tagLesbian SexThe Layover

The Layover


The hotel room was nice, but subdued. Muted grey and beige furnishings, clean, elegant swirling patterns on the accent pillows and bed runner. It was not unlike any number of airport hotel rooms I'd been in. I opened the drapes a little, keeping the sheers drawn; I liked how the mid-afternoon light was playing across the floor. The carpeting had a luxurious touch, a sort of raised velour pattern that felt quite scrumptious on the bottoms of my bare feet. I sat at the foot of the bed andI bounced up and down a bit on the mattress. Nice spring to it, but still firm. I was fidgety. I couldn't help it.

I had my phone in my hand, and brought up our texts. There was Jessica's face, in the little circle on top of our text bubbles; so sexy, so confident, with her wry smile curling up the corner of her mouth. It was nothing like my pic, with my goofy, wide open grin. Jessica didn't think it was goofy; she said my smile could light up a room.

Hey Katie, just landed!

* Ooooh, that's awesome! I'm in the hotel room already.

Sorry the flight was a little delayed.

* Don't worry Jess, we have a couple hours.

Argh, every minute is precious. Can't wait to see you.

* Lol, me neither, get your ass over here!

I'll be right there! Um... where?

* Room 2618. Be there or be square.

A smile crept across my lips. I thought about our casual long distance work relationship, that had grown over conference calls and work IMs, becoming noticeably more flirty over the past few months. We both worked for the same pharmaceutical company, but she was in Atlanta, and I was in Raleigh, North Carolina, six hours drive away. Two months ago, we finally met face to face at the company conference in Las Vegas, and it was as if we were childhood friends who had known each other for years. How quickly that day of fast friendship and camaraderie had evolved into an long intimate evening, talking at the lobby bar, that finally escalated into that passionate first night back at her room. It was a revelation, and we were both smitten. A couple weeks later, Jessica drove out to see me for the long weekend, intending to be shown around town and for us to really get to know each other, but it quickly turned into a torrid fuckfest where we hardly left my apartment. Between marathon lovemaking sessions in the bedroom, we talked for hours and watched old movies on my couch, until we couldn't resist getting busy on the couch... and the kitchen... and in the bath. We only came up for air to get comfort takeout (pizza, Thai, sushi). It was glorious.

I wondered what the day's airport hotel rendezvous would be like? A giddy tumble of words and emotional intimacy borne by our deepening connection? Or raw physical abandon? I had clear designs on the latter.

It had been an achingly long month since I'd been with her last. Our work schedules were intense, what with end of quarter sales targets for her and trade show season for me. Finally we found this brief window in time, when she was flying back home from a client meeting in Toronto and I was heading out to a trade show. We had booked our flights so that we were both connecting through Chicago O'Hare, and made sure we had a precious few hours of layover time to hook up. So there I was, waiting. And she was so close, mere minutes away.

I began fussing with the hem of the lacy black nightie I was wearing from Victoria's Secret. TOTALLY cheesy, I know. I was clueless when it came to fashion, and there was no way I could contend with Jessica's sense of style, so I just accepted the gentle teasing she had given me about getting my bras fitted there. She'd told me they were notorious for being over generous with their bra sizing, so my 34DD was probably more a 34C. That affront was made more acceptable by the fact that she had told me this while nibbling on my nipples, her bright grey eyes looking up at me, twinkling with laughter.

Anyway, I wasn't going to wear my trade show booth-bimbo attire of corporate polo-shirt, tan khakis, and flats for our little rendezvous. No, I made sure to go to Victoria's Secret and pick up this lacy little number to show her that they weren't, in fact, as lame as all that. It hugged me in all the right places, was sheer and revealing over my breasts, and showed off my legs and pert little ass perfectly. I ran my hand through my bangs, and swept my luxurious chestnut-brown hair back over my shoulders. I wanted to be a vision for her. Zooey Deschanel dolled up Bettie Page style. Irresistible.

There was a knock at the door.

Oh my god, this is really happening, I thought. I rushed over and peeked through the hole, and there she was, through the fisheye lense, smiling her wry smile and waiting. She knew I was looking at her of course - she always knew when eyes were on her. I could see everything in great detail. She wore a pin striped grey business jacket, pencil skirt, and black high heeled Manolo Blahnik pointy toe black pumps. Her Tumi carry-on luggage case was upright beside her, with her classic Birkin bag hooked around the extended handle. Her jet black hair was swept behind her ears and up in a ponytail. I stepped back and took a deep breath, pulled the door open, and presented myself, right hand flourishing above my head, one foot in the air pointing behind me. Ta da!

