tagRomanceThe Last True Fan Ch. 04

The Last True Fan Ch. 04

byNigel Debonnaire©

Dan Harris sat on the couch of his idol as she fetched him a beer from the refrigerator. He shudder and trembled: this kind of conversation wasn't going to be the kind he usually had. It was going to be open and personal and all the things men usually don't talk about. Brenda Keans opened it and brought it over, sitting down next to him, her body snuggling up against his and her head on his shoulder. "What kin Ah tell ya?" he began.

"Where did you come from?"

"Holden, Missouri. Dad was a farmer, Mom was a housewife. Just th' three of us, Mom had problems so I was th' only. They's in their 40's when I was born."

"So you grew up on a farm?"

"Yeah. Lotsa work, day ta day, but we was happy. Always had good food ta eat."

"How was school?"

"I was pretty shy, since I din't know anybody 'sides Mom 'n Dad. One room school till I went ta High School in town. Rode th' bus."

"Did you have any interests in High School?"

"Mechanics. Dad always fixed stuff on the farm, and taught me the basics. Took shop in High School. Worked in town ata garage till they died, then signed up for th' Air Force."

"Anything like drama, music, sports?"

"Nope. No time. Had to git right home after school for chores. The animals din't take a day off."

"You're trembling, Dan. You're so sweet. Please relax, honey. I'm not going to bite, you're safe with me. And if you're wondering, the answer's yes, so don't worry about where this is leading." She kissed his neck and stroked his chest. "Did you have any girlfriends in High School?" He shook his head. "How about when you were in the Air Force?"

"I went out a few times, usually with Alan and his buddies. Din't do much, jest made out, nothin' much. Jest one girlfren', an' I married her."

"What about your wife? What was her name?"

"Martha. Met her in California. Dated a little, figured we's gettin' too old ta wait, got hitched."

"How old were you?"

"40. She's 38."

"Gosh, that's about average now."

"Oh, really?"

"How soon did the baby come along?"

"About 9 months after we got hitched."

"Did you like being a Father?" He tried to speak, failed, tried again, then sat speechless, a tear creeping out of his eye. She laid her hand on his cheek, and they spent several moments in silence. "I guess I don't have to go farther there," she whispered. "What about your divorce?"

"Happened when I got transferred, coupla years later. Martha said she din't wanna move. Made me take little Danny, said she wanted ta git a fresh start wit somebody else, said a lil' boy would git in her way."

"What happened to her?"

"Car crash two years later. She always drove like a bat out of hell. Like she never happened now, don't feel nothin'. 'Specially since lil' Danny's gone."

Brenda sat quietly for a few moments and let him drink some beer, taking a small sip from her own bottle. "Any other women?"

"Naw, not really. Alan tried ta throw me a leftover sometimes, but I wasn't innersted."

"Do you still find women attractive?"

"Oh yeah." His hand grasped her shoulder gently, and he looked down her halter top. She smiled up at him, savoring his lust peeking out from behind his fear, wanting to encourage more. Her hand touched his, and she settled into him for a moment.

Brenda leaned forward to give him a hard kiss on the lips. She moved and sat on his lap, embracing him and stroking his back. Wiggling her butt, she encouraged a bulge in his jeans to grow and grow.

Breaking the kiss, Dan looked at her with a puzzled expression. "I thought you weren't intrested in, in, in men."

She kissed him again for several seconds, and said: "You got that wrong."

"Huh? You mean you dated guys?"

"Dan darling, one thing you need to learn is a lot of people don't vote a straight party ticket, and some of us think variety is the spice of life." He initiated a kiss, and she responded eagerly. They necked like teenagers on the couch, their arms around each other. Their mouths opened, and soon their tongues were darting back and forth before entwining.

After 20 minutes, they came up for air and looked at each other. Dan took a deep breath, and looked away, out the window at the foliage. "I, I, I never dreamed this. . ."

"Me neither," Brenda whispered, stroking his chest. "I thought part of me was dead, never to rise again."

"Yeah, what you said."

"What would you like to do next, Dan?"


"Do you want to make out some more? Go a little farther? Take off our clothes?"

He looked down, and she tried to follow his eyes. "I, I, I don't know what comes next," he whispered.

Shaking her head, she lifted his up to meet her eyes. "What do you mean, Dan? You've made love to a woman before."

