tagMind ControlThe Lampmaker Ch. 07

The Lampmaker Ch. 07


For those who have read this story already, this next chapter is where I am adding a new genie. I like my original group but I have had several suggestions for others and a couple of ideas that I think will help the story. I hope you all enjoy it, and again if you have comments, make them polite and useful. Thank you.


Chapter 7, Samantha

Rick scowled at the TV and shot Lacey a look that made her tremble.

"Damn it Lacey, what part of "Stay away from the paparazzi" was it that you didn't understand?"

The TV show was actually a streaming video on a YouTube Channel. The video showed a very pretty blonde woman talking with Lacey in a very exclusive Beverly Hills salon. The woman had a microphone up to Lacey's face and Lacey was smiling and talking about how well they did her hair. The interviewer kept trying to pull information out of Lacey, like her last name, where she lived, and most annoying, information about Rick and "his other women". The show then cut to several other short clips, obviously taken from a distance that showed Rick with Bridget entering a gallery, Rick and Susan going into a courthouse to sign some papers, and then a shot of Rick and Nicole running on what Rick had thought was a secluded beach.

To her credit, Lacey dodged the questions and didn't give any information. But the paparazzi reporter had ended with a blurb on the "new mystery millionaire and his groupies" and promised that she would be tracking this developing story and get the real story out for the public to see.

Rick growled again when he saw how many likes the clip had. He really got mad when he started reading the comments. Rick saw several of the other paparazzi who had been trying to track him down had commented on pooling resources to track the "Mystery Women" down. There were also hundreds of comments on Lacey, and his other genies, and how hot they were.

Rick sighed as he clicked off the TV and stared at the blank screen. He turned to his assembled genies and looked at Ali who had a very dark frown on his face.

"Ali, this is bad. I had hoped that with a proper staff and the construction done we were to a point we might be able to slip beneath the radar for a bit. But now," Rick said with a bit of a growl "we are front page news again."

Lacey looked very uneasy. "Master I am so sorry. I didn't provide any information and I didn't realize she had those other clips. I figured that maybe if I gave her a little bit she might go away after seeing she wasn't getting anything juicy."

"Well, that is true to an extent." Lacey thought. In reality she was very happy about her clip. She had enjoyed the flattery Samantha had heaped on her, and she was very happy about the comments on her beauty and the number of likes. "I very much enjoy the limelight." She thought as she kept her face sad.

"Well, that didn't work now did it? Now this bitch is going to keep digging. Nicole, I want you to dig up everything on this woman, call your police friends if you have to and ask some favors. Ali, scry the hell out of her. Lacey, cancel the reservations tonight. We are all staying in until I figure out what to do with this woman."

Lacey's face dropped and all the genies and Ali bowed and said "Yes Master." As Lacey left the room Rick called out "Once you have cancelled everything, return to your lamp. I will get you out when I am done figuring out what to do next. Do not disobey me again."

Lacey's lips trembled and she got out a quaking "Yes Master." and did as she was told. "Damn it. Tonight was that red carpet movie premiere. I had that designer French dress flown in from Paris just for this!" Lacey thought to herself. "But then again, it's nice to see Master in his strong form. He is that way more and more."

Rick moved up his dais and sat on his throne as Lotus typed away. Lotus could sense her Master was in a foul mood and given how his personalities could shift very suddenly and sometimes erratically, she felt it best to not tempt fate.

Rick scowled at nothing. "Damn Lacey. She can make her hair the envy of every woman on the planet with a snap of her fingers and she has to go once a week for a salon treatment just because she can. Cripes, I should have bound someone a bit more reclusive."

Rick thought for a while until Ali and Nicole returned. Nicole bowed and said "Master I have done as you have ordered. I have done some very thorough searching and questioning on this Samantha Asters."

Rick nodded for her to continue. Nicole pulled out a folder and opened it. "Ms. Samantha Asters, graduate of USC, double degree in journalism and theater. Tried to land a job as a reporter in several major newspapers and local TV affiliates, failed at each one. Tried to do some acting, failed at that as well. From what I have dug up it appears she is a bit of drama queen and was considered too much work to keep happy even though she does have a great deal of talent. So she started her own YouTube show called "Samantha's Mad Method" in which she became part paparazzi, part investigative reporter, part Entertainment Tonight Co-Hoist."

