tagMind ControlThe Lampmaker Ch. 11 - Alternate Ending

The Lampmaker Ch. 11 - Alternate Ending


When I did the original Lampmaker series, there were a lot of people who had wanted it to turn out differently. This time around with my updated version, I had a lot of readers who wanted the same thing, and so I decided to also include an alternate ending for this version. I have several follow on stories, but they will be following the original ending, not this one. I hope you enjoy it and please be polite and useful in your comments.


Chapter 11, Jewel (Alternate Ending)

Lacey smiled as she watched Master bow to Nicole after completing their work out. Master was stripped to his waist and sweaty, and Nicole's eyes hungrily roamed over him. Master Rick was in even better shape than he had been before with his new schedule and since it was built by him naturally instead of genie magic it seemed even more sexy to all the genies.

Rick leaned over and kissed Nicole and patted her on her firm butt. "Thank you Nicole for the workout. Sorry we can't finish this another way, but tomorrow is your night. You will have to wait until then."

Nicole, who was looking as hard and tough as she ever was, sighed like a little girl and her eyes got wide like a shy doe as she stared at Master and said in an almost simpering voice that was at odds with her fierce look and normal personality "I know Master. I look forward to it soooo much. You have gotten even more powerful and handsome; it is hard for a slave not to want to be fucked by you now."

Rick laughed and hugged her. "Away with you! You will tempt me and then I'll be back where I started. Go now and see to your duties." Nicole bowed and then turned away. Her powerful stride showed that her professional self was back in charge and Lacey smiled again.

"Very good Master. I was afraid you might slip for a moment."

Rick smiled as he took Lacey's hand and led her into the bed chamber. "It is always tempting. Such beauty should be enjoyed. But being a madman wouldn't be very enjoyable now would it?"

Lacey giggled as she poured hot water into Master's bath and eased his naked body in. She began to rub him and massage his muscles. "No Master it would not. But you seem to be much better off with this schedule. You have had several weeks with only minor issues; maybe your mind is now at peace."

Rick sighed and leaned back against Lacey's firm tits. "Maybe, but I feel we can't chance it. Even minor episodes still happen and these were in situations without a great deal of stress. This doctor you know, this Jewel, sounds like the perfect solution. She is pretty enough, and I have read her books. She certainly seems to be an expert."

Jewel was a psychologist and sex therapist. After taking Dominika as his personal doctor, Rick had gotten much better and healthier when he placed his health in her personal care. His diet and drink had improved, he was on a solid schedule of work, play, and rest, and his sexual encounters were now limited to one a day with one genie. This had nearly eliminated his episodes and his weird personality shifts, but not entirely.

Rick, Ali, Dominika, and Lacey had a long discussion after the last one and Rick was of the opinion that he needed someone who could doctor his mind as well as his body. Lacey had suggested an old friend from her stripper days and had given Master Rick one of her books.

Jewel was a pretty redhead, who was equal to Lacey in terms of beauty. She had been a stripper working through her Doctorate when they had met. She was a genius, and had skipped well ahead in her undergrad and Master's program. She had graduated a couple of years ago and had her own practice.

Jewel and Lacey had a history though. Lacey had nearly wrecked her Doctorate when she had ripped off her mask in an argument in front of the whole club which happened to include several fellow students there for a bachelor party. That could have ruined her.

But Lacey had felt bad about what she had done and had helped Jewel out. She had appeared in front of the board and had explained that Jewel had been working there to gather information and that she and several other dancers where some of her subjects. Dominika and Lotus had backed her up, and in the end Jewel was allowed to finish. She wrote a book on her experiences and it had become a best-seller and in the end it had all worked out.

Ali had been a bit nervous about the idea of taking Jewel as she might have issues. "I don't want to take anyone who might have left over issues from the time before. A genie who has a hidden agenda, especially one we want to help heal Master's mind, is a bad idea." He had said. Rick had said he would ponder it and decide after several weeks.

Lacey had been working on Rick over the last couple of weeks to overcome that suspicion and she could see Rick was definitely interested. Which was good as Lacey was certain Jewel would be in her corner.

