The Last Days of Summer


Julia couldn't help but blush, knowing she had wandered into surfer territory when she should have known better. She had been coming to this beach every year for as long as she could remember and as his last words washed over her, her blush deepened as she gazed up at him hovering so close that she felt her breath catch. He really had gorgeous green eyes ... surely there was a girl around here that kept him company on beautiful evenings such as this? But she managed a smile as she retorted quietly, "And what about the laws regarding sexy surfers being out alone on the beach at night?" as the sun slipped past the horizon and the sky began to fill with bright, twinkling stars.

Zak's hair-free chest rose and fell with another laugh that he swallowed back down. Casual and relaxed about everything in life, his detached-from-your-reality air just seeped out from every movement but in particular the easy way that his hand trailed down from her hair and his fingertips brushed against the threadlike strap holding her bikini top in place. "Not alone ... you're here now."

One green eye twinkled out of existence as he winked at her and the grin slide to just one side of his face and he turned so that he was three-quarters facing her. His left hand came up from around his side and he licked his thumb before dragging it through the last of the dried blood around her cut. That hand didn't stay still or draw back from her but instead did the most natural feeling thing in the world right now - it slipped into her hair and pulled her mouth slowly towards his.

The smile that touched Julia's lips also moved into the gaze that followed his every movement, feeling her whole body stiffen as she watched him lick his thumb and then felt his hand on her before it moved into her hair and at the slightest suggestion, she found her back arching somewhat as her mouth lifted to his. Her left hand moved to slide to the back of his neck as their lips met and hers parted naturally beneath his. Her blue eyes meshed with his green ones momentarily before she lost herself in the kiss, lashes fluttering for just a moment as their kiss deepened and then they opened once more as if she couldn't get enough of looking into his face.

In much the same way that waves melded back into the surf, Zak's mouth melded onto hers and his chest rose and fell with the first sensation. The soft pull of her hand told him she wasn't going to be backing away any time soon and his tongue followed that invite into her mouth. Craning towards her, he rolled his legs around underneath him so that he could face her and tip his head to one side, crossing her face to make the kiss flow. His eyes fell shut silently and he felt his right hand start to rub and toy on her shoulder, teasing at the cord holding her top in place. The strong fingers of his left hand gripped at her hair and held her fast to him as he became aware that the surf wasn't the only thing rising rapidly as the sun fell.

Julia shifted so that she was more beneath him as their kiss deepened, and her fingers toyed with the cord that held his long hair back, wanting to feel it slip through her fingers. As she felt his hand rub and flex along her shoulder, fingering the ties that kept her top in place, her own fingers nimbly released the band in his hair which allowed it to fall freely around them like a curtain. She slid her fingers into it, feeling it drift over her palms like a sensual caress as her tongue slowly moved along his as if engaged in an intricate dance.

Shaking his head lightly to flick the hair away from his face, Zak managed to do so without breaking the kiss. Part of him was telling him that this was crazy; he'd just saved her from drowning and now he was craning over her like this. It just felt ... wrong, but at the same time he couldn't deny the physical attraction at its most basic level. She was a goddess; there was no other word for her really. Her body was sculpted to perfection and she knew it too. As his hand wound its way up into her hair, he caressed the back of her head lightly as his tongue continued to play with hers. As intense as it was, there was something drawn back and playful about the kiss, as if it were an extreme form of flirtation on a most intimate level. When he finally opened his eyes again, he was staring straight into hers and he had to force himself to gulp down and swallow to relieve the strain from his mind at the realization that he was so hard right now the neoprene was painfully tight.

As their tongues dueled, Julia's fingers wound into his long hair, relishing the feel of it against her skin; that way that she could hold on to him as he leaned over her. She longed to feel him full length against her despite the crazy notion that she didn't even know this guy's name, only that there was something basic and very erotic about being with him, this way, on the beach beneath the twinkle of the night stars and the rush of the ocean as it lapped against the sands that stretched out beneath them. As their eyes locked, she realized that her whole body was longing for him in a way that she hadn't felt with anyone else in a long time and her hands drifted from his hair along his shoulders, memorizing the path down his body before one lifted back up to gently brush his hair back from his face.

