tagLoving WivesThe Last Story Ch. 02

The Last Story Ch. 02


I put this in the "loving wives" section because the simple truth is, I wouldn't be here if I didn't have one!

My wife is a Doctor, a GP actually. I work as a Massage Therapist, and teach the subject at a local college, well, I did up until about 8 months or so ago.

That was the day I got some bad news. My Doc told me he found some spots on my lungs, he gave me "6 months, Maybe a year"...

He wanted to try some treatments but I didn't like the sound of any of it so I just went home.

I did all the things that one can do. I quit all the bad habits, hell, I ate (and eat) raw Broccolli. No Coffee, in fact I don't even like Coffee anymore.

These things are not a cure, but some say they give one time. it is all we can ever hope for, my fate is the same as everyone's. I just was lucky enough to get notice of it.

Now my wife Lee is one of those types that will never ever give up, she quit her job and went full time searching. It seemed like every day I had one more pill added to the stack, I just resigned myself to that and took them.

I got to the point where I would listen to what she came up with, but really, sometimes I would have preferred to be left alone.

Finally one day I felt things failing, it wasn't a gradual thing, it was all of a sudden. It started after a particularly bad coughing fit, and from then on I found it hard to take a full breath. Lee had already made arrangements for that, so now I had a little bottle of Oxygen to carry around, one more irritation. My hair turned white as snow over a period of less that 30 days, and that pissed me off!

I got out the men's stuff for hair, I don't even know the name of it but Lee walked in the door and started laughing, so I washed it all out. But first I grabbed her and pushed her face down on the couch, hiked up the back of the skirt she was wearing at the time...Yep, no panties, so I punished her nicely for laughing at me! She was on her knees, both hands between her legs holding me as I pounded away at her. There is a huge mirror on our wall right across from where we were, we both looked up at the same time. That was quite a sight, Lee's bare behind sticking up in the air, some strange guy with jet black hair throwing a chunk of meat into her, we both started laughing like maniacs. Then we stripped and lay facing each other, just slowly stroking and cuddling, one of those fine times.

I would have rather the damn hair just fell out, I sure as hell didn't want to look stupid during my last days.

A few days later Lee handed me plane tickets! I looked, they said "Boston"...Oh, just great, I get to go to Boston, like all my life I have dreamed of that...Jesus!

But she told me what the scenario was, I looked over the situation, why not..?

It really wasn't like I had a lot to lose...

So in less than 48 hours I found myself sitting in a waiting room at a Doctor's office in Boston. I checked out the receptionist, just a year or so before I would have given her my card, she looked like the type I like to get my hands on...But I didn't this time.

I was ushered into a room in short order, and joined by a young doctor in just minutes. He introduced himself as "Dr. Haajarii". East Indian, I guess, it was hard to be sure. He looked at some charts, poked me a bit, then he started asking questions.

The questions went on for more than an hour actually, closer to 2 hours. Finally, I mentioned that I was taking up a lot of his time, and I was sure he had other patients to attend to.

Dr. Haajarii smiled and said, "You came 2500 miles to see me, you are my only patient today"...

I thought about that for a few seconds, then I simply hit him with, "Are you going to save my life?"..

He looked at me with that same smile, and told me, "I can't do that, you will die! The only thing we can do is help with when!"

I suppose I got a little flip then when I told him, "Well, when?"..

"That is up to you" he answered, simply.

He explained the procedure, it seems that not being able to breathe would get me first, so all he was going to do was help me with that. Actually, all rather easy, just a laser treatment, some of the growths that were making it hard for me to get a breath would be burned out. I thought about not having to carry that damn Oxygen bottle, it sure was worth a shot!

Recovery was 5 to 8 days, I would be home before labor day. I would go back in 3 months, and do it again.

I asked him the only question I really had, "How long?"

He surprised me by saying he had terminal patients still alive after 4 years! "4 years!" I thought. At this point, that would be like another lifetime!

I was just contemplating what I could do with 4 extra years when in walked this nurse!

Now all of us at one time or another have seen a woman that for some reason hits us as spectacular!

