tagGay MaleThe Lawn Rangers Ch. 01

The Lawn Rangers Ch. 01


The summer after our senior year my best friend John and I got the bright idea to start our own lawn mowing company to make money. We had both been unable to find any sort of work and were pretty desperate. With a little help from our parents we were able to buy a couple of used lawn mowers, a gas-powered trimmer/edger, and a couple of gas powered blowers, too.

I had a beat up pickup truck that we'd use to haul our stuff around. We picked up some gas cans and went to work. We were both 18-years-old and ready to make some money.

After a few weeks we had more than enough clients to keep us busy. The truth was we were charging too little for all the work we were doing, but to us it seemed like it was raining pennies from heaven.

John and I had been best friends since I'd move from Pittsburg 11 years ago. We were neighbors and spent more time with each other than anyone else, except perhaps our girlfriends.

About six weeks after we started our business we got a call from an old lady who lived a few miles away. She had heard we were doing yard work and wanted us to clear out a rental property she was getting ready to sell. Sight unseen we agreed to clean it up for $250. We were ecstatic. That was more money than we would make in two days of mowing lawns. The plan was to clear it up on a Sunday so we wouldn't miss any of our regulars during the week.

To make a very long story short, John got a nasty case of poison oak all over his hands and most of his arms that day. It was incredibly contagious. The doctor had bandaged up his hands and most of his arms. He was pretty useless at this point but insisted on coming along to help in any way he could. I was busting my ass doing the work of two guys, but I appreciated him keeping me company.

Late that first Tuesday John disappeared behind a shed. I assumed to take a piss.

"Bobby," he called out. "Bobby!"

I made my way around the back of the shed. We tried not to piss on customers' property but sometimes we had to.

"What!?" I asked. "You need to hurry dumbass! They're going to see and get pissed off."

"I can't pull my dick out!" John said. He had a look of sheer embarrassment on his face. "Can... can... you please pull it out and hold it while I piss. If you don't I'm gonna piss myself."

"How the hell have you been pissing asshole?!" I asked.

"I wore jeans today. I've been wearing loose fitting shorts or sweat pants and just whipping them down. I'm sorry dude. Please don't let me piss myself," he implored.

I wasn't happy about it but felt sorry for him. I hesitated, but finally approached him.

"Turn around," I instructed him.

He did so, and I reached around and unzipped his pants. He pulled his arms over his head to give me access. I grimaced as I reached around and pulled his underwear down while digging for his dick. I found it with my right hand and wrapped two fingers around it to pull it out. It was huge.

"Damn mother fucker! Was your daddy a fucking horse?" I asked, having never met his real father.

He laughed.

"I don't know dude, you know he left mom when I was 2-years-old."

John let loose a nice, long stream and moaned with relief.

I realized my own breathing was a little shallow.

I also realized that my dick was getting hard, too. I'd never been attracted to a guy before, but handling my best friend's big dick was doing it for me.

Figuring I'd never again have the opportunity to do so, I purposely squeezed it as I shook it before putting it back in his pants.

John exhaled as I zipped his pants back up.

"Thanks man. I really owe you for this one," he said.

"Yeah, next time I get poison oak on my arms you're going to hold my dick while I piss," I said laughing.

A few days passed and John called me in the morning. He said his arms were not healing quickly enough.

"Man, I'm so sorry. The doctor said I have to stay indoors and prevent myself from getting sweaty so my skin will heal faster. Maybe Paulie can help you out today?" he said.

Paulie was my younger brother. He was a moron, but beggars can't be choosers.

That evening I went to visit John. His parents were out at a movie.

"Hey dude, I got your cut for today," I said, handing him about $50. "I had to give my brother a share."

"No dude! You don't have to do that. I didn't do shit today," he said.

I plopped down on his living room couch and put my feet up.

"You got this shit on your arms working man. It's cool. I'm sure it must suck for you, too," I said.

"You don't even know man. I can't touch any other part of my body or it'll spread. I need help getting dressed and using the bathroom. It's been embarrassing as hell," John said.

