tagLoving WivesThe Landscapers Ch. 03

The Landscapers Ch. 03


After that explosive Thursday, I had taken that Friday and the weekend to recover and to say I had been fully sated would be an understatement, but by Monday morning, I started to feel the lust pangs returning.

By Tuesday morning, I had to get my Lelo Iris out for a workout, all the time thinking about my meeting with Julio in just two days time. I had just gotten comfortable when the telephone rang, and it was Sarah, asking if I wanted to come over for a lazy day by the pool, and she had some news for me.

"Sure, will be over in an hour." I said.

After a quick shower, I put on a light summer dress, and was at her door within the hour. Sarah was looking hot as ever, dressed in a mini skirt and a tight Lycra top with her nipples erect as always. We hugged, and then sat at her dining table for a chat.

"We have a change for Thursday, Gilberto has moved farther north to set up a new branch of their business, how do you feel about a substitute brother you have not met yet?" Sarah said in a matter of fact way.

"Younger or older than Gilberto?" I asked with a smile on my face.

"A year younger and his name is Ricardo." She said smiling right back at me.

"I am sure between us we can handle the situation." We both laughed.

We poured some drinks and walked out to the pool deck to enjoy a beautiful warm day. We sat at the poolside table swapping gossip and our plans for Thursday, which got us both excited, just talking about it. Sarah went to the deck storage cupboard, pulled out a thin bamboo cane, and laid it on the table. I knew immediately what it was for. I picked it up and asked Sarah.

"Have you been naughty today?" I said in a demanding tone.

"Yes I have, you had better punish me, two strokes please." She said in a flirtatious tone.

She bent over the table, lifted her skirt, showing me her naked bottom. I gave her two lashes with the cane, both of which left a slight red mark, I grabbed an ice cube out of the ice bucket and rubbed her bottom with it to cool the skin down.

"Ooh! I liked that! Time for my ten lengths around the pool now." Sarah said invigorated.

Sarah pulled her top off, dropped her skirt to the floor, and jumped in naked straight into the pool. I sat and watched her do her lengths admiring her very trim body, until the urge to jump in got to me. I removed my dress, dropped my panties and walked slowly down the steps into the pool. The water was warmer than I had expected, I joined Sarah on her training lengths although she is a lot better swimmer than I am, she slowed down to allow me to keep up with her. We left the pool;Sarah grabbed a towel and dried me off as I dried her, both of us feeling each other as we did so. I sat back down with my legs splayed open. I picked up the bamboo cane and said to Sarah.

"Relief needed here, on your knees and get to work."

A big smile came over her face and she knelt down between my legs licking up and down my thighs, slowly approaching my pussy.

"Get that tongue in!" I ordered and lightly tapped her on the back with the cane.

"Hit me harder." She said.

I caned her harder; she licked harder, and faster. Three more strokes of the cane, and her face was soaked, I came, to her great delight. We both dressed and settled back on the loungers to rest.

Fifteen minutes later her doorbell rang, and Sarah went to see who was there and came back five minutes later telling me it was the Cable guys who were extending the TV cable to another room, and would be about an hour. We continued our discussion on what was going to happen on the upcoming meeting with the brothers, and if Ricardo the new team member would be up to par, until the two cable guys came from around the side of the house to tell Sarah they had finished the work.

"Sit down for a break, I will get you both a cold drink, you look very hot." She said to them.

They both sat at the table, while Sarah went to the poolside cooler and got them a beer each, we both then joined them at the table. The men explained to Sarah what work they had completed as they drank their beer, until Sarah asked if they would like to use the pool to cool down and there was a pool shower to use to get some of the dust off them. The younger stocky guy immediately jumped at the chance, while the slim older one was not interested. The stocky guy walked over to the shower pulling of his T-shirt keeping his shorts on, and stood under the shower. I picked up the cane waved it at Sarah and slammed it down on the table saying.

"Help him, Sarah, Wash him down."

Sarah scampered over to him pulling her Lycra top off as she got to him, while he just stared at her nipples sticking out, she got the sponge and washed him down.

"Let's get all that dust off everywhere." She said as she released the belt on his shorts and pulled them down. "Oh my! That's very dusty, better wash that really well." She said as his already hard cock sprang into view.

