tagInterracial LoveThe Landlord Ch. 03

The Landlord Ch. 03


In the three weeks since my girlfriend Jess had first tried Leonard's black monster cock, she had been with him twice more. Each time had gone much like the first. In his 70's, Leonard had simply played Jess like a finely tuned instrument, out-fucking anyone she had ever been with, or so she said. Unlike her first encounter, I had not been present for the follow-ups; Leonard made it clear that he had little use for white husbands and boyfriends sitting around and watching.

Jess and I had reached a crossroads of sorts. Leonard wanted to take her "black-only," which of course meant that she'd have to give up making love with me. Despite Leonard's undeniable power and prowess in bed, Jess was having real misgivings about going that far.

"Maybe if we were married for 10 years and had kids of our own I'd entertain the idea more directly," she'd said. "We're not even married yet, and as far as I am concerned we're too young to take that plunge. I mean I definitely want to fuck more black guys, but not if it means cutting you off, sweetheart."

I'd breathed a big sigh of relief. We'd embraced the cuckold lifestyle and I was fine with that, but having Jess formally go "black only" was just too hard to accept, and I told her so.

"So you're OK with me cucking you with other black guys?" she had asked. I'd answered in the affirmative, and she'd hugged me.

"I'm so lucky! I thought you'd say that so I set up a date with one of Leonard's friends tomorrow," she'd said. "He's a nephew or something like that – just turned 18 but supposedly knows what he's doing around white couples."

Which was how I'd found myself the next afternoon waiting with Jess for our guest to appear. At 2:00 there was a firm knock on the door. He was prompt, at least. I answered the door. There stood a tall young black man, who politely offered his hand and introduced himself as Derrick. I invited him in and introduced him to Jess. Jess asked me for a glass of wine.

"Can I get you something, Derrick? A soda or a glass of water?" I asked, but he declined.

I gave Jess her wine and turned to Derrick. "Tell us a bit about yourself," I said.

"Well, I just graduated from high school and I'm going to college on a partial athletic scholarship – football," he said.

"Have you been with a lot of white wives and girlfriends?" Jess asked.

Derrick smiled and nodded. "I've been with quite a lot, actually. Mostly younger couples like you all. I prefer it that way and they seem to like me just fine. I like newlywed wives a whole lot, and I haven't had any trouble finding them."

"Why's that, Derrick?" I asked.

"Are you asking why I prefer young white wives or why is it that I don't have any trouble finding them?" Derrick asked.

"Both," said Jess before I could respond. She winked at me.

Derrick smiled. "With respect to why I prefer newlyweds, I like being the one to break them in to black cock and cuckolding," he said. "Seeing the look on a new husband's face when his young bride just loses it on my big black cock is a real turn-on for me," he explained. "They've just crossed a line they can't cross back, not ever, not that any of them seem to regret it. Having the husband watch his wife behave in ways she never has with him is like Viagra to me. Some of it is about a little humiliation, but that's not all of it. I truly enjoy showing a young white wife what a great fuck she's capable of being, with the right man, that is."

"As for why it's easy for me to find new couples, I'm not sure how to explain it except to say that getting cuckolded by a hung black guy is getting really popular with young white couples these days, and I am the last person to argue about it. I mostly meet new couples through couples I've had the pleasure of breaking in. They seem to enjoy recruiting their friends," he laughed.

"Any of them ever regret it?" I asked.

"I can honestly say that none I've been with have expressed regrets," Derrick said. "The last three couples were all newlyweds and all first-timers, and not a one had anything but good things to say. The most recent couple was military – they couldn't afford to go on honeymoon travel so they were having their honeymoon here. I got introduced to them by friends of theirs I had been playing with," he explained. "I guess they decided they wanted some excitement on their honeymoon so they took a hotel room for a night and invited me over. That was a crazy night, but they're into it big time now."

"Why do you think this is getting so popular with white couples?" Jess asked.

Derrick laughed. "I've been asked that question a lot by the couples I've been with," he said. "I'm not sure there is any one single answer that covers it." He paused, briefly and then continued. "Taboo is a big part of it – you know, for the husband it's about the pure and devoted white wife defiled by the usurping black man dragging her down into an abyss of lust. Honestly, I think a lot of white husbands just get off on being cuckolded by hung black guys. For the wife, it's more about finding out just how good sex can be," he said.

"What do you guys like?" he asked.