Lacey had left out some things about Jewel. Aside from her great medical abilities, Jewel had a bit of the mad scientist in her. She was fascinated with the ideas of mind control and hypnosis, and Lacey knew she was big into role-playing at the club. She had taken several classes on hypno-therapy and had used it at the club. Lacey had been impressed by Jewel's techniques, but Jewel had always stopped short of really brain-washing someone.

Lacey was pretty sure though that if given the right push, her old friend would easily embrace the idea of helping a certain Master take his rightful place as ruler of the country, and someday the world. And as a member of the harem, such a powerful genie would also answer to her.

"Master, if you wish, I will set up an appointment to meet with Jewel and see if she would want to meet with you. I think the idea of meeting a man who has tamed me would intrigue her." Lacey said with a sexy smile as she finished the massage.

Rick stood and stepped out of the tub. Lacey slowly dried him and then with a snap he was dressed in his robes. Rick stretched and strode towards the door. "Perhaps. I am still thinking on it. She has my interest, but I am still unsure."

Lacey bowed as Master Rick left the room and then she frowned. "Still thinking. I was hoping he was done thinking. Well, more time to work on Ali then."

Lacey smiled that evil smile and snapped her fingers. She poofed into a large cellar stocked with bottles and after taking one, she poofed into another room overlooking the gardens. Ali looked up from his desk and smiled as Jewel came forward with the bottle and two glasses. "Ah, on time as usual. You are punctual Lady Lacey, always a good thing. But it is too early for wine, you know that."

Lacey giggled and handed it to Shazad who smiled back at her. "Well, its five o'clock somewhere as the saying goes." Lacey settled on a large divan and looked at Ali. "Master still ponders the one known as Jewel."

"As he should. This is something you and I disagree on. I think it would be wiser to take someone without ties to our harem. Someone might get suspicious."

Lacey snapped her fingers and the cork popped off of the bottle and Shazad poured two glasses. She handed one to Ali, who frowned but ended up taking it. She sipped her wine and got down to business. Lacey provided more information on her old friend and gradually wore Ali down. After he finally agreed that Lacey should be allowed to at least approach Jewel, they then discussed more household business.

While this was all important Lacey was much more concerned with her real purpose; get Ali to drink his wine.

Lacey had noted Ali's comment about a lack of alcohol in his home realm and she had noted how much he seemed to enjoy his wine when he did drink it. Lacey hadn't been much of a history student but she did remember that the Europeans had used alcohol to break the Indians due to them having no resistance to its effects. She had wondered if Ali might suffer the same fate.

Lacey smiled as Ali downed his fourth glass that morning and gave her a somewhat drunken smile. "I think that is all. Ah, thank you for the wine. It is always nice to have a glass to take the edge off."

"Of course Grand Vizier, I am glad you enjoy it. This one is actually one I made myself with some help from Bridget. I hope it is as good as the fine vintages that Evie makes."

Ali nodded slowly as he seemed to space out for a bit. Lacey stood and bowed, and then clapped her fingers. Julie, one of Ali personal slaves came in and smiled broadly at the site of her Master relaxing with a slightly crooked smile. Lacey swept past her and said in a very soft whisper "I left the bottle on the table; ensure your Master enjoys his afternoon."

Julie giggled and nodded as she moved over towards Ali and Lacey heard her say "Master Ali, here have some more wine, and let me help you relax some after this taxing work."

Lacey snapped her fingers and appeared next to Lotus who was typing away on her desktop. Lacey quickly pulled up another keyboard and typed in a special command to Ali Baba, the AI. Lotus smiled and waited a moment and then a green light turned on. Lacey leaned down and said "Ali Baba, show me cam number 57."

The screen fizzed a moment and then Lacey was seeing a hidden cam in Ali's office. She smiled as she saw what was going on.


Lotus giggled as she turned the volume down. "Ali is certainly enjoying his slaves."

"And his wine. It appears our Grand Vizier has killed the bottle." Lacey said with a smirk as she pointed to the bottle she had left behind on his desk which was now on the floor obviously empty.

Ali was astride Julie and fucking her hard while Shazad had somehow gotten up underneath and was sucking his balls. Kim and Trisha were both there as well, with Kim shoving her tits in Ali's face and Trisha making out with her. Ali was grunting and babbling and with a shout he came hard in Julie who immediately screamed and then went limp. Without a second wasted, Ali stood up and shoved Trisha up against the wall and began to pound her hard.

