tagMind ControlThe Lampmaker Ch. 08

The Lampmaker Ch. 08



Rick chuckled as the reporter on TV smiled and cut off the interview. The woman had been fawning over him and Bridget at the Art Exhibit and he and Bridget had just come across as very smooth and well educated lovers of art.

He turned to another program and smiled as he and Lacey got out of a limo and posed for a couple of photos. Lacey of course was dressed to kill and she easily put every other woman in the frame to shame. And that included a rather well known actress and two models. The women looked more than a bit put out by her dominating looks but they had all melted when Rick smiled at them as he led Lacey past them into the gala reception.

Rick noted happily that there was barely a mention of this, just a simple "And here we have Millionaire Rick Sanford and his girlfriend Lacey, always looking good, entering the Beverly Hill Charity Ball." The reporter simply moved on to the next guest.

"I made sure that I influenced the camera feed, no one will think anything crazy about this. Just a quick blurb on the media spotlight." Samantha said with a smile from behind her desk. "Same with Bridget. I have been using my suggestion power to insure that everyone understands your open relationship and has no issues. I haven't had a single question about it since the first day I did my circuit around the paparazzi."

Rick grinned at Lacey who was smiling like a cat with a bowl of cream. "Very good. This has worked out better than I had hoped. Our stalker problem has nearly disappeared and we are getting much less hassle when we go out."

Lacey rose and looped her arm in Rick's. "Yes Master, but we still get treated like proper Royalty. Samantha's powers have made many understand that we are special and that we deserve different treatment than these other, lesser people."

"Damn right." Thought Rick and then he shook his head. "No, these people are not "lesser" Lacey; they are just people who needed to understand we need our privacy as well."

"Although being ushered to the front always is pretty nice." Rick mentally added.

Lacey shared a sly wink with Samantha that she made sure her Master could not see. Lacey had been kept in her lamp for four days as punishment for getting her beloved Master into a paparazzi problem. Once she had come out, she was delighted to discover that Rick's solution had been to enslave the mortal Samantha and turn her into another genie to handle the press.

Lacey had been even more delighted to discover that Samantha was another power hungry woman who loved the strong Rick. Her Master Rick had seduced the mortal Samantha and taken her sexually. Samantha had been swept off her feet and had willingly pledged to serve Rick.

"And me as well. She enjoys being the one who manipulates huge numbers of mortals, even if it's only on minor details." Lacey thought.

"Too bad I was in my lamp; I bet I could have encouraged Rick to give her more power than just this. And it would have been proper, Rick is a great Prince and he needs a kingdom for us to rule." Lacey thought as Rick led her into the throne room.

Rick led Lacey outside back by the pool and sat down under an umbrella. Rick motioned to Lacey who snapped her fingers and made a chilled bottle of wine appear and two glasses. She poured the drinks and Rick sat back and sipped. Lacey could tell her Master was contemplating something so she simply waited. After a bit Rick sighed.

"You know, I think I messed up a bit when we made this palace."

Lacey gave her Master a puzzled look. "How so Master? Does it not match our every specification?"

"It does, but, well, I own the whole hill. Down the lower property line just above the back fence line." Rick stood up and walked over to a staircase that climbed up a large tower looking building that was really a diving platform. On the very top you could see down to the Northeast and into Beverly Hills. Lacey followed her Master up and he waved his hands around.

"My Palace was built in a great spot and the front of the building has a wonderful view, and from here as well. But I look around at all the rest of the hill and I see areas where people can sneak into, ugly scrub and stunted trees. My Palace is perfect but its grounds, other than right around the inner wall, are just plain gross."

Lacey looked around and frowned. She immediately understood what he was getting at. The hill WAS ugly.

"Master, perhaps we need to landscape. Hire some gardeners?"

"No, it would take years to make this place right, and I would likely have to enslave hundreds of people in addition to our current staff. No I need something else. Something..."

Rick stared off into the distance for a bit.


Lacey looked at her Master and noted that cunning look. He got that look right as he was taking a new woman as a genie and she loved it. It was the look of her Master enjoying the fact he was smarter and more powerful than someone and she loved it when her Master reviled in his power.