Sarah started to pull his cock as she kneeled on the floor in front of him. She followed that by standing up, dropping her skirt and jumped in the pool. The cable guy jumped in after her and they both frolicked in the pool with much touching and feeling going on under the water. The other cable guy and I sat watching them in action, which got us both hot, until I felt a need and said.

"Do you want to fuck me?" I asked. He nodded enthusiastically.

I had not put my panties back on after Sarah licked I lifted my dress to the waist and bent over the table, and the cable guy wasted no time in dropping his shorts behind me, and checking my pussy for wetness with his finger and pushing his cock slowly into me. I think we were more interested in the antics going on in the pool than with our own action, after a dozen pumps into me; he came inside me, and was done. He pulled up his shorts, sat back down at the table and continued with his drink at the table. Sarah was still teasing her guy by racing up and down the pool preventing him from getting into action. I grabbed the cane off the table and walked down to pool steps into the water until it was just above my knees, then called Sarah over, I lifted my dress and with a swish of the cane across her back, I ordered her to clean me out with her tongue, the sting of the cane made her immediately comply. She was kneeling in the shallow water in front of me.

"Now is your chance, take her from the rear and fuck her hard, pull her hair while you ride her." I shouted to her cable guy.

He wasted no time in coming up behind Sarah, and knelt right behind her and fed his hard anxious cock into her pussy. Sarah gasped a little but continued to lick me until cable guy grabbed her hair, pulling her away from me.

"Pound her harder and faster." I ordered.

And he certainly did, Sarah opened her eyes and looked at me with a huge grin, she was in heaven as he pounded away lasting a lot longer than my guy, eventually he jetted inside her, with a long low moan coming from Sarah, they both fell back into the deeper water to get their breath back. Sarah continued to swim up and down while her cable guy got out of the pool and got dressed. Before Sarah even got out of the water, the two guys were off, probably to tell all their friends how well they did.

"Well that brightened up a quiet day." She said, as we compared notes on them.

We chatted, had a late lunch and finalized our plans for Thursday.

Thursday arrived, our big day. Two new guys to meet, and for me to see Polo again who gave me one of my all time best fucks ever on an oil drum, a memory I often re-live in my daydreams. We had been asked to wear all the sexy underwear with stocking but the temperature gauge was hovering close to 90F, I decide to wear just a wrap around dress with just a belt holding it together, and no underwear. I drove to Sarah's place to find her ready, and excited to get started, I was surprised to see her in a dark business suit, looking very office like, although the skirt was a little short for an office.

We drove to the meeting place and we were glad to see the RV was already there. We clambered aboard to be greeted by Polo who gave us both a big hug, and introduced us to Ricardo. Sarah and I looked at each other with the knowing look, which meant yummy. Young Julio had not arrived yet, while we waited, we all sat around the table with a soda, Polo was next to me and I could not resist stroking his cock through his short under the table, and of course, he rose to the occasion.

A car pulled up alongside the RV and a young couple got out, Polo got up to greet them, this indeed was Julio along with his girlfriend, Margarita, which was something of a surprise to us, this did not seem to fit the plan that we had been told about. Polo got into the driver's seat and off we went. We drove for about an hour until we arrived at a secluded RV site in the hills. On the way, I sat up front with Polo and asked him what the deal was now. He told me Margarita was doing the lunch for us all and I should not forget that they all share everything and he laughed.

Polo was true to his word; Margarita has arranged a marvelous lunch for us all, and was our chef and server for the next hour as we enjoyed it all. While we were eating, both Sarah and I studied Julio and Margarita. Julio was a younger version of the brothers, good looking tall, slim and muscular and with that easy relaxed style, they all had. Margarita was just beautiful with her long black hair and confident manner, wearing a short yellow mini skirt and tight black top, she reminded me of a Lambada dancer.

After lunch was completed, Sarah and I sat there with a glass of wine in our hands wondering how things were going to progress, while I was looking forward to playing with Julio; Sarah was salivating over Margarita. I could see an idea had come to Sarah and she stood up and went and put some music on the CD player, then grabbed Margarita to dance with her. Margarita jumped up and the two twirled away for a few minutes before Sarah started to complain about her shirt being tight to dance properly. All the lads of course cheered her on to take it off, which of course she did; skirt first, then the jacket leaving her standing there in a tiny G-string, with holdups and a thin camisole top, which left nothing to the imagination.

