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The Lap Dog


It was my mother's fiftieth birthday party and I attended out of a sense of duty. Sure it was nice to catch up with my cousins, aunts, uncles and some of Mum's old friends but I had recently been divorced and really didn't feel like a 'chatty' afternoon tea.

However things changed for the better when Sandra arrived. Sandra was an old work friend of Mum's whose name I had heard mentioned a few times over the years but I had never met. Wow! Sandra was in her early forties but looked about mid thirties. What a stunner! Great body, attractive face, lovely short blonde hair and what a smile. Apparently Sandra had been living interstate for a few years but was now back in her hometown, and, like myself, divorced.

I couldn't take my eyes off her and she caught me staring at her a few times during the afternoon. I didn't get much of a chance to talk with her as I was busy handing out the drinks, and did Sandra like the odd drink or three, Kalua and cream obviously a favorite with this stunning lady.

The afternoon fortunately passed pretty quickly and it was time to go home to my lonely apartment. Then fate intervened.

"Ron, would you mind giving Sandra a lift home?" my Mum asked.

"Sure, no problem, I'd be glad to." I replied. "I'm in no rush to get home."

"Thanks Ron, I'd really appreciate it, I think I've had a bit too much to drink to risk driving." Sandra smiled at me and a tingle of excitement went through my body.

We said our good-byes and left, Sandra gave me directions to get to her home in a pretty posh part of town.

As I drove we chatted away about my Mum and the party.

I was taken by surprise and lost for words when Sandra put a hand on my thigh and said, "You couldn't take your eyes off me all afternoon could you Ron? Do you find me attractive?"

"Gosh you're very direct aren't you Sandra," I spluttered, trying in vain to think of a smart answer.

"Yes, I can be very direct when I want to be Ron, now answer my question please, do you find me attractive?"

I decided that honesty was the best policy. "Yes I do find you very attractive Sandra, you were a breath of fresh air at the party. Not only are you good looking but you've got a great personality too." There I'd said it.

"Thank you for being honest Ron," Sandra replied, her hand remaining on my thigh, "My ego has taken a bashing recently and it needed a boost. You really meant what you said didn't you?"

"Yes I did Sandra. I felt that such a direct question required a direct answer." I said as my mind raced, where was all this leading?

I was soon to find out as Sandra directed me down side streets to her apartment building.

"Like to come up for a coffee?" Sandra asked with a smile that told me she knew what my answer would be.

My answer was to leap from the car, run around to her door which I opened and assisted her out onto the pavement.

"My, a gentleman too! Come on let's get upstairs." Sandra took me by the arm for a bit of support and we walked inside to the lift. As we rode up to the penthouse suite in silence, Sandra leant on me as the alcohol made her a little unsteady on her feet. Her dress had fallen away from her breasts and as I looked down at her I could see a generous amount of cleavage.

"Enjoying the view Ron?" Sandra asked with a giggle.

"Well, the valley looks nice but I can't see as much of the hills as I'd like too." Was my smart arse reply. "You're a teaser aren't you Sandra, and you know what happens to teasers don't you? They get spanked!"

"Spanked!" Sandra sounded a bit astounded; it was my turn to shock her. "You wouldn't dare!"

As she said that the lift stopped and the door opened. I noted to myself that she had virtually dared me to spank her. This evening was looking most promising.

Sandra unlocked and showed me into the plush living room. "Take a seat Ron, I'll be right back after I freshen up a bit."

I sat on the couch wondering how the evening would proceed. It wasn't long before Sandra returned, still wearing the outfit she had worn to the party. She sat down opposite me in a striped armchair and smiled that lovely smile at me.

"Ron, do you know what a lap dog is?" she asked.

"A lap dog?" Again I was spluttering as Sandra took me by surprise.

"Yes Ron, a lap dog, do you know what a lap dog is?"

Trying to choose my words carefully I said, "Well, I believe that some lonely ladies have been known to use the tongues of small dogs for sexual pleasure. Is that right Sandra?"

Sandra leaned forward showing some more cleavage as her dress fell away from her magnificent breasts. "I believe your spot on with that answer Ron. Would you like to be my lap dog?"

