tagMind ControlThe Lampmaker Ch. 06

The Lampmaker Ch. 06


Thanks everyone for your feedback and comments, please keep them up. I wanted to let everyone know that in the next several chapters I will be adding some genies not in the original story in order to expand on some ideas. I hope you like it, and if not please let be polite about letting me know. Thank you, enjoy.

Chapter 6, Lotus

Rick awoke the next morning with a lovely slow blowjob from Susan. Rick's eyes fluttered open and he sighed. After she finished he pulled her up close and let her snuggle in. She sighed contently and said "Master, I must admit this is quite a fine life. Even though I did not like how I was taken, you are a God in bed and the pleasure you give me is amazing. You know exactly what to do to make a woman feel special and loved."

Rick kissed her gently and smiled. "Well, that was my first wish actually. I can tell what any woman, mortal or genie likes and I can be exactly what she wants."

Susan nodded slowly as she let her hand trace along Rick's strong chest. Rick felt another hand run up his leg and smiled as Lacey's lay down beside him on the other side.

"Master has slept well, and Susan of the Yellow Lamp appears to have enjoyed herself. Another fine morning indeed."

Rick nodded and spaced out for a bit thinking about his servant problem. After a few moments Lacey tapped his shoulder.

"Master, you are troubled. What commands your attention away from us?"

"Servants. I can see that we need them, but damn it, I'm having some issues with brain-washing dozens of humans to be practically robots. I know that is probably some serious bullshit on my part; hell I enslaved five lovely women and turned them into genie slaves for possibly eternity. But I am getting worried a bit about how this is making me see the world."

Rick turned to Lacey. "When I'm with you, I get this amazing feeling of power and lust. I feel like a god. No lie, I see things differently and I start to think why people aren't bowing to me or obeying me. When I took you on the staircase and made the others kneel it was the biggest rush I've ever had. Right then, I would have ordered you to brain-wash the entire city to obey me like a Lord if it had occurred to me and I would have made a genie on the spot to make it happen."

"But it passed and the rush came down and I got back to being me. Almost me. Every time I feel like I come back a bit less. I'm beginning to get worried about it. I don't want brainwashing to be my solution for everything."

Lacey and Susan both looked concerned. Lacey sat up and crossed her legs and appeared deep in thought. "Master, humility is something that becomes a Prince, but you should still remember you ARE a Prince and a powerful man. I don't recommend that you let your power go to your head, but by that same token you should not fear it so. You must have servants, and they must be loyal. Perhaps we can find a way to ensure loyalty is not so invasive of their mind? That and you have us, your loyal slave genies who will always watch out for you."

Susan had sat up and was in a lotus position and she seemed deep in thought. After a moment she said "Master, the other genies, they all wanted this yes?"

Rick nodded. "Yes, well, more accurately once they found out what was happening they embraced it. You are really the first one who did not. The others saw the opportunity they had and loved it."

Susan tapped her lips and then smiled. "Master I have your solution I think. You must recruit servants who want to be your slaves."

Rick and Lacey both looked at her. Rick frowned and said "I'm lost. Who would want to be a slave?"

Susan gave Rick a sly smile. "Master, someone who would desire a life of certainty and safety, or perhaps someone who wants to be something would want to be your slave."

Susan stood up and waved her hands. A picture of a cook appeared. "Bridget needs a cook, or several. Get someone who wants to be a great cook, who wants to do nothing but cook. Someone who you could make accept a brain-washing easily once they realized the opportunity. Some poor girls from a third world country offered a position as a maid or cleaning lady, in the US, safe, never hungry, and can send money home. Or how about someone who wants to be an Amazon warrior woman? You can make them an offer of training and teaching from one of the greatest warriors alive. Many would jump at that chance."

Rick looked at Lacey who was now openly smiling and nodding her head. "Master, Susan has a great idea. We have an entire world of mortals, we can find people who fit this mold."

Rick nodded without a thought and then caught himself. "Whoa. WHAT am I thinking? I just agreed to enslaving dozens, maybe hundreds of people, just so I can have a house staff."

