tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Land Of Gorachi

The Land Of Gorachi


Chapter One: Death, Love and the beginning of it all

The relationship between Lewis and his father had been a strong one, so the news that his father's troop had been attacked by bandits was not welcome. He had just arrived at the healer's home after he received a message telling him. The room was small, but comfortably furnished and there was a certain air of death about the place. There was one other person in the room, the healer's daughter Lola. He looked over at her, "How is he?" He asked, worry clear in his voice.

"He was stabbed badly in the chest. I'm sorry Lewis but there is nothing my father can do for him," was the sad reply.

Lewis fought to keep back the tears that were welling in his eyes and asked, "can I go and see him?"

"Yes, of course you can."

He hurried through a door that Lola had opened. The room was dominated by a bed and in that bed was his father. He was a highly trained soldier; strong, powerful and resilient. However now, for the first time he was physically weak. His skin was very pale, like a ghost and he struggled a half smile when he saw Lewis enter the room. On a chair next to him the healer sat. He was a middle aged man skilled in the magical arts of healing and he stood as Lewis entered and offered him his chair. He then left the room.

Lewis sucked up his tears; his father could not see him cry, before sitting down next to him and taking his hand in his own. It felt very cold and Lewis tried to rub some warmth into it. But the only parts of his father that still carried any warmth were his eyes. They seemed content even in this dark hour. Lewis spoke to his father briefly before he died. He had told him how proud he was of Lewis' training, how proud he was of the way he had grown up and how proud he was of Lewis. He also told Lewis about his mother. It was one thing he had never told him, one great secret that only the passing into death could yield.

"Lewis, it is time that you found out about your birth. Go and find your mother in the Marigatan forest. Her name is Selena. There is much she must tell you," said Lewis' father.

Lewis was left to soak in the words and watched as his father coughed twice, then passed into the embrace of death. He was gone. There was no more strength in Lewis' life, no more happiness and no more guidance. He had been left alone.

Lewis sat there for an age the tears finally falling from him. Eventually, another feeling overcame him, stopping the tears and replacing them with an anger and hatred of the bandits that had taken his father from him. It was anger like none he had ever felt, and behind it all was perpetual sorrow.

Lewis had been like this for a while when he heard light footsteps approaching him. A few steps later, an arm was flung around his shoulder. He looked up to see Lola comforting him, cradling him against her breast. They had been close friends since they started school together some eighteen years ago and Lola was the only person who could have comforted Lewis in his time of sadness. He did not realise this. He was ignorant of his true, deep feelings for her.

Her hair was a fiery shade of red and flowed in waves down to just below her shoulders. Slightly hidden behind the hair, the soft skin of her face seemed to glow slightly, even in the dim light of the room. At twenty two years of age she was well developed and where Lewis' head rested were two of the finest breasts you would ever find on a woman. They were not especially large but fitted Lola's lean body perfectly and were the perfect balance between firm and soft. Further down you could see her gorgeously smooth legs as she only had a mini-skirt on. She was just on the short side of 5 ft 5 making her shorter than Lewis who was approximately 6 feet tall.

Despite his sadness Lewis couldn't help but feel a little aroused when he realised how beautiful and sexy she looked. When he looked Lola in the eyes he felt something he had only ever felt with his father before. It was feeling of belonging, of light within the eternal darkness that had plagued Lewis' mind. She smiled reassuringly and reached over to his father's face and closed his eyelids.

"Now it looks like he's sleeping," she said before taking a deep breath and offering her hand to Lewis. She then led him out of the room.

Two days after the loss of his father, Lewis was almost ready to leave. He had decided there was nothing left for him here. And that he would seek out his mother as his father had suggested. He had already packed most of the food and equipment he needed but there were some things that would have to wait until he reached the next town. Last on his list was to fetch a sword. He picked up his rucksack and hurried to the armoury to meet his combat instructor Marcus who would be providing him with one.

"Ah, there you are Lewis. I have a good sword for you as one of my better students."

Marcus was a tall, muscular, solidly built ex-soldier. He had a wild face with a crooked nose that had been broken a few times and had plenty of scars, although he always referred to them as souvenirs. He smiled at Lewis as he pulled the sword he had produced for him out of its scabbard.