As Sandra asked the question in one motion she spread her legs and lifted her dress to her waist. She had removed her panties when we arrived and was nude underneath the dress!

My eyes fixed on her lovely pussy, I replied, "Woof, woof!"

"Very good answer Ron," Sandra said with a laugh, "Come here boy!"

I grinned and fell of the couch onto my hands and knees. Panting and with my tongue hanging out I crawled quickly across the carpet stopping with my head between Sandra's slim legs.

As I looked up into her eyes she slumped back into the chair, "Eat me Ron, eat me and make me come, I need it real bad."

"My pleasure madam."

Those were the last words I was to speak for some time as Sandra pushed my head down towards her cunt. I teased her for a while licking up her thigh from her knee almost to her pussy, then withdrawing and repeating the licking on the other leg. Sandra groaned as my fingers spread her pussy lips apart and my tongue licked around the edge. I moved down to a sensitive spot on the inside of her thigh where I teased her by licking, kissing and making designs with the tip of my tongue. I came close to her pussy then floated away making Sandra anticipate what was to follow.

I licked the crease where her leg joins her pussy and then buried my head in her bush. Gently I brushed my lips over her slit, exciting her so she raised her hips to my face, demanding more. I placed my lips right over the slit kissing gently, then harder. My tongue separated her pussy lips and as I spread her legs a little wider I ran my tongue up and down the layers of pussy flesh. I tongue fucked her, pushing my tongue into and out of her cunt, teasing her as once again she raised her hips, wanting more.

My tongue rested and gently caressed Sandra's clit, her legs shuddered as she approached orgasm. As I formed my mouth into an O and gently sucked on her clit Sandra cried out, "Ohhhhhh, this is fantastic, don't stop Ron, don't stop!"

I continued to lick and suck on Sandra's clit and added to her pleasure by slipping two fingers into her cunt and slowly but surely finger fucked into another screaming orgasm. Sandra was like a bucking bronco but I held on, continuing to play with her as I removed my fingers and replaced them with my tongue. I gently rubbed the stubble on my chin over Sandra's clit giving me a chance to see her face. Perspiration was glowing on her forehead as our eyes met, her pleading look told me to 'keep going, don't stop' so I returned my tongue to her cunt bringing Sandra to another thrashing orgasm.

My jaw and tongue was now becoming a bit sore so I moved up beside Sandra talking to her, holding her, bringing her back down slowly.

As her breathing returned to something like normal Sandra opened her eyes and smiled at me. "Wow Ron, that was absolutely the best oral sex I've ever had, you were fantastic, I've never had multiple orgasms before. God, I thought I was going to have a heart attack."

When Sandra had recovered I stood and helped her to her feet. With shaking hands I held her at arms length, admiring her lovely body. God she was some sexy lady.

I decided that it was time that I took charge. "Sandra, that was very naughty of you to use me as a lap dog, I think you need to be punished."

"Punished, what do you mean punished?" Sandra had a wary look on her face. "You enjoyed your meal didn't you, I know I loved being your bowl."

"Sandra, what you need is a good spanking," I said in a mock stern voice.

"A spanking, don't you dare! I've never been spanked in my life," Sandra said in a quiet voice. She went on, "And anyway, I'm too old to be spanked."

There was that dare again! I pulled her gently but firmly to the couch. "You're never too old to be spanked Sandra and there's a first time for everything, come on now, over my knees."

I sat in the middle of the couch and pulled Sandra over my knees. She gave a little mock struggle and whimpered as she felt my hand rubbing over her bottom through her dress.

"Be gentle with me Ron, please don't hurt me too much." She squealed.

I noted Sandra's words "don't hurt me too much", so it was OK to hurt her a bit! Slowly I lifted her dress up exposing her lovely legs and arse. My left hand held her firmly in the center of her back while my right hand spread her legs apart and felt her still very damp pussy. I rubbed in circles over the white mounds of her buttocks, causing a shiver of fear, or was that anticipation, to run through Sandra's body. As I raised my hand her whole body tensed as she waited for the first smack.

"If it gets too much for you say 'Mercy' Sandra, OK?

Sandra nodded as I raised my hand and brought it down softly on the soft skin. There was no reaction from Sandra as I 'love spanked' her bottom, making sure that all the area was slowly warmed.