Rick looked at Lacey and Susan again and then shook his head no. "No. Ever since taking Susan I've been thinking about what I have been doing. No matter how you cut it, I'm making slaves. While I've been lucky to enslave women who like what they have become, or have decided it is fine in the end, you are talking about enslaving dozens of people. Desperate people will do anything to survive and what kind of man am I if I take advantage of that? No, we will think of something else."

Rick stood and walked past a sad looking Susan and a blank faced Lacey. He put on a robe and went into the bath area to clean up. Lacey moved next to Susan and said softly "Susan, your idea is perfect. It addresses our problem and will provide us with loyal people. Master is right that desperate people will do anything, but if helped they also become very LOYAL people. Orphans, run-a-ways, and others all over the world would jump at a chance for easy work, food, shelter and safety. We must convince Master of this."

Lacey stood and waved her hands. Her costume shifted to a very tight and very see-through black lingerie set with some black leather put it giving it an S and M flavor. A flavor in which she was the submissive and ready to be punished.

Or Dominated.

Lacey swayed over to the bathroom and waved Susan away as she moved. She bowed her head low and walked with a very soft step. She came in behind Rick who was finishing shaving and Rick saw her in the mirror and gaped a bit.

"Master, we have displeased you."

Rick turned around and looked at her with a puzzled look. "No, nothing like that. I just don't like this idea that we can entrance everyone and make them do our bidding. That isn't right, and using it to take advantage of less fortunate is not right either."

Lacey moved forward like a condemned woman and knelt down. "Master, you must punish me and put me in my place." She waved her hands and suddenly the leather belt lashed out and wrapped her arms and legs together. A blindfold appeared and wrapped around her eyes and she gasped.

"Master, I am your creation and I have offended you. You are so powerful and you know you must punish me to put me in my place. That is what a great Prince does. He rules. He commands. He punishes." Lacey said in a voice of submission and meekness.

Rick blinked as Lacey was bound and felt that rush. He opened his mouth to tell her to stop but they didn't come out as Lacey spoke. Rick's eyes fluttered a bit and he heard his own voice in his head. Strong and powerful, he heard it say "Yes, rule, command and punish. THAT is what a Prince does. That is what I must do. I AM a great Lord."

Rick shook his head a bit and tried to clear it but as soon as he looked at Lacey again, kneeling in front of him and saying "My Lord, punish me, you are my Master and that is what Master's do." he wavered and the strong voice got louder. Rick leaned back against the sink counter and began to breathe heavily. After a few moments Rick heard himself say out loud "I rule, command, and punish. I am a Prince and that is what I do."

Rick stood up straight and looked down at Lacey with a slight frown. "Stand up Lacey. Now."

Lacey snapped her fingers and the restraints disappeared. She stood with her head bowed. Rick strode forward and lifted her chin. "None of that. You are not a weak little girl, you are my first and greatest creation, a strong loyal slave who only has her Master's welfare at heart. You have helped me understand that right now, but you forgot one thing. I also care for my slaves. And in taking Susan's suggestion I can care for many innocents."

Rick walked past her with a commanding stride. Lacey smiled at that and nodded. Her idea to try and force Rick's dominating persona to the front had worked. Hopefully it would stay in charge long enough to finish the task at hand.

Rick walked over towards a large table where his smithing tools lay. He got a thoughtful look, and Lacey watched as his face moved between thoughtful and dominating and then became a mix of both.

"Inform Susan her idea is a good one, but it gave me a better one and I will thank her personally later. I need to prepare some things. I will awake the other genies from their lamps, but once I do that I will need some privacy. Lacey, you will gather a full list of everyone that everyone thinks they need for their respective areas. Household staff from Bridget, Security from Nicole, Admin staff from Heather, Legal Staff from Susan. Hmmm, if you can think of anything you want or need to add Lacey put it on."

Rick reached down and picked up a small hammer. "In the meantime, I'll be in here working on something. I am not to be disturbed until lunch."

Lacey bowed and said "Yes Master."

