tagNonHumanThe Last of the White Tigers Ch. 06

The Last of the White Tigers Ch. 06


I am again looking for an editor as my last one did not reply to me in over two weeks so this might have alot of errors but I am sick and tired of waiting. As I can tell most of you are as well. Chapter 7 is almost finished and I will repost this one when I get it edited


Kayleagha untangles herself from Susan's arms and gets up. Roger and Lupina help Grason up as well. They all head into the house.

Kayleagha exhausted and sore goes up stairs to the bathroom. She runs herself a bath and climbs in. Laying back and relaxes in the water as the heat pulls the soreness from her muscles. She goes over the events of the day. She found out that her biological father was alive and Lupina brought him here to teach her. She almost killed him in there first encounter.

Reluctantly she gets out of the tube and dries off, heading back to her room to change. Before heading downstairs for the first meal she will have with her father.

Taking her seat, Grason sitting across from her. Susan has prepared some steaks and potato salad. Everyone starts eating, Kay watching Grason with hooded eyes. There is so much she wants to know about him and her mother. Things that he could only tell her about.

"So, um Dad. What was Mom like?"

"She was so much like you Kayleagha, headstrong and beautiful. I am glad that you got my eyes or you would look just like her."

Kayleagha blushes and continues eating before she turns to him again. "Tell me more about her please."

"When I first met her I almost lost it, I had been dreaming about her for months. We were so much in love, but being part of the Master Alpha's pack made it hard for us. We had to keep moving from place to place. When the reigning Alpha of the area would find us it was me they were after not your mother. I lost her completely when she was pregnant with you. They had found us again and I told her to run. I never found her again."

"Luna showed me that. She was crying when she left. The last words she said were 'I love you Grason'"

"Thank you Kay that means so much to me."

"You are welcome Dad. Now how are we going to do this? Do you think I am ready to face him?"

"You are inventive; I will give you that Kay. I think you could face him but I don't know how you are going to take to having him dominate you like I know for certain he will want to."

"What do you mean Dad?"

"Well how do I put it Kayleagha he will see you first and foremost as his mate and will want to claim you the minute he meets you. That in it's self is not such a bad thing but being the Master Alpha it will be even worse he will want to dominate you in everyway."

"I am not willing to accept that Dad. I don't want to be dominated by him I want him to meet me as an equal."

Lupina lifts her head and smiles. "There is a way."


"Kayleagha you will need to challenge him for the right of succession."

"Now that I have to see."

"Why do you say that Dad?"

"My twenty one year old daughter challenging the Master Alpha for the right to take his place. You will have to be strong enough to pin him and make him submit to you."

"I may not be strong enough but I know I am fast enough to do it."

"Yes you are fast enough Kayleagha and I know that in you is the strength to do it but would you want to take his place and rule the Were's?"

"I don't know if I would want to lead."

"Oh Kay you would make a great Master Alpha. You are smart and with your natural link to Luna it would be the perfect way to get rid of the laws that they have that ended your kind." Lupina chimed in.

"That is true my darling daughter. No one could question your motives about that."

"The only problem you face is that the challenge must be done in your Were form. All the Alpha's would have to be present for the challenge. That means that they would all have to see you in your white tiger form. If you lose they would most likely want to kill you instantly."

"I think in there is the kicker. In killing you even if you lose they will be killing there Master Alpha as well."

"What do you mean by that Daddy?" Kayleagha said to Roger.

"Well Kay if you accept him and go to him even thou you have challenged him, you have still accepted him as your mate. That binds you to him in life as well as death. The Alpha's may not remember that fact but it is true. Luna's word is final and there is nothing that they can do to stop that fact."

"How do you know that Roger?"

"Some things were taught to us when we took the task of protecting Kayleagha. The first was that we needed to keep her away from Weres when she started to get in her teens. Cause if she lost her temper they might smell the Were on her. The second was that once you had had your mating dream and found him that only death could separate you. If you died then so would he if you had not fully mated. The rules become less strict once you are mated."

"That is a little strange. Why would Luna make it so?"

"You would have to ask her that?"

