tagBDSMThe Landlady Ch. 02

The Landlady Ch. 02


The next morning I woke early, unable to sleep because of a combination of excitement and fear.

Viv got up and looked at herself in the mirror. As usual, she had slept in a long T-shirt, but it didn't seem quite the look Viv wanted. Viv quickly changed into a filmy black negligee which barely hid her body at all. She smiled wickedly to herself. This should get James going, Viv thought. She practically skipped down the landing and went straight into my bedroom. I was lying in bed still, but my eyes were open.

"Morning James." Viv said cheerfully, going over and sitting on the edge of my bed. I replied "M-morning Mistress". My voice was slightly hoarse, and Viv could see I was stunned by the sight of her in a sexy negligee. Viv leant forward as she spoke to me, making sure her ample cleavage was well displayed.

"Time for you to get up." she said. "I want you to go and use the bathroom, wash and clean your teeth, and then come to my room naked, knock on the door and tell me you're ready for me, understood?" I nodded. "Y-yes Mistress." I stammered. Viv stood up and turned her back, pretending to look around the room, but in reality just making sure I got a good look at her rather large bottom. Then she turned round and stood, hands on hips. I'm not sure if she knew, I'm sure she was, but her pussy was visible through the translucent material, and she saw with satisfaction the way I was trying to look at it and not look at it at the same time.

"This room is a mess! You've only been here 24hrs!" Viv exclaimed. "Later on you're going to tidy it up." she stepped forward suddenly and yanked the duvet off me

"Come on, up we get!" As she had probably hoped, when she lifted the duvet, it revealed a bulge in my boxers. I blushed furiously, and Viv stared angrily at me.

"What is this?!" Viv cried, reaching down and giving my cock a painful tweak, making me cry out. "What did I tell you yesterday about erections?!"

I looked forlorn, and my eyes grew moist as I squirmed with embarrassment.

"Well?!" Viv demand. "Y-you s-said I had to-to tell you when I got one and wh-what caused it."

"That's right." Viv snapped. "So, why didn't you tell me?" I said nothing, just looked pleadingly at her.

"Why didn't you tell me?!" she demanded

"Tell me now, or you're really in trouble." I stared at her

"I didn't have one until you came in!" Viv stared at me, pretending to be shocked. "You mean you got an erection from looking at me?!" she exclaimed. "Your own LANDLADY?!" her voice rose high. I nodded and mumbled "Yes Mistress." I felt totally wretched and humiliated.

I couldn't help but be aroused by her in that outfit, or rather the revealing nature of it.

Viv stepped back from me

"Right. I want you in and out of that bathroom as quickly as you can. Then you can come to my room and we'll get started. You were already due a spanking for bringing those magazines home, but it's going to be twice as long now! It's bad enough you wanting to look at women who pose for such things, but to get hard looking at your own Landlady?! You're disgusting and I'm going to give you a punishment you're never going to forget!" With that, Viv turned and swept from the room.

Terrified of what was to follow, but not wanting to make it any worse, I quickly went through the normal morning routine, then hurried to Viv's room and knocked on the door. Viv opened it and looked at me, up and down, standing naked before her.

Viv had changed into a pair of black leggings, a leather basque, and had a pair of black ankle boots. A total contrast from her drab outfit yesterday

The clothes were close fitting and emphasised her figure. I thought she looked sensual, dominant, sexy and terrifying all at once. Viv strode from the room, grabbing me by the arm and marching me into her garage behind the house. Luckily her house is alone and not overlooked.

The garage was totally bare and Viv had turned it into some sort of punishment room. A table had been placed in the centre, with straps fitted to it. On one wall was a cupboard holding various implements. Viv marched me over to the table and bent me over it, fastening me to it by my wrists and ankles.

When she had finished doing that, I was spread out across the table, my legs apart, my arms outstretched. The straps that held me were well-padded, so there was no chafing.

Viv swung her hand a few more times for practice, and then she took her stance behind me. Viv stared gleefully at my buttocks, and I could see her from the mirror across the room. I'm not sure when Viv had last done this, but it was clear that she couldn't wait to get started on me!

"Right boy, we'll start with a traditional six of the best for bringing filthy magazines into my house." Viv said breaking the silence. She raised her hand and brought it down hard across the centre of my bottom. I yelled and bucked against the table as I felt the spanking.

Again I saw Viv grin fiercely, when I looked up into the mirror and delivered another stroke, and another. At each one, I cried out and writhed in pain, as a hot line of pain etched itself into my bottom. Viv then delivered the next three strokes in rapid succession, creating a crescendo of pain which had me squealing loudly. Then she paused, walking around me and allowed me some time to recover.

Viv stood back, breathing hard. It was excitement that had her pulse racing. This was everything she had hoped it would be, and more. One thing is for certain, she never expected it to happen within 24 hours of my arrival! I assumed she was very turned on by it all. But that could wait until later, there was more fun to be had first. She resumed her position and without warning brought her hand down hard across my thighs. I screamed loudly. "There you little wimp!" she cried.

"That doesn't count for anything; it's just an extra stroke for being such a pathetic little cry-baby. Now we're going to start again properly, and I'm going to thrash you for getting an erection from staring at your own Mistress and Landlady."

My bottom was just a mass of pain and heat, and I felt exhausted. I was deeply ashamed by what was happening, particularly as she had offered me the room and I'd abused her hospitality; deep down I thought it was right that I had been punished for it and rather enjoyed it. Christ -- some people would pay for this!!!