"It is almost perfectly balanced and very sharp. I believe it will serve you well."

He then sheathed the sword and handed over to Lewis.

"Good luck and good bye."

Those words held a lot of emotion as Marcus had been very fond of Lewis. They had spent many, many days together whilst Lewis training in the combat arts. He was the most successful student Marcus had ever had.

Lewis nodded at him and headed for the town gate. As he reached it he heard a voice from behind call his name. He turned around to see Lola walking up to him.

"Oh thank goodness I caught you. Come with me quickly."

She didn't wait for an answer and took him by his hand. Originally shocked at her action Lewis staggered behind for a moment before pulling into stride next to her.

"Where are we going?" he asked her.

But she simply shook her head and carried on leading him through the streets. Eventually it dawned on him that they were heading to her house. She led him indoors and up to her bedroom. She closed the door behind her.

"Well, I couldn't let you go without saying goodbye could I now?" she replied with a silent, "obviously"

"Oh yea. Well, goodbye," he said uneasily. He had purposefully tried to avoid her. He knew that saying good bye would not have been an easy thing for him to do. Better that he just left and saved himself the hurt.

"No, you don't understand," she said and quickly crossed the distance between them. Before he knew it, Lewis found himself being kissed by her. At first he was stunned and then he recovered and returned the kiss. He took his rucksack of without breaking the kiss and flung it into the corner. The kiss quickly became passionate and Lewis slid his tongue into her mouth where it fought with hers. Finally they parted and Lewis just looked into her eyes.

"Wow," was all that he could say

Lola looked at him with a mischievous smile and said

"Oh I'm not done with you yet. I've wanted to do this for a very long time."

She then pushed him onto the bed and flung herself on top of him. She started kissing him again and her hand moved down his body, caressing his chest and feeling his muscles that had been hardened over years of combat training and fitness regimes. He was stroking her hair when her hand decided to be bolder and passed down to rest so that her little finger was just touching his penis. She left it there for a minute before she broke the kiss and looked him in the eye, giving him that sweet smile once again. She moved so that she was now above his legs as she reached to undo his belt.

Finally she pulled his trousers down to his knees and freed his cock from the restraining cotton underwear and started to stroke it. She looked at it and a big grin appeared on her face.

"Wow, you're really big. Much bigger than Daniel was."

Lewis felt pride at the compliment but also wondered why she had mentioned her ex, it's not like he was mentioning his. These thoughts left his mind almost as soon as she increased the pace of her hand from a slow stroll down a beach to a one hundred metre sprint to the finish line. The sudden increase in speed caused Lewis to moan in ecstasy as he approached his own finish line. Just before his climax she stopped and he let out a dissatisfied grunt.

"Please Lola, make me cum."

She looked at him and licked her lips eagerly.

"But surely you don't want me to go hungry," she asked him seductively

"Hungry...? No, no, of course not," he said as realisation hit him

Lola laughed gently at him before lowering her head to wrap his cock in her warm, sodden mouth. Instantly Lewis felt a whole lot of pleasure. She started to bob her head on the end of his cock, all the time looking him in the eyes. One of her hands was moving up and down the shaft – the other had moved to finger her pussy through her skirt.

Whilst primarily focusing on the head of his penis she licked the tip every time it was at the opening of her mouth and licked around the head when it wasn't. She started to take the cock further into her mouth as her hand at her pussy moved faster and faster, plunging into her deeper and deeper. Lewis had managed to sit up slightly and was now kneading her breasts through the thin white tank top she was wearing.

As his dick got further into Lola's mouth he realised that he couldn't hold out much longer. And something, possibly the fact that he was no longer kneading her breasts but was now clenching the covers of the bed and attempting to fuck her face told Lola that he was near. She doubled the pace that she was sucking him off at and quickly bought him to the greatest orgasm of his life so far. He thrust upwards into her mouth and unleashed a flood of cum into her that she managed to swallow. She was unsure of the taste of his cum, but she didn't dislike it.

She looked over at Lewis who had collapsed back onto the bed and was breathing heavily as he recovered from his orgasm. He looked up at her and caught her eye.

"Your turn," he said and licked his lips.