While they were dancing, Julio came over, sat with me; he did not waste any time in asking me if we could go into the bedroom and play. I grabbed his hand and led him into the bedroom; a loud cheer followed us as he shut the door.

Julio took off his T-shirt, while I went onto my knees and pulled his shorts down to be greeted by a very eager full erection virtually pointing upward. At that point, the door opened.

"I thought I had better come in and help you both. Oh my! That needs some attention, what a beauty." Sarah said smiling and staring at Julio's cock.

Just looking at this young hard cock with its tight balls had us both wet with anticipation of it inside us. Sarah guided the now naked Julio to sit on the edge of the bed, dropped her camisole down and stuck her nipples in his face, which Julio feasted on for a few minutes while I got undressed. I pushed him back on the bed, he pulled himself further up the bed, he sat up while I jumped on the bed and sat with my legs over his knees leaving his cock about six inches from my now very wet pussy. He leaned forward and played with my breasts, tweaking and rolling my nipples with his fingers until they were hard.

Sarah was sitting alongside us and while he was teasing my nipples, she leaned in between us taking his cocking in her hand and pressing it down until it was leveled with my pussy and then rubbed it up and down my slit making sure she banged my clit a few times with it. I inched forward and the first inch went inside me, I could feel just that inch pulsing, which increased as he inched forward to get deeper inside me and kissing me as he did. The poor boy was already sweating before we had even started with him. With my legs over his thrusting movement was limited to just a few inches making for a long slow fuck.

In the meantime, Sarah was kissing his neck and rubbing his back and chest, with her hand making a foray down into his crotch on occasions to tantalize him even more. After about twenty minutes, I relaxed the pressure on his legs allowing him to speed up his thrusting motion for him to get the relief he wanted, and he did, firing spurt after spurt of his cum deep inside me giving me my second orgasm at the same time as his. Julio lay back onto the pillow exhausted.

"I have never lasted that long before." He said while still panting.

"And we have not finished with you yet. Let me clean you up." Sarah said as she took his flaccid cock in her mouth.

I wrapped my dress back around me and went into the main area to get some cold drinks and a bucket of ice from the kitchen area. I was met by the incredibly erotic view of Margarita laying face down on the table, her yellow mini skirt bunched up around her waist and her yellow G-string around one ankle. Ricardo was standing behind her, just wearing a T-shirt, with his cock seesawing in and out of Margarita's ass, her grunts of approval came with every thrust. Polo just sat there enjoying the show, he winked at me as he saw me watching, I grabbed some can out of the refrigerator and a bucket of ice and returned to the bedroom feeling quite horny again. It was obvious that Julio and Margarita were not quite as innocent as we had been led to believe.

Sarah and Julio were just lying on the bed talking, I passed the cans of soda around while Sarah grabbed the ice bucket, and we both had the same idea. We were soon both rubbing the ice cubes all over his naked body, Sarah of course went straight to his cock and balls, and she needed him cool and hard. After watching Julio and I at it, she was horny and needed to be fucked. The ice appeared to be doing its job as Julio rose to the occasion once again. Sarah pushed him back and removed her G-string, which was all she has left on, got astride him, and she lowered herself down on him; she was so wet that his young cock was fully home inside her without even slowing down. After the long slow fuck with me, he wanted it unrestrained now, and he was getting it. He was thrusting up to Sarah's down stroke, her slim body was being tossed about as if she was riding a bucking bronco, and she was loving it. It was obvious this was not going to last very long at this rate, but Sarah never intended to slow the rate, the bucking and fucking seemed to go down well with her. After just five minutes, the crescendo of noise from both of them signaled the end of this orgasm. Sarah rolled off Julio, and they both lay back, seemingly exhausted.

"I need a break." Julio said, as he leapt of the bed, pulled on his shorts, and headed out to the main area.

Within two minutes of him leaving, Margarita came in to join us.

"You looked fucked." She said smiling at Sarah who was still lying naked on the bed. "How did my boy do, he is not a bad fuck is he?" She asked, and then lay next to Sarah on the bed.

