tagLesbian SexThe Lawyer and The Policewoman

The Lawyer and The Policewoman



The soft sound of the alarm in my mobile phone at the bedside table woke me up. It was six AM, and I was feeling like hell. I was hurting bad and my throat seemed to be on fire, I felt that it was closed and I couldn't swallow even my own saliva; I felt feverish and each and every joint in my body was as if it had its own life, such was the intense pain they produced. I looked at Nora peacefully sleeping beside me, and I was undecided about whether to wake her up or let her continue sleeping. I decided for the moment, that there was no sense in waking her at that hour of the morning when I had to go to family court at a hearing scheduled for 8: 30 AM. I got up with great effort, went to the bathroom, made my morning ritual except for my morning shower, and quietly dressed so as not to wake her.

I felt increasingly feverish and my legs felt like rubber. I was shaking like a leaf in the wind, but I had an important court date in which the safety, welfare, and the future of an abused and beaten woman was dependent. I turned the car engine on, and slowly and as quietly as I could, left the garage and headed to the women's shelter where I was one of three lawyers. We each work 20 hours a week on a 'pro bono' agreement, which means our work is free, and our only benefit is a reduction in the payment of our yearly taxes to the state.

I was feeling nauseous when I arrived at the shelter, my body temperature was in up mode, and my brain was fuzzy with my head ready to explode from the pain. The problem was that even without it being my turn to be here today, there was nobody else who could accompany the beaten lady to court as the other two lawyers were not available; Maria was out with a month's maternity leave, and Steve, the third attorney, who should be now taking his place to go to court, was in the hospital with an sprained knee that happened while playing soccer with his university friends.

I went to my desk to wait for the female police officer and the patrol car in which we were going to drive to court. The powers of our great city had decided to establish a separate police station within the police department, managed exclusively by women police officials, after the increasing number of cases of domestic violence, and abused and battered women. It's called the feminine police.

I started thinking about my situation while waiting for the patrol car to arrive. We three lawyers were partners in our law office; Maria, Steve, and I were fellow students in college and university while studying to be lawyers. We became good friends agreed to be partners in a law firm and devote ourselves exclusively to family law. Our team was the best in this branch of law in no time at all, and divorces became our tickets to good money and a good standard of life, hence our commitment to provide legal advice to women and their children without resources who had to take refuge in the shelter.

The shelter was divided in two separate parts, one dedicated to abused women who were alone, and the other received and protected women with children. Both shelters were the responsibility of the State Social Services but, as usual, social services was the Cinderella of public services, with very limited funding in the government's annual budget, so it didn't have sufficient funds, was understaffed, and had no money to hire lawyers. This drove the agreement and subsequent contract with our law firm to provide legal advice to people in shelters. Poor people do not give political favors.

I was in a state of drowsiness, sweating and feeling like hell, when I felt a hand on my shoulder gently shaking me, and a soft voice telling me it was time to go. I looked up and saw my usual driver to court, police Sergeant Anne Mckey.

"My God, Counselor, you look like shit."

Getting up from the chair, I wearily replied, "I feel like shit, Sergeant."

"It's Anne, Counselor, remember me?"

"Yes, of course I do, and as I told you, my given name is Elizabeth, so call me Beth, all my friends do."

"We can proceed if you're ready. Please go fetch Ms. Shuster and we'll go to court?"

"Yes, let me call and make sure she is ready, it won't be a minute."

I felt giddiness and my head spinning as I was getting up from my chair, and two strong hands held me when I was about to fall to the floor, "My God, you're burning with fever. We'd better we call the courthouse and ask for the hearing to be delayed for a few days until you feel better."

"No, that's not possible; Ms. Shuster's health is in danger, and it's her best interest that the judge renders judgment today so she's free from her husband's threats. I will go home and to bed at once afterwards."

We were in court at 8:15 and we were called into chambers by the bailiff at 8:30 on the dot. I thought we would be in court at least till midday, but we were in our way to the unmarked police car with a jubilant Ms. Shuster at 10 to 10, whose husband was sent to prison with a sentence of five to ten years for domestic violence with intent to kill and to inflict severe bodily and psychological harm.