He slid down the bed towards her and started to tug her top over her head. She then unclipped her bra and tossed it onto the floor, allowing her beautiful, breath taking breasts to hang free. Lewis was mesmerised by them and just admired their every quality. Their seamless shape, the smoothness of the skin, the way they hung so firmly and perfectly to her body. Lola just looked down at him and laughed again

"Well, I suppose you can just sit their staring all day instead," she said to him.

This brought Lewis back to reality and he finished stripping himself before he moved his mouth towards her right breast. Lewis then returned the favour and begun to pleasure Lola. He kneaded her breast in his hand and began to suck and bite her right nipple. Lola let out a moan of pleasure and kissed Lewis on the tip of his head. She had been admiring Lewis' naked body. She had known he was muscular but she didn't realise until then just how muscular and manly he was. She also didn't realise just how good she would feel when he played with her tits.

Lewis continued to play with Lola's breasts for another five minutes or so. Alternating between each breast and ensuring it got a nice sucking to before moving on. He lightly pulled Lola up further onto the bed so that her head was resting on the pillow and moved down towards her groin. He started with nibbling her ear, planting kisses on her neck on his way to her breasts. He quickly suckled each of them again, but it was not his goal this time so he continued downwards along her stomach until he reached her skirt. He pulled it off her in one quick motion and was delighted to discover that she was not wearing anything underneath.

Her most private area was mostly shaven; however a small triangle of red pubic hair lay at a point just above her clit. Lewis returned to his position on Lola's stomach before continuing with his kiss trail. When he reached the beginning of the pubic hair, he skipped it and planted the next kiss on the inside of her thigh, just above her knee. He then started kissing his way up her thigh and back towards her pussy. When he was just half an inch from it he jumped over to the same spot on the other thigh.

"Gods damn it Lewis! Don't tease me!" She screamed at him.

But Lewis just ignored her and continued kissing down her thigh. He was about to head back up when she grabbed hold of his head and thrust it into her pussy. He laughed inwardly at her irritation but began with gently licking along her slit and then tracing a circle around her clit. He did this a few times before sucking upon and lightly nibbling her clit. Her hand had left his head and had joined the other in playing with her breasts. Lewis looked up at her face and smiled, then slid his finger into her pussy as he continued to lick her clit.

He then pulled his finger out of her before plunging in again, this time faster and in perfect timing with a particular flick of her clit making her scream out and orgasm onto his face. He happily sucked up her sweet pussy juice but continued to finger her, this time working his whole finger in and out of her in a steady rhythm that was in perfect harmony with her moans of pleasure. He finished sucking up her juices and used his tongue and an extra finger to bring her back to the brink of another orgasm. She had one hand on his head again, forcing him to eat out her pussy but he was more than willing to oblige. Lewis skilfully kept her on the borders of utter ecstasy before inserting a different finger into her asshole. He was then finger fucking both her pussy and ass as he bought her two an orgasm even more powerful than before. Her back arched up and she grabbed his hair so tightly that it hurt. This time, the shaking of her body made the whole bed vibrate and her scream of pleasure could have been heard from outside had anyone been there.

After her orgasm had subsided, Lewis pushed himself up her body and began to kiss her again. He probed his tongue around her mouth before wrestling with her own. Lola was surprised at the taste of her juices but she liked it. Lola's hand was now wrapped firmly around Lewis' cock again and was gently stroking it. She broke the kiss.

"Fuck me," she whispered into his ear

He replied with,"Beg for it"

"Please Lewis, fuck me," she whispered to him

"Not good enough," he taunted her

"Please Lewis, fuck me like the little slut I am," she whispered into his ear

He denied her once again.

"Gods damn it Lewis. Please stick your monster cock into my warm, wet, eager pussy and fuck me!" she screamed at him

Lewis decided that if he couldn't deny her any longer. After all, he wanted to fuck that little hot pussy as much as she wanted it to be fucked. He raised himself off of her body enough to place the head of his rock hard cock at her opening and she bit her lip in anticipation. He then began to fuck her in a missionary position.

