tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Last Fifteen Minutes

The Last Fifteen Minutes


11:30 am

If anyone had ever asked me, what I would do if I only had fifteen minutes left to live, what would I do, I would have said spent those precious fifteen minutes with my husband and kids. But my husband and kids were miles away. A whole ocean away in fact.

Instead of being at home in my husband's arms with our children gathered around us, I was in the sitting room of a hotel suite in England, getting ready to do an interview with one of my favorite screen actors, Sean Connery. The publishing company that I had worked with for the last several years had started a publicity program with several of their authors. It was a rather novel idea, I had thought at the time. What better hook than have the author meet up with his or her inspiration and have a one on one interview?

While I had been kept waiting for the last several minutes while Mr Connery was freshening up, I still felt the warm tingle of anticipation in the pit of my stomach. Ever since I had been a little girl and my daddy had first introduced me to the famous Scotsman via the James Bond movies, I had had a crush on the man. He was the super-hero of my dreams. At least at the tender age of eight he was. As I had grown from a young girl to a teen and then into a woman, my fascination with him had grown.

In fact many times, I had referred to the star as the one man I would love to sleep with if I ever had the chance. He simply was like fine wine, he just got better with age. But then again, I always had a thing for older men. My husband was several years older than I, in fact.

11:35 am

I sighed nervously as the slender woman that was his assistant told me he would only be a few more minutes and asked if I would like some tea and crumpets. I nodded and took the delicate china cup from her. I inhaled the fragrant scent of Earl Grey tea. My favorite. Another perk that had come along with this trip. No one knows how to make a better cup of Earl Grey tea than the English.

As I took a sip of the warm brew, I could hear Sean's voice and his assistant as they spoke in the other room. It wasn't clear what they were saying but I shivered, knowing that soon I would be hearing his famous Scottish-usually mistaken for English-accent. Truth be known, I wasn't sure how I was going to make it through the interview with out creaming my lace panties. Nothing got to me faster than a sexy voice. And Mr. Connery had one of the sexiest voices I had ever heard.

11:40 am

"I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting," Sean said as he walked into the sitting room. I smiled and rose to my feet. As he approached me, he held out his hand in customary greeting. I smiled and went to shake his hand as custom but was surprised when he lifted it and brushed his lips across the back of it. Not an unacceptable greeting just a surprising one. I couldn't remember the last time that a man had greeted me in such a fashion. "Not a problem, Mr. Connery. I know you are a busy man." I replied as I waited for him to sit.

"Sometimes more so than others. Please sit," he encouraged waiting for me to take a seat.

"Of course," I said as my fair skin flushed. I had the unfortunate luck of having the typical red's complexion. I settled myself back in the high back chair and reached for my teacup. I noticed that my hand was trembling slightly. Damn nerves!

"I see Gretchen has kindly offered you tea and crumpets. I think I will join you. It has been a rather hectic morning." I watched as he poured himself a cup of tea and took one of the crumpets off the tray. "Would you like another?"

"No thank you. Thank you for taking the time to see me, Mr. Connery. I'm not sure exactly what you know about me..."

"Relax, dear." he smiled at me reassuringly. "I don't bite. And I know who you are. My wife has read several of your books. She talked me into doing this interview. She wanted to be here but unfortunately had a prior engagement."

"Well, tell your wife I said thank you." I took a quick sip of my tea.

"Of course. I don't read much erotica but she devours it. This thing that your publishing company has come up with is quite inventive. I was quite surprised when my agent contacted me about their offer. Flattered in fact."

"And why is that? I'm sure that you are use to women finding you attractive."

"Well, yes. Back in my younger days. But lets face it, my dear, I am no George Clooney. I was expecting you to be a bit older."

"I'm older than you think, Mr. Connery." I laughed. I had been blessed with a baby face that made me appear at least ten years younger than I actually was.

"Sean, please. Now, what do you say, we get on with this interview." He smiled rakishly as he set his cup back down.

"Of course." I said as I, too, set my cup down.

