine. You are fine!" Lacey giggled and ran her index nail over his chest. "Now, now Master, time to show me off in public and let the lesser mortals know who is REALLY the Prince."

Rick took Lacey down to his new Ferrari and they drove off into the night. They arrived at the "Hot Spot" and Rick could see it was certainly attracting the crowds. He drove right up to the front and tossed his keys to the valet. The doorman took one look at Lacey and then him and smiled and led him right to the front of the line.

Inside, Rick easily got them some drinks and got a nice table near the dance floor. While he and Lacey sipped Rick thought a moment and then looked at Lacey.

"Lacey, are you using magic for this? To get us to the front of the lines, immediately service, and a nice table?"

Lacey looked thoughtful for a moment. "Rick (Rick made sure his slaves called him Rick in public), I'm actually not sure. I have not cast any deliberate spell or used any magic, but my form is enchanting as is. You made me to be the sexiest woman in the world and in places like this just being seen can affect lesser mortals. I think I have a magic effect on people, but I'm not being deliberate about it. Hmmmm, maybe I can tone it down? Would you like things a bit quieter? We are certainly attracting attention as it is."

Rick looked around. Lacey wasn't kidding. Rick had know she had always turned heads when they were out, but when she was deliberately trying to be a knockout like tonight...

Literally every man and woman was staring at them. Most were not even trying to hide it. Women were checking out Rick and openly pointing and him and smiling. Men were simply staring with lust in their eyes. Rick's new form was impressive and he swore he felt like an Alpha male staring down the lesser animals. Men would look at him and then look away. But Rick could see some men; some of the bigger and stronger ones were beginning to work up some courage.

"Actually Lacey, that might be a good idea. I am getting the feeling that we might have trouble, and I would rather just have a fun evening dancing than having to prove I'm the man every five minutes."

Lacey smiled with a bit of evil glint in her eyes. "But Rick, you are the man and a proper Prince must show the lesser people their place now and again. And I like watching my Lord put lesser people in their places."

Rick looked at Lacey and for a moment he felt like she had a point. He was The Lampmaker after all, someone who could make Genies. He had wisdom and power the likes of no mortal man, why should he have to hide it and his beautiful slaves from others?

He looked around and for a moment had an urge to stand and challenge anyone who dared to check out his woman, and then the moment passed. He shook his head a bit.

"Uh, huh, that was an odd thought. Lacey, I'd rather have a nice time without a fight or trouble. Let's tone it down a..."

"Hey there beautiful!"

Rick looked up to see a young man in an expensive suit walk over with two glasses of wine and set one down in front of Lacey. He ignored Rick completely and smiled a broad smile with perfect teeth. Rick noted a frat pin and scowled. He had known that frat back at UCLA. Rich kids, spoiled brats with a lot of money, no sense, and great lawyers hired by daddy or mommy to get their back when they fucked up.

Lacey rolled her eyes, picked up the glass and dumped it on the floor. She then dropped the glass to shatter on the floor and turned to Rick. "I think we are a bit late then Rick."

Rick sighed inwardly as he watched the reaction of the guy and the whole club. The guy was turning purple, and Rick could see several of his friends behind him moving up. The guy was turning purple both from the refusal and the fact that the whole club had seen it and now there was a LOT of laugher and pointing. Rick heard "Loser" several times and knew this would not end well.

Rick slowly stood up and looked down on the kid. The kid backed up a step but then snarled. "You looking at something buddy?"

"Yes, I'm looking at a young man who should take a very obvious hint that his attention is not wanted and leave. Now."

"Yeah, and you going to be the guy to make me? Me and all my friends here?" The kid had been joined now by four others who were backing him up. He sneered at Rick and then reached over and grabbed Lacey's wrist.

"Come on beautiful, we're leaving."

Rick moved fast. He grabbed his beer bottle off the table and smashed it across the punk's head as hard as he could. The frat punk spun around and flopped into one of his friend's arms. The one nearest Rick had a look of surprise and Rick belted him with a left. It was not the best punch given Rick was a righty, but he got it connected and he had some muscle behind it. The kid sprawled backwards into another table where two girls promptly smashed their glasses on his head.