Zak's right hand slyly slid its way down the strap until his hand was curled around the outside of her breast. Rubbing there gently in time with the movements of their tongues, he eventually moved the hand around until it was holding the front of her flesh and he could feel her nipple pushing up against his palm. The day had been an eventful one, with surfing, barbeques, beer, music and the parasailing stunt, but nothing compared to this moment right now. He could feel the still of the air around them as if their meeting had paused the world for a moment, not wanting to interrupt their introduction to each other. As he continued to explore her mouth, her hair, and her chest, he kept pressing his body forward, leaning until his hair and hers brushed over each other, hiding one side of their faces. Then, without so much as a nod, he drew his right hand across her boob and pushed the material of the small bikini top out of the way, letting him expose her to the air and the feel of his gentle hand.

The lapping sounds of the ocean melted into a soft erotic love song that swept into Julia beneath the twinkling lights of the stars. They seemed like eyes of the gods that looked down upon the mating they had had a hand in creating, putting these two mortal souls in the same place at the same time with just enough touch of drama to put them in the confines of each other's arms. As their hair intertwined in an erotic weaving upon the sands, melding into one display of soft languid strands, so did their bodies ... tongues meshing before the intricate dance of their flesh that was to follow. A soft gasp of delight rushed from her lips into his mouth as her breast was exposed to the night air and his touch, her own hand traveling down the muscled plane of his backside.

Cupped inside her reach, Zak returned the gesture by taking the weight of her full breast under his hand as his forefinger and thumb began to rub her nipple between them. Cautiously teasing the erect point even further, he brushed the underside with his other fingers. As his mind began to swim on the heady reality of this, he bobbed and floated inside with the same casual ease afforded him on a surfboard. That was how natural to him it was all feeling right now; much as he and the lamented board were one and the same, right now he and this woman were one being. Each beat of their hearts seemed to be the drummer on some Roman galley, urging them to move faster and harder towards their destination. Pulling his mouth free from hers, he began to kiss wantonly along her jaw, tipping her head back to facilitate his access before his mouth found its way to the side of her neck and started to vacuum on the delicate skin there.

A soft gasp lifted to his ear as an incessant pull on Julia's hair tilted her head back, giving him access to the delicate line of her bared neck. Long lashes fluttered closed as her fingers splayed across the breadth of his back, seeming to urge him closer as her legs shifted to tangle with his; lost in all thoughts but those that he was strumming to life within her with the movement of his fingers and the brush of his mouth against her flesh. The fire that burned within her beneath his touch seemed to lick along her flesh much like that of the fire just beyond where they lay that devoured the dried wood that served as its fuel.

Zak's breath was heating her skin now; kissing and sucking its way around her quivering flesh with a lazy desire to arouse her further. The hand on her breast was matching this pace, now rubbing and squeezing gently at the tissue of her chest. Arching forwards and pressing her back to the towel, he pivoted so that her body turned so as not to lose its skin touch on him. Finding the nape her neck, he began to alternate the kisses with fragile nips from his teeth, each action geared towards inflaming her passion even further. Whilst his left hand distracted the back of her head and kept it safe from the ground, he slithered around so that he was between her legs now, looming over her and then lowering down on top of her form so that she was sequestered beneath him.

Julia's lips hungrily feasted on his as she felt him shift and move above her and then press his hard body against hers full length. Her hands moved from his muscled back to the curve of his hips, her fingers lightly tracing the edge of where his trunks hung to the shifting muscles of his hips that she could feel working above her as he settled into place. A moan of delight erupted into the warmth of his mouth as their tongues continued to interweave in an erotic dance between lovers. She could feel her breast swelling beneath his palm as he expertly worked her nipple between his shifting fingers.