"Yes, I'm a great Prince am I not? The King of Babylon made the Hanging Gardens for his wife just so she could feel at home. I have a genie as my consort, should she not have something even more grand?" Rick said as he spun Lacey around to face him. Lacey smiled and they kissed passionately.

"Yes Master, an enchanted garden. It would be lovely indeed."

Rick nodded and began to fondle his mistress of the Harem. Lacey began to sigh and giggle as Rick's hands played across her skin but she could tell it was just teasing. Her Master was plotting and she loved that nearly as much as sex.

"Yeah, a real magical garden." Thought Rick. "I'll enslave someone who can make this whole hill a magical paradise for my enjoyment." Rick's hands began to undo Lacey's top and he felt her squirm as his fingers tapped her tits. Rick began to kiss up her neck as she leaned back and Rick smiled.

"Yes my fine Genie Consort. A paradise for us to enjoy. Soft grass to lie on, shady trees, lovely flowers, a place we can wander and get lost in for hours. All for us..."

"Yes Master! A proper estate, a place you can rule from. A place to show your power to the world. In time." Lacey whispered and Rick eased her over the edge and pulled down her waistcloth. His cock eased out and slid into Lacey who sighed and began to slowly move in perfect time with her Master. Rick sighed as well. "Oh Lacey, of all my creations you are simply the best at sex. You always know exactly the mood I'm in and respond so perfectly."

Lacey laughed and kept a slow steady rhythm. "I would not be a very good Mistress of the Harem if I didn't know exactly what you wanted Master. I exist to please you sexually in every way. And to advise you and help you use your power properly. I am your humble servant, and I serve you always."

Rick grinned and sped up. "Yes, my power. My GREAT power!" Rick thought and felt the now very familiar flow of strength he loved. He embraced it and laughed in a powerful voice and Lacey joined him. Lacey tightened down on him and he growled, tensed and then came hard. Lacey growled herself and ground back hard into him and shuddered as waves of pleasure shot through her body. Rick gasped and then pulled out.

Lacey sighed as she felt Rick's seed slowly leak down her legs and reveled in the warm, sticky feeling of having Master's cum inside her and on her. After a few moments she clapped and cleaned herself up. She turned and sashayed over to Rick who was leaning back against the railing with a contented look on his face and she slowly knelt and began to slowly lick his cock clean.

Rick was obviously happy and Lacey smiled as he slowly hardened again. "My mortal Master is becoming quite the sexual animal. Soon he may only care for sex with his lovely genies. And that is fine with me." Lacey thought as she looked up at her Master. Rick's eyes were a bit glazed from her attentions but as she finished up he focused and grinned.

"I know what we will do. But first, I'm in the mood for some more fun." Rick said and slowly pushed Lacey back on the platform. Lacey snapped and several large cushions appeared under them and with a grunt of pleasure Rick began to slide into her again.

After a very fun evening on the platform, Rick awoke early and assembled his staff. Rick strode in wearing his silk robe and trousers and soft shoes and smiled at the genies he had called for. Lacey, Lotus, Bridget and Samantha stood in a line and all bowed when he entered. Ali waited by his throne and bowed as his Master ascended.

"My Lord, we are here as you have directed. You have stated we are to search out someone for you?"

"Yes Ali. I have decided to enchant this whole hill and make it a magical garden. Much like our palace here, but it will be partially for privacy and partially for beauty. I want trees and flowers, paths, grass, and lots of cover from prying eyes. This entire hill will be such that only those we allow can come onto it. And for that I need a gardener, but not just any gardener. The best. I will tie her to the hill and the garden and make something the Greek Gods would be envious of."

Ali looked thoughtful. "Hmmm, an interesting idea My Lord. With magic you can make entry impossible to any mortal, provide yourself with plenty of concealment and in a way that is natural and allow for greater use of your land."

Bridget spoke up. "Master, we could use it to grow our own spices, herbs, and foods. If it is magical, then we can have fruits all year long and grow any seasoning we would ever need for your meals."

Samantha tapped her lip. "Loving the environment is always a good PR move. Showing how you have cared for the land and helped it bloom is always a good story to have ready."

