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The Landlord


It was spring break of my sophomore year in college. While most of my friends were off in Cancun partying it up, I was desperately looking for a new place to live. I had been living with my now ex-boyfriend. I found out that he had been cheating on me. He tried to tell me that it was a mistake and that it didn't mean anything. I told him that I didn't care. I broke it off with him and told him that I didn't want to see him again and that I was moving out.

Trying to find a new place to live in the middle of the semester was nearly impossible. There was like nothing close to school! It was insane! Desperate, I looked for anything in town. There were a couple of apartments that were available on the north side of town in the Hispanic area. Being a single white girl, I knew that probably wasn't a good place to be, although I didn't think there was much choice. I checked out the last place on my list. It was a person who was looking for a roommate. I had talked to a woman on the phone, her name was Pam. I made arrangements to take a look. The address was on the west side of town. It was a very nice house. It looked like it was brand new. I wasn't sure if I had the right address. I went up and knocked on the door, I was greeted by an older woman with short gray hair. She looked like she might be in her fifties. I was shocked. This couldn't be the right place!

"Um, hi. Are you Pam?" I asked.

"Yes, I'm Pam. You must be Kristi. Did you find my place okay?" She said with a dimpled smile.

Smiling back, I said. "I did. I wasn't sure if I had the right place though."

"Really?" Said Pam.

"Yeah. I mean I thought I was going to see an apartment. Not a house! I'm not sure if I can afford to rent a room from you." I said.

Pam smiled and said. "Well Kristi, I think we can negotiate a little on the rent. Why don't you come in and I'll show you around."

Pam opened the door. She was a little taller, she was wearing a gray shirt, a pair of cargo pants and black shoes. Pam was a little stocky, her body looked very masculine with her broad shoulders. The older woman put her hand on the small of my back and ushered me inside. We walked around the house. It was beautiful! The house was very modern and stylish. She even had leather couches and a big screen TV in the living room! Then Pam showed me the room I would be renting. It was pretty big, bigger than my room at my parent's house!!! I was so impressed! I was definitely interested! So we sat down at the table and talked.

Impressed, I said. "Wow, you have such a beautiful house! But why are you renting out a room. It doesn't look like you need the money."

"Well actually, with the economy being what it is right now I thought it would make sense to rent out a room. Besides, this is a big house for just one person. It would be nice to have someone who can keep me company." Said Pam with her dimpled smile.

"The only thing is that I don't think I can afford to pay a whole lot for rent." I said.

:Pam said. "Well Kristi, you seem like a very nice girl. I have a good feeling about you. I think we can work this out. Would $250 a month work for you?"

Smiling, I said. "Yes!!! That would be perfect!"

With a confident grin on her face, she replied. "Good. But there are a few things you should know before you agree to this."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Well the first thing is, I am gay. If you have a problem with that, you should let me know right now." She said.

Knowing my parents, I knew they wouldn't approve of me living with a lesbian. But I was open minded and I personally didn't have a problem with it. Besides, what my parents didn't know, wouldn't hurt them.

I told Pam. "No. I don't have a problem with that at all! I think that's cool. So what else do I need to know?"

"Good. Well, you should know that I don't want any guests over after 8:00 PM. No boyfriends, no nothing! I'm a fairly private person, and I don't want to share my house with the whole college. And also, if you make a mess, be sure to clean up after yourself. Okay?" She said.

I said. "Okay. That sounds fair to me. And don't worry about boyfriends. I just broke up with my ex. I don't even want to talk to boys right now!"

Pam smiled and said. "Well in that case, welcome!"

"So when can I move in?" I asked.

"Whenever you want sweetie" She said.

I told Pam that I was hoping to get everything moved out of the apartment while my ex was away on spring break. She asked me if any of my friends were there to help me move. I told her that all of my friends were out of town for spring break. She offered to help me move my things for me. Gratefully, I accepted her offer. So the next day Pam drove over to my apartment in her fancy new pickup truck. We spent the whole day moving all my things over to her house. By the end of the day we were both exhausted! We both sat on her leather couch just relaxing as we watched TV.

The next few weeks were nice. Pam was a wonderful roommate/landlord. She would make dinner most nights for us. And if I needed help with anything, she was more than happy to help me. It was great!

