tagGroup SexThe Last Boy Scout Ch. 04

The Last Boy Scout Ch. 04

byTx Tall Tales©


Sisters, Teacher and Best Friend. Jealous?

Sometimes, I'm a big ol' idiot. I don't use an editor often enough, but MarieWriter helped with this series, and it's considerably better for her assistance. I should have mentioned that in the first chapter, where she provided a lot of insightful advice. Of course, I'm never happy with the story and keep tweaking until the last minute. I assure you, any errors are mine, not hers.


I stood in the vestibule of my tent, holding Teri's hand, still stunned by my incredible luck, and wondering what was in store for me under the canvas.

I passed Teri a towel. "Let's get rid of most of these clothes out here, so we don't bring the storm in with us."

I stripped down to my shorts before entering the tent, while Teri took off everything but her underwear. We toweled off, and I gave her a quick hug and kiss, before opening the zipper and heading in. I had quite the surprise waiting. All three girls were naked, with Shannon lying on my sleeping bag between the sisters.

"Are we the best girlfriends ever?" Julie asked. "Look what we have for you. A beautiful naked teacher, all primed and ready to go."

I could see that Julie had her hand between Shannon's legs, and Lisa was playing with her tits.

"Alex," Shannon greeted me, slurring her words, "your girls are being so bad."

"Julie, what are you doing?" I asked her softly, kneeling down beside her.

"Getting her ready for you. You don't get us, until you do her first."

I was torn. This wasn't what I'd expected, but then again, nothing this weekend had worked out the way I'd supposed. I felt hands around my hips and looked over my shoulder to see a naked Teri pulling down my shorts. "It's Ok, Alex. Everyone can see how you two are with each other. It's just us. Nobody has to ever know."

Shannon might have been drunk, but she wasn't completely gone. "You all have to promise. Nobody can know," she said. "Promise?"

Julie leaned over and kissed her. "We promise. It's our secret. Forever."

Shannon looked at Teri. "Promise?"

Teri surprised me for the umpteenth time tonight by leaning over Shannon and kissing her softly. "I promise. I'd love to see you with him, if just this once."

Shannon turned her head to Lisa, for another, deeper kiss. "I promise too," Lisa said.

Shannon opened her legs, looking at me. I moved between them. "I'm so worked up now, I won't last 10 seconds," I warned her.

She grinned, struggling up to a seated position. "I'm going to suck you dry, then you can do me, Ok?"

I think I liked drunk Shannon.

The girls pulled me to the ground, gathering around, and then Shannon was between my legs, holding my cock in her hand, looking at it. "I've wanted this for so long, Alex. Why did you make me wait?"

"I wanted to graduate first, so we wouldn't risk your job. Next summer I was going to fuck your pretty brains out."

She gave my cock a lick. "I guess we'll just have to get started early." She looked around, "It's our secret right?"

Everyone nodded, watching while her sexy mouth lowered over my cock. She bobbed her head up and down slowly a few times, then lifted up, sucking hard, and pulled off me with an audible pop. "Is that what you wanted, you naughty boy? Sticking your hard prick in your teacher's nasty mouth?

"God, I'm so close Shannon. Suck me off, please."

It didn't take a lot of time or finesse. She smiled and took me in her mouth, moving her head up and down steadily. She watched me the whole time, only using her mouth. It wasn't a minute before I warned her of my release. "Now," I groaned, thrusting up into her mouth, and releasing my soul between those amazing lips.

I came hard, shooting over and over, each time I thought I was finished another burst shooting outward. She kept me in her mouth, letting me finish then sat back on her heels, opening her mouth for us, showing it coated from top to bottom with my cream. She crooked her fingers toward Julie and Lisa, beckoning them closer. The girls moved toward her, and she pulled Julie close, pressing her lips to her, sharing my cum. She pulled back, a sticky string stretching between their lips, turning to Lisa. Lisa went to her eagerly, and they kissed for an eternity, before Shannon pulled away. She closed her mouth, swallowing, then opened it for me, showing empty. She smiled at the sisters. "See? I can share too."

Teri was on her hands and knees, over my waist. She looked up at Lisa. "Can I get him ready for her?"

Lisa nodded. "Sure. But that's all for now, Ok?"

Teri didn't answer. She started working on my cock, licking and kissing it. I watched as Shannon moved over next to Julie, putting her arm around my girlfriend's waist. "Aren't you even a little jealous?" she asked.