Lacey fingered herself and smiled. "Hmmmmm, lucky girls, they get to have a Master fuck them anytime they want while I have to share."

Lacey heard a slight moan from Lotus and she giggled to see her friend was also playing with herself. Lacey leaned down and kissed her and Lotus returned it with passion. Lacey waved her hands and suddenly Lotus was naked and bent over the desk and Lacey eased up behind her with a large glass dildo. She gave it a lick and gently eased it into Lotus's wet pussy and Lotus let out a long sigh. Lacey eased it in and out and gently increased speed as Lotus twitched and moaned. Lacey caught up to Ali's speed and with a twist caused Lotus to yell loudly and then cum hard.

Lacey pulled the dildo out with a "pop" and sat down with her legs spread. She snapped her fingers again and Lotus was on her knees staring into Lacey's pussy. She blinked and Lacey said "Eat me out Harem slave."

Lotus's eyes seemed to dull a bit and then she let out another spacey giggle and went to work with her tongue. Lacey sighed and said "You always were great at this on stage. Mmmmmmm, that's it, just like that."

Lacey enjoyed her friend's attentions while she watched Ali fuck the daylights out of Kim and finally Shazad. With his slaves all piled around him with huge grins Ali looked around drunkenly and then stumbled over to his divan and flopped down on it. He picked up a bottle and took a large swig and then flopped back onto his divan. In a few moments he was snoring.

Lacey tensed after the snoring started and then stiffened. A wave of pleasure shot through her and she orgasmed. She gasped as she eased down and then after a few moments she clapped her hands and both she and Lotus were cleaned and back at their places.

Lotus shook her head. "Damn Lacey, you didn't need to do that. I was more than happy to eat you out for fun."

Lacey smiled. "I know, but I get so turned on when I take control of someone like that. Sorry, next time no harem commands. Now then, I think Ali likes his drink and his women, and that gives me the perfect method to undermine him and take his power. And I won't even need any magic to do it."

Lotus blinked at that. "Really? How are you going to do that?"

"Well, some magic I guess. I need to make some special wine for our Grand Vizier, but his slaves are fully willing to help me without any influence." Lacey pointed to Julie who was just starting to stir. "Julie isn't even under a spell. Ali's sexual prowess and a hidden submissive streak have made her a completely loyal and fully submissive slave who is a full on nymphomaniac. I have spoken with her at length and she is so infatuated with Ali all she cares about is getting him into the sack. Shazad is even more so since she was a completely blank slate. Trisha and Kim were bimbos to start with so they are down for partying and even more so since it's with a sexual god."

Lacey looked at Lotus. "Julie asked me if there was a way they could spend more time with Ali. She was whining that he was always so busy doing household business that he only fucked her at night. I told her that maybe if he had some of this great wine he might loosen up. I brought in a bottle, but note there are two. Julie is encouraging him to drink because she knows he'll get drunk and if he gets drunk he gets horny. He gets horny he fucks, and while he is fucking..."

"The Mistress of the House is in charge. Clever Lacey." Lotus said with a smile. "But do you think you can use this to fully usurp his powers? He seems to sober up fast."

"It will take a bit. But I'm working on some improved wine that will help out dear Grand Vizier along the road to full alcoholism and sexual addiction. When I'm done with him, he will be a drunkard who can only fuck. And I'll be the one in charge of this house with Master."

The green light popped off and Lacey nodded to Lotus who went back to work. Lacey glided off to the gardens to seek out some special flowers.

Lacey swayed out into the magical garden and out to one of the flowerbeds marked off with warning signs. She carefully picked some blossoms from a Lotus Flower and then she picked some from a flower that caused people to sleep.

"All of this is well and good, but I need something else. I wonder..." Lacey said out loud and headed over to a large cultivated garden. She glanced around and then saw some poppies. Just as she was looking at them Evie glided into the garden.

Evie arched an eyebrow at Lacey, who smiled in return. "Hello Evie, a lovely day yes?"

"It's always lovely in the garden. I didn't expect you here, you normally do not come out here unless with Master. What brings you?"