Rick smiled. "Good, we are in agreement then. Lotus, you will head the search. Find me someone who can do this, and make sure they are a beauty. Lacey, you will determine if the final choices meet my Harem's standards."

Ali and the Genies all bowed low. "As you command Master."


Rick parked his Lexis SUV and looked at Nicole who was intently scanning the area. After a bit she frowned and pointed over by the far corner of the block. "There Master, that car, the grey one that looks a bit beat up. That is one of the two cars that are always parked there, watching the entrance. The man inside it takes pictures of anyone entering and also their car."

Rick nodded. "Okay then, I'll wait here and you wander on over and make sure the guy inside is having a nice little nap and his stuff is off. Come on back once you are done."

Nicole nodded and put on a baseball hat. She had cast a spell on herself that had hid her beauty somewhat, but Rick was amazed by how changing her dress and some simple things like a hat and sunglasses actually made her blend in a lot more. You almost wouldn't recognize her from the side or behind, especially when she was in bodyguard mode. Her walk was very manlike and even military.

Rick tapped his fingers while he thought about the woman he was coming to see.

Evie Standish was a very pretty little thing. Rick thought of her as a very cute little girl, versus a knock out bomb. She was, by many descriptions, a "wizard" with plants of all kinds. Rick had found out about some of her current situation and it had made him a bit mad. Part of this "situation" was dealing with some Private Investigators who had the job of watching her store and greenhouse every day it was open and recording who went in and out. If someone of Rick's stature went in, he would be getting a phone call from a very nasty bitch up in San Jose within an hour of leaving.

"That cast iron bitch can hang. This girl is exactly what I need and she will be mine." Rick thought to himself. He blinked a bit and for a second his internal voice spoke out "Hold on! She woman isn't yours; you need to slow this down! Your solution to a minor problem such as landscaping can't be to simply find a woman you like and then turning her into your slave!"

But Rick shook his head and said out loud "Yes she IS. I have decided to take her and that is what I will do. I am the Lampmaker! I am a great Lord and Prince and I TAKE what is mine."

Rick smiled a grim smile as Nicole returned. She opened the car and said "It is done Master; the man will sleep like a baby until tonight. His bugs and devices are now all shorted out as well."

"Well done Nicole, you do your Master proud. Come, let us go inside and take what is mine."

Nicole smiled at Rick's commanding tone and nodded. She followed slightly behind him as he crossed the street and entered. As he entered Rick said "There is only the cashier in here. You will entrance her, and then remain out front. Anyone else who enters will fall into a deep sleep until we are done."

"As you command Master." Nicole said. Rick saw her stance move again into that of a warrior becoming more alert.

Rick chuckled. "Nicole is only happy when she is being the bad-ass, and I'm only happy when I have a hot genie on my arm. I should have been more careful in making her." He thought as he entered the Greenhouse.

"The Green Earth" was a very large and somewhat exclusive garden shop and greenhouse. It was a bit run down and it was owned by Evie. She had a Master's botany, and had been working on a doctorate at a very young age (she was only 25), but had been kicked out of the program.

Rick looked about and nodded. The greenhouse was, well, lush. Rick supposed it would have been regardless of who owned it, but Evie had a reputation with plants and it showed. She had been rumored to be able to grow anything, anywhere, and seemed to have a connection with the plant kingdom. Rick had to stop and gape a couple of times at the size and health of some of the plants. He didn't know a whole lot about plants but even he could tell whomever ran this place did a great job.

He found a young woman running a register towards the back, who directed him to another greenhouse to the side. As he passed by he heard a sigh as Nicole waved her hands. He walked into the next greenhouse and saw this place wasn't as wild as the other area had been. Here most plants were carefully potted and packaged, and Rick realized this was the area where the sold plants were made ready. He heard a soft voice and followed it.

He came around some large shrubs and found a young woman with light brown hair kneeling over some very nice roses. She was speaking softly and Rick realized she was talking to the plants.

"There now, you are all set for your trip. Don't be sad, little ones. Mrs. Brown is a nice lady who loves flowers. She will take good care of you. You will like your new home."

Rick backed up and coughed a bit and then made like he just came around the shrubs. The woman had turned and regarded him with a set of hazel colored eyes. Rick noted that she had the look of a very wild deer, one that was curious about what it was seeing but ready to move if threatened. Rick smiled and the woman gave a slight, shy smile back.