Her smile melted into a look of surprise, and she straightened after a moment of shock. Then something else, a look of something like... hunger, passed over her face, and she parted her lips in awe. I wavered as she took her time looking me up and down, and a smile came back to her mouth.

She lunged forward and crushed her lips into mine, pushing me back against the wall next to the door, as I still tried to keep a hold on the door handle.

I closed my eyes and let the scent of her wash over me. Jessica slipped her tasty wet tongue past my lips and our mouths met in a hot rush. She brushed her hands down my sides, smoothing my nightie against my skin, sliding past my waist and around my hips, settling around my butt cheeks, gripping, pulling me close to her. She dove her tongue into my mouth again, and our teeth met, lips pressing, causing my head to grind against the wall. My heart leaped, and I felt suddenly dizzy, my knees about to collapse. I let out a little whimper.

Jessica pulled back and smiled wide, eyes flashing. I still held the door open with one hand. She ducked her head back out into the hallway and looked left and right. The coast was clear. Oh well, it would have been quite the show for some loitering stranger. She grabbed her carry-on suitcase and yanked it into the room, where it fell over and slid across the floor, spilling her purse open. She flung the door shut behind her.

I was still catching my breath, when she rushed at me again and locked her lips on mine, pressing me back into the room. We did a funny little dance, me tripping clumsily backwards (in bare feet no less, while she stepped assuredly in her heels) until my butt pressed against the edge of the desk facing out to the room, in front of the window. I managed to fumble her suit jacket off her shoulders as she was doing this and as she shirked it off it fell discarded to the floor behind her. I ran my hands over her silky white blouse and pressed my palms around the impression of her lace trimmed bra cups underneath.

We broke our kiss and she looked deep into my eyes as she ran her hands up my thighs and up underneath the flimsy hem of my nightie, up to feel the curve of my waist and up, searching, past the elastic underneath my breasts. Her hands encircled my tits, and she pressed her thumbs against my nipples, groping, grabbing. I lolled my head back, moaning, putting my hands on the surface of the desk behind me to keep myself upright.

She abruptly me spun me around so that I was facing the desk, hands outstretched on it, and she bent me over it. My nightie, which just BARELY covered my ass when standing, slid up, revealing my bare bottom. Jessica pressed next to me, running her right hand over my smooth, round cheeks, giving them a tiny little slap of appreciation. She laughed gently in my ear, hot breath right into it, and then began nibbling on my earlobe. I couldn't help giggling in delight.

Then she sort of cupped my ass with her forearm, pressing me... upwards? I turned my head to look at her and she raised her eyebrows. I returned a quizzical expression as she kept pressing me forwards and upwards. As I raised my knee over the front of the desk she nodded in affirmation. I walked my hands forward on the desk surface and brought my other knee up, lifting myself up onto the desk, crawling slightly forward.

Jessica disappeared behind me as I turned my head trying to keep her in view, and placed the palms of her hands on my butt cheeks. I leaned forward on my forearms, bare ass waving in the air, my nightie bunching up around my waist. I felt her nose tickling my asshole and her hot breath on my exposed pussy. Yesssss!

She eased my ass cheeks further apart with her fingers and pressed her face forwards, opening her hot, wet mouth wide against my pussy. I gasped involuntarily as she slipped her tongue forward through my folds and slid the tip over my clit. My eyes closed in ecstasy and I pressed the side of my face onto the desktop, mouth wide in a silent scream of pleasure.

I pictured Jessica with her face buried in my ass, teetering as she still stood in her Manolos, her pencil skirt keeping her knees together as she fucked me with her mouth. Her lips massaged my sweet little cunny over and over again, tongue slipping over my clit, as I grunted with each thrust of her face. My toes curled and my feet drifted off the desk as I balanced forward on my knees, like a fulcrum allowing me to push back against her face to match her rhythm. I listened blissfully to the wet sounds of my pussy being noisily munched.

