tagMatureThe Landlord

The Landlord


I was just entering second year of college and decided to rent a room instead of going back to residence. It was so noisy there and the food sucked. So I thought finding a room would be better.

Checking the Student Housing Office on campus I found a couple of places that seemed interesting. After checking them out, I decided to take the room at Mrs. Johnson's house.

Mrs. Johnson, or Mary as she wanted me to call her, was about 60. She had a full time job but needed the extra cash from my rent to make ends meet. She had been a widow for 2 years and had 3 grown children who lived on their own. I would have complete run of the house and all meals were provided. It was quite the deal.

Right from the start, Mary was constantly teasing me. There were the jokes with sexual overtones, the gentle touches to my arms and face and even the occasional peeks down her tops. There was no mistaking the fact there was some sexual tension between us even though she was so much older.

Mary certainly didn't look her age. She had a nice figure and a beautiful face.

One day, we were joking around as usual and I put my hand on her back. It was the first time I had "touched" her. Mary only looked at me and smiled. I could feel her bra through her top. The feel of it made me hard.

A little while later, Mary and I had been telling jokes. She kind of shocked when she told me a dirty joke. It was about a blond and her ass. I don't remember the joke but we both laughed. I then made a comment about how she would freak if some guy held her ass. Mary just looked at me with a mischievous grin and said, "Well why don't you try it and find out then."

We just stood there looking at each other. Mary's grin was challenging me to touch her ass. So I reached out and put my hand firmly on her ass. Mary didn't flinch. So I squeezed. I could feel her panties through her pants. "See!! I didn't freak. I've had my ass squeezed before and I remember liking it if I do recall." So that started my swatting and pinching her ass several times each day. Mary seemed to love the attention.

A few days after this, I was working on my studies after dinner at the kitchen table. I liked to work there because the table was big enough for all my books and supplies. I had been working for an hour or so when Mary came into the kitchen. She poured herself something from the fridge. I was not paying attention to her. Suddenly I heard her voice from right behind my head. "What are you working on?" Then I felt her head right beside mine. Our ears were touching. It was then I could feel her tits pressed into my shoulder.

"I'm..... I... um... I am working on.... Um... my algebra homework." All I could do was stutter out my response.

"Um. I hated algebra. I couldn't concentrate on it very well. I always wanted to be doing something different." Mary moved her tits across my shoulders a little.

I was paralysed. I didn't move a muscle. "It's ok. I need this course for my degree otherwise I wouldn't be taking it."

"I understand. But there are many more things that are much more interesting." Mary moved again then added, "I best leave before you can't concentrate at all any more." With that, Marry was gone.

I did have a problem in my pants after that. Her tits had felt great. It took a while before I could concentrate again on the algebra.

All the time I had been at Mary's, I had dated and even gotten a few pieces of tail. But they were few and far between. It was not long after that incident with her tits that I had a date with a girl on campus. She turned out to be a major cock tease. She was flirting like crazy and rubbing her body on me as we danced. But every time I put a hand on her, she pushed it away. I was not even trying to be sexual. I mean if I touched her back or her arm, she pushed my hand away. After a couple of hours of her rubbing against me, I was hard and ready to go. The problem was, she wasn't interested. I think she got her rocks off teasing men to the limit.

The dance floor at the pub was crowded. At one point she turned from me and started to dance with another guy. That was cool. Everyone was mixing like that. She was really rubbing him good. As the song ended, they didn't stop rubbing. Another song started and a buddy of that guy moved in on her. She was rubbing him now. From that point on, she never looked at me again. Eventually I headed to the bar and bought a beer. I just stood there and watched her tease the other guys. A couple of songs later I said, "Fuck it!!!!" and left to head home.

When I got to Mary's, it was early by my standards. It was just before eleven. As I came in, I heard the television in the den. I called out, "Hello!" to Mary so she would know I was home. I didn't wait for a reply but turned and bounded up the stairs toward my room.

The house was a side split. At the top of the stairs there was a bedroom on either side of the hall. Mary's room was on the right. At the end of the hall were two more bedrooms. Mine was at the end of the hall on the left. As you walked down the hall, just before the bathroom, the hall jutted to the left. The bathroom door was back behind this corner. So coming out of the bathroom, you could not see down the hall until your rounded the little corner of the jut out.