Rick turned to see two others (one was holding up the kid Rick had hit with a bottle) move towards him when the bouncers grabbed them.

"That's enough! Who the fuck do you think you are starting a fight here? You ass is black-listed!" a very large Hispanic man said as his bouncers manhandled the frat punks off the floor. The man looked at Rick with a very sad face and said "Sir, I'm very sorry about this. I would very much love to have you enjoy the club with your lovely date, but we have a zero tolerance policy. Anyone involved in a fight must be escorted off the site. I also did see you hit the other man first. I don't blame you, but it would be a legal problem if we made an exception. I'm sorry."

Rick nodded. "I fully understand. I'm sorry I lost my temper. I'll pay for any damage and we will leave right now."

"Sir, please, no damage at all. Please just follow me." The man escorted him and Lacey very carefully out and fully polite about it. He handed Rick his keys and pointed across the street where his car had been moved. "Sir, one thing. Normally a blacklisting lasts a month. In your case, you can come back tomorrow. And please do bring your date along."

Lacey smiled and nodded and took Rick's arm. Rick shook the man's hand and led Lacey down the street and they crossed the road. Lacey was smiling and snuggled up against Rick's arm.

"You're happy about this? We got kicked out of the club."

"Master, you showed everyone in that club you were powerful. A Lord, someone who deserved respect and that you would accept no challenges to your power. This was the greatest date ever in my opinion. I love seeing you like this." Lacey said with that glint in her eyes.

Rick felt his cock stir a bit. It was hard not just jump Lacey on the spot when she got that look.

"We got you now, you mother-fucker!"

Rick turned and saw the college boys moving towards them. One of them was holding his head with blood trickling down and the lead frat punk had a shiner from Rick had decked him earlier. Rick looked around and saw no one was near him and the crowd across the street wasn't paying any attention. He quickly put Lacey behind him and balled up his fists.

"Back the hell up. I'll give you all you want and more if you come any closer."

"Four of us asshole. One of you. And you don't look like you know how fight other than swing fists, so I'll think we take our chances."

One of the others, a taller one with a nasty grin looked at Lacey and licked his lips. "You should have just come along with us early baby. Now we are going to stomp your boyfriend, and we are going to have some REAL fun with you."

Rick snarled and moved forward when suddenly his vision was blinded by a very bright light.


Rick moved back a step and the light dimmed a bit. The frat boys did the same and Rick saw a police cruiser with a spotlight on them.


Rick took Lacey by the arm and nodded to towards the cruiser. "Officer, we'll leave, but my car is over there." Rick said as he pointed past the frat boys to the Ferrari.


The frat boys shot Rick some very nasty looks but backed up a bit. Rick kept himself between them and Lacey and thought he was going to get past when the asshole he hit with the bottle lunged forward and swung at him.

Rick ducked it and shoved the guy backwards. The frat boys moved towards him and then he heard a door slam and a female voice go "BACK UP NOW!"

At that sound everyone turned around. Rick found himself looking at a six foot tall redhead with an awesome figure that actually was able to make a police uniform look kind of sexy. The cop had some blazing green eyes that seemed to burn in the dimmed spotlight and she had a hard look on her face.

"Oh ho, she's a hottie." Rick heard Lacey whisper.

The tallest frat boy blinked and then sneered. "A bitch cop? Oh damn boys, this is double the fun!" He strode towards the woman and said "I hate cops and I hate bitches, so not only do I get to stomp a cop I get to stomp a bitch too! Get ready for some action you badge wearing pussy!"

The woman's eyes blazed and she let her hands drop to her sides. The frat punk swung at her and she caught his arm, spun it and then pivoted. His arm went at an angle that was not natural and Rick heard two very loud snaps as the frat boy screamed. The woman then spun again, kicked his right leg out from underneath him and grabbed the back of his head with her right arm. As the punk fell forward she pushed his head down and forward and smashed it clean through a car window. She stepped back and without missing a beat did a backwards roundhouse kick and caught another frat punk right in the nose at full force. There was a crunching sound and the young man dropped to the ground without a sound.

The other three gaped for a second and then turned around and took off at full speed.