"I like getting fucked really hard while David watches me taking it," Jess replied. "He gets off on seeing me get fucked like a total slut and particularly seeing me filled up with another guy's cum so he can lick my pussy clean."

"So you like to be thug-fucked?" Derrick asked.

Jess nodded. "I really learned that from Leonard," she said. "Each time I was with him alone, he treated me more and more like his white ghetto slut, and the more he thug fucked me, the hotter I got. I swear, he had me doing things I never would have dreamed of. Now I want David to see what a black bull with a monster cock can get me to do, willingly."

"I'm glad to oblige," he said. "I like taking the white couples I've been with that direction." He smiled. "That's enough talk for now. It's time for you to get thug fucked with another big black dick in your little white pussy while your cuck watches. Take me to the bedroom and get naked."

Since Jess was wearing only shorts and a t-shirt, it took her just seconds to strip. Derrick took a long slow look at her and whistled his appreciation. "Damn, Jess, you are so fine looking," he said. "What's the matter with Dave? Lack of equipment?" he asked her.

She giggled. "Not at all, David's hung quite nicely, thank you. 8.5 inches in fact. I guess that makes us unusual for a cuck couple."

Derrick laughed and shook his head. "So you might well think, and so did I at first, but experience has shown me that isn't always the case. It's true that a fair number of the husbands have been average to small, but a fair number have been well hung, too They just love seeing their wives with black guys, I guess."

As he was talking, Derrick was getting undressed. When he finally dropped his boxers, Jess gave a little gasp and giggled. Derrick smiled. "Not quite as long as Leonard, I know, but pretty close to him. Thicker, though. Anyway, I've never heard a complaint."

He was impressive, that was for damn sure. Befitting a football player, he was cut and ripped with very little evidence of body fat. His abs were solid and well defined in particular, serving only to accentuate the black snake that hung long and low between his legs. Like Leonard, he was pretty much as big soft as I was erect, and quite a good bit thicker.

"In case you like to keep track, I'm just under 12 inches hard," Derrick said. "Do you all have a good video camera?" he asked.

I shook my head.

"No matter, since this is the first time I'm going to fuck Jess," he said. "Next time, I'll bring a Hi-def camera and you can shoot the video. I video all the white wives I fuck. I'll drop off a couple of DVDs of some of the other couples so you can see who else I've fucked. Who knows? You might recognize some of them – there are a fair number of college couples."

"I don't know about that, Derrick" I said. "I'm not sure Jess would want videos of her out there."

Jess giggled. "Don't worry about it, sweetie. Leonard's already shot some video of me and him. I just haven't had a chance to show it to you yet."

My surprise must have been evident. It was one thing for a small group of like-minded couples like our fellow tenants to know about our interests, but a video of Jess fucking another guy was a little too public for my comfort level.

Jess pouted. "Aww, what's the matter sweetie? Don't want anyone to know that your girlfriend is fucking huge hung black studs? Afraid they'll find out you love it as much as I do?" she said, in a teasing tone. "Too late for that – I haven't been trying to hide our lifestyle for a while. I guess we need to have a little chat. After Derrick is finished, that is."

Derrick laughed and turned to stand in front of Jess and gently but firmly pushed her to her knees. "Suck it," he said, though she didn't really need the instruction, having already taken him in her hands.

As I watched, Jess stroked Derrick's huge black cock with both hands, rubbing her fingers lightly over the opening at the end. As she did so, he started to leak pre-cum fluid, which glistened on his ebony skin. He started to stiffen, and Jess took him in her mouth. It wasn't an easy fit, but she relaxed her jaw and managed to get a fair bit of the monster into her mouth. As her head bobbed up and down she slurped and sucked noisily while he grew more erect. Derrick stood with his hands behind his back, watching Jess sucking him. To my astonishment, every few times she bobbed her head down toward his abdomen, more of his huge cock disappeared into her mouth. She was managing to control her gag reflex as she swallowed him, though her saliva was flowing heavily, leaving his cock very wet. She let Derrick slide out of her mouth every few strokes so she could breathe comfortably, but promptly swallowed him again. As Jess swallowed more and more of his massive cock, I could see her throat bulge slightly as he slid down it.

Derrick groaned and then grinned at me. "Damn, your girl sure loves to swallow black dick, doesn't she? Leonard trains white wives to suck like vacuum cleaners." The he reached forward and grabbed a handful of Jess's hair, pulling her head up and then back down on his erection. "Come on, girl, swallow my big dick all the way. You can do it."