I went to my office, once back in the shelter, to store and archive the documents before going home. I couldn't drive in my fevered state, so I was going to leave my car in the parking lot and get a taxi to go home and Nora. Anne, was waiting propped on the right fender of the undercover car, and wouldn't have anything of that. She called to me as I left the building and told me, "OK, let's go, I'm taking you home," and turned to go the left side of the car and climb behind the wheel.

"Oh, I can't let you do this, you may get in trouble with your superiors; I'll take a cab."

"No way am I letting you go alone in that state, and don't worry, I'm not a patrolwoman. I'm a Sergeant and have my privileges such as not to wear the uniform in cases like this. Come on get in the car, no excuses accepted."

I got in the car and put my seat belt on with a groan. "Thank you, Anne, it's really sweet of you to do this; I owe you."

She looked at me with an indefinite expression on her face, her smoldering green eyes saying nothing, and she oddly didn't ask for my address, just took the right direction to my house. We were silently in my driveway in about 25 minutes. It was a quarter to eleven, a moment in time that I would not easily forget. Drawing strength from the weakness and feeling worse and worse, I almost fell to the ground while trying to get out of the car; Anne quickly grabbed my arm, preventing the fall and said: "Wait a minute, I'll help you." She got out the car, came to my side, took the house keys from my hand, took me by my armpits, helped me get up, and almost dragged me to the door of my house. I didn't want her to know I was sleeping with another woman. I was 'in the closet' as they say.

Anne opened the door, and the dead silence inside made me breathe a sigh of relief. Nora wasn't home and I thought that my shameful secret was safe, so what was left was just to thank Anne for her kindness, send her to her work, go to bed, and wait for Nora to call my doctor. Anne wouldn't hear of it, and truth be told, I was in no condition to offer any resistance. She took me in her arms almost like a child, so weak was I, and asked where the bedroom was; I pointed the direction down the hall with a nod of my head. I'm not heavy, but she carried my sick and feverish body as if I was a little girl; I could feel the strength of her arms and the sinuosity of her muscles, feminine, but strong, and I felt protected like never before in my life; it was a new sentiment.

I couldn't believe the scene before our eyes when we got to the open bedroom door, and there was Nora with a man, both naked and having intercourse in my bed. I went limp in Anne's arms and before losing consciousness, I heard her cry "What the hell is happening here, and who the hell both of you are?" She later laughingly told me that they were so surprised, she screamed with fright and his deflated penis came out Nora's vagina with a plop.



I was surprised, not that Beth had a woman lover, which was her right, but that her lover dared to take a man home to fuck in her benefactor's bed. I carefully put Beth down in a chair by the vanity, showed them my badge, and told them to dress fast. I took them to the family room once dressed, and I handcuffed them together back to back on two chairs so they couldn't escape. I went to the bedroom, changed the bed sheets, undressed Beth to her bra and panties, and put her in bed. I immediately went to the den, looked for the address book and phone numbers, and rapidly called Beth's family doctor.

Dr. Marion Taylor has been Beth's family doctor for 30 years now, and new her medical history since she was a little girl. I told her everything that had happened since early morning and asked what I could do until she arrived to make Beth comfortable. Dr. Marion only asked me how high Beth's fever was, and said to fill the tub with ice water if it was more than 104 degrees, to put Beth in the bathtub to avoid her having seizures that could lead to a coma, and that she would be at Beth's house as soon as possible.

She also told me to carefully watch the drop of Beth's temperature and to take her out of the cold water when it had dropped to around 99 degrees, wrap her in a bathrobe, dry her, and put her in bed. I went to the fridge, took all the ice in it, and put the ice in the bathtub then filled it halfway with cold water. I called the zone police precinct in the meantime, and asked for the Sergeant in charge of the morning shift.

Fate would have it the duty Sergeant was my ex-husband with whom I have a surprisingly, if not warm, at least respectful and professional relationship after the divorce, "How are you, Clint?"

"I'm good, thank you."

"I need a favor, Clint, could you send a patrol car to his address and take two people into custody? I'll be there to press charges first thing tomorrow. Could you? OK, thanks, see you tomorrow."