"Uh, hi. I'm Rick. I called earlier about some garden work for..."

"Evie. Yes, that is me. Hello." Evie stood up and Rick smiled warmly at her and noticed she blushed a bit and shyly shook his hand. It was rough and calloused, definitely the hand of someone who used it for work, but also very dainty and a bit small. Evie overall was not very tall, maybe five foot seven or eight, but she was very pretty. Her figure was shapely, and her movements seemed to flow like water. She was very graceful, but also focused. She had energy to her that Rick found very attractive.

Rick noticed that Evie was looking at him with an expectant look and realized he had spaced out a bit. "Uh, sorry, I got lost in thought. This place seems to have that effect."

Evie smiled shyly again and said "Well, my friends like things to be relaxed and quiet. I find most people who really are serious about enjoying nature pick up on that. You did, and that says a lot about you."

"Good things I hope." Rick said and Evie giggled.

"Yes. Yes indeed. Well, um, Mr. Sanford..."

"Please, call me Rick."

Evie flushed a bit and then said "Okay Rick. You said you had a large landscaping project and you insisted on my shop to do it." Evie got a sad look to her face and said "I don't know how much I can help you though. I can maybe sell you some plants and give some advice, but I think you need someone else for the entire project."

"Uh, no. You are the one I want for this. What is the issue? That bitch Jamie Sellars? She is no issue for me."

Evie started at that and stepped back a bit. She now had the look of a deer ready to bolt, but Rick laughed and she got a confused look on her face.

"Sorry, not laughing at you. Just the situation is all. I really find it hard to believe that some Silicon Valley CEO is going to go after you just because you turned down her offer for a job."

Evie frowned. Rick knew most of the story from Ali and his genies thorough research, but he wanted to see how Evie would react. He needed strong women for genies, and if she was going to bolt like a deer every time Rick mentioned the bitch from San Jose, then Rick would need a new genie to be.

Rick was glad to see Evie glower at him. She may look skittish, but Rick decided that there was no "flight", just "fight ", in her. Evie straightened up and said "Then you don't know Ms. Sellars. She never allows anyone to get the better of her, or tell her no, or even remotely defy her. I could say I'm the most successful yet, everyone else either left the Coast, or gave in."

"But not you. You are still here, even after getting kicked out of your Doctorate Program on her orders."

Evie started again and then fixed Rick with a nasty look. "Who are you? You seem to know an awfully lot about me, and that makes me a bit nervous."

Rick could tell her back was up, but even more he could feel something else. The whole room's mood had changed. Rick looked around and swore it was if the plants were mad at him. The mood of calm was gone and Rick found himself looking around like he was surrounded.

"Damn! You really have a connection with plants! It feels like the whole room just got mad at me. How do you do this?"

Evie looked at him crossly for a moment and then her eyes widened. "You tested me. You did all of that on purpose." She said with a hint of surprise and grudging respect.

"Guilty." Rick held up his arms. "Look, I honestly don't want any trouble with you. I do in fact want to hire you for a massive project. When I read about you and your "special touch" with plants I knew you were the one I needed. I, well, let's just say I have a special touch too. I'm still learning about it, but I know enough to realize that some things and some people are slightly different and some even have special gifts. I saw you and realized you are sort of a kindred soul if you will. I don't have this gift with plants, but if I need someone who can help me with this project I want someone with it."

Evie's face now had a look of curiosity to it. Rick could tell she was having some internal struggle ("Hell, who wouldn't with something like this?" Rick thought), so he decided to lay the cards down.

"I'm a very new wealthy man. I found some talent in making money, and I've been doing it for a while now and making tons of it. I do mean tons too. I could likely buy out Ms. Sellars in another couple of days if I focused on it, but I'd rather just let her fuck off and deal with the fact she can't do anything. I own a hill to the east of Beverly Hills and a large mansion. The hill is nasty scrub and it's ugly. But I have this vision of this hill being something so much more, a real Garden of Eden, or maybe the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. I have this vision and I know that I need someone with that right touch to make it happen. And you are it."

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