"Well, Brenda, I grew up in a diff'rent time. There was back seats, an' we'd kiss and snuggle, but that was a far as most of us got. Only felt up titties through clothes. When I was married, we'd go right to the, the, the main event if I was ready. Never saw my wife nekkid, never saw anybody I ever dated nekkid."

"You've seen women naked, you've seen me naked at the pond."

Blushing, he turned away. "I watched movies, saw what folks's doin', watched a few stag films when I was in the Air Force. Alan's got a bunch. He took me to a coupla strip clubs, but that's not real. But I never knew what a lady. . .liked. An' I though. . .what you like might be diff'rent."

She threw her arms around him and squeezed hard. "You want to learn how to please me? What a wonderful man. Of course I'll teach you what I like." Letting him go, she gave him another deep kiss. "And you can teach me what you like."

His eyes were blazing with lust, but he was still trembling in her arms like an abandoned sparrow. "I don't know what I like," he muttered. "Never tried some stuff."

Another kiss and squeeze. "I've got a few ideas, honey. I've got a lot of experience."

"You do?"

"Yes, silly boy. Oh my, you grew up in a time when good girls were supposed to have less experience than their men. Bad girls could be slutty, but girls you went out with and married were virgins, right?" He nodded his head. "And you see me as a good girl."

"Th' best, Brenda, th' best." He sighed deeply. "I could only worship you from afar. Oh, I imagined we were, were, were, havin' sex, but I never thought I'd be close, not this close."

She put her finger over his lips, and shushed him. "I'm not as good as you think I was. Lots of women didn't talk about everything they wanted, everything they did, in those days. California is a free place, where lots of different people can explore themselves and find out who they are. I was a loose girl, Dan, I tried a lot of different things, different relationships. When I was a very young girl, I made a stag film."

His eyes bulged wide open and his mouth came open. "You what?"

"That's all right, Dan, it was a long time ago. Yes, I made a movie where I took off my clothes and had real sex with real people. I'd just come to Hollywood and a guy I met when I was bussing tables told me about a film company that needed actresses. Thought it was a dream come true. Got to a private golf club in the hills, and found out what they wanted to do. . ."

"I'm sorry, Brenda. It musta been rough, humiliatin'."

"Oh, it wasn't too bad. It was about 8 minutes long, and we spent two nights filming it. Did it not long after Deep Throat, so the makers through they'd have another hit on their hands, talked about making it rich. Of course, they were completely full of shit: the movie was hardly seen, and they all disappeared."

"What happened to it?"

"Oh, it was put out in reel to reel, that long ago. Guess it got seen at a few bachelor parties and frat houses, adult movie houses. Now one of note noticed it. I got a copy, and had it moved to DVD. Becky thought it was funny."

"Musta been awful."

She looked at him square in the face. "I loved every minute of it. Two guys and another girl and I did everything to all three of them. It didn't all get on tape, but it was an orgy and I loved it. My body felt so alive, my head was spinning for weeks afterward. Kinda hoped they'd want to make another one so I'd feel that way again. But then I got hired for some guest spots on TV, and I had to hide the past. When I was in the series, I had a personal conduct clause that pretty much killed my night life, and I got paranoid about the press."

"Wow, wow, wow. I never thought."

"No, I guess not. Don't be surprised. When I settled down, my life got pretty vanilla, including my love life. When I choose somebody, I'm absolutely faithful to them, I'm not tempted to look for greener pastures, or even a quick fling. Guess that's why I got bitch-slapped out the door. Imagine: a porn star getting evicted 'cause she got boring in bed."

"You aren't a porn star, Brenda. They're ugly an', an', an' you're beautiful."

She kissed him hard on the lips for several moments and tried to push her tongue into his mouth, but he resisted the intrusion. When they broke, she looked at him with big eyes: "You're my Don Quixote, that's who you are."

"Don Quixote?"

"Did you ever see Man of La Mancha?"

"Oh, yea, I saw that once."

"Same story, Don Quixote's the lead."

"I see. Oh."

"Well, I'm your Dulcinea, that's for certain. So that you know: I love any kind of sex, any way, anyhow, anytime. I like to experiment, try new things out. The worst part about the stag film was keeping it secret."

"How didya do that?"

"Well, I was a blonde then, with long hair, and I shaved my eyebrows since they didn't match and I didn't want to bleach them. I was really skinny then, too, thin as a rail, and I put on a few pounds before the series. "

"Oh. I'm glad it din't mess you up too bad."