Rick worked hard through the day and into the next. He ordered his genies to leave him be. But he pulled in Ali for some advice.

"Ali, Susan gave me an idea. I can make genies using my knowledge and powers. But I got to thinking about how I do it and realized that I don't need to use lamps. I could make a bottle or a can or a zippo lighter even. The vessel isn't important, it the crafting."

Ali nodded. "Yes Master that is correct. The amount and the flow of the power is linked to your vessel. Of course, it can be limited or changed. You are able to make the most complex of gates, one that gives you a full genie."

"And I can modify what it does. I could make a genie who could only grant me one wish, or no wishes, but maybe be a very focused genie, or a very focused something else."

"Yes Master, you could do that. But why make a weak genie? That seems an odd thing to do."

"I'm not going to make a weak genie. I'm going to make a special household staff and link it to my palace."

Ali blinked at that and then got a thoughtful look on his face. "Master that is an interesting idea. How do you envision it?"

Rick pointed to what he was working on. It appeared to be a large cooking pot but Ali could see the metal work and materials and realized it was a much less powerful vessel. "This right here will link to my kitchen. It will be linked with the palace when I am done as I will implant it in the kitchen with the final touches. I will use it to enslave a cooking staff who will only exist to cook. They may have some issues starting out and a learning curve, but they will exist forever dedicated to cooking and being the best cooks in existence. They won't be genies per say but..."

"Magical servants." Ali finished and smiled. "Master, that is clever. Bind them and there will never be an issue of anyone talking or betraying you or even leaving."

Rick nodded. "You got it. Same for everything else. This scroll for Heather's office workers, this Justice Balance for Susan, you get the idea. The materials for these lesser vessels don't require some of the special materials for a full genie lamp, so I don't need wishes from them. And they will exist as long as my palace exists. And best of all it only needs to be done once."

Ali laughed. "Master, you are indeed a clever one. Very well, Lacey has compiled the lists. She and I will begin to interview and select. I take it you will have these items ready soon?"

Rick was already back at work on the pot. "Yes, I'm nearly done with all of them, just need to emplace them. You and Lacey will oversee the selection, but the primary selectors are the specialists in their fields. If you feel you must override them, I want to know about it and why. I want people who will not be missed, I want no one coming around later and asking about so and so."

Rick chuckled. "It will be a bit of a learning curve though. In making just magical servants, I cannot force the level of expertise I can into them like I can a genie. There will be some learning involved, but then again they will be learning from the greatest teachers on earth. Even if they are not so great now, they will get there as they have an eternity to get great."

Ali nodded and bowed.

Rick finished his work later that day and came out to see that Lacey and Ali were well along in the selection process. Using their magic they had started their search on the West Coast and had expanded to other places. They had compiled lists of people from around the world in nearly every possible category for a proper household staff. The other genies had then gone over them and thanks to the wonder of genies and djnn magic they had a full list with plenty of backups ready to interview. His genies were ready to start the process tomorrow and they had already set up interviews with the local names. Bridget was already setting up transportation for others to get there and Nicole was setting up how to move them and keep it quiet. Susan's legal work had already been started, but it would take a bit for the papers to be served and move through the system, so some stealth was required still.

Rick was feeling happy about his solution and he celebrated that night will all his genies in his bed.

The next day Rick and his genies conducted interviews and sorted through the applicants. Ali finished the scrying and had discovered several people who had criminal ties or had possible issues that could make them less trustworthy and willing to be enslaved. Those never got an invite. The others were carefully picked up and interviewed. Over four days the genies found more than enough candidates who fit the necessary profile and were very willing to accept being bound to the palace when questioned under enchantment.

Rick took his time and after a full week he had his genies extend offers and then he had them come and "get hired". One by one, Rick bound his new servants, and he was happy to see that in the end all of them were happy with, or at least accepted without major issue, their new lives. Thanks to Susan's idea of using run-aways, orphans and illegals, all of the applicants had been very happy with the idea of having complete safety and care in exchange for what was in many cases easy work.

With that the palace was now fully functional and Rick had to admit that it really was a palace and he felt like a real prince.