Even if you had a stunt co-ordinator on site, you could not have orchestrated what happened any better. Just at the instant I got to the corner, Mary came out of the bathroom with her head down and started to round the corner heading to her room. We collided face to face. It was a pretty good hit as neither of us was expecting the other to be there. We both started to fall and I reached out and grabbed Mary. I held on to her. It took a second or two before we were both steady on our feet.

The only thing I had noticed before we hit was that Mary had been taking a shower and she was naked now.

"Are you ok?" I asked Mary.

"Yeah! I'm ok. Where did you come from?"

"Bad date. I came home early. I called out to you when I came in."

"I didn't hear you. Water was running in the bathroom."

All this only took a few seconds. I was still holding Mary in my arms. Only problem was, my cock had started to grow because I was holding this beautiful naked woman.

We just stood there for a bit and looked into each other eyes. Mary didn't move or try to break my hold. My cock was growing by the second.

"So how bad was the date?" Mary asked me.

"Bad enough. A real tease."

"You mean like me?" I didn't answer. "I can feel she must have been really turning you on." Mary moved her hips, which moved her stomach across my cock.

"I'm... sorry. I didn't mean....."

Mary kissed me on the lips. We didn't break the kiss for several seconds. "I'm glad she teased you. Now maybe you'll take advantage of me!!!!! I've been waiting for you to be hard and horny." We kissed again. This time, Mary moved her hand and put it directly on my cock. She started to stroke me through my pants.

We just stood there kissing with her stroking me for several minutes. Finally Mary said, "I think one of us is over dressed. Come with me." She pulled out of my arms, took my hand and led me to her room. Once inside, she let go of my hand. Quickly she picked up her dirty clothes she had laid on the bed. Then she walked around the room lighting candles. As she did this, I just stood and watched her naked body. Mary looked very good naked. She stood about 5'7, and maybe 135 pounds. Her skin was a little loose and her tits had sagged but that was to be expected. All in all, she was very very sexy. My cock was fully hard and ready for action.

When the candles were glowing, Mary walked up to me and took my face in her hands. She kissed me. What a soft and sensual kiss. I took her in my arms and pulled her body against mine. Mary's hands moved to my shirt and undid the buttons. Before I knew it, my shirt was open. She then undid my belt and unzipped my pants. Hooking her thumbs in my shorts, she pushed my pants and shorts down at the same time. My cock was now pointing directly at her belly.

I shrugged my shirt off my shoulders and let it land on the floor. With my feet, I pushed my pants off. Now I only had my socks on. Quickly I peeled them off.

Mary stepped into me. Our bodies were pressed together. Her tits were in my chest. My cock was pressed into her belly. "I have been dreaming about this moment," Mary said. "I have been wanting to get you naked since we first met." Again she cradled my face in her hands and we kissed. Mary's tongue was playing with my lips. Soon it was deep in my mouth. My tongue was in her mouth also.

Mary then started to kiss my neck, then my chest and then my nipples. She was moving down my body. She dropped to her knees and my cock was in her mouth. One hand cupped my balls and the other started to stroke my cock. Her lips circled the tip. She started to move her head so my cock was moving in and out of her mouth. I could feel the tip of my cock touch the back of her throat. Mary let go of my cock and reached around to start to play with my ass as she still cupped my balls with her other hand. I was very hard and ready to shoot in no time.

"Mary, slow down or I'll cum. I'm very close."

Mary took her mouth off my cock and said, "Let me have it babe. I want your cum in my mouth. I need to taste you." She then put her mouth back on my cock and started to suck and stroke me harder. It was only seconds later I shot my load into her mouth. Mary sucked every drop.

When I was finished, Mary didn't stop sucking me. She made sure I stayed hard. Then she stood up. "That date of yours is a stupid bitch. She doesn't know what she's missing. Now come on. It's your turn to do me. You do like kissing pussy don't you?"

I did not answer her with words. I just took her hand and led her to the bed. I pushed down on her shoulder. Mary sat down on the edge of the bed. I then pushed her onto her back. Mary was laying with her legs dangling over the edge. I quickly knelt on the floor between her legs, put my hands on her knees and pushed them apart. Mary opened her legs for me. She had a beautiful pussy. She had shaved the lips but left a small patch of hair on her stomach.

My hands moved up her legs. The skin was so soft. When my hands made it to her pussy, I let my thumbs stroke her lips. Mary was already wet. Her lips were swollen and very soft. One thumb went inside her lips and Mary let out a soft moan.