"It doesn't really hurt at all," Sandra said with wonder in her voice, "I expected it to sting more."

My answer was to increase the force of the smacks.

"Oh, oh shit, it does sting after all, are you going to do it much more?"

"I'm only warming you up Sandra, there's a lot more to come yet, but don't forget the code word."

Once again after I had covered all her bottom I increased the force. 'Smack, smack, smack'.

Slowly but surely Sandra's bum changed from the light pink of her sun tan to the deeper pink that my hand was bringing to the skin. Sandra was now wriggling around on my lap and verbalizing her discomfort.

"Oh, ouch, ooooh," she yelped, "Oh it's really stinging now Ron."

I resumed the spanking on Sandra's delightful arse, whacking it quite hard and watching the skin turn from pink to a soft red.

'Whack, fwap, swappp' resulted in Sandra yelping, "Oooaagh, oooh-nooooo!"

Of course her breathless protestations had no effect on me, I continued to spank harder and harder, waiting for Sandra to use the safe word. My hand was stinging and I knew that Sandra's bottom would be doing the same as it turned to a bright red.

Sandra was sobbing now as she cried out, "Mercy, Ron mercy, I can't take anymore!"

I immediately stopped and held Sandra tight as the sobbing receded and she calmed down. When I felt she was ready I helped her to her feet; she looked down at me with bright shiny eyes.

"Shit that stung Ron, but I must admit that it was a real turn on too, I've never experienced anything like that before in my life. Come on, quick, I need that cock of yours in me right now!"

Sandra grabbed my hands and pulled me to my feet. We embraced and as we kissed one of her hands grabbed me between the legs.

"Hmmmmm, looks like that spanking turned you on too Ron," Sandra cried as she squeezed tight.

"Owwww, not so hard Sandra," I spluttered as I bent down and picked her up in my arms, "Now where's your bedroom?"

Sandra directed me to her room where the four poster bed was ready with the covers pulled down. I placed her on the floor and with shaking fingers released the fasteners of her dress which fell around her ankles. God she was a beautiful woman, what a figure! Lovely breasts above a slim waist and those shapely legs which I already knew quite well! Now it was Sandra's turn and it wasn't long before until my clothes were also on the floor.

I jumped on the bed with my cock pointing at the ceiling. "Come on Sandra, climb on board, I think we'll keep your sore bum off the bed for a while. No, don't face me, I want you facing away from me to start with."

Sandra gave me a 'what are you up to now' look, then shrugged, grinned and climbed on the bed. She straddled my legs then with a sigh, lowered her very wet cunt onto my cock.

"Oh that feels so good Ron, I haven't had a fuck for far too long." Sandra sighed then slowly started to move up and down, both of us enjoying the sensations.

As Sandra moved up and down I hand spanked her still pink bottom, not too hard but hard enough to add to the sensations already flowing through her body. "Whack, whack, whack" went my hands as Sandra bounced up and down.

"Oh this is fantastic!" Sandra cried as she continued to move up and down on my cock gradually moving quicker and quicker. I was nearing orgasm but willed myself to hang on, I wanted this fuck to last as long as possible.

Finally Sandra threw back her head and screamed, "I'm cumming Ron, I'm cummmmming!" as I too came.

We collapsed back onto the bed and once again kissed deeply. Nothing was said as we held each other tight and our breathing gradually returned to normal. It was now getting late and to my surprise and delight Sandra suggested I stay the night and we could resume physical activity in the morning.

I awoke not sure of my surroundings, a bit like being in a strange hotel room. Strange sensations were coming from my groin as I became more awake and I threw back the sheets. Sandra was sucking on my cock to wake me up!

"I hope you like your wake up call," Sandra said with a grin.

"I certainly do, much better than the usual clock radio," I said, "But don't stop Sandra, keep going."

To my disappointment Sandra stopped sucking, laid down beside me gently stroking my hard on and whispering in my ear.

"You don't have to whisper Sandra, there's only you and me here."

But Sandra kept whispering, telling me what she wanted me to do with my cock.

When she had finished I looked at her and said, "I'd love to do that to you Sandra, but are you sure? It may be painful."