I laughed out loud as he told me his mom had to wipe his ass for him.

"This freakin' poison oak is some nasty, nasty stuff. I'm so fucking horny right now and Stephanie is looking for a condo near her new campus with her mom this weekend," he said.

"That sucks man," I said. My thoughts immediately went back to his long shaft and the fact my own dick had started getting hard while I held it a few days before.

My mouth got very dry and I started getting very nervous as I realized what I was thinking.

"Look man, we've been friends for more than 10 years. I love you more than my own brother. I don't want you to think I'm a fag or anything, but if you really need to get off, I'll jerk you off," I offered.

I was surprised that John's expression didn't change to anger, embarrassment or anything else really. He stared down at his feet and sat down.

"I won't tell anyone dude, I promise," he said. "What do we do?"

I made him call his mom and step-dad to make sure they would be gone for a while. We then went to his room and found some porno on his computer. I was sitting on the edge of his bed while he sat on a desk chair. After a few minutes of watching I figured it was time to get my friend off.

"Stand up," I instructed him. He was only wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts and underwear. I found the drawstring and loosened them. With both hands at their side, I slowly pulled his shorts and underwear off together.

His dick was about a foot in front of my face. I realized that I was staring at his semi-hard dick after about five seconds or so. It was pretty damn huge – at least eight inches long and thick. I looked up and realized that John was pleased at my reaction. We'd showered at gym together but hadn't done so since the ninth grade. He had had a major growth spurt after that.

"How much bigger does it get man?" I asked not able to stop looking at it.

"Not much, but it does get super hard. Stephanie says that it's the biggest dick she's ever seen," he said, again sounding very pleased.

"Well why don't you find some porn to get it hard and then we can start," I said.

"I don't think I'll need any porn. It's already getting hard," he confessed turning a bit red.

"OK, well then lay down on your bed. Do you have lube or something?" I asked.

John told me to look in his nightstand. I pulled out some lube as he got comfortable on the bed. He raised his bandaged hands over his head. I was very surprised that my friend's naked body was getting me very excited.

John was about 5'10" and must have weighed about 170 pounds. His body was as tight as my own. He had dark brown hair, which he wore kinda bushy. Neither one of us was super handsome or anything, but we weren't ugly either.

I felt John's gaze on me and realized he had spotted my growing dick underneath my own shorts. We just smiled at each other. His own dick was slowly climbing up.

"I'm going to do to you what Claudia does to me when she's on her period and we can't fuck," I said. "You're going to love it man."

I told John to close his eyes and picture his girlfriend doing what I was about to do. In realty I was hoping he was going to picture me though.

I started off by massaging his feet very slowly, starting with his toes. I worked my way up his legs from one calf to the other; from one thigh to the other. I bypassed his hard dick and balls while I worked my way up his stomach and chest. I kneaded his hard chest before playfully tweaking both is nipples. I then worked my hands over his face and temples, and roughly pulled his hair.

John would let out the occasional moan.

When I was done I knelt down on the side of his bed and looked at his hard dick. Just as he had said it hadn't gotten much bigger, but it really didn't have to. Precum was leaking from his dick head. He was cut and had a huge pair of balls. Dark tufts of hair surrounded his dick. His balls were almost completely smooth.

We looked at each other for a second before I started jacking him off. Neither one of us was said anything as I reached and wrapped my fingers around his hard dick.

"Use the lube," he instructed me.

I opened it up and poured a good amount all over his dick. I worked it all around for a few seconds before I began to stroke his big dick.

John let out a soft moan.

"That feels awesome dude. It's been almost a week since I've been able to jerk off," he said.

I played with his hard dick, running my thumb underneath the crown of his dick head as I stroked him. I squeezed and released his dick while jacking it up and down. Precum flowed freely from his dick as I continued to stroke him.

I basically pulled every trick that my girlfriends had used on my dick out of the hat.

I wanted to make sure that this was the best handjob my buddy ever got so maybe this wouldn't be the last time I would get to jerk him off.