Resting forward on my face, I slipped both one hand and the other back behind me, between my legs, groping on the desk. Jessica reached down with her hands and grasped both of mine, her mouth still plastered to my pussy. She pulled her face firmly into my ass crack over and over again, matching my rhythm as I rocked my pussy back against her massaging tongue . I scrunched my eyes shut again and opened my mouth wide in excitement.

Oh shit, I thought, this is too hot, too fast; I'm gonna cum. I felt the waves building deep in my gut, and I panted desperately. Jessica moved her mouth faster, she could feel me tensing, about to explode. Oh god! Jess! YES! My orgasm shuddered through me like a wave, then another, and I spasmed and twitched for long time-stretched moments as I bore down on her tongue and covered her face with my juices.


I collapsed onto my side, laying on the desktop, panting. The side of my face against the desk, I opened my eyes and looked back. Jessica stood up straight, and stepped backwards, wiping her forearm across her glistening mouth and chin. She bit her lower lip, grinning, and raised her eyebrows at me. Wow.

As I watched, her hands floated up to her collar and she began unbuttoning her blouse. Her slender fingers worked her buttons free, slowly but surely. She took another step back, then another, hips swaying as she balanced on her heels. She lifted her silk blouse up off her shoulders, so that it draped off her back, exposing her bra. It was a grey number, trimmed in black lace, with a bit of push up. Like her outfits, the color was corporate, confident and no nonsense, but the style was all in the cut and fit. Jessica lowered her arms and let her blouse slip off and onto the floor.

My breath was slowing, and our eyes were locked on each other. As I pushed myself up from the desk with my arm and sat back a bit, looking at her, she reached behind her back with both hands and unhooked the catch of her bra. Her compact tits tumbled free, milky white and pert, her nipples dark, delicate, and hard. She tossed her ponytail a bit, black hair swinging alluringly, and reached behind herself to ease the zipper of her skirt down...

I swung my legs down off the desk and went to her, closing the distance between us swiftly. My nightie fell back into place, caressing my skin, as I padded to her in my bare feet. I reached behind her ass to grab her wrists, her hands still working at her skirt zipper. I broke her gaze, was inches away from her neck, breathing in her delicate scent. She breathed me in as well, and I could feel her breath gently rustling my tousled locks of rich brown hair. We stood like that for a moment, on a knife's edge, reluctant for the anticipation to end, but eager for whatever was next.

I brushed my cheek gently against hers, tiny little hairs sending tiny little shocks and traced her lips with mine. I helped her ease her zipper down, leaving her skirt loosely sitting on her hips. Her hands wandered up the sides of my legs and slid around my waist. As our lips barely touched, our eyes met. I stared into her grey eyes as she gazed into my bright baby blues, and we really saw each other. Finally we crushed our tongues and mouths together, groping with our hands, pulling our bodies together.

I had the advantage as we stumbled towards the bed, since she was still in her shoes with her skirt slipping down. She let herself fall and sit down at the foot of the bed, knees together and legs akimbo. She laughed and grinned in mock defeat. I quickly knelt on the floor between her legs and pushed her gently back. I ran my hands over her taut belly and grabbing both breasts, giving them a rough squeeze as she opened her eyes wide and laid back, shoes still on the floor.

I centered by face on her stomach, kissing and licking, and I pinched her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers before releasing her tits. I moved lower as I grabbed her skirt and pushed it up so that it bunched up around her midsection, exposing her grey cotton panties. I dragged my nose across the front, feeling her little tuft of hair beneath the fabric, and breathed in her scent, mingled with the smell of fresh laundry and lilacs.

With my left hand, I pulled her panties to the side, and gazed lustfully at her perfect little pussy lips, the delicate hood over her clit, her folds moist in anticipation. As I extended my tongue and drew it's wet tip from her hole up through the folds and buried it against her clit, I felt her squirm in pleasure on the bed.

I couldn't believe it. There I was, just plain old Katie from client services, a low level techie grunt, worshiping at the pussy of this goddess, this young rising star on our corporate ladder. How could this have happened? I mean, I knew I was no slouch on the attractiveness scale; all the men I worked with thought I was super cute, and my dorkiness just made me more desirable. It was good that they all knew I was a lesbian, so they had to lust after me from afar. But I was not sophisticated, I was not graceful; I was just warm, funny, Katie.