One evening my ex-boyfriend stopped by Pam's house. He rang the door bell. Pam opened the door and asked to come in. Not knowing who he was, she let him in. I was surprised to see him. I asked him how he found me. He said that one of my friends told him. Then I asked him what he wanted and he told me that he wanted me back, that he wanted me to come back and live with him. I told him that I didn't want to have anything to do with him. At that point asked him to leave.

"Look, I don't want any trouble, but I'm not leaving!" He said.

In a stern voice, Pam said. "I'm sorry, Kristi doesn't want to talk to you. Respect that son. Now, please leave!"

Furious, my ex said. "Fuck you, you fucking dyke! Are you gonna make me!"

Keeping her calm, Pam said. "If you don't, I'll call the cops."

My ex pushed Pam and said "Fuck you!"

He started to swing his arms wildly at her, trying to punch Pam. I screamed out in shock. Pam reacted, deftly ducking his punches. She countered him, expertly swinging her arms and knocking him to the floor. Man handling him, Pam pulled him up off the floor and kicked him outside.

"If you ever come back, I'm calling the cops!" She said.

"Fuck you!" Yelled my ex as he got in his car and sped away.

Concerned I asked. "Are you okay Pam? I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that asshole!"

Pam smiled and said. "I'm okay sweetie. It wasn't your fault. I just hope I don't have to deal with him every week."

I laughed and said. "I don't think he'll be back. He looked pretty embarrassed when he left. I have to say, it looks like you know how to handle yourself!"

She said. "Well I used to be a cop once. I know how to handle myself."

Impressed, I said. "Yes you do! You're my hero now! You're like my Prince Charming!!!"

"Well, I aim to please." She said.

I already had a lot of respect for Pam, but after that night I had an even deeper respect for her. She made meals for me, she helped me with my homework and protected me from my ex-boyfriend. She was almost like another parent or a good friend who looked out for and protected me. Our friendship grew as a result. It surprised even me! Who would've thought that a 20 year old straight girl would develop such a close friendship with a 56 year old lesbian? But I really felt comfortable talking to her about anything and everything.

We were very comfortable around each other. It was no big deal for me to see Pam walking around in a pair of boxer shorts and her white "wife beater" tank top. And I was completely comfortable walking around in my short shorts and my tiny baby doll shirts and tank tops.

I was at home on a Friday evening working on this project for one of my classes, feeling totally stressed out. My partner for this team project wasn't doing their part at all and I was determined not to fail the class. Pam asked me what I was doing here on a Friday night when I normally would be out with my friends. So I told her what was going on.

Pam said. "That's pretty bad of your partner to be that lazy! You look really stressed out and tense right now."

"I feel totally stressed Pam! This sucks!" I said.

Smiling she said. "Kristi, you'll be fine. I have a lot of faith in you. You're a very bright kid sweetie!"

"Thanks." I said.

Standing behind me, Pam put her strong masculine hands on my slender shoulders and said. "You're so tense!"

She pulled my sandy blond hair over to one side and began to massage my shoulders. I closed my eyes as I felt her strong hands began to knead my flesh. Slowly my body started to relax. Pam really knew how to calm me down. She made me feel safe and secure.

"So how does that feel sweetie?" She asked.

I said. "That feels good. Really good!"

"Would you like me to stop." Pam asked.

"No. Don't stop. That feels really good." I said, not quite grasping what she was asking me.

Before I knew it, I felt her warm breath on my neck as her hands continued to massage my shoulders. Then I felt her soft moistened lips start to kiss me. For a moment, I allowed her to continue kissing my neck lost in the moment. Then I regained my senses. My eyes flung open and my body tensed up.

"Pam! Please stop!" I said as I jumped out of my chair to face her.

She said. "I'm sorry honey. I thought you wanted me to keep going."

"I did... I mean, I wanted you to keep rubbing my shoulders. Not kiss me!" I said feeling confused and awkward around her all of a sudden.

We had an awkward moment of silence. Neither one of us knowing what to say next. Pam stared deeply into my eyes. It felt like she was staring directly into my soul. Without saying a work she pulled me close to her. My heart skipped a beat as I felt her warm body against mine. She leaned in and kissed me with her soft lips. I was shocked, but I didn't fight her. Feeling her lips pressed against mine made my body tingle.