He slid only the head of his cock in at first. Slowly and deliberately he probed her with his cock, testing the new world that he had discovered inside her pussy. It was warm and wet from her juices and after a few scouting trips he realised he wanted to venture further. So he began to slowly work more of his penis into her making her gasp as she realised just how big he really was. Finally when his cock was truly buried he stopped, leaving his cock deep within her pussy. Both of them were accommodating to this feeling. Lola had never felt quite so full of cock and Lewis was just enjoying her absolute tightness.

After a minute, he lent forward and kissed Lola before beginning to slide his cock back out. When only the head was left buried he began pushing in again, slightly faster than before. He gradually worked on building up his pace as Lola played with her breasts and moaned. As he increased his pace she began to thrust back at him, trying to plunge his cock even further into her pussy and moaning with every attempt that she made. Nothing had ever felt so good to her before. Never had it felt so right.

As he reached his climax, Lewis decided to slow down in order to prevent him cumming and fell back to a slower pace that kept them both at the very bottom of cloud nine. Lola was just looking at him with pure ecstasy on her face; she had given up playing with her breasts and was now caressing every inch of Lewis' body. He thrust into her again and again until he felt his balls tighten once again. Lola knew that he was near his climax and instantly started playing with her tits and clitoris to bring her to her own. Lewis got there first. Plunging his cock deep into her pussy and through cloud nine with a long drawn grunt he unleashed his cum into her womb. The feel of him climaxing within her bought Lola over the boundary and she also began her orgasm. As her pussy convulsed around his cock, Lewis was milked of all the cum he had left.

He collapsed on top of her exhausted and they began to kiss again. Eventually he rolled off of her to lie next to her on the bed and cradled her in his arms with her face looking up at him.

"That was amazing. Thank you Lewis," said Lola

"It was bloody damn good." He agreed before continuing, "the only problem is that now I don't want to leave without you."

"Well, perhaps you won't have to," she said, a sudden thought coming to her mind, "I'm coming with you"

Lewis looked over at her and felt a new feeling, one of love before kissing her once again. And so it was that at approximately thirty minutes past midday, Lewis walked out through the town gates. He no longer felt lonely after the loss of his father, because he was holding Lola's hand as they set of to begin their adventures in the Land of Gorachi.

Chapter 2: Time for a rescue

It had not taken long after Lola decided that she was coming with Lewis for her to get her affairs in order and leave. First, there was the obvious problem that the bed which had been home to their lovemaking was soaking wet from her orgasms. This problem, and the smell of sex that accompanied it were dealt with easily by Lola. She had been lying in Lewis' arms for about ten minutes after their copulation when she realised the problem and its simple solution.

She had pulled Lewis up off the bed and stood next to him. She then took up the pose taught to her by her father and performed the spell for cleaning her room and their clothes and for clearing the smell. Lewis was not surprised that Lola had magic. After all, her father was one of the best healers around.

Next Lola went to the town market to find her father. At first he was reluctant to let her go, but once she had expressed her feelings for Lewis and her longing for adventure he agreed. He warned her of using her magic, reiterating the many possible consequences which he had told her a thousand times before. Finally, she packed her bag and they left.

Two hours after leaving home the weather began to take a turn for the worst. They were walking along a coastal road to the next town when the wind picked up, the light dimmed and the heavens opened up to a storm. They both knew that they had to find shelter from the storm but they were already soaking wet when they finally found the cave. It was located on a headland, and had a wide opening. However, most of the opening was flooded by the sea and the only passable section was a narrow ledge that ran from the cliff and along the nearest wall. The ledge was wet from sea spray and the waves continued to crash against it, it the dim light of the storm world it looked even more terrifying.

Lewis went to go first but it was too dark for him to see well so he reluctantly gave way to Lola who proceeded with a magical light dancing around her head. Once Lola had taken a few careful steps on the slippery ledge, Lewis followed. The ledge begun a short distance from and above off the cave where the wind from the storm threatened to push both of them down into the sea below and forced them to cling onto the cliff face. Lewis gradually descended along the ledge and down to the cave. As he crossed into the mouth the force of the storm lessened. The wind was still blowing into the cave but most of it swept near the middle and away from the ledge. However it was still dangerous as the ledge was now only a few feet above the water below and wind swept waves would regularly splash over it increasing the chance of slipping onto one of the many boulders in the cave.

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