Lacey thought for just a moment about lying, but she thought better of it. Evie had the look of a very suspicious woman who was certain someone was up to something. Lacey smiled and said "I'm looking for some flowers to help flavor wine."

Evie blinked and her look grew more suspicious. "Flavors for wine? You are making wine?"

Lacey giggled and nodded. "I'm trying to. Bridget and you both seem to enjoy making it I thought I would try it. With Master's attentions strictly limited, I find myself with spare time. Unlike you, I have no real function outside of the bedroom or on Master's arm." Lacey pulled out a few fruits she had also picked for the flavor and held them up. "I know you and Bridget use the magical grapes, but I was wondering if you couldn't make some wine with this."

Evie's look turned a bit thoughtful and she considered the fruits. "Passion Fruits? An odd choice, but actually you could mix it with grapes and get an interesting flavor. Apples though? No, but you could make a hard cider out of them."

Lacey nodded. "I'll try that then, a hard cider and some passion fruit wine."

Evie nodded and gave Lacey an appraising look. "Lacey, you are of course welcome in the gardens at any time, but I must ask that you speak with me before you pick any plants, flowers, or fruits. Some of these can be dangerous if you don't know about them. And no offense, you do not know much about them at all."

Lacey's smile slipped a bit and she regarded Evie coolly. After a moment she sighed and said "Well, I cannot argue that really, I will do as you ask. May I take what I have now?"

Evie nodded. "Yes, please. And if you want to know about the cider, I'll be back inside for lunch and we can talk then."

Lacey glided back indoors and carefully put her bag in the Master's Chambers well away from any plants.


Rick tapped his throne as he pondered. His genie slaves all lay about him on large cushions excepting Nicole who stood guard behind him. Ali sat to his right and Lacey to his left. Ali was smiling and Rick noted that his features were a bit flushed. He appeared to be sober and alert, but Rick had noted over the last several days that Ali was spending more time in the afternoon drinking and fucking his slaves. He was going to bring it up, but Lacey told him she had it covered and maybe Ali deserved some fun after being a djnn for so long.

Rick hoped Ali could keep his fun under control. A part of him had issues with a man who was weak and unable to control his vices, but another part fully realized that temptation could ruin the strongest man and wanted to make sure his friend was okay. So far nothing bad had happened, so Rick was holding off as he felt that this internal argument in his head would lead to a breakdown.

Which was the point of the meeting.

"So my Grand Vizier and my Mistress of the Harem agree that she should engage with this Jewel and sound her out for assisting me. But some of you disagree?"

Evie stood and bowed. "Yes Master. It is not that you don't need help. I am concerned that we have so many people who are linked together. Someone could get suspicious of this. I think we need to find someone else with no connections to anyone in the household."

Bridget, Ada, and Susan nodded. Nicole and Heather seemed torn. Samantha, Dominika, Lotus, and Lacey were obviously not happy with the disagreement.

Rick signed and looked at the book on his lap. It was one of Jewel's books, and her picture was on it. She was a stunning redhead, with a perfect 36-24-36 figure with CC cups. Her body was finely toned and her eyes seemed to sparkle with intelligence. She would certainly fit in his harem in terms of beauty.

Rick stood. "My decision is this. Lacey will approach Dr. Jewel and engage her assistance. There will be no argument over this, it is decided."

Evie looked to be ready to say something but a glance from Rick silenced her. She bowed her head and with the others intoned "As you command Master."

Rick nodded and stood. "I understand that this step is making some people nervous, but I feel that Lacey's judgment has been proven sound several times so I see no issues with trusting her on this. It much better to have someone we have more knowledge of than someone who we don't."

"Lacey, you will approach your friend and I want to try a slightly different approach. I want you to be fully open with her about us. Well, almost. Tell her about me, and that we are in a very open relationship. Open to the point I have a whole harem of beauties that all vie for my attentions, and you of all people don't mind sharing me. She knew you from before; I think that alone will intrigue her."

Lacey smiled that evil smile that made Rick so turned on. "Master that is a very clever idea. I think that alone will guarantee her interest. She knew that I was not someone who shared men."

"Very well, the only part I want you to hold back on is about my turning you all into genies. I want you to hold off unless you think it's necessary to gain her interest. If you can get her here without it, let's try that. If not, then go ahead."

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