The Layover


She had a six hour wait for her connecting flight to Hawaii. Because of a last minute booking and a short time period to get to the location, this was the only flight that was available. Two of that six-hour wait she spent browsing the shops and eating lunch in one of the restaurants. At three in the afternoon, the terminal does not have very many people populating it, only those that have a layover. The one good thing about the terminal being virtually empty is that no one was stopping her to ask for her autograph. She is getting bored but did not want to wander the shops again so she decided to check out the VIP lounge.

One of the lounges located in LAX is next to gate 70A in terminal seven. It is United's Red Carpet Club and to enter you must be a member of the club. She takes out her membership card scans it and the door opens for her. When she enters the lounge, the concierge has her sign in and hands her a key to a storage locker to stow her carry