I asked Margarita to tell us all about herself and Julio. She told us they had been together about two months, although she had been quite friendly with Ricardo for a lot longer. She said she was highly sexual and was game for anything, but only let the guy she was going out with fuck her pussy. Margarita looked at me and smiled saying.

"As you saw, I let the other men use another entrance. Ricardo is an excellent ass fucker, I just cannot say no to him."

I explained this to Sarah as she had not seen the event, and then said to Margarita.

"Sarah is full of Julio's cum, perhaps you want to clean her out and get it back."

"Can I?" Margarita said to Sarah.

"Come to Momma." Sarah said laughing and opening her legs.

"You're a bit over dressed." I added.

With that comment, Margarita pulled her skirt and panties off; Sarah sat up and helped her remove her black top obviously wanting to get to those young firm breasts, which she did and gave them a thorough mauling before pushing Margarita down to clean her out. With Margarita's head buried between her legs, Sarah was going through orgasm after orgasm, until they both fell back exhausted. I gave them a few minutes rest.

"My turn!" I announced as I dropped my dress, crawled up the bed from the bottom and laid in between them.

With both women sucking my nipples and stroking me all over with both hands and fingers delving inside me, culminating in a fabulous licking by Margarita, we girls all bonded in sexual satisfaction, we lay and chatted for at least twenty minutes before we decided to re-join the men. We all put on a basic covering of clothes and headed into the main area.

I joined Polo on the sofa, Sarah joined Ricardo at the table, while Julio took Margarita up to the front compartment for a chat, we all smiled, when unknown to them, we could all hear them discussing all the action so far and comparing notes. Margarita was saying she wanted more time with the women and Julio was saying he wanted her to be double fucked. Polo leaned closer to me and asked what I would like now.

"I want you to fuck me over a barrel." I said laughing

"Hold that though for a moment." He said as he went outside.

He came back in the RV with a huge grin on his face, grabbed my hand and led me outside; under the shade of some trees was a table and benches for the RV park users to sit out. Alongside was a forty-five gallon drum for use as garbage pail, Polo had turned it over, it was quite dirty, but it was perfect for what I wanted. Being a weekday there was nobody around.

"You are a clever bastard." I said as I bent over the drum, legs apart, waiting for his beautiful cock to come home.

I did not have to wait long before he pulled my dress up and laid it over my back and I could feel his cock throbbing between my legs as he moved in behind me. His hairy legs and stomach encountered my softer skin on my legs and ass, and his cock prodded my sensitive area until I reached down and guided him home.

"Slowly, slowly, slowly." I called out as Polo entered me.

I knew he preferred to just ram it home and fuck away at a fast pace, but he was a considerate lover towards me it seemed. He held my hips tightly and eventually his hands encircled me and his finger lightly teased my clit as his hardness went back and forth inside me, I closed my legs a little, to get a tighter grip of his cock as the first orgasm flowed over me. I was ready to be slammed.

"Fuck me harder and faster now." I managed to gasp out.

Polo still had his arms around me, as he started to pick up his pace, his enthusiasm got so intense he was actually lifting me of the floor by my hips. I was being fucked like a rag doll and loved every minute of it. With three final thrust he filled me with his cum and lowered my feet back to the floor, my legs went all wobbly, I was feeling so drained, I lean on the drum to get my breath back and as Polo slowly pulled out of me I could feel his cum running down my leg.

"I need a shower." I said.

"Go ahead; I will follow you in when I recover." He said laughing.

As I walked in, I saw Margarita sitting on the sofa, legs splayed wide with Sarah sitting on the floor giving Margarita a good licking, and the two lads were sitting around the table enjoying the entertainment. I jumped into the shower getting all the dirt off me from the garbage drum, my dress was filthy and was very pleased that I had thought to carry the long T-shirt that the boys had loaned me the last time I had been laid over a barrel. As I came out of the shower as Polo walked backed into the RV and said.

"What next on the agenda, Sue has pretty much drained me dry." He said.

"I think we overheard our birthday boy wanted to give Margarita a threesome, let's all retire to the bedroom and see what can arrange." I looked at Margarita, to see her nodding in agreement.

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