Julie grinned. "Nope. He could have had her. Could have had any one of them. He chose me. Me." She turned and pressed her lips to Shannon's, kissing her deeply. "I'm never going to let him regret that choice."

I was already hard in Teri's generous mouth, but I wasn't about to stop her. It was too fun watching my friend of so many years enjoy herself.

Lisa noticed. "I think he's ready," she observed.

Shannon leaned over and ran her hand down Teri's bare back, all the way to her sweet little ass. "Let her play a bit. I think he'll last a while now." She turned to me. "You're going to last for me, aren't you Alex?"

"I swear, this thing isn't going down until dawn. Not with you guys here."

We gave Teri a couple more minutes. It was nice, filling her mouth, watching her play, sucking, licking, kissing. In a way it was good she didn't know what she was doing, I was hard, but I wasn't really getting worked up. I'm sure Shannon would have had me on my third erection by now.

Shannon lay down beside me, sighing sweetly. "Whenever you want me lover, I'm here for you."

I reached down and lifted Teri's face off my cock. "Thanks beautiful. That was nice."

She pouted. "Nice? I was going for incredible."

I laughed. "Maybe if you're good, the girls will allow you some more practice. I'm sure you can be incredible."

I got up and moved between Shannon's legs, pausing to listen to the rain and the murmur of the last of the evening's revelers. I lifted her legs, pulling them back toward her head. Julie and Lisa were kneeling on each side of her, watching. I looked at them, "Hold these, will you?"

The girls took Shannon's legs, tilting them back. "Gently," Shannon warned, "I'm not as flexible as you young things."

She was wide open for me, a pretty little field of red hair above her open pussy. I lay down between her legs, lowering my mouth to her moist lips.

"Oh, God, Alex," she moaned. "Eat me."

I did my best, putting all I'd learned one special weekend at the beach into play. She was moaning from the beginning, and it didn't take me too long to get her to come for me.

She was a moaner, pretty quiet otherwise. When she came, the moans rose in pitch, quieting afterward. She was consistent about that, as I made her come on my tongue twice. The third time, when her moans had nearly reached the perfect pitch, I rose up and thrust my aching cock into her, to the hilt, pushing her immediately over the edge, and making her come hard on my cock. Lisa leaned over me, caressing my side, her hand wandering down to my ass, squeezing my butt cheek.

"Did you like eating her out?" she asked, while I drove my cock in and out of our teacher with a nice leisurely pace, enjoying myself.

"I loved it. Making her come like that."

She kissed my shoulder. "You'll do that for us, right?"

I chuckled. "Until you beg me to stop."

"Mmm. That might take a while. There are two of us, you know."

"Lisa, I'm dying to taste your sweet little pussy."

"Let her legs go," I told my accomplices in the ravishing of our teacher.

They did, and Shannon stretched her legs out, then wrapped them around me. I leaned over her, bringing my face down to hers. "I could do this forever," I told her softly, kissing her briefly.

She grinned. "That wouldn't be fair to our friends. Half of forever will do."

I was feeling strong, in no hurry to finish. And I wanted to play.

I pulled out of her, rolling her over, and lifting her hips high. She rose up on her hands, looking back at me. "Like this, lover?"

"Exactly like this," I told her, sliding back inside her warmth.

Julie shuffled over on her knees, looking down at where I was sliding in and out of our teacher. "God that looks sexy," she said, reaching between us, her fingers bracketing where my cock was entering Shannon.

"Kiss me?" I asked.

She grinned and brought her lips to mine, kissing me warmly, our tongues playing, while I fucked Shannon. Lisa moved in on my other side, tapping her sister. "Share?"

Julie pulled back, grinning. "Always, with you sissy."

I turned and kissed Lisa, for a long, long time almost missing it when Shannon's moans started rising. I pulled back from Lisa, grabbed Shannon's hips and hammered her. She came for me sweetly, gasping, and dropping her head to the ground, that sweet pussy of hers still held high for me.

I looked around for Teri, who was laying on her side, watching us, her hand between her legs. I blew her a kiss, and she grabbed it out of the air, and placed it between her legs, moaning loudly, then winking at me. God, this was a part of her I'd never have imagined.

Shannon sighed, pulling away from me. "Let me watch you with them, Alex. Please." She rolled onto her side, looking devastating.

I looked back and forth between Lisa and Julie. "Shall we?"

Lisa nodded. "Lie down."

I did, stretching out, eager to start. Lisa turned to her sister. "You go first."

"Are you sure?" Julie asked, straddling me.