Bridget now commanded a full staff of maids, cooks, cleaners, and servants that were linked to several of Rick's creations. Unlike his genie lamps, these items could be used by anyone of the house. Simply rub them and "Poof!" you would have your servants appear. They were 100% loyal and they all thought of Rick as their Prince and Master. Rick did note that Bridget made sure that every one of them was a pretty young woman, between 18 and 30, and they wore skimpy French maid costumes, or Chief's aprons and stockings, or less. But within a day his entire palace was sparkling clean, he had servants at his beck and call, and his meals were amazing. Bridget was still doing a lot of work as she trained the staff, but Rick could see how well this would work as they gained experience. Rick was also pleased to see that his staff was very varied. He had servants from Central and South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia and all of them were happy to be in service.

Heather now had a similar staff of accountants, secretaries, and the like, as did Susan with legal aides, clerks, and so on. They also were pretty young women, who dressed in sexy business attire and looked like a bunch of sexy librarians. But they did their jobs with gusto and were also linked to the house and loyal to Rick. Rick had been a bit nervous about this group as professionals might have issues with being enslaved.

But Heather and Susan had done their homework and more. Given Rick's guidance they had literally searched the globe for women who fit the requirements and were also natural sub missives. That had greatly eased the change and the enslavement and now they were happily working for their new Lord. These servants were a bit different in that they could, with permission of the genie, the Grand Vizier or Rick, leave the household to conduct business as ordered. There was a bit of a paper trail though, Rick insisted on everything being legal so Green Cards and eventual citizenship would be needed. But Susan's legal acumen and genie magic got things rolling and she assured Rick that they would have no issues. All of Rick's legal and economic staff had green cards (if needed) by the end of the week and Susan simply smiled and said "Master, you need not worry, everything is legal. I just helped it along with a bit of persuasion and a touch of magic."

Nicole's palace guard consisted of 40 women. They looked like a troop of Amazons when she held morning and evening inspections. All were in top shape, muscled, hair in braids and all tough as nails. Nicole had recruited from gangs and street kids and had found a lot of eager girls who loved the idea of being trained to be tough and a steady job that promised some excitement. While not submissive in the slightest, the idea of being an immortal hard core fighter was more than enough to make them happily volunteer to be bound.

Nicole had outfitted the outer guards with regular security guard uniforms as there was a chance they could be seen by the public. They were all heavily armed though, with Glocks, nightsticks, tazers, Kevlar vests, and for those walking guard stations, AR-15s and pump shotguns. The inner palace guards however were dressed like Greek Warriors, with breastplates, spears, swords, bracers and helmets (guns were available if needed). Some of them could also leave the household when accompanying Master, another Genie or upon Nicole's orders. They were to assist her as bodyguards, but Rick had a gut feeling Nicole also had them ready to act as assassins if needed.

Rick had wondered if he and his genies had gone a bit overboard on all of this. When Rick had finished his last item for binding his servants he had a serious moment when he nearly went into shock.

"Dear Lord! What am I doing? These things are going to enslave possibly hundreds of people for maybe eternity! Why do I need to do this? What is happening to me?" he had blurted out when he had set down his last piece of work.

"You are being a proper Lord." Lacey said as she stood up. Rick had been so caught up he had not noticed her come in. She swayed over to him in that arrogant glide that she had when she was on his arm and wanted to be noticed as his woman. Rick's throat tightened a bit and he calmed down. Lacey smiled at him and bowed.

"Master, you have great power and you are using it wisely. You are right to fear what could happen if word got out about you and your abilities. None of us would be safe. You are doing this to protect us and yourself. And in this case you also help weak and helpless women from around the world who will forever be grateful to you. You are giving them safety and protection and security forever. You are being a great Prince. Do not fear what you do. Embrace it."

Rick found himself nodding. "Yes. Yes Lacey of the First Lamp. You are wise and you are correct." Rick stepped over to her and swept her up in his arms and kissed her. "I am doing what needs to be done. I am protecting my women and my kingdom. And I am helping others who need it."

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