Penned by the reflection of the moon casting its ghostly white luminescence over surf, anyone who chanced upon this scene would have assumed the couple was acquainted intimately prior to this; so natural and in tune were their movements. Inside, however, each of them was merely carefully controlling the straining valve on a pressure cooker of emotion.

Zak's right hand, somewhat reluctantly gave up its hold on her perfect swell and traveled around behind her, deft fingers adept at skimming wax across a board in perfect arcs making very hasty work of the easy bow that tied her top behind her and with one more quick motion, the material was merely hanging where it had once held firm. Sliding his hand under the material properly now, he began to shape and mold her chest to the shape of his curled hand much the same way as his tongue was molding hers. A bitten down whimper caught in his throat as he felt her hand brushing over the straining member tautly held inside the damp wetsuit and he wished that she would just free him of that resistance too.

As she felt his hand loosen her top, freeing her breasts to his touch, Julia's fingers slid back up his back, trying to feel her way in the dark around a wetsuit that she really was unfamiliar with but finding a zipper, clasped onto it with her fingers as her lips clamped around his lower one, drawing it deep into her mouth as she dragged the opening to his wetsuit open, giving her the opportunity to curl her fingers into it and began to slowly but deliberately work it off his chiseled form, exposing his flesh to the night air and her hungered touch.

As the back of her hand brushed against his shaven pubic region, Zak gasped and then moaned without a pause between the two. Slowly running his hand up over her mounds, he twisted slightly above her and gave her a better angle down onto him, considerate to place himself so she could work on his erection without too much pressure. Freed from the sticky rubberized material slightly, he pressed against her and hooked his right foot around her left ankle before moving them both outwards slightly, opening her legs so that his body could lower between them. Distracted by the feel of her fingers on his skin, he moved down her body once more leaving behind a trail of soft kisses as he traveled down from her neck, over and around the bikini top that he made a note to get rid of in a moment until his mouth was able to kiss down the swell of her right breast, moving between them and then over onto the left one which he chose to gift with the feel of his lips sucking down on her nipple as his tongue tickled over the tip of it.

Julia arched upwards into the warmth of his mouth as it claimed her breast, a sharp gasp of both relief and desire as his lips claimed an aching bud. Her fingers tugged more of the rubberized suit downwards so that she could feel the heat of his body against her, unable to pull the rest of it down unless she broke their embrace, unwilling to do so just yet as one hand slid possessively back up his spine. Pressing him more into her as the other slid around between them, inching its way down his muscled groin, a soft moan was released to feel that he was as clean shaven and smooth as she was.

Spurred further by the feel of her attempts to rid him of his shorts, Zak nipped at her taut nipple and let it go again. Moving across her form once more, he repeated the action before his right hand came up once more and started to tug the scant top off over her head, breaking their kiss only for the half-second the material needed to clear their mouths before retaking it with a new found heat, as if that minuscule parting had been a year long absence from a treasured lover. As he discarded her top once and for all off to the side of them, both of his toned arms slithered around her body and lifted her upwards slightly towards him allowing him to feel the crush of her chest against his. Shifting slightly once more so as not to constrict the hand searching down over his groin, he realized what she was trying, and failing, to do. He obliged her by returning her carefully to the towel and dropping his hand down to his hips to push the tight fitting second skin downwards past his buttocks. As the cool night air breathed across his rear, he could feel his erection against her skin.

It was happening quickly but in the same moment, like a movie played in slow motion so that they could savor every moment together beneath the night sky and to the tune of the ocean's song. Julia wanted to cling to him and relish the feel of her soft breasts crushed to his hard chest but when she felt his erection finally brush against her thighs and covered crotch, it was worth the momentary separation of their bodies. With a soft moan of approval, she reached for him once more, needing to feel his length pressed against her, hungry to feed from his mouth again as she felt her body begin to throb with a relentless need beneath him. Hooking one leg over his, her foot helped to rid him completely of the second skin until he was able to kick free completely of the garment.