Lisa nodded. "I want to feel his tongue."

She straddled my head, lowering herself. I held her by the hips, adjusting her, until I had room to work. I was right. She did have a sweet pussy. I felt Julie lower herself onto my cock, her tightness driving me crazy.

I spent several minutes under the two of them, before they traded places. Same blonde peach-fuzz, same narrow inner lips, same hard little clit. I couldn't tell one from the other, not by look or taste. Lisa rode my cock a little harder, and was easier to drive into. Funny that my cock could recognize the difference.

I was starting to feel that change in urgency, when they switched back again. They didn't talk, one minute they'd be straddling me, then they'd be switching. The brief switch helped reduce my need.

They were playing with me, switching more often, only a couple of minutes each time. I was losing track, even my cock was getting confused. I felt the sister on my face starting to squirm against my tongue, and I worked hard to try to get her off before the next switch. I wasn't successful, but I was getting to both of them finally. The next pussy was in the same state of eagerness, trembling against my tongue.

After the next switch, I pulled her hips down and sucked hard around her clit, pressing forward with my tongue. I was rewarded with two hands gripping my hair and pushing back, while she shuddered her release.

The girl at my waist was fucking me hard, and I thrust up against her, groaning, gasping for air. The pussy over my face drew away, but the one down below kept working. I looked down and saw Julie, eyes closed, forehead wrinkled in concentration, while she rode me.

I reached for her, pulling her down to my chest. Her eyes burst open staring at me. I lifted her hips up and jackhammered that tight little pussy, until she squealed for me coming so very sweetly.

Lisa lay down beside me, watching. "Fuck her hard, Alex. Pound that poor tight little pussy to pieces."

I was straining from the exertion, but I kept pounding into her, listening to her sweet little moans and gasps. I recalled the night before when she'd gone multi-orgasmic on me. "Come on my cock, Julie. Come for me."

She cried out, shuddering, gasping, then cried out again, "Fuck," she groaned.

Lisa whispered, "Not inside her, she's not on the pill yet."

I moaned, pounding her with long strokes, feeling that small sexy body tense up, before trembling with ecstasy.

"I'm going to cum," I gasped to Lisa.

Lisa moved down and indelicately pushed her sister off me, taking my cock in her mouth. I held her head, thrusting into her hot mouth for a few more strokes before erupting. She swallowed gamely, sucking me dry, before pulling away.

"Lisa!" Julie whined, "Where's my share?"

Lisa grinned. "Next one's yours, Ok?"

That seemed to console her. "Alright, but don't forget."

I looked over to the side and saw Shannon was sleeping. "I guess we were too boring for her."

Teri giggled. "Are you kidding? That was better than porn. You guys fucked the shit out of him."

Lisa grinned, grabbing my cock and shaking it. "You want to get him ready for us?"

"Can I?"

"Please, have fun."

Teri was looking for some fun of her own. She straddled me in 69, peeking back over her shoulder at me. "Do you mind?" she asked.

"I'd love to taste you, Bestie."

It was wonderful. We just played with each other, licking, tasting and sucking. Lisa peeked over Teri's ass. "Hey Alex, you got anything to drink in here? I'm really thirsty."

I took a break from licking Teri. "Sorry. Nothing."

She pouted. "Where can we get something?"

"I'll get us some water," I told her. "Teri, can we take a little break?"

Teri rose up, grinning. "No hurry. As long as we can play later."

Lisa gave her a hug. "All the oral you want. I promise. Just no sex, right Alex?"

"That's it. She stays a virgin," I confirmed.

Teri sat up, hand stroking my cock. "Works for me. You guys are the best."

Julie piped up. "That's the plan. Best girlfriends ever. He'll never be able to leave us. Who else would be willing to share with someone like you or Miss Shannon?"

I threw on shorts, and headed into the night. I had my coffee pot with me, planning to fill it with water. The camp had completely died down, and things were pretty quiet. I noticed that some of the sleeping bags were intimately close, but I kept my distance, not wanting to interfere with budding romance.

I walked through the second shelter, where we'd spent such an interesting evening, finding it empty. I figured that Max may have convinced Wendy to join him in his tent after all.

The third shelter held the picnic tables, and the foodstuff that had been moved from the last shelter before the storm. The huge water cooler was there, as I'd hoped, and it only took me a few moments to fill my pot.

I had an urge to check all the tarps, just in case, and to work on the fires, but I forced that urge down. Enough Boy Scout for the evening. I had more serious business ahead of me. Two sisters that I was going to do my damnedest to wear out, before they broke me.