"Puh-please Mistress! P-please, n-no more. I'm suh-sorry, really I a-am!" Viv chuckled. "And so you should be, you little pervert!" Viv laughed. "We'll stop after the next six, provided you take them well and don't make a fuss." I wanted to scream when she said that, but I had just enough in control to know that this would only make things worse. So I just lay there and gritted my teeth, waiting for the next blow.

When she finished, Viv went over and undid the straps, freeing me and helping me to stand.

"Come on." Viv said. "We'll go into the house and you can rest for half an hour, and I'll rub some cream into your bottom. Then you can come out here with a mop and bucket and clean this mess up."

She helped me up to my room and lay me face down on the bed. Then she got some antiseptic cold cream and began to gently rub it into my bottom. It stung badly at first, making me whimper, but it soon became soothing and eased the pain. I relaxed slightly as she worked the cream into my skin.

Viv finished rubbing in cold cream and gave my bottom a tiny pat, grinning as she saw me wince. "There, all done. You lie there and rest for a while, and then you can go and clear up the garage."

Viv then left me and went to her room. The rest of the day I kept myself to myself and got myself prepared for the start of uni. We chatted in the evening, but as if the first 24 hours of my arrival never took place.

The next morning, Viv woke me up wearing the same night attire, and was pleased to discover that my cock remained soft. Viv ordered me to the room she used as a study "In the study within 5minutes. Do not dress".

"I want you to do some writing for me this morning, James." Viv announced. "I want you to understand how things are, and to atone for your appalling behaviour. So this morning, you're going to sit at my desk and write out the phrase 'I am a very naughty little boy' five hundred times, understood?" I nodded and replied "Yes Mistress", hanging my head in shame. Viv smiled.

"Now, I realise your bottom is going to be quite sore today, so if you want to spend some time kneeling at the desk instead of sitting, you may do so. Here is a little cushion. Just so long as your lines get done, understood?"

I nodded. "Thank you Mistress." I said. Viv hugged me totally indifferent to my nakedness. "Good boy. Now you get to work. I'll look in on you from time to time, and you bring me the lines as soon as they are finished, then we'll find something else for you to do. And don't take too long about it either, unless you want a spanking."

Throughout the morning, I worked away, alternating between kneeling and sitting. Viv looked in on me occasionally, pleased to see that I was doing as I had been told, and perhaps enjoying seeing me naked and docile. Finally, I finished the lines and took them to Viv, who inspected them carefully.

"Hmm, not bad. Your handwriting is a bit sloppy, but we can work on that. Kids today: too much reliance on laptops with the spell checks and losing the old fashioned art of handwriting."

"What are you, James?" Viv asked.

I flushed and replied "I'm a very naughty little boy, Mistress." Viv smiled brightly.

"Good boy!" Viv said, as if I was a dog returning a bone. "I can see this is going to be easier than I thought, provided you continue to learn this quickly. Now, let's go and have some breakfast -- I've sausages, bacon, eggs all for you. Then this afternoon you can do some housework."

The afternoon passed easily enough for me. The chores I was set were not difficult, or even too unpleasant, just basic cleaning and polishing. Once again she made her position clear in that if I didn't like it, I could always leave. By the time we'd finished dinner that evening, I was beginning to feel a little better about myself and settled already. This new regime worked for me. After a while, Viv took me to my room, and said she was going to check my bottom and put some more cream on it. I lay on my stomach and tried to relax as she rubbed lotion into my bottom.

She massaged cream into my bottom, covering it thoroughly, and then suddenly slid a now lubricated finger up my bottom. I yelped and tried to jerk my hips away. Viv slapped my bottom hard, making it sting.

"Keep still, boy!" she snapped. "I want to see how tight your little bum is, so just lie there and take it unless you'd rather have a spanking." I tried to relax as she worked her finger in and out of my bumhole. I groaned and gripped the sheet as she added a second finger, stretching my hole wider.

It felt strange and uncomfortable, but I certainly didn't want to be spanked when my bottom was so sore. She seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. Her fingers made a wonderfully obscene slurping noise as they slid back and forth in my bum. Eventually she stopped and slipped her fingers out, as I sighed with relief.

"Yes, you are tight back there." Viv remarked. "I'll have to do something to loosen you up a little." I twisted onto my side to look at Viv. "Why Mistress?" I asked nervously. "W-why do you have to do that?" Viv frowned sternly. "Because I say so!" she snapped. "Because I want to! And because you're going to do as you're told from now on, without asking nosy questions! Stand up!" Viv rose too herself and stepped back from the bed, as I hurriedly leapt to my feet. Viv stood over me, her face dark with anger.

"When I say you're going to do something, you do it." Viv said coldly. "I don't want any backchat, understand?!"I nodded frantically. "Yes Mistress! I understand. I'm sorry Mistress, I didn't mean to be naughty, I was just curious!" I babbled urgently.

"Are you going to ask any more stupid questions?" she asked crossly. "Nuh-no, Mis-Mistress." Came my muffled response. "Good. Now go to bed and I'll see you tomorrow."

The next morning she came in and woke me once again. This time Viv led me back to her room and took a pair of pink cotton panties from a drawer, handing them to me. "Put these on, they should fit snugly." she said. I obeyed, blushing from being made to wear what were clearly girl's knickers. She must have picked them out carefully, being sure to buy ones which were slightly too small for me. They fitted very tightly, stretching tautly across my bum and making my cock and balls extremely prominent. She grinned, pleased with the result.

"Ohh, that looks lovely. You look quite the little sissy now." she chuckled, and I blushed furiously.

After breakfast, I was once again set to writing lines. This time I was required to write 'I am a filthy little pervert.' five hundred times. She stood in the doorway for a while, watching me kneel down, the pink panties stretched tightly across my taut young buttocks. Viv was really enjoying herself.

To be continued...

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