As if in answer, Jess reached forward and took Derrick's muscular ass in her hands, pulling him toward her. There was a moment's hesitation and then Jess relaxed her throat and in a smooth motion slid her mouth forward until her lips were pressed against Derrick's abdomen. She had done it, swallowing every last inch of Derrick's massive black cock. After a moment, she slid her mouth slowly up the length until he was out of her mouth.

Jess looked at me, her eyes clouded by lust. "Come over here and let me sit on your face," she directed.

I did as instructed, crossing the bedroom to lie on my back. Jess straddled my head, lowering her pussy until I could reach it easily with my mouth and tongue. She was already soaking wet, her smooth lips glistening with her juices. She groaned as her pussy made contact with my mouth and my tongue slid up to her clitoris and started flicking it gently. She pressed down more firmly and began riding me, fucking my mouth and tongue with her cunt.

Jess moaned loudly. "God I love cuckolding you with huge black cocks," she murmured. "There's just nothing on earth better for fucking white girls' pussies, and I intend to let our friends know all about it."

Derrick laughed. "You have some friends you want to recruit for black cock, eh?" he said.

Jess giggled. "You bet. We have several young married friends who'd be just perfect for cuckolding," she said. "Once they see the videos and we talk to them, I can just about guarantee success. I feel like it's almost my civic duty. I mean, why shouldn't a sweet white wife get to have big black cock if her husband gets off on seeing her do it?"

With that, Jess went back to deep throating Derrick's cock, sliding all the way down and slowly raising her head about half way. As she did so, she became increasingly wet, until she trembled and shook with the unmistakable signs that she was having a small orgasm. When it passed, she slid Derrick's cock out of her mouth. "Time to bust my pussy," she said.

I started to move away, but Jess stopped me. "Strip and come back and lie down again," she said.

As I did so, she put a pillow on the floor, then added a second one on top of the first. She had me like down so my head was propped up by the two pillows, then straddled me, this time with her upper body pointed toward my feet. Derrick knelt by her butt, and I reached up and spread Jess's tight little ass cheeks apart so he could reach his target easily. Jess reached around and took his cock in her right hand, rubbed it a few times on her pussy, and then pushed back toward him. Derrick slid in easily about half way, paused for a moment, and then took Jess's hips in his hands and pulled her toward him as he pushed forward. To my momentary surprise, he slid the rest of his huge cock all the way into her until his balls slapped against her ass. Jess grunted and then moaned. Derrick pulled half way out and then slid all the way in again, a process he repeated several times. Then, apparently reassured that Jess could take him, he started fucking her in earnest, pumping in and out in a steady rhythm.

Jess lowered her hips slightly so that she could press herself against my lips and tongue in sync with Derrick's thrusts. Her pussy was dripping wet, and squelched as the huge black cock pumped in and out. She began moaning steadily.

"You like that, do you?" Derrick asked, though the answer was obvious. Jess moaned. "I asked you a question, now answer me," he demanded.

"Yessssss," she hissed in response.

"Tell your boyfriend what you like," Derrick instructed, and Jess moaned louder.

"God, I like – I LOVE – big black cock," she gasped. "I love you, David, but you don't come close to hung black studs when it comes to fucking. I can't help it, but it's true."

Derrick laughed. "I don't think you need to worry about upsetting your boyfriend," he said. "His cock's as hard as a rock. He's just like every other white husband or boyfriend when they watch me fucking their women," he said, and God help me but he was right.

Jess grunted. "Fuck me harder," she said. "Show David how you can ruin my pussy for him."

Derrick didn't need much encouragement. He grabbed Jess's ass with both hands and began pounding in to her relentlessly. I tried to maintain contact with her pussy, but the fucking was too intense, so I slid out from under her and moved away. Within moments, Jess was climaxing, grunting and shuddering as the waves of pleasure crashed down on her. Derrick never paused but kept thrusting into Jess, increasing his tempo. As he did so, he again grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head up and back toward him. She groaned and grunted as he rode her.

"Whose pussy is this, you little white slut?" Derrick demanded.

"Yours – it's yours," Jess replied.

"What about your cuck boyfriend?" he said.

"He knows I spread for big black cock and he knows there's nothing he can do about it," she gasped. "If he's cool about it, he can fuck my stretched out cunt after he's licked all that black cum out of me. If he isn't cool with it, I'll get his brother to fuck me and then cuck both of them with big black dick," she laughed, "and when I'm done I'll get his brother's wife blacked. She's already real interested."