Back in the tent, I was welcomed with a naked parade of firm teenage flesh. We filled up a mug and passed it around, twice, to slake our thirst. "It was that damned tequila," Lisa said.

The girls had opened up one of the extra sleeping bags, and covering our sleeping teacher with it. I went to check on her. She was sleeping soundly, and I couldn't resist leaning over and giving her a little kiss goodnight.

Julie showed up next to me. "If you want we can wake her up."

"Let her sleep. You and your sister are more than enough for me."

She giggled. "Let's just play a while. Get to know each other, a little like last night."

Her idea was for us to relax in the dark, kissing, hugging, touching, fondling, all that good stuff. She even thought Teri should play along.

We killed the flashlight, and played. There was no attempt to hide who was who, the dark just made everything a little more intense. I spent a good amount of my time playing with the 4 Samuelson tits, which I doubted I'd ever get enough of. Every time I moved to a new one, I seemed to earn a chuckle. "You really do like our tits, don't you?" Lisa asked as I moved from one tasty nipple to the other.

"They are perfect. The best in the school. Best I've ever seen."

"Ellen's are a lot bigger," Julie said, offering me hers.

I teased her nipple hard. "Bigger isn't better beyond a certain point. Your bodies are both so amazing, soft, curvy, firm, smooth, it's almost beyond belief."

"What about Teri?" Lisa asked. "What do you like about her?"

"I love her tits, on her. They fit her. And she has the most incredible ass and legs. I love to watch her walk away from me."

I got a squeeze from beside me. "You really like my ass? It's not too big?"

"Are you kidding? It's maddening how sweet your ass and legs are. When I used to beat off to thoughts of you every night, I was almost always thinking of that perfect butt."

"You masturbated thinking of me?" she asked.

"Non-stop from 7th to 10th grade. I've come for you thousands of times."

She sighed, reaching down and squeezing my cock. "Damn, Alex. You have to stop telling me things like that. My pussy is flooding and the urge to cram that huge cock of yours into my virgin pussy is driving me crazy."

Julie must have been behind her, at least that's where her voice came from. "So fuck him already. You both want to. It's your stupid rules keeping you apart. I'll give you a free pass."

I turned toward her, feeling Lisa cuddle up behind me. I leaned down and kissed my longtime friend. "We can wait 'til you're ready. There is no rush, Teri. We can have lots of fun, without making you go that far."

I reached down for her breast, and found Julie latched on to it. The girl was a never ending supply of surprises.

Teri moaned slightly. "I just want it to be special."

Lisa giggled. "More special than this? None of us are ever going to forget this weekend. Ever. Julie, was it special for you?"

"Oh my God! To have you here with me, and my fantasy man doing it, in the dark with everyone touching me, unbelievable. My dream boyfriend took my cherry, and I got to share it with you." She sighed. "It was so incredible. Later, when Miss Shannon and I shared him, just the two of us, and he gave me my first sex orgasm, and then later, a dozen more, I could have died and gone to heaven. Shannon was so sweet, helping me get that first one, and telling me it was Ok that it was uncomfortable at first, that he was big, it wasn't just me. I could just eat her up."

Julie had let the cat out of the bag. "You screwed Miss Shannon last night?" Teri asked.

"It surprised the hell out of me. I was freezing to death when I got back from fixing up the camp for everyone. Only Lisa and Julie were up. Lisa, you drifted off, while Julie tried to warm me up, lying on top of me. Shannon woke up and cuddled in next to me to help warm me up. She was topless. So I held her and we talked about the camp."

Julie giggled. "He was freezing. Teeth chattering, body trembling, the whole works. His normally great big cock was a little tiny cold Vienna sausage hiding from me. Then he kissed her and I swear he grew to full size in less time than I can say it. He really liked kissing her."

I laughed. "I did. I like kissing her. But then wild thing thought it would be a good idea to put my cock to more intimate use, right there in front of Shannon."

Julie chuckled. "She called me 'Heaven'. I only got to do him for a few minutes before he asked me to switch places with her. I couldn't believe he was going to do her right there, with me watching."

"Pretty good, huh?" Lisa asked. "Nailing the teacher."

"Hell, I've wanted her since I brought her home the first time. We almost did it once, a long time ago, but stopped. I knew I wouldn't be able to handle seeing her in school every day and not give it away. We've been flirting ever since. Every once in a while I'll steal a little kiss, but not like last night."

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