This nurse was spectacular, no doubt. The uniform did little hide the slim frame, breasts just the right size and high, her waist small, flaring out into hips that also seemed perfect. I looked her up and down as she spoke to the doctor, then smiled at me and melted me right into the chair I was sitting on!

Dr. Hajarrii noticed, probably because I was drooling, because he asked, "Are you still sexually active?"

I answered, "Yes, with my wife", still eyeing the nurse, who seemed to be smiling even larger!

"How often?" he said.

"3 to 4 times a week, sometimes more", I told him.

"Wonderful!" he said. "That is a great sign!"

"It is?"

"Oh, yes, most with your condition are inactive and impotent, you will do fine!" Then he sent me back to the waiting room. I told Lee what the Doctor had said. Lee had a funny look on her face and started to ask me, "What caused...." just as the nurse came out. "Oh, I see!" she said, with a laugh.."Yea, just dang...!" I laughed back..

I was lucky enough to get the same nurse to prep me for the treatments, I will happily admit I had a boner the whole dang time! Lord that woman was hot, I found out her name was Miranda, she was 38, she liked bowling and car racing and fishing and all the things I like.

I thought later that maybe that was all just part of her job, to put me at ease, but if so she was good at it! I was sitting on the edge of the bed with nothing on but one of those silly gowns. Miranda used some kind of inhaler on me to open up my lungs, and as she did so, she pressed one breast against my shoulder and let her arm brush across my erection.

Our eyes met, and held for quite a long time. She said, "You sure don't look very sick to me!"

My instincts were to get her on my table and get my hands on her fanny, because once I do that, women are mine, nearly every time!

But I was there for the medical, just damn...

Then I was wheeled into a room, and sometime later I woke with Lee's smiling face looking down at me.

I tried to say, "Hi, Babe!" but nothing came out. I tried again, still nothing, Lee put her hand on my chest to quiet me, and told me to not try and talk, I wouldn't be able to for a few hours.

I lay back, nothing else to do but look at her. Here was my wife, sitting there in a light blouse, I could just make out the tips of her nipples through the outfit and it was giving me a hardon.

She realized very quickly, and put her hand over me through the blankets, saying, "Wait until I get you home!" Just then Dr. Hajjarri came in, he just smiled when he saw what Lee was doing. Then he and Lee spent a long time looking at MRI's of every inch of my body, head to toes. I finally dozed off, bored.

Just 5 days later we were on the plane home, made it by labor day, just like the Doctor said.

Somewhere over Utah, I guess, hard to tell, I looked at Lee with a silly grin and said, "Meet me in the restroom!"

She looked at me in surprise, then simply got up and headed up front. I looked around the cabin, very few were awake.

I waited a few minutes, and as I got there and tapped on the door, the Stewardess looked at me with a funny smile..

Lee opened the door, and I went in, glancing back at the stewardess who now had a huge silly grin on her face. I gave her a wink, she gave me one back, and I shut the door.

We came out about 20 minutes later, I looked around the cabin again. There were a few who knew, no one said a word. By the way, try that sometime, it ain't easy, there isn't a hell of a lot of room in there!

About 10 minutes later, the same stewardess brought us a blanket, and with a grin said, "Here, you may need this!"

As I write this, I have been home for 10 days. I am no longer coughing up blood, and I am breathing normally. Hell I am thinking of getting the boat out and going fishing, maybe Lee and I will make a run to Reno, who knows?

I even started up my ads again, and I have 3 massage sessions booked for next week, two regulars and one brand new lady. Maybe there will be a story in the new one, the two regulars I kinda doubt since one is 70 and the other is my cousin.

Dr. Hajjarii told me that I will die, when is up to me. Well, I ain't in any hurry, and I still want to hit that 100 stories.

I do apologize that this story isn't exactly erotic, but as much as I would have loved to seduce that nurse..(I ain't done there yet, I get to go back) things like that are hard to do in that situation..

Besides, I now am a full-fledged member of the mile high club!

And what the hell, that nurse gives me a goal, I think she liked my white hair......

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