With a serious look on her face Sandra just nodded, it was as if speaking out loud would take away her resolve.

I got out of bed and went to the toilet, a bit difficult with a hard on but I managed. While there I collected a couple of things from the cupboard and returned to the bedroom.

Sandra was lying face down in the center of the bed on a towel with a pillow under her hips. Some silk scarves were beside her. I spread her lovely legs apart and secured them gently to the corners of the bed with two of the scarves. Then I secured her wrists; Sandra was now spread-eagled with her lovely raised arse pointing at the ceiling.

I withdrew the leather strap from my pants and placed it across her arse cheeks. A shiver of fear and anticipation shook Sandra's lovely body as I raised the belt a brought it down with a soft "whack". There was no reaction so I repeated the blow, this time a little harder. Again no reaction, so I quickly gave her five quick cuts with the belt, each one a little harder than the previous.

"Ooooowwwww! That stings," Sandra cried out, "Not too hard Ron please!"

Sandra hadn't used the safe word so I continued to strap her lovely arse which quickly turned a bright shade of pink. It wasn't long before Sandra had had enough and she yelled, "Mercy, Ron, Mercy!"

I was amazed that Sandra had taken so much and I stopped strapping her, climbing onto the bed beside that lovely pink bum. I slipped thin latex gloves onto my hands and smoothed some cooling baby oil onto her hot skin. As I massaged her pink globes Sandra was soon writhing with passion under my hands.

"Please Ron, please get on with it," she cried.

"Patience Sandra, patience. Good things come to those who wait." I replied in a soothing voice.

"Fuck the waiting and fuck the patience too, get on with it!" was Sandra's unlady-like reply.

My reply was to spread her arse cheeks apart and squirt some oil on her arse hole. With a finger I probed at her rosebud which opened to allow me access to her rectum. Gently I moved my finger in and out, ensuring that the lubricant would make an easy as possible entry for my once again rock hard cock.

Sandra moaned as I finger fucked her arse and then groaned as she sensed and felt me move into position behind her. I smoothed some oil onto my cock and placed the tip of it against her rosebud. I teased her for a short time and then pushed against the sphincter which closed tight.

"Try and relax Sandra, the more you relax the easier it will be," I said as once again I pushed down. This time the sphincter opened and I was able to gain entry. God she was tight but slowly I was able to push and ease my cock into her anal hole.

"Yahhhhh, oh it hurts Ron, it hurts," Sandra cried.

"You're very tight Sandra, do you want me to stop?" I said as I stopped pushing. It was a bit painful for me too but I was willing to continue if Sandra wanted to.

"No, no keep going Ron, I've gone this far and don't want to stop now, ohhhhhhhh God!"

So I pushed down until I was in to the hilt, then eased back feeling the tight walls holding my cock so tight. I fucked her slowly moving in and out and as I did gradually it became easier as her anus became more relaxed.

As the pain receded Sandra began to relax and enjoy sensations that she had never had before. It was easier for me now too, although still quite tight, and I loved having this lovely lady writhing underneath me.

"Ohhh it's so good, fuck my arse Ron, fuck me hard!" Sandra yelled out loud.

I did my best to comply with her wishes and kept going as long as I could, building up to the inevitable orgasm which shook both of us at the same time. I collapsed in a sweaty heap on top of her, feeling as if I'd just run a four minute mile. Sandra lay panting under me as I recovered my breath. After a few minutes I was able to untie the silk scarves and we held each other tight.

"God Ron, that was great. You made one of my fantasies come true at last." Sandra grinned and kissed me. "No one has ever wanted to fuck my arse until now. Wow it hurt like mad at first but when I relaxed it was incredible. And being tied up made it even more exciting and intense, like being a sex slave. Would you like me to be your sex slave for today Ron?"

I laughed out loud. "I would love you to be my sex slave today Sandra and I could do with some breakfast. But first let's shower and clean up a bit, OK?"

"Sounds good to me, do you like scrambled eggs on toast with coffee? I didn't plan to have company and haven't got much food in the house."

"Scrambled eggs on toast will be fine," I replied as we headed for the shower, "And after that I've got a sausage for you to chew on, and it makes it's own sauce!"

Sandra laughed as she turned on the shower; it was going to be a fun day!

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