"Her show has actually become quite a hit. She had been able to find a couple of scoops on some Hollywood stars, and a couple of juicy scandals and she is now a bit of an underground sensation. She had a lot of followers and her show even has some pretty good sponsors. Given the buzz that you and Lacey have created around the club scene it was really only a matter of time before someone like her would come looking for a story."

Nicole frowned. "But this Samantha is not stupid. Rather than just approach you or one of us, she has been carefully working out a pattern. It was pretty easy once she figured a couple of things. One, Lacey demands only the most expensive and most exclusive clubs when you go out. So simply standing around a hot spot she was able to get photos of you and Lacey. And since it normally only takes Lacey a few days to determine the newest hot spot, she can reasonably predict when you might be there and be waiting. With Bridget its art galleries, shows and exhibits, and that is easy to find on line. With us others, that was some more very good detective work on her part. She identified me through a friend of hers on the force and was able to put together some of my old patterns and places I hung out at. Such as the beach we run on sometimes Master."

"She apparently hasn't identified Heather yet, but Susan was easy as the legal paperwork is public record. Once she had established Susan as your lawyer, she just had to check the court docket."

Nicole frowned. "I am so sorry I have failed Master. I should have been more alert for this. But I was focused on securing the palace and your more public appearances. I ask your forgiveness."

Nicole knelt and bowed her head down to the floor and Rick sighed.

"Stand up Nicole. You are forgiven, and it is a minor forgiveness. I have not used you in the best way. I have insisted on private time with my other slaves and you have not been allowed to come with me. If I had been more conscious of your function as my bodyguard, likely we would not be in the situation we are now."

Ali spoke. "Very true my Lord. But this problem now does exist and I am very afraid it may get worse. I scryed this woman and she is digging into your financial records. Fortunately your insistence of being above board will show that you have done nothing illegal, but it will show that you went from being a regular man to a genius investor in a few short months. It will also likely uncover Heather's involvement. While she quit and it was all legal, the cover story about her being in Asia will fall through and some questions might be asked."

Ali frowned more. "There is something else. She was waiting on something. I could not tell what it was, but she kept muttering about once she had it, she would have her expose. I don't know what this is, and I fear the unknown."

Rick was scowling a lot now. "Cripes. Why can't people just leave me the hell alone? I'm not doing anything weird or dangerous." Rick paused and looked at his djnn and two genies and then sighed. "Well, not anything really dangerous I guess. Making genies probably counts as a bit weird."

Lotus had been typing and she then paused. She got a thoughtful look on her face. "Master, you cannot get out of the limelight."

"No kidding Lotus. That's the problem."

"No Master, the problem is that you don't realize that. With Lacey and Bridget and even me, you will be taking us out. For fun, for your hobbies, for business; even with Nicole you like to go running and then make love on the beach. You cannot cut yourself off from the world."

Lotus stood up and swayed over in front of the throne. "Master, what you need is a Press Agent or spokesperson. Someone who can handle all of that for you and give you a shield from prying eyes." Lotus snapped her fingers and several well known Hollywood stars had images appear in mid-air.

"These people are all famous, but what do you actually know about them? No one knows where they live, no one knows what their favorite foods are, and they only know what they want people to know. They have agents who handle all of the public relations. In exchange for some occasional interviews, some photo shoots, and maybe a sneak peek at some resort, the paparazzi hold off."

Lotus waved her hands on some others. Famous people, but people with a lot of dirt on them. "I did some searching, these people didn't have agents or press workers. They tried to hide, or simply keep to themselves. It didn't work. You cannot be famous and be private. You have to give up a bit in order to keep the rest."

Rick was now leaning forward intently and Ali and Nicole had thoughtful looks.

Nicole tapped her lip. "Master, short of us either entrancing every person we come across when we go out or stopping going out altogether, this is a very good option."

Ali nodded and said "I agree. Someone who can deal with these paparazzi and these reporters would be a boon. You are wealthy and powerful, and you keep the company of the loveliest women on the planet; you will attract attention. Trying to avoid it I think is impossible, but we can perhaps manage it."