Gyrating again to aid her tugging foot's attempt to remove the rubber from his hips, Zak shoved his right hand into the waist band of it and they worked together until his knees bent and shifted and he wormed his way out of the shorts. Now naked atop her, she could see the full extent of how seriously he took his body - not one ounce of fat dared insult his condition and not one blemish was brave enough to mar his perfect skin. Nudging her mouth upwards with his own, he showed his approval of her form by transferring his kiss to her bottom lip. Allowing his mouth to slide along her lower lip in a contortion of how their bodies were entwining and rubbing against each other, his hands slipped down to her hips and tugged at the loose knot on each side that held her barely-enough-to-allow-modesty bikini bottoms in place; at least, held them in place until he had disengaged the knots and slipped his hand down her stomach towards the front of them and then drew them slowly free, dragging the crotch of the material over her damp slit slowly before discarding them.

The illuminating light of the moon and the many stars that burned brightly above them allowed Julia's gaze to travel down his form as well as she could trapped beneath him but even if she had been blind, she could have felt the beauty of his form beneath her hands and pressed so intimately against hers. His was hard and demanding ... hers soft and inviting as they meshed together as one. Her hands took on a volition of their own, memorizing the planes of his sculpted form as he suckled her lower lip, a tremble of anticipation snaking through her as she felt him tug the remaining garments of her suit from her body and a delicious sigh of approval slipped past her lips as her body arched up against his, her leg sliding up his until it hooked over the curve of his hip.

The words would have been "I want you" but the flash of light across Zak's eyes said that and so much more. Some parts of his mind wondered if her mouth would feel as good around his cock as it did fastened to his lips but the majority of his mind was now preoccupied with getting his length inside this gorgeous creature and showing her that stars didn't only twinkle in the sky. Her action of locking her leg around him opened her thighs and her wet slit, almost inviting him inwards. Never one to miss an opportunity, his right hand returned up to the back of her head, fingers slipping through her hair with the same dexterity that his left hand slowly guided his erection towards the pouting lips of her vagina. He rubbed the circumcised head of his cock against her wetness and teased her with it before thrusting forwards in one motion, wanting to take her by surprise as his erection buried itself inside her as snuggly as his body had been held by the neoprene wetsuit. Pushing forward and rolling his hips up slightly, he kept arching forward until he was buried completely inside her.

As he suddenly plunged into her wet depths, Julia's body arched beneath him, impaling her hungered cunt on his length even as her nails plunged into the taut flesh that stretched across his back. Her hips ground into his to ensure that he was completely within her as her walls clamped down around him and squeezed. Her head pressed back into the softness of the sand beneath the towel as her mouth fell open slightly at the intensity of their union, a low moan of approval released in a sudden burst of air before the very breath was sucked from her as he filled her, pressing against the soft cushy wall of her cervix.

As Julia felt him begin to move within her, her eyes widened over the edge of his shoulder as she arched reflexively beneath him. It struck her both as romantic and oddly out of character that she would find herself lost in the arms of a man she didn't even know but she could feel both her body and heart responding to him. Momentarily lost in this moment with him as the sun's last rays faded from the night sky, the sound of crashing waves and the crackle of the fire beyond were lost in the moans that were beginning to lift from her lips.

Zak found himself looking down at her with an intensity he usually only discovered riled up inside him when he hit the crest of a spiked out wave. Pushing as deep inside her as he could, the feel of the sand rasping across his scrotum, he gripped her body with his hands and held her in place. Moments like these - raw and exhilarating - were what he lived for and this was no exception. Her beauty was outdone only by her sensuality; as he locked eyes with her and she became his only focus he started to rock backwards and forwards into her, steadily letting her feel the full length of him inside her before teasingly drawing it back until it was nearly out before crashing it back into her depths once more.

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