I immediately went to the bedroom and took the burning Beth in my arms and carried her to the bathroom where I put her in the bathtub. Beth gave a shout upon contact with freezing water, coming out her semi-conscious state and began to shiver uncontrollably with goose bumps all over her body. The cold water had made her delicate lingerie almost transparent and I could appreciate the delicate contours of her body, not an extraordinary body, but a nice body anyway. She was of medium height, 5' 5" or so I would say, with dark chestnut hair cut short to middle of her neck, and a fit body, slim with two medium-size34D breasts, and the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, filled with dark pools of sadness and suffering, longtime suffering. I looked at the body in the tub and a tingling and a little heat spread in my loins. I was becoming very excited, so I went to look for a bathrobe and towels to dry her, got flannel pajamas, and not wanting to do it, but knowing I must do it after the bath; I took her bra and panties off. I dried her with the fluffy towel, trying not to linger in her erogenous zones, and dressed her in her pajamas. I didn't know why, but I was overly excited at seeing her nude body.

The doorbell rang a few minutes later, and when I opened the door, there with a lady who I assumed was Dr. Taylor, were two policemen who came to look for the detainees.

"Well, where is our patient." Dr. Taylor was a no nonsense woman in her late forties or early fifties with hair once blonde, now mostly a natural gray. As Beth later told me, she was a lesbian since her college days and had always had a crush on her longtime friend, Shelley, Beth's mother, with whom she had become lovers a little after Beth's birth. She considered Beth as her own daughter.

"This way, Doctor," and I directed her to the bedroom. I told her, "I'll be with you in a moment," and with that I went to the door showed the policemen my badge and introducing myself, told them to take the detained couple to the precinct.

In the bedroom, Dr. Taylor was giving Beth a quick checkup, and when I got there, told me it was worse than she had thought. Dr. Taylor then proceeded to carefully examine Beth, and when she saw the condition her throat was in, she immediately proceeded to call the blood therapy service and asked urgently for someone to draw blood, and gave them Beth home address. Then speaking to me, she explained that Beth was in critical condition, and her first worry was the fever and the infection in the sore throat which could close the larynx and cause suffocation. She wrote a prescription for a potent broad-spectrum antibiotic, and asked me if I could go to a pharmacy and buy it, so she could immediately apply it while awaiting the results of blood tests that would indicate which antibiotic to which the virus or bacteria was sensitive.

Once I returned with the antibiotic, Dr. Taylor proceeded to apply it by intramuscular route to speed up absorption and prevent the infection to continue its advance.

"Well, that's all I can do till I have the blood test results; we must now get a nurse to stay here with Beth and take care of her medication and everything else a sick person needs."

"That won't be necessary, I'll take care of her," I said.

"But....but you're a police officer and surely you have duties to attend to. Beth needs constant care from a qualified person," a worried Dr. Taylor added.

"Don't worry about me, I received extensive training in first aid as a police officer while in the academy, and then took paramedic courses, so I think I'm moderately qualified. And for my duties as a police officer, don't you worry, I have everything under control."

A knowing expression crossed the good Dr. Taylor's face, and a twinkle in her eyes showed she was aware of developing sentiments I had, even if I wasn't aware yet myself.

"Well I'm going for now in that case; I'll come again late in the evening to see how things are going. The lab results won't be ready until day after tomorrow, and if Beth raises a fever again you just put cold cloths in her armpits, on her forehead, and the pubis in the groin area."

I accompanied Dr. Taylor to the door, and she left for her clinic after a few words with me, mostly about the care I had to take with Beth. I knew I had to clear my act with my commanding officer at the precinct, so I immediately called Capitan Kate Russell, my chief. I used her direct line and when she said, "Women's precinct, Capitan Russell speaking, what I can do for you?"

"Hi, Kate, it's me, Anne, to ask a favor of you"

"What can I do for you, Lieutenant?"

"Eh err..., Kate, its Sergeant Mckey speaking."

Well, that would have been true until yesterday; since your promotion is effective as of 10 AM this morning, now what can I do for you, Lieutenant."

I was so surprised that I was mute for a moment, "Well, Captain, I need ten days leave to attend urgent family matters."