My own dick was straining against my shorts. I could feel a wet spot forming on the front of my drawers, too.

I repositioned myself so I could use my left hand to play with my buddy's big nuts. A generous amount of lube had pooled its way down his nuts. I squeezed and caressed his balls while jacking him.

I realized that I wasn't in the best position to finish him off so I stopped for a second.

"Dude! Why are you stopping!?" John asked in a panic.

"I need to reposition myself if I'm going to do this right!" I said.

I knelt on John's bed facing him, with his legs between mine. I lowered myself and continued to jack him. I didn't take into account that this was going to be much more intimate than before and that we would be facing each other for the rest of the jerk.

I worked my left hand underneath his sack and caressed his huge balls, while jacking him with my right hand. I was now sitting on his lower thighs and it almost felt like I was jacking myself off actually.

John was moaning softly as I jerked his big dick. I could feel it throb in my hand every few seconds. It was thick and veiny and I was totally getting off on it.

"Dude, is that your dick on my thigh?" John asked.

"Yep," was the only thing I could reply.

He just looked at me with his eyes half closed and nodded his head.

"Can... can you squeeze my balls a little harder. Stephanie likes to get a little rough and it really helps get me off," he said.

I proceeded to squeeze his nuts a little harder. There was no reaction so I isolated his left nut and squeezed even harder. He moaned in a combination of pleasure and pain.

"Yeah, yeah. Like that," he whispered.

After a few minutes of this John started to really moan. He fought to raise his hips with me on top of him. John was almost trying to fuck my fist. I squeezed his balls as hard as I thought I could.

John moaned loudly as his dick throbbed in my hand and he began to cum. A thick blast of white cum erupted from his cock launching about six inches straight in the air and landing on his stomach.

This stream was followed by about three others. He was a fucking mess as he finally collapsed on his bed and tried to catch his breath. I continued to jerk his hard dick as fast as I could.

A few seconds after his orgasm ended, I realized I was still squeezing his dick and balls and finally released them.

My own breathing was very shallow. I slowly dismounted my friends legs and tried to find something to wipe all the cum off of his stomach and my hands.

I found a t-shirt on the floor and wiped my hands as I looked down at my best friend on his bed. I had never looked at him in this way, but it was making me horny as hell. John saw me eyeing him and he just smiled at me.

"That was fucking awesome Bobby," he said under his breath as he stared at my own hard on, which was straining in my shorts.

"Why don't you take care of that now?" he asked as he stared at my groin. "I won't tell anyone."

I nodded my head "yes" and pulled my own t-shirt over my head. I then lowered my shorts. My hard dick sprung up instantly. My dick was about six and half inches and about as thick as John's.

John let out a little airy gasp as he realized my cock and balls were shaved smooth.

"Hehehe," I chuckled. "Claudia likes my dick and balls smooth. I've been shaving them for a while now."

I stood over my friend and started jacking my aching dick.

"Use the lube man, I'm telling you it feels awesome," John suggested.

I poured some of the lube on my hard dick and started stroking. It did indeed feel very good. I inched my way closer to John – until my legs ran into the side of his bed.

My friend didn't seem to mind that I was jacking off directly over him. He smiled and started intently at my dick.

Our eyes met as I was about to cum. I shot load after creamy load onto his body. After the first two streams of cum landed on his chest I carefully aimed my dick at his face. A small glob of cum reached his chin, missing his mouth by less than an inch.

He laughed out loud as I finished my orgasm. I collapsed on the ground next to his bed. My breathing was heavy and I realized that I was shaking.

I looked up at John and realized that he was trying to get his tongue to reach the drops of cum that had hit his chin but couldn't quite reach them. I reached up and scooped the cum with my finger and offered it to my friend.

We looked at each other intently in the eyes as he opened his mouth to suck my finger clean. He closed his eyes and moaned as he licked my finger.

"That was good," he said in a whisper.

As he opened his eyes we both laughed as we both excitedly recounted how great jerking off like this had been.

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