Seeing that I wasn't resisting her. Pam's kisses became more aggressive. She pressed her tongue against my lips, parting them. I felt her warm wet tongue inside my mouth as she continued kissing me passionately. I couldn't believe it, but my body was responding to her. I was kissing her back. It felt so wrong and yet it felt so right. I never considered myself gay. I always thought that I was straight! And Pam was so much older than me, she was even older than my parents! And yet, my body responded to her in a very basic, primal way. She made me feel so safe and loved.

I wrapped my slender arms around Pam's thick neck as we passionately kissed. Our tongues intertwined, dancing from her mouth to mine and back again. Pam pressed me against the table. She flung my homework onto the floor. Then she used her strong arms and grabbed me by the waist and picked me up. She set me down on top of the table, my legs dangling off the side. She grabbed my right foot with both hands and started to massage it. She lifted my foot up higher. Then Pam kissed the sole of my foot and then she started to kiss and then suck on each of my toes. No one had ever done that to me before!

Then Pam started to kiss her way up my leg. She kissed my ankle and then her lips slowly made their way up. I could feel my juices begin to flow for her. She started to kiss my inner thighs. My body was tingling all over. I could feel that my face was flushed red. Pam raised her head up, she leaned in. I closed my eyes and felt her lips touch mine. I parted my lips as we kissed. Her tongue found it's way into my willing mouth once more. I wrapped my arms around her neck as we passionately kissed. We both stopped kissing for a moment. Pam and I stared into eachother's eyes and smiled. Then Pam leaned in and began kissing me again.

I felt Pam's strong hands around my waist. Her fingers found the bottom of the pink baby doll shirt I had on. She started to tug on the tight material, lifting it up. I lifted my arms up as she lifted my shirt above my head. My full breasts were now exposed to my experienced lover.

Pam stared at my breasts and then look back deeply into my eyes and said. "My god baby! You are so beautiful! I've wanted you ever since I first met you!"

I wasn't sure what to say. I was flattered and aroused. I simply said. "Thank you!"

Pam leaned in once more, kissing me passionately. Her strong masculine hands cupped my breasts. She caught my gasp in her mouth as I felt her hands caressing my breasts, kneading them lovingly. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth as her fingers gently pinched my hardening nipples. Pam finally broke off our kisses. Her head slowly moved down, her tongue licked the side of my neck. Then she kissed my collar bone. Then she finally made her way down to my breasts.

Soon Pam focused all of her attention on my breasts. Her strong hands caressed and squeezed them. I leaned back slightly, putting my left arm on the table to help prop me up. I started to caress Pam's ruggedly handsome face with my right hand. She looked up into my eyes and gave me a confident grin. She gently squeezed my left breast, making my nipple stick out a little more. Pam slid her tongue out, tracing the outline of my hardened nipple. Then she hungrily took it into her mouth. I was so turned on seeing this 56 year old woman suckling on my breast as if she were a new born baby. It felt so amazing! I ran my fingers tenderly through her short gray hair. As Pam continued to suck on my breast, I could feel her tongue flicking against my nipple.

Then Pam started to kiss her way down my body. She kissed my slim, flat stomach. She saw my belly button ring. She circled it with her tongue before she finally kissed it. Pam paused for a moment. It looked like she was thinking about what do to next. Finally she stood back up.

Pam smiled and said. "Lay on your back baby."

I smiled and without saying a word, I obeyed her. I was laying on my back with my legs dangling off the table. I felt her strong hands tugging on the waist band of my short shorts. Slowly, she pulled them off, leaving me with only a pair of my tiny pink thong panties on. Pam brought her head down to my crotch. We both could see that my panties were wet with my excitement. She was so close to my sex, I could feel her breath on me. Pam closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, taking in my scent.

She opened up her yes and stared into mine and said. "You smell so good baby! I wanna taste you!"

I smiled, bitting my lower lip and watched as Pam took the sides of my panties, hooking them in her fingers. In what seemed like an eternity, she peeled my little pink panties off my body. She stared at my naked form for a moment. I could see her eyes focusing on my freshly waxed pussy. I laid there on the kitchen table, completely naked and exposed to her. Like the main course of a meal, I was hers for the taking. Pam took her right hand and placed it behind my neck, she pulled my head towards hers and passionately kissed me.