11:44 am

"I guess I only have a few more questions to ask," I said as I fidgeted with my notebook.

Just then Gretchen ran into the suite.

"Sean, you need to turn on the news!" she cried.

"Gretchen, calm down." He reached over and flipped on the set on. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The newsman was going on about a missile that had been just launched. It seemed that it's target was London. There was mass panic in the streets.

"We're all going to die!" she wailed before she darted out of the room.

"Well, this is an unexpected event." Sean said after the anchorman stated that it would more than likely detonate within the next fifteen minutes. Definitely not enough time to get to safety.

I stared at the TV in disbelief. There was going to be no escape. This was going to be the last fifteen minutes of my life. I briefly thought of my kids and husband back at home. I reached for my cell phone and flipped it open. I quickly dialed my home phone only to get a busy signal before it went directly to the voice mail.

"Hi, hon. It's just me. I wanted to tell you that I love you and the kids." I said before the phone went dead in my ear. I prayed that the message went through.

Sean stared at me thoughtfully for a moment before turning the television off. He stood up and offered me his hand. He pulled me gently to my feet.

"I hope I'm not out of line here, dear, but instead of spending our last fifteen minutes worrying about what is happening to our loved ones, why don't we enjoy what little time we have left."

I stared at him in disbelief. Was he suggesting what I thought he was?

"Have I shocked you, dear?" he asked with a smile.

"A bit."

"I would think as an erotic writer you would always be in the mood."

I laughed.

"If you only knew. Dealing with three kids everyday kinda' kills the mood. But only when the little darlings go to bed..."

"I can only imagine."

I stilled as he reached up and pulled the chopsticks out of my hair. Out of habit, I reached up and ran my fingers through my hair, messaging my scalp.

"Such beautiful hair. Your husband must love it." He toyed with a piece of it, still waiting for me to say yea or nay.

I nodded as I watched desire appear in his eyes. The thought that he might actually find me attractive was like a potent shot of whisky.

"My wife has long hair also. Not quite as long or as curly as yours." I drew a quick breath as he stepped closer to me. His rugged masculine smell overwhelmed me.

11:47 am

I stared up at him as he slowly lowered his head towards mine. I closed my eyes when I felt the first brush of his lips against mine. A chill raced down my spine followed closely by pleasure. I couldn't believe this was actually happening. I moaned softly as he pressed me against him. Before he raised his head, I knew I had made my decision. I was going to make love with him. If I only had fifteen minutes left to live, I was going to live them to the fullest.

"Have you decided?" he asked his Scottish accent more pronounced.

"Yes, if you are certain."

"My dear child, I wouldn't have asked if I weren't." He gently guided me into his bedroom. He left me standing by the bed as he opened the curtains. I gasped in pleasure as the heat of the sunshine touched my face.

"You know, I normally have to keep these curtains closed when I am in town. The damn media would normally be shoving cameras up my ass if I left them open. But with everything going on, the media has bigger fish to fry than an over the hill actor." He looked over at the clock and sighed.

11:48 am

"We haven't much time, my dear. I wish I could give you the romance and seduction that you deserve." He reached for the buttons on the front of his shirt.

With boldness, I didn't know I possessed, I walked over to him and brushed his hands away.

"Let me. I can undress you just as fast. I have lots of practice." I giggled as I quickly unfastened his dress shirt and left it to hang open. "Shoes," I prompted as I knelt in front of him. He lifted one foot and then the other as I slipped them off.

When I stood back up I noticed that he had taken his shirt completely off. I stared hungrily at his bare skin. I couldn't wait to touch it.

"I'm starting to feel a bit overdressed here," he chuckled as he reached for the tiny buttons on the front of my cream sweater. A small sigh escaped me as I watched his rugged hands tugged on the buttons until they opened for him. When he finally released the last button, he slid his hands to my shoulders and gently pushed it off. "Dear God in heaven!"

I felt my face flush in embarrassment. Instinctively I lifted my arms to cover myself.