I was speechless. My brother, Jack, was 21 and had been married for less than a year. His wife, Kelly, was a sweet Irish brunette and just 19. I couldn't imagine her going black in front of him, but Jess clearly knew what she was talking about.

As if she could read my mind, Jess looked over at me. "Kelly's already told me I can cuck you with Jack anytime I want. She says he's wanted to get in my pants since we started dating. Kelly figures if he fucks me, she's free to go black, not that he appears to mind," she said. "Besides, even though you're well hung, I happen to know for a fact that Jack's over 9 inches and your dad tops out at 10 inches. I bet if I wiggled my tight little ass in front of your dad he couldn't resist," she giggled.

I grabbed my clothes and staggered out of the bedroom. I dressed in a hurry and left the apartment, leaving Derrick and Jess to their pleasures. I needed to get away and think about what had just transpired. Was Jess serious about my brother and his wife? About my dad? Dazed, I walked and walked, not paying much attention to where I was going. After a couple of hours of aimless wandering, I stopped and got a cup of coffee and headed home. All was quiet in the bedroom, so I peered in. Jess was curled up under a blanket sleeping peacefully. There was no evidence of Derrick's presence, so I got a book and started reading. A short while later, the door to the bedroom opened, and Jess came over to me, kissing me gently.

"I'm sorry you left," she said. "Derrick was incredible. He went home after he was done and dropped off some DVDs for us to watch. How about if I put them on in the bedroom?"

I nodded, and we went back to the bedroom. Jess popped the first DVD into the player and turned the television on. A title screen popped up: "Amy & Brian: Both 18. Engaged." The title faded to a young and very attractive white couple, sitting next to each other on a bed. A blonde with green eyes and a pert nose, Amy was very petite, slender and quite muscular from what we could see. Brian was considerably taller and likewise fit.

Amy spoke first. "Hi, I'm Amy and this is my fiancé Brian. I'm a pre-nursing major, a gymnast, and a cheerleader. Brian is also a gymnast and a phys-ed major. This is our third time with Derrick, and the first video we've ever made. We hope you like it!"

With that, they stood up and disrobed. Amy was stunning – tiny – barely 5 feet tall if that, incredibly fit, with sharply defined muscles, small breasts, and a tight little bubble butt. Except for the straight blonde hair on her head, she was completely hairless. Brian was totally ripped, with muscles everywhere. Like Amy, he too was completely devoid of body hair. He was also quite well endowed, his cock curving away from his abdomen and hanging heavily between his thighs.

Brian lay down on his back on the floor and, like Jess had earlier in the day, Amy straddled his face and lowered herself onto his lips and tongue. After a few moments, Derrick crossed into camera view and stood in front of the tiny blonde, who proceeded to suck and stroke his cock to full erection. Though she was unable to deep throat him, Amy did manage to get quite a bit of the black cock into her mouth. As she sucked, she made low moaning noises in her throat, evidently becoming aroused from Brian's oral caresses. She reached behind herself and started to stroke Brian's cock, which rapidly became erect. It was impressive – I guessed he was a bit bigger than I was, maybe 9 inches, and quite thick. After a few minutes, Amy slid clear of Brian's face, then leaned down and kissed him, eagerly licking the slick pussy juices that had accumulated. They kissed passionately, and then Amy gently pulled Brian up to his knees so they were kneeling next to each other, still kissing as they did so.

A moment later, Amy took Derrick's massive cock and, still passionately kissing Brian, slid the black monster in between their lips, swirling her tongue over and around the head, while pressing her fiancé's mouth toward her own, rubbing Derrick's cockhead on both their mouths in the process. Then she slid Derrick's cock into her mouth, bobbed her head up and down and then, holding the cock in her hand, pressed it between her fiancé's lips. Brian resisted for a moment, then opened his mouth as Amy pushed his head down until he had several inches of Derrick's black cock in his own mouth. Amy moaned loudly as he did this, reaching down to grab Brian's now fully erect cock and stroking it vigorously. As she did so, she pushed her fiancé's head up and down vigorously on Derrick's cock, though by now Brian was actively participating. He took Derrick from his mouth and held him toward his petite partner, who immediately began suck the black cock vigorously. A few moments later, Amy held the monster cock for her fiancé, who again sucked as directed.

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