Rick thought for a bit. Part of him wanted to order his genies to entrance everyone to make them all fuck the hell off and leave him be. Another part wanted to order Nicole to go and bring that bitch Samantha's head to him on a platter. But the careful Rick had control at the moment and after a bit he nodded.

"Yes, a press agent is what we need. Good job Lotus that is an excellent idea."

Rick stood and smiled. He strode down his dais and let his hands slide down Lotus's body. "Mmmmm, and good ideas get rewarded. Come, let's celebrate. We will start searching for someone afterwards."

Rick took a smiling and giggling Lotus by the hand and led her towards his bed chamber. Rick turned and said "Ali, Nicole, keep an eye on our paparazzi spy. Nicole, get with the other genies and make sure that all public events are cancelled for at least this week. We will hole up in the palace until we have our agent."

Both bowed and said "Yes Master" as Rick turned and began to kiss Lotus as they moved into his bed chamber. Rick felt a rush of power as Lotus sighed and snuggled close to him. She giggled as his hands roamed on her lovely body and her smooth skin.

"Oh Master, I so love it when you fondle me like this. You feel so powerful, just taking me like this. Taking me as your slave and using me as you see fit. Such a turn on to be owned so." Lotus purred in his ear as he gently pulled off her silk garments and let his hands roam some more.

Rick laid her on one of the divans and dropped his robe and then undid his silk trousers. He stepped out of them and lay down next to Lotus and began to kiss her and fondle her. He felt like a strong man playing with a weak little kitten and he got hard thinking about it.

"Yes, this is what I want. Genie Slaves at my command, great beauties that sigh and whimper in my presence and my power. Money, power, strength, just what I want and what I deserve."

Rick eased himself into Lotus and she let out a loud moan as his manhood slid into her pussy. Rick began to gently pump into her. "Yes my lovely slave, enjoy your reward. Enjoy the gift from your great Master."

Lotus moaned and whispered "Oh Master yes! I love you and will obey your every command. I exist to please you and you alone! I am yours!"

Normally Rick liked to power fuck Lotus and make her babble like a bimbo but today he felt more relaxed. Hearing and feeling Lotus moan and writhe under him and pledge her loyalty was really turning him on today. "I like hearing my slaves swear loyalty when not fucked into idiots, this shows how powerful I really am." Rick thought.

Lotus tensed and shuddered and Rick came right after her. He sighed and lay down next to his lovely slave and smiled. "Very nice Lotus. Let's rest a bit and then have Nicole join us at the pool for a nice swim."

Lotus giggled and nodded and snuggled closer to her Master. "I'll give Lacey credit, she could always land the best mark and she remembers her friends. Hmmmm, who would have thought being a slave would be so wonderful?" Lotus thought to herself as she felt her strong studly Master's arm wrap around her.

After a bit Rick stood and put on a pool robe. Lotus snapped her fingers and two towels appeared in her hands and her feet got sandals. Rick had a huge Roman style pool in the back, and he and his genies swam naked. Rick headed out with Lotus on his arm and summoned a servant on the way.

"Have Nicole meet us at the pool for a swim." he ordered. The maid smiled and bowed and moved off quickly.

Rick led Lotus to the huge pool and slipped off his robe and stepped into the water and Lotus followed after summoning another two servants. Lotus ordered them to bring chilled wine and three glasses and they bowed with large smiles and hurried off.

"I am always surprised by how much you can't actually do." Rick said as he pulled himself into the water and began a slow lap. "You can entrance people, you can teleport and even teleport me, but you have issues creating things out of thin air. You can only actually teleport things that I own, such as cash or wine or a pair of shoes. You can dress me with a snap of your fingers, but only from clothes I already own. Not exactly what I expected when I created you."

Lotus gave her Master a sad smile. "I am sorry that we cannot make every wish come true Master, truly I am. Nothing makes me happier than obeying you. But the power we control, it, um, well it simply doesn't work like that. Your wishes are limited and we cannot go past them. We can manipulate, we can summon, but we cannot create unless you wish it. I don't know how else to explain it."

Rick sighed as he swam back towards Lotus who had done up her hair and was now sitting on a step in the pool naked smiling at him. "Don't be sorry. I only wish I understood the rules about your powers better, but you and Ali always say you cannot explain them." Rick boosted himself up next to her and let his hands roam over his slave's breasts while he nuzzled her neck. "If I did I could likely make more powerful genies."