"No, don't. You're beautiful," he growled as he lifted his hand gently cupped the side of my breast. "You've been hiding your light under the bushel as you Americans say, my dear. Why would you hide this?"

"Ah, I..." I felt my face flush more. Sean looked up from my chest to my red face.

"Shh, forget I asked, dear. How does this thing come off?" he asked referring to my camisole that had it's own built in bra. I would never have been able to wear one without it.

I smiled and reached down and grabbed the hem of it and slowly raised it, knowing that he was watching every move. I paused when I reached the underside of my breasts.

"I'm sorry there is no elegant way to do this," I explained softly as curled my fingers under the under wire support of the bra. With a quick jerk, I bent over and freed my breasts and pulled the camisole the rest of the way off. Dropping it to the floor, I slowly straightened with one arm crossed over my breasts covering the small nipple rings that I've had for years. I wasn't sure what he would think. For some men the thought was a complete turn on, and for others it was the exact opposite.

"May I?" he asked hoarsely as he lifted his hand to brush across the swell of my breasts over my arm.

"Of course," I said with a sharp intake. Whereever his fingers touched my skin was tingling. I held my breath as I slowly dropped my arm away and let my breasts fall into his waiting hands.

"I know it's ungentlemanly to ask..."

"38 DD. More than an handful for most," I gasped as he tugged on one nipple ring.


"Heaven's no," I whispered as he tugged on the other.

"They're very pretty," he replied and pushed me onto the bed. I laughed softly when I bounced. My laughter died when I saw him step out of his slacks. Instinctively I reached down to unbutton my slacks. As I slipped by fingers into the waistband, he brushed my hands away and tugged. I lifted my hips to help him. As he pulled my slacks down, I wiggled to help. By the time, he pulled them off my feet along with my sandals, I could already feel the dampness soak my panties.

11:50 am

I moaned as I felt him settle between my legs. I laid my hands on his warm shoulders as he bent to suck on my nipples. Arching my back, I pressed up against him as he switched breasts. Evidently the rings did not deter him, I thought. When he sucked my other nipple deep into his mouth, I cried out and lightly scratched his shoulders.

"Ah, I see the little author has claws," he growled as he took both of my hands and pinned them above my head.

"Sorry," I whispered as he came up over me.

"Don't be," he said before rubbing his chest against my sensitive breasts.

"Ohh," I groaned as my womb tightened in response.

"Such a sensitive little thing," I heard him say against my neck before, he lightly bit and nibbled on it. "Please," I begged as I felt the familiar tingle of impending release. I was one of those fortunate women that came at the drop of a hat, if you knew the right buttons to push. And from my neck, down my back to my waist was nothing but one huge erogenous area. Just a gentle kiss, a teasing lick or trailing fingers could send me right out of my skin with desire. He had pushed all the right buttons!

When he slipped his hand between us and cupped my wet pussy, he lifted his head in surprise.

"Already?" he asked surprise evident in his face.

"Yeah, what can I say?" I felt another flush flood my cheeks. If I didn't stop blushing, the man was going to think I had a permanent sun burn.

"Well, I say lets get on with it." He smiled down at me before reaching down to tug off my panties.

11:52 am

I nearly came out of my skin when he flipped me over onto my stomach after jerking my panties off.

"You don't mind?" he growled in my ear as he arranged me under him. I shook my head no as he lifted me up onto my hands and knees. I felt him trace the small dragon tracks that traversed across the small of my back. I could almost hear the unspoken question.

"My kids. It represents each of my kids." I gasped as he slid his hand down to cup my ass with one hand.

"You have quite the ass," he groaned as he slowly shoved two fingers in my wet pussy, to see I was ready for him. I moaned as he started slowly thrusting in and out of my folds. Then he pulled his fingers free.

"No..." I protested only to moan loudly as he slowly joined our bodies.

"Damn you're tight," he said hoarsely as he started to move against my ass.

"Please!" I begged as I felt my release approaching.

"What," he growled directly into my ear.