"It did in several ways. Word got around the inner circles I was a slut, so every producer and director wanted a couch performance to get a role; it got old real fast. And they kept wanting me to get surgery to improve my figure: nose job, teeth, boobs, you name it."

He pulled her closer and she snuggled into his embrace. A shy quivering hand inched down every so carefully until it enclosed on her warm wet breast. She kissed his arm, and wiggled approvingly. A finger found a bump and began to tease it. "I think your tits'r just fine. I'm glad you din't mess with 'em."

She looked at him and kissed him again. "You know, I really want to sleep with you."

"Ah, yeah. Me too."

"Are you nervous? You must be the way you're trembling, and your heart just sped up three times when I said that."

"Oh, Brenda, it's been so long ago, and I never, ever dreamed."

She put her finger over his lips. "That's all right, Dan. We can go slow. I don't want you to be nervous; I want you to relax and enjoy this as much as you can." She kissed him again. "I've got an idea that may help loosen you up. Feel up to a little game?"

He looked at her quizzically. "I guess. Whatcha got in mind?"

Her eyes danced and a broad smiled creased her face. "Something playful, something fun. Something to get turned on, relax you and get you really, really hard."

"Don't know, never done nothin' like that before. Okay, I guess."

"Trust me, this'll let you get started at an easy pace, and we can pick it up later if you want. Go over to your trailer and open your living room window, where you got your spice plants growing. Take the pots off the ledge. I'll be over in a minute and we'll have some fun."

"Okay. Guess I'd like some fun." She nodded at him, and he got up to leave. Stopping at the door he looked around as she beamed at him.

"Don't worry about the pie, take it over with you. We'll get to it later."

She handed it to him, and he held the warm disk in his hands, uncertain at first. He crossed the yard awkwardly, his tenting pants making his walk uncomfortable. Looking back, he saw her in her doorway waving. The sun had just set and the sky was turning deep purple, while the frogs below began their nightly serenade.

He settled in his favorite chair and waiting anxiously. The door across the way shut and his ears strained to hear her progress, wondering what would appear at his door. Would she be topless, naked; would she slip up shyly and quietly or enter with a fanfare? His shirt became too soggy, and he took it off, revealing his bare chest with scraggly grey hair and ribs. It took longer than he thought for her to arrive, and he rubbed his hands together nervously waiting for her.

A knock at his window, and a pair of hands lifted the pane and screen from the outside. Brenda stood outside, still wearing her halter top and smiling brilliantly with him. "Hi, Dan. You look cool."

"You do too, Brenda."

"I have a gift for you tonight."


"Yes." With a broad smile, she untied the string and revealed her breasts to him; Dan's eyes fixed on the glistening mounds. "Special delivery. Just for you." Brenda lifted her boobs up and laid them on a shelf just inside the window The window was barely open enough for her to offer him her jugs.

The fan made the nipples harden, and he looked at them as if there were a pair of eyes staring back at him. She licked her lips and nodded at him, but he was uncertain what to do. Drops of sweat fell from her honey brown flesh to the floor.

A huge mosquito landed on her left breast. "Please Dan, brush it off. I can't reach it from here."

He reached over to shoo it away, and his fingers grazed her skin: she flinched as he made contact. It hovered in place, trying to land again, and he kept at it to chase it from her. Finally it flew away and his hand landed on her flesh.

As a small boy, Dan had a pet cat; they were inseparable before he went to school. In the summertime, he would spend hours on the front porch, stroking the patient animal, smoothing its fur and tickling its chin. It would purr and purr until he thought it would never stop. His hand remembered that time, and began stroking firm, moist flesh instead of fur, tickling the hard bud that pointed up at him. She purred at his touch, her hands moving across the sill, her head rolling back with her eyes closed to savor the soft attention.

"Oh Dan, this is unreal. Suck them, Dan, suck my nipples. Please, it's been so long." He looked at her, still stroking her breast, reluctant to fulfill her request. "It something wrong, sugar? Don't you want to?" He gave her a look, then looked down at her eager brown flesh, then back at her face again. "You've done this before; you can do it again. You won't hurt me."

He took a step back and hung his head. "Brenda, I never would have imagined. . .never would have thought. . .you'd let me do this. . .but,but,but. . .I could hurt you."

"That's all right, Dan. You'll like it. Did you ever milk cows or any animal on the farm growing up?"

"Yeah, I milked cows and sheep and pigs."


"For the bottle babies."