The redhead turned around and stared at Rick and Lacey. "Sir, Ma'am, I am going to have to ask you for statements at this time. Sorry, I appreciate that you tried to keep this situation calm but these idiots wouldn't listen."

Rick and Lacey both nodded and the officer talked on her radio for a bit. Soon several cars had arrived and the two frat boys were cuffed and driven off. Rick had winced a bit when they had cuffed the guy with a broken arm as they had not been gentle.

He had heard one of the male cops talking quietly to the boy. "Jesus you are stupid. You just had to try and take out Officer O'Shea. She's as dangerous as she is hot and she just LOVES punks like you swinging at her. And with a whole street full of witnesses, oh she won't see a day of suspension over this. Enjoy having your arm in a cast in county; the guys there are going to LOVE your sweet little ass."

Rick gave his statement to another officer while Lacey talked with Officer O'Shea. Rick looked over a couple times and noticed that Lacey was leaning in close and O'Shea had a slightly glazed look in her eyes once while Lacey talked to her. Rick finished and was told he could go, but might be called later on depending on how the DA wanted to proceed.

Rick took Lacey's arm and led her to the car and then drove home.

Once they got home, Lacey asked to speak to Rick and Ali.

"Master, Grand Vizier, we have been discussing our move to a new palace for the last several days but have held off due to security concerns. I think we have a solution. Officer Nicole O'Shea."

Rick smiled. "I was wondering if you were thinking along those lines. I saw you checking her out and talking very closely with her."

Lacey smiled that evil smile. "Master, what Mistress of the Harem would I be if I was not always looking out for new beauties? You must admit Nicole is a lovely creature. And she would be an excellent guard and protector. I spoke in detail with her about her qualifications. She has several black belts and does mixed martial arts fighting. She is on the rifle and pistol team for the LA Police Department, and has numerous commendations for courage and ability. Not only can she protect she can also lead. She was announced on the Police Lieutenant's promotion list, but has held off accepting due to her desire to take some time off and study some martial arts abroad. I think with some proper crafting she would love to be your captain of the guard. Enslave her, bind her to a lamp and make her yours."

Ali looked thoughtful and Rick though for a moment and then said "The mansion in the hills is somewhat isolated. It is large and with the changes we want it will be perfect for my palace. But we all agree that what attracts us to it also attracts crime. It is up in the hills, it is isolated, and any aid will be at least 20 minutes in responding. Even with the best security systems, the place has been robbed many times. I agree with Lacey, my household needs a guard and Nicole will be a perfect Captain."

Ali nodded. "Yes Master, I agree. Given your description of her abilities and skills I believe she will indeed be a fine choice. We must be careful though, she is well known in the local law enforcement community. Any sudden changes in her attitude will arouse suspicion."

"True, but we can be careful and it will work. She is taking 3 months off starting two days from now to go camping and then attend several training camps abroad for martial arts. We can take her and work the details. We can do this."

Ali bowed. "Of course Master. I will prepare everything you need. I will monitor her via magic and establish her daily pattern."

Lacey spoke up. "I have her address and phone number, plus she told me that she often goes to a small beach to work out after her shift ends. She should be there now."

Rick arched an eyebrow. "And she told you this? I find it hard to believe she would be so free with her personal information."

Lacey giggled. "Master, I entranced her and had her tell me everything. She has no boyfriend, no family she is in regular contact with, and is a careerist. For all her physical strength, her mind was very pliable in the hands of a skilled genie. I did her no harm and she remembers nothing. I knew she would be our next genie and so I gathered information to help us."

Rick tapped his fingers a moment and then looked at Lacey. "I commend you for your initiative. But in the future you will not do that unless I allow you. You are not to enchant others without my say so. It was risky to do that in public and I don't want to take that chance again. Do you understand?"

Lacey looked sad and bowed low. "Master, I fully understand and I apologize for my excessive behavior. It shall not happen again, that is unless you give me permission." Lacey's voice sounded contrite and a bit nervous and Rick nodded.

"Very good then. Ali, begin to study our new genie to be and work out a pattern. Lacey, as punishment you will assist Ali for the rest of the night. I think I will allow Heather to watch my sleep."

"As you command Master."