I then used my thumbs to open her lips. I leaned over and put my mouth on her pussy. My tongue was inside her pussy lips. Quickly I licked her from her ass to her clit. I felt Mary shudder. Her pussy juice was sweet. I think after that first taste, I was addicted. My tongue could not be stopped. I was licking from top to bottom and back again.

When I got to her clit, I sucked it into my mouth every time. Mary was going wild. I looked up over her stomach. She was rolling her head from side to side. I then heard her scream. Her whole body shook. Her orgasm was coming on hard. I don't think she stopped shaking for 5 minutes. I didn't stop sucking her and licking her the whole time.

Finally I sat back and just watched her relax. Mary just lay there. Finally she opened her eyes and smiled at me. "Wow!!!! That was incredible. Where did you learn to suck pussy like that?"

"I don't know. I just love pussy and I do what I think feels good."

"Well you certainly know how to make me feel good." Mary then reached out her arms to me. "Come to me babe." As I climbed up on the bed, she moved up so her head was on the pillow.

I quickly moved over her. My cock dragged over her thigh. Mary reached between us and grabbed my cock. She then pulled me up so my cock was touching her pussy lips. She positioned my cock at her opening and then let go. "Push in baby. I want to feel your magnificent cock in my pussy."

So that is what I did. I pushed forward. Mary's pussy opened and I slid into her. Her pussy was so hot and wet. It felt like a velvet glove surrounding my cock. When I was completely buried in her, I just held still. We looked at each other and Mary then lifted her head. We kissed and I started to pump into her wonderful pussy.

We had both just cum so we took our time cumming again. At first I was slow and steady with my cock. Gradually I increased the pace. Finally I was driving into her like it was the end of the earth. Mary's head was rolling from side to side again. My cock was driving into her harder and harder each thrust. I could hear our skin slapping together.

Finally, I felt my balls get ready to bust into her. One last hard push in and I held still. My balls erupted and I was shooting my cum deep into her belly. Mary let out a scream and I could feel her shuddering under me and her pussy quaked around my cock.

By the time I finished cumming, we were both covered in sweat. I collapsed on top of her. I could not believe how beautiful her naked body felt against mine.

Needless to say, I slept in her bed that night. The next morning, we woke up and fucked again. That whole day was one long fuck-a-thon. We didn't get dressed at all. We just fucked then cuddled then fucked again. I moved into her room that weekend and never slept in my bed again.

I do remember another memorable time. It was a Saturday and I had been at the library. When I came home, Mary was on her knees washing the floor in the kitchen. I stood there talking to her and watching her ass sway back and forth as she worked. She was wearing a skirt and it was swaying with her ass movements. I couldn't take it any more.

I undid my pants, pushed them down a bit and then silently moved behind her. I dropped to my knees between her feet and grabbed her skirt. She hadn't heard me move behind her so I startled her a bit. She quickly recovered though. "You bastard!!!! Not here!!!! I have the floor to clean." Mary yelled. I didn't listen to her.

I pushed my cock forward so it was touching her panties. The tip moved along her crotch. I could feel her panties getting wetter as I ran my cock along. "Stop it!!!! I have work to do!!!!" Again I didn't listen. I just moved the crotch to her panties over to one side and then pushed my cock deep into her waiting pussy.

I was horny and started to drive into her hard and quick. She loved it. The floor was forgotten. I had my hands on her hips and was pushing into her harder and harder. Mary leaned forward a bit. Her hands moved out to the side. She hit the bucket of water and it spilled. I didn't stop. Mary liked to put her face down as I did her doggy style. She put her face on the floor as I quickly reached my climax. My first shot of cum made Mary climax as well.

When we were finished, Mary fell forward onto the floor. "You bastard. You took advantage of me. Thank you!!!!! That was incredible. You're the best lover I've ever had!!!!"

Mary rolled over. Her top was wet, her skirt was up around her waist and her panties were still pulled to one side. She was the sexiest woman I had ever seen. We fucked again before we decided it was time to clean up both the floor and ourselves.

Mary was one incredible woman. I lived with her for 3 years and she never denied me sex at any time. I hated to move out after college but I was offered a job 300 miles away. I did find her a new boarder though. He was a handsome young man and I'm sure he fucked her enough so she got over my leaving.

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