"That sounds good. I'll talk you through it, it'll be all right, you can't hurt me. Just bring a chair over or kneel down if you can. It's not rocket science. Only. . ."

"Only what?"

"Don't get too busy with the teeth."

Reluctantly, he pulled a kitchen chair over to face her right breast, and looked up at her for instructions, his eyes wide and his lip trembling. "All right, Dan, don't be afraid. Grasp it gently and lick around the edge of the brown part. Ohh, do that again. Take your finger and make circles on the other side. Yes, yes, yes. That's wonderful, Dan. Now suck the bud into your mouth, like a baby, see you remember. Gently, gently, oh yes. I like what you're doing with your tongue, keep that up. Milk my other nipple like you used to on the farm. Oh yes, oh yes, keep that up while I lose my mind for a while."

There were flashes in the distance that grew closer and closer, the distant boom of thunder rolled and the wind was picking up. Brenda was oblivious to the changing weather; she slipped her hand down to massage the seam of her pink shorts and her body trembled slightly. Dan alternated circular licks with sucking, making her quiver more and her feet move up and down with the sensations. The front of Dan's jeans were tenting, and he shifted his feet to give himself more room to operate.

"Switch, Dan, suck the other nipple, YES! Oh my, you're a quick study. Nibble a little bit, yes, yes, I can take a little more than that. Mmmmm, what you do to me. How many years have you dreamed about something like this, Dan, making love to your Betsy from _Grape Stompers_? Ohhohohhh! Hah, hah, you're relentless, hah, I LOVE THAT. I love the way you stroke my tit, so soft, so gentle. You're making me so wet, so wet. Ah, ah, ah, ah."

A few flecks of rain hit the roof, and the wind shook the trees. Dan went over to shut his front door; Brenda followed him with her eyes, breathing heavily, eager for his return as her breasts quivered on the shelf waiting for him. He returned and knelt before her, as in prayer, to worship her breasts with his mouth and hands. The rain picked up, coming down harder; Brenda was protected from the worst of the Western gales, but her hair was quickly soaked and her skin shone in reflected water. "More, more, more, Dan, keep giving it to me. I don't want this to end, ah, ah, ah. . ." Her hand slipped inside her shorts, working furiously, until her body started shaking and her voice went to a long, sustained high pitch like a warning siren rose and fell against the storm. "Stop, stop, stop!" she said, pulling back her breasts and shaking as she rode her orgasm down from its high point, her body drenched in the rain and her legs still doing their dance of joy.

Brenda caught her breath, and saw Dan still kneeling inside, a quiet smile on his face. She stroked his cheek, and tweaked his ear. "Stand up," she said in soft command. He obeyed her, and she reached through the window to unzip his fly, his manhood springing out. She grasped it, stroking it gently, and after four pulls it unloaded, sending globs of hot white snow to spatter her brown skin.

Dan wobbled a little, putting his hand on the wall to steady himself. "Ah'm sorry, Brenda," he gasped quietly. "Never done anythin' like that before. Oh my God that was good."

"You'll do it again, Dan, don't worry about that." She massaged the fluid into her skin before reaching forward to lick him clean, tracing every crevasse with her tongue and making him groan loudly. "In fact, I may have something that may help you."

When she finished, she pulled out of the window, closed it, and came around through the front door. She was still topless, her breasts swaying as she walked, her nipples still erect. "I have a little movie to show you."

The movie was the stag film she made in her youth. There were no credits and no sound; it opened with them playing cards in the living room, strip poker. Clothes came off to different degrees of embarrassment and pride, and soon all four young people were naked. The girls paired off, with blond Brenda stroking her partner to full arousal. Some fellatio followed, then penetration in different positions and scenarios. Brenda did both men at once, first front and rear, then as a sandwich between them. The men left and Brenda french kissed her female partner, making love to her body up and down before they settled into mutual pleasure.

While the movie was playing, Brenda played with Dan's still exposed penis, coaxing it back to full power as he watched her onscreen. As the movie ended, she had him in her mouth again, and Dan's eyes rolled back as he felt the sensations.

"Brenda honey, nobody's ever done this to me before." He reached down and cupped her cheek.

She released him with a pop. "Really?"

"Nope. Alan bragged about how he got ladies to suck his dick, but I could never ask."

She chuckled. "You didn't ask me, either, just like I never asked you to fix everything in my house yesterday. It's the least I could do for you."

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