Rick stood as Lacey and Ali began to wave their hands and say strange words and headed into his bedchamber for some sleep.

Lacey made sure to look a bit hurt by Rick's orders, but inside she was smiling. She had found out a lot more than just mere addresses and hobbies when she had entranced Nicole. Nicole's ideal man was a strong, hard man, capable of handling lesser men like curs if they crossed him. A real wolf, someone not afraid to take what he desired. Someone very similar to what Lacey wanted, not exactly, but with some proper guidance here and there that wouldn't matter. Now with two genies working on Rick's personality Lacey was sure her plan would move along nicely.


"She is getting off shift in 15 minutes. If her past history is any guide she will head out to a small beach to swim and work out prior to heading home." Ali stated.

Rick nodded and packed his things. He then headed out.

After a drive Rick parked near a small beach south between LA and San Diego. The beach had some folks there, but not many. It wasn't good for surfing, parking was limited and it was a bit out of the way. But enough folks happened by that Rick wouldn't seem completely out of place.

Rick quickly spotted Nicole in the water. Her fire engine red hair stood out like a flashbulb in a dark room. Rick watched her stride out of the water. She was tall, over 6 feet, and her body was a hard and muscled. Her tits were not the biggest, maybe a 34 BB at least, but her attitude and tone made her sexy as hell. This was a woman that only the brave would approach, never mind try to date.

Rick dialed his cell phone and Lacey answered.

"I am approaching her, get ready with Ali."

"Yes Master, all is in readiness. Take her at your leisure."

Rick waited until she was starting to dry herself off and then called out to her.

Nicole turned and looked as he walked up. She seemed on guard and then a flicker of recognition came across her face.

"Hi Officer O'Shea. I'm not sure you remember me from the other night, but you saved me and my girlfriend from some frat punks." Rick said with a smile.

"Yeah, I remember you. Rick right? Yes, well, what can I do for you?" she said not offering her hand and looking a bit wary.

"I wanted to thank you again for helping us out. I, uh, well we, made you this. I'm a metal smith by hobby and my girlfriend and I figured it would be a nice gesture. Everyone seems to be down on cops today and we wanted to just show you our thanks for what you did." Rick said as he held out a new lamp.

Nicole looked at it and then at Rick. "Uh, thank you. Sorry, I'm not used to getting thanks or gifts for this. And you shouldn't be giving this to me. In fact I'm not sure I can accept it." Nicole stated and started to dry her hair.

"Oh. I can see that. Can you at least look at this and let me get a picture of you with it? I'll tell my girlfriend I gave it to you and she'll be okay with that. If not, she will likely try to catch you at the station. She is big on thanking people." Rick said as he held out the lamp.

Nicole finished drying her hair and muttered something under her breath. "Okay, just one photo though." And reached out to the lamp.

She stiffened the second she touched the lamp and Rick closed his hands on hers. Looking over his shoulders he noticed that the few other people on the beach all slumped or lay down in the sand and in a few seconds the entire beach was sound asleep. He heard two "POOFS" and Lacey and Ali stood to either side. Lacey smiled her evil smile that Rick had come to love and Rick grinned back at her. He then turned to an entranced Nicole and began to speak.

"As the maker of this lamp, and the opener of the gate, I name thee the gatekeeper. Nicole, I bind you heart, soul, and body to this lamp so long as it exists. You control its power, whoever controls it, controls you. You are bound as the genie of this lamp, so sayith the lampmaker!"

Nicole immediately responded. "I, Nicole, am bound to this lamp as its genie. I swear upon my soul to serve whoever owns the lamp as my master until I am freed or a new master takes me."

Rick pricked Heather's finger and before pressing her blood onto the lamp, he spoke again. "I name thee Captain of the Household guard, bodyguard to you Master, and a harem slave. You will serve your Master in all respects to the utmost of your abilities."

Nicole repeated it back to him and the smoke engulfed her. Just before completely fading away, Nicole's face took on a look of rapture and Rick heard "Oh Fuck YEAH!"

Rick looked at the lamp in his hands and smiled. He picked up all of Nicole's things and walked over to his other servants. They followed him to his car. Rick had Lacey take Nicole's car and then headed back to Rick's apartment.

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