Kayleagha tilts her head thinking a little. "I think it has something to do with her relationship with Luner. She left him once she had mated with him once."

"You might be right Kayleagha."

"Well we are going to have to hurry this up since he knows my first name now and since it is so different it won't be hard to figure out who I am. Just so you know I could not keep that from him anymore, he wanted to know so I told him. Well I know his name already."

"That is fine Kay, you are just following your need. Lupina I suggest you phone home so as not to have him come looking for you. We need to prepare. I want us out of here before the week is out. If we want the element of surprise we better get our asses in gear."

Kay stood up and looked around at everyone present. "Don't you think I should do this by my self, I don't want everyone else to be pulled down with me if I fail."

"No chance Kay dear I finally found my daughter there is no chance I am letting you face this alone. If anything bad happens I will be fighting along side you like I should have done with your mother."

"I can't wait to see my brother's reaction to you Kay. There is nothing that will keep me away from that. With me and your father acting as your Bata's then the Alpha's will have to respect your Alpha standing."

"But I am not an Aplha, I don't have a pride."

"Yes you will Kayleagha. I can see all of the pack and pride less Were's following you in no time."

"Where would my pack/pride land be?"

Roger looks at Kay and clears his throat. "Here this land is controled by a human council but they are losing land each year as the packs and prides push on the edges taking more. Tomorrow we will go see the council and see what they think. I am sure that they will happily give over the lands to you to rule because of what you are."

"Daddy how big of a land group are we talking about?"

"Well the land runs from Spokane Washington to Minneapolis Minnesota. Then from Denvor Colorado to Thompson Landing North west Territories Canada."

"Daddy that would be the largest pack/pride land ever known by the Were's."

"Yes I know Kay but you could handle it."

Everyone goes back to eating as Kayleagha conciders what was said.

Once finished Grason goes off and starts making phone calls on his cell phone, Roger does the same.

Kayleagha helps Susan, Bec and Lupina as they clean up after there meal.

Both men returned into the kitchen at the same time.

"Kay sweetheart the human council will meet with you at eleven o'clock tomorrow morning."

"Ok Daddy."

"Well that works well for us as well cause the first group of packless Were's will be here at nine o'clock am tomorrow to meet with you Kayleagha."

"This is all happening so fast."

"I know it is Kay but if you don't deal with this now then you will have trouble dealing with it later."

"I think I will just go to bed now, there is so much happening tomorrow."

"Ok good night Kay sleep well."

Kayleagha heads up stairs and after changing into her sleepwear she climbs into bed. Soon she is in an exhausted sleep.


Kayleagha lifts her head from the forest floor and watchs his wolf walk toward her. She is completely naked laying there on her stomach. He scents the air as he gets closer.

Kayleagha parts her thighs and watchs him. The scent of her hitting him hard.

Donavon growls softly as drops his head moving close to her. Once beside her he licks at her left thigh toward her ass cheek.

Kayleagha shivers and moans softly.

The sound of her moan spurs him on. Licking at her as his tongue sliding a little further down to the juction of her thighs. Her thighs part more as she shivers.

Donavon shifts between her thighs and continues licking.

Kayleagha raises up on her hands and knees giving him better access. Parting her legs even more.

Donavon pulls back his muzzle and he takes in the beautiful look of her pussy. Shaved clean the brown cresent moon birthmark standing out bolding on her left pussy lip.


Kayleagha screams as she jumps out of bed completely alert. Sitting back down on the bed shaking she puts her head in her hands. The door opens quietly behind her and the bed sinks in a little when Grason comes, then sits beside her wrapping his arms around her.

"Was it something he did?"

"Oh Dad he got to see my birth mark"

"So where is your cresent moon located Kayleagha my darling daughter?"

She blushs and whispers "On my left pussy lip."

"Interesting your mother's was on the underside of her right breast. After I mated with her I had one as well."

"Where is yours Dad?"

Grason tilts his head and pulls back his left ear, shifting his hair out of the way for her to take a look. "It showed up right here."

Kay looks at the cresent birthmark reachs out and traces it with her fingertip. "It is different then mine, it faces the wrong way."

"I think that is the way Luna set it up one way shows the female and the other shows the male."