"Fuck me harder!" I cried, not caring if I offended him or not. All I knew was I needed it harder and deeper. In this position he felt huge!

"Shhh, I don't want to hurt you. Pleasure not pain."

"I don't care!" I cried as I pushed back against him. To my shock I realized that he hadn't even entered me completely. "More," I pleaded.

"Damn..." he groaned as his hands tightened on my waist before he pulled back and slammed into me, sinking into the hilt.

"YES! GOD DAMN IT!" I screamed as my orgasm over took me.

"Son of a bitch," I heard him growl as he held me tightly against him, my inner muscles clenching him tightly.

I knelt there, trembling as I tried to catch my breath.

"Are you okay?" he asked his accent making me clench even more tightly around him.

"Yeah." I whispered as I glanced over my shoulder at him. His eyes still glittered with desire and I could feel him still buried deep inside of me.

"Ready for more?"

"Oh yeah," I purred as I pressed back against him. I thought I had know passion before, but nothing I had ever imagined or felt before could have prepared me for the ride that I was getting ready to take.

A shocked scream worked it's way past my lips when he wrapped his hands around my aching breasts and pulled me up to rest against his chest. He sank even deeper.

"Shhh," he whispered into my ear before he slowly started moving against me. "Relax for me, dear." He released one of my breasts to slide his hand down my stomach. I held my breath as he slipped his finger between my folds and finding my hard clit.

Now, I would have been fine, if he hadn't chosen the same moment to gently bite my shoulder.

"FUCK!" I cried as I flew over the edge again and squirmed wildly against him.

"Damn," he said as I calmed back down.

11:55 am

I held my breath as he turned us slightly.

"Open your eyes, sweetheart. I want you to see us. I want to remember what you and I look like together."

I opened my eyes and saw the mirror on the dresser. In it's reflection, I could see both of us kneeling on the bed in the warm sunshine. As a writer I would have loved to captured this moment in words. But the thought quickly flew out of my head as I saw then felt him begin to thrust determinedly against me.

"Faster," I demanded as I lifted my arms and reached behind me to wrap them around his neck.

"Fuck!" he said tersely as he gripped me by the waist and shoved me up and down on him. I could feel him bottoming out as he picked up speed. I could feel the beginning of another orgasm stirring in my belly.

"Ohhh!" I wailed as he pinched one nipple.

"Are you close?" he asked as he gritted his teeth. "Yes." I panted as met his upward thrusts.

"I want you to come with me," he pleaded before he pushed me forward. Grabbing my hands, he pulled my arms back as his hips slapped against my ass.

"Oh, YES. MAKE ME CUM!" I cried as the peak loamed closer. The bed was squeaking loudly as he continued to batter against me. Then I flew over the edge and pleasure slammed into me, this time stronger than the previous two orgasms. Behind me, I heard him roar as he flooded my burning pussy with hot seed. I turned my head and saw us locked together in ecstasy. My eyes locked with his just before we slumped over as we both came down.


I gazed over at the clock on the bedside table as I laid next to him and felt him toy with a strand of my hair.

"You know I never would have dreamed this would have happened."

"Do you regret it?" he asked.

I rolled over and looked up at him. I smiled softly and shook my head.

"It was wonderful. Thank you." I said as I rested my head on his damp chest.

"You know, I lied to you earlier." His voice rumbled under my ear.

"Really? About what?" I whispered.

"Not reading erotica. I was surfing the net one afternoon and happened to come across a website that one of your stories was on. I read it and was surprised. I never knew that Mr and Mrs. Claus could be so naughty," he chuckled.

"Oh! You found one of my really old stories. I wrote that one for a Christmas contest."

"Did you win?"

"No, didn't get it done in time," I laughed. "So your wife didn't..."

"Oh, no, she has read your stories. I bought her a book of your earlier works as an anniversary present. And let me say, the author is better than stories."

I felt my face flush with both embarrassment and pride. I closed my eyes and relished the closeness before I let myself drift off to sleep. I was happy, and well loved, even if it was in the most unconventional way. The world could end with my blessing.

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