Then Pam said. "Lay on your back baby."

I complied and said. "Okay."

I laid on my back on the table. Then I felt her strong hands grasping my slim waist and pulling me towards her. My hips were on the edge of the table and my hips were dangling in space. Pam knelt down in from of me, disappearing from view. I put my arms behind me, propping myself up on my elbows to see my older lover's handsome face. We stared at each other for a moment smiling. Then Pam went to work. Pam took my legs and placed them on her strong, broad shoulders. She looked deeply into my eyes as she began to kiss my legs, slowly moving her way to my inner thighs. Her warm, moist lips against my soft skin was making my body tingle with desire.

Then I felt her hot breath on my exposed pussy. My hips started to dance in response, my body was craving her expert touch. My heart jumped as Pam kissed either side of my bare sex. It felt so good! Pam locked her eyes on mine as she traced the outline of my pussy with her soft, warm tongue. I was starting to pant like a dog. I didn't think I could be so aroused so quickly! Pam started to kiss my pussy as if it were my mouth. She was passionately kissing it with even more intensity than when she was kissing me on the lips!

My arms were getting tired, so I laid back down on the table. I closed my eyes and let my lover make out with my pussy. I reached my arms down towards Pam's head. My soft hands caressed her rugged face, combing my fingers through her short gray hair. That seemed to drive her wild. Pam took my pussy into her mouth. Her tongue probed my sex, tracing the outline of it before she finally drew herself inside my tight young body. God! Her tongue felt so good inside me! I was lost in the moment and was beginning to feel a deep physical and emotional bond with Pam. She was my knight in shining armor, my hero, my Don Juan!

Pam continued to french kiss my pussy with a deep and focused passion. My body was in a state of euphoria. My lover's skilled hands traced the outline of my smooth, supple body. Then her hands found their mark, cupping my breasts. Pam began to caress and squeeze my breasts, her fingers gently pinching my nipples. My body felt like it was on fire. I was so completely aroused. I knew it wouldn't be long until I finally came for her.

I moved my hands up, placing them on top of Pam's as we caressed my breasts together. Slowly I took her hands and intertwined our fingers, locking them together. My older lover knew I was on the edge of ecstasy. She knew my body was in need of release. Her tongue darted in and out of my tight pussy rapidly. My body convulsed and tightened as I came for her. She lapped up my juices greedily. Pam was hungry for me. I let go of her hands and ran my fingers through her short hair, pulling her tightly against my sex. I wanted to keep her there forever.

After I finished climaxing, Pam crawled up on the table and laid beside me. She pulled me close to her strong body. We held each other in an intimate embrace, our bodies wrapped around each other. Old and young laying together as one. We stayed there for more than 20 minutes, cradling each other and kissing passionately.

Soon Pam slid herself off the table and picked me up in her strong arms, cradling my naked body and said. "God damn baby. You are so hot! I want you so badly!"

I smiled and said. "I think you already had me."

"No. Not yet." She said with a devilish grin. And then she carried me back into her bedroom.

Pam gently laid me down on her bed, then she leaned over and kissed me. She stood up smiling at me as she took her shirt off. She had a broad chest and full breasts. Then Pam pulled her boxer shorts off, I saw her sex for the first time. She was unshaven and her pubic hair was gray. It stuck me for a moment just how completely opposite we both were. She was gay, I still considered myself straight. She was in her mid fifties and I was just barely twenty. She was a little heavyset and quite masculine and I was very slim and feminine. Somehow all of those differences only added to my arousal.

Pam crawled into bed with me. She positioned her body on top of mine. I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to do but I instinctively spread my legs apart for her as she mounted me like a man. Her masculine body lay on top of my feminine frame. It felt so natural, so right. Pam starred into my eyes and smiled, I smiled back at her. She lowered her head and began kissing me. Then she took my legs and placed my ankles over her strong broad shoulders.

My breath shortened as I felt Pam lower her hips onto mine. Her unshaven sex made contact with my waxed pussy. It was like electricity struck as our pussies made contact. I had never felt anything quite like it. Her hairy sex was pressed firmly against mine. I felt her engorged labia almost penetrating me. It was so arousing!

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