I had been a revelation that Jessica was attracted to me. Our chemistry was apparent right off the bat, but could have easily been mere professional friendliness, mis-read. The truth is, I was already fantasizing about her even as we first spoke over the phone. There was something about her corporate profile pic that sent me on flights of fancy. Once, early on, late at night at my apartment, I was on a screen sharing meeting with her, just the two of us. We had been going over some technical document that I had to explain to her. But the sound of her voice, even in casual conversation, was so sexy, so imperceptibly raspy and playful, that I began rubbing myself over my panties without thinking, and then under my panties, trying to keep my voice casual and interested. I made myself super wet doing that for half an hour, and it was all I could do, to wait till we were done our call, l before I frigged myself to completion.

And here I was, just a few months later, lapping at HER wet pussy in an airport hotel room! I sat back into a kneeling position at the foot of the bed, and surveyed the situation again. Jessica plaintively whimpered, pouting, and propped herself up on her elbows, looking down her prone body at me. Raising her shapely legs straight up into the air, she hooked a thumb around her panties, and expertly drew them up her legs, bending at the knee, and flicked them aside with one pointy toe of her high heeled shoes. Poetry in motion, seeing her sexy bottom execute all of this. Her skirt was still bunched around her waist. She bit her lower lip and raised her eyebrows at me. Well?

I grinned devilishly. Bringing my face close to her, I led with my outstretched index finger facing up, and ran a little circle around her puckered asshole, as she gasped in surprise. Before she could react further, I pressed the tip in and started pushing and pulling it out. Her eyes widened and she nodded in appreciation.

Emboldened, I pulled it almost out and managed to slip my middle finger into her ass on the next thrust, along with the index finger. I started working those in and out as well. Smiling, I closed my eyes and laid my mouth on her pussy again, slathering my tongue over it as I kept thrusting two fingers in her ass.

Her sudden moans drove me wild. She flung her head back on the bed and let herself be fucked mercilessly by my tongue and fingers. I bobbed my head against her slick pussy, lapping and swirling, as my two fingers pistoned in her other hole. I did a bit of "come hither" with my fingers, and though there was no G-spot in her rectum, she did squeeze my fingers with her butthole in response. I kept up the rhythm and she was practically bucking against my face, her juices now running down and lubricating my fingers in her anus. Her moans rose in pitch, higher, louder, until finally, she could take no more. She squealed in orgasm, rocking her sex against me in spasm, until her hips collapsed back onto the bed.

As she caught her breath, I peeled my face from her pussy and slowly withdrew my fingers, giving her the last few shocks of pleasure as my fingertips slipped out of her hole.


I sat back on my heels on the floor, horny as fuck. After a few moments, Jessica propped herself up on her elbows again, shaking her head in awe of what had just happened. She flung her left leg in the air, releasing her shoe and sending it skitting across the room. I giggled. She flung her right leg out and her other shoe arced across the room and hit the desk lamp, threatening to topple it, but failing to. I raised my eyebrows in mock alarm.

Jessica pushed herself up to a sitting position, and placed a fingertip under my chin, tilting my head up to look at her. Our eyes locked for long moments, and I gazed yearningly, adoringly into her thoughts. My mouth and jaw were still glistening with her pussy juices, and she tenderly wiped my face with her hands, wiping them dry on the bedspread to either side of her.

She stood, between my knees, and pushed her bunched up skirt to the floor. Finally, she was stark naked. I was still kneeling, and found myself eye level with her neat, trim strip of bush again. I leaned forward and scrunched my nose into it, breathing deeply. Jess grabbed my hair, gently but firmly, and eased it away from her crotch.

She reached down and took my hands, and pulled me to my feet. Gazing into my eyes, she slipped one strap of my nightie, then the other, off my shoulders. It was so sheer, so satiny, that I was able to shimmy it easily into a pool around my feet.

And there we were, just two, hot, willing naked bodies, inches from each other. She was perfect, and so was I. I felt the heat off her body and she felt the heat off of mine. Our nipples were level with each other's, her dark ones brushing ever so slightly across my pretty pink ones. She cocked her face slightly at an angle and leaned closer so that our tits pressed together. I opened my mouth hungrily, ready for her tongue, but she kept her mouth tantalizingly out of reach, brushing her lips over mine, feinting backwards and away as I tried to close the distance.

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