"Well I don't know, Anne, I need you as my second in command, and besides you have no family I know of in need of attendance, don't even have a dotting husband to attend to," she responded with mocking tone, and I knew all was good. "OK, take your leave and I expect to hear from you every couple days, enjoy your vacation."

I went back to check on Beth and she was sleeping peacefully, fever had remitted, which was a good sign, and I went to put clean sheets on the bed in the guest bedroom, just in case. I cleaned up everything, including throwing one used condom in the trash and put the soiled sheets, other clothes, and discarded underwear in the washer.

I moved a wide armchair to Beth's bedside in the now clean master bedroom once I had everything in order so that I could watch her at night. I spent the next few hours tidying the kitchen and family room. Dr. Taylor came around 7 PM to check on Beth's state and to administer a second dose of the antibiotic. I asked the doctor if she could stay half an hour to watch over Beth while I went home to get a couple of clean changes of clothes and underwear. She said it was OK and I went home, got the clothes and some perishables from the fridge, and went back to Beth's.

I made a bed in the wide armchair at Beth's bedside that night, so I could be near her just in case she needed me; I assume that you now know that I'm starting to have serious feelings for Beth, sentimental feelings. The night was uneventful except for the times Beth, who was still feverish, called asking for water. The doorbell rang early the next morning and I found a nurse who came to draw blood from Beth again for further studies when I opened the door. There apparently was a problem with Beth that the nurse did not want to share with me, but she told me that Dr. Taylor would be coming this afternoon to discuss the problem and why it was necessary to have a new blood test.

The moment of truth in our relationship came when Beth needed to make her morning chores; pee, and bowel movements. She was so weak that she couldn't stand on her feet so I had to carry her to the bathroom, dry her nether lips, and wash her backside, and as they do in the hospital, I later bathed her body with a sponge and washcloth on the bed. She was so weak that she couldn't offer any resistance, but I knew she was utterly ashamed to be so dependent and to have to be pampered as a baby and her natural modesty exposed to the eyes of a stranger. What she didn't know was the impact her naked body was having on my libido, I think of myself as a sexually straight woman, but I was feeling my body responding to Beth's body in an unusual way. I was very attracted to her and seeing her sick, I wanted to hold her in my arms. She was really a very pretty woman.

Her pretty face topped a delicate neck that led down to her breasts, not overly large, rather small, maybe 34, but very well-shaped and only sagging a little to the sides. She had medium sized aureoles tipped with quite large dark nipples. I had to resist an urge to rush over and suck these wonders between my lips. Below her breasts, her belly button sank deep into the top of her tummy that bulged out only ever so slightly above the forest of hair that grew there. Beth was, as I later learned, a bit old fashioned as she did not trim herself around the bush, and I found that this was very much to my liking, as I enjoyed seeing a large dark bush. The top of her pussy was a bit hard to see through all the hair, but I could make out the line that showed the split between her lips and I could see a small fold of flesh that I took to be her clitoris. I could easily see the lower part of her cunt since her legs were quite far apart, and saw that she had reasonably-sized lips that were slightly apart, showing pink fleshy folds between them. Her thighs and calves were also nicely shaped and sized and, all in all, Beth was a finely put together lady.

I prepared Beth's food and kept her company the rest of that day, helping her go to the bathroom to pee, and got out after I helped her sit on the toilet to let her have her privacy this time. She felt dizzy and called me to help her when she had finished and was trying to get to the toilet paper. That was my moment to became dizzy at the thought of ...ahem.., caressing her pussy, even if it was through a piece of paper.

I told her what I did with the couple we found in her bed and that she had to sign the filing of a complaint to the police.

Dr. Taylor showed up at 7 PM that evening, and her face was very serious; something was wrong with Beth's health. A lady, unknown to me, accompanied her; Marion (Dr. Taylor) presented her to me "Anne, this is Shelley, Beth's mother; she came to see her daughter, but must leave soon. How has Beth spent the night, is she awake?"

I greeted Beth's mom with a "How do you do" and answered her doctor, "Yes, she is awake now, but her night has been difficult and her throat is no better."

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