Kayleagha shifts closer to Grason. "Dad I am scared to go to sleep, I know that I love him already but with all that is going on I feel that I might say or do something that will give away what we are doing. I want to meet him on my own terms not the way he will want to meet me."

"I wont leave you Kay, if that is what you want?"

"Yes Dad that is what I want."

Grason moves up on the bed and lays down Kayleagha lays down beside him. Then quickly falls into a dreamless sleep.

'Luna I hope that you know what you are doing? The way it is going she is going to half crazed by the time they meet.'

Kayleagha wakes up a few hours later and looks at her Father sleeping beside her. 'He went through so much without mom.' She slips out of the bed and goes to have a shower. The sun is not even up yet.

After she is dressed in shorts and a tank top she slips back into her room and grabs her mp3 player. Heads outside and starts running, trying to act like she normally did. She runs to the clearing and listening to the soft music playing from her player on the lowest volume setting she starts going through her workout. Gymastics moves flow into ballet, to marshal arts.

Lost in her music, she moves fluidly from one move to another. Not even noticing the audiance that is forming around her. Her body arcs in half as she does a back flip, her claws gripping into the ground. When she lands on her feet she finally looks around her. Seeing a group of unknown faces she roars out and drops into a defensive crouch.

Grason suddenly appears at the edge of the clearing his hair still soaking wet, dressed only in his loss fitting jeans. "You were not suppost to be here till nine Patrick. It is only just after 6 am."

"Sorry Grason I did not think that being early was such a bad thing. Never expected to see such a striking creature thou."

"I would not be talking about her like that Patrick, that after all is my daughter."

"Since when do you have a daughter?"

"I told you that I had been mated over twenty years ago, and lost my mate before our child was born. Well we had a daughter, I just was introduced to her yesterday when she almost killed me."

"Such strength, I would not expect that in a female."

Kayleagha roars out in fustration. Reachs out and rips her earbubs from her ears. Her body arcs just slightly then she pounces, dropping the one known as Patrick onto his back. She leans in close and scents him. Then arcs, in half as she does a back flip off of him. "You came here to meet me not bullshit with my Father."

"OH you are testy."

"Only when someone sneaks up on me."

"Like you never noticed we were getting close?"

"NO, I did not notice. I am still getting the hang of being Were."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I only found out I was Were five days ago, on my twenty first birthday."

"What did you think you were before that?"

"Why human of course. Luna took great measures to hide the fact that I was Were."

"Strange Luna does not get involved in Were's lives not since the Rogue wars."

Kayleagha looks over at her Father and giggles. "She does with my kind."

"So why the fuck would she care so much for your kind anyway, you are just a Were?"

"Should I show him Dad?"

"It will be the only way that any of them will believe it Kay."

Kayleagha undoes the button of her shorts and shimmies out of them, then pulls her tank over her head. Stands before them naked for a few minutes before her body shimmers and the loud popping of her bones shifting can be heard. Her snow white and black fur sprots over her body as she drops down to all fours. She shakes her head when her shift is complete. Now before them is the largest tiger they had ever seen. The fact that she is white causes jaws to drop throughout the group.

'So everyone get the point?'

"But that is not possible they are all dead?"

"As you can see right before you Patrick that is not true. This is my daughter Kayleagha, the last white tiger."

Kay throws her head back and lets out deafening Roar. Every Were present falls down to there knees completely in shock.

Grason looks at his daughter with pride. 'You wondered if you were an Alpha, this proves what me and Lupina thought.'

'Yes is does Dad.'

"Madam Alpha, how can me and mine serve you?"

Kay shifts back to her human form, a young woman hardly sixteen years of age presents her clothing back to her. "Thank you..."

"Taliana Madam Alpha."

"Thank you Taliana."

Kay dresses quickly. "Now Patrick introduce me to the rest of your group."

"Yes Madam Alpha. The young woman is Taliana as she has told you, she is a wolf. Outcast after she was raped by five tigers in LA, seven months ago."

"That is not right, were the ones responceable at least punished?"

"No Madam Alpha, it was determained that they were not responseable for there actions seeing as Taliana was coming into her first heat."