Lotus sighed and leaned back into her Master. "Mmmmmm, yes Master you likely could. I actually think that is a reason why we cannot explain it better. To restrict humans from abusing the power having a djnn or genie can give them. You cannot do anything to destroy or damage this reality or the djnn reality, but with that knowledge I think you might get to that point. Maybe this is nature's way of protecting itself from the folly of mortal man."

Rick snorted and pinched her nipples. Lotus squealed and then giggled as Rick began to kiss her neck. "Well then, I guess I had better enjoy what I can get then."

Rick and Lotus began to make out and then Rick felt a third hand trace along his spine. "Master, I received your summons. A fine day for a swim and maybe even other activities."

Rick turned and grinned up at Nicole who smiled down at him. She snapped her fingers and her clothing disappeared. Her hard body looked like a sculpture of a Greek Goddess and he let his hand glide up her thigh and tease her shaved clit. Nicole tensed and gave a short gasp and Rick motioned her to join them.

"Yes, other activities." Rick said and began to slip his fingers into her pussy and kiss her lips. Nicole spread her legs apart and her hands began to play with her tits. Lotus slipped into the water and began to blow him. Rick sighed and nodded.

"I do so love the fact that genies don't need to come up for air. This makes a blowjob in the pool so much more enjoyable." Rick eased back a bit and let his fingers and hands roam over his bodyguard's body while his secretary worked her magical tongue.

Rick leaned way back and laughed as he came in Lotus's mouth and Nicole clamped her thighs together as his fingers brought her to orgasm. He tipped his head back and saw two servants standing there with wine and glasses and he said with a bit of breathlessness "Leave that you two and return until summoned."

The two young women bowed and set the wine and glasses down and then disappeared in a poof of smoke. Rick let his head roll forward and looked up into the sky...

And saw a small drone overhead.

Rick blinked and then started up. "What the FUCK? Nicole! Do we have drones as part of our security?"

Nicole was instantly at attention and followed her Master's gaze up and she jumped out of the water. "No Master, we do not! That is not ours!"

The drone started to turn and move away. It started to pick up speed and Rick was up and running after it. He had taken two steps when he heard a loud "BANG!" He jerked sideways and nearly fell over from the sudden change of direction and speed.

He turned back to see Nicole carefully holstering her pistol and nodding to herself. Rick then heard a cracking sound and turned to see the drone had smashed into the ground after being shot. He moved closely to the drone and let out a moan.

"Damn it! This drone had a live video feed! Whatever was recorded has already been sent back. Oh SHIT! They saw me dismiss the pool servants! And Lotus giving me that blowjob while underwater!"

"And me disappearing my clothes." Nicole added with a grim look. She grabbed a radio and started giving orders to lock the place down. Rick saw Lotus with a look of shock on her face and then saw Ali striding towards him with a look of great concern.

"Hold on! Take a deep breath and think! This is the time to be a strong Lord and Prince, not to panic." Rick thought and forced himself to take a deep breath. He let it out slowly and as he looked at his two genies he felt strong and in command. "I took these women, I can make any dream come true, this is NOTHING." Rick thought and felt strength flow through him.

"My Lord, I just discovered what the spy Samantha was waiting for. Google Maps was updating its maps with new satellite images and our new palace showed up on it. Our special dimensional changes did not show up, but some of the other changes did and they showed some of the contractor's vehicles parked in front. This Samantha had identified the contractors, and when they had been working and figured out that the new updates would probably show where they had been working. She found the trucks once the maps updated and she used it to track down our palace."

"And a drone to spy on us." Nicole added as she strode over to several guards who had just arrived and picked up a jumpsuit with the word "SECRUITY" stenciled on it. She snapped her fingers was instantly in uniform. "Master, I will lead a search party and will find where this bitch is hiding, we can..."

Rick cut her off with a motion from his hand. He smiled and tapped his lips. "She is up on the hilltop. It would give the best overlook to my palace even though most is blocked by the trees and scrub. Plus being up that high would give her added control range for the drone. Small drones like that can't get more than maybe a ½ mile unless they are souped up. Even then the most you could ask for is a mile."

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