"Those fucken rules need to be changed."

"There is not much that can be done about that. The Master Alpha is the only one who can change the rules."

"Well they will be, I am going to be challanging my mate the present Master Alpha for the right of succession."

Everyone but Grason gasps.

"How is it that you think you are the mate of the Master Alpha?"

"I don't think I am his mate I know it."

"But how?"

"Luna has decread it."

"Wow, she really is deeply intrenched in seeing that you have everything."

"I think it might be a blessing and a curse."

"Well to continue." Patrick motions for the rest to line up beside him. "This young man is Tanon and the woman beside him is Kara, they are both Wolves. The only mated pair in our little group. They came to us when they mated, they were outcast because Tanon was a Bata who mated to the daughter of the lowest Omaga in there pack. There Alpha at that time forbid there mating, so they outcast themselves to be together."

"I don't really understand the class system of the Were's as I see it everyone is basicly equal. As long as they do something for my pride then they are welcome."

"Next this is Tristan, he is our lone Bear. He just showed up thirty five years ago, does not talk much but he protect all those in our family."

Kay looks at her Father as she moves forward and stands right in front of Tristan. Looking into Tristan's eyes she sees great pain there. "So you watched your mate taken by another?"

"How did you know?"

"I don't know I can just feel it. We will get her back for you."

"Thank you Madam Alpha."

"This is Catrina she is a Fox. She was born an outcast."

"It is nice to see an Amazonian Fox again. I am glad that my own ancestors didn't kill you all off."

Patrick looks shocked over at Catrina. "You are a rare Were?"

"Yes during the Rogue wars some of the children were hiddened in places were they could live on."

"My kind did not distroy any Were line fully, we made so many arrangements to keep them safe."

"For that there are many Were races that are greatful. Keeping hidden from the council was easy actually we just stayed in the human areas."

"Now the last of our little family are the triplets. Mara, Trina, and Carin, they are all Tigers. There mother was outcast when she was pregant cause she refused to let them know who had mated with her. Sadly she passed shortly after the girls were born. They will be turning 13 in about 6 weeks."

"I know what it is like to lose a mother girls. Thankfully I was adopted by a wonderful human family and now I have finally met my real father."

All three girls speak at the exact same time "It is nice to meet you Madam Alpha."

"So Pat what do you think of my daughter?"

"She seems like a wonderful girl Grason."

Grason just smiles.

"So Dad let me see now I have a pride, but no pride land as of yet. Daddy how much longer till that meeting with the human council?"

Roger, Susan, Bec and Lupina walk into the clearing at that moment. "It is still another couple of hours before you have to meet with them sweetie."

"Where are we meeting them?"

"There are coming to the Eureka, we are suppost to meet them at the community hall there."

"How long will it take us to get to the community hall from here?"

"It should take about an hour and a half to get there, I think?"

"So who will all be going with us?"

"I was thinking that you should have Grason, Lupina and just me with you sweetie."

"Ok so lets get something to eat before we head out. Daddy can I drive?"

"I know you are a really good driver Kay but I want to get there without having a heartattack. You tend to drive really fast when you are excited."

Grason starts laughing, "Guess she takes after her mother more then even I knew about."

"Can we get going already?"

"Yes sweetie, everyone in the car. Susan love looks like we are going to need to feed everyone tonight."

"I guess we are Rogar dear. You guys drive safe."

All that were going got into the car and they headed out.


The hour and a half long trip to Eureka was uneventful. Once they got into town and started there slow process to the community hall Kayleagha started to shift in the back seat getting restless.

"What is up with you Kay do you have to pee or something?"

"No, I am just getting nervous is all."

"Why they are just humans you handled your meeting with the Were's better then this."

"Yeah right they shocked the shit out of me by showing up the way they did. I was ready to rip them to pieces."

They pulled up to the community hall, the parking lot was full of cars. Finally they found a spot and everyone filed out of the car.

Kayleagha looks around at all the cars and gets even more nervous. "I did not think there would be this many people."

"Calm down Kayleagha, they are not going to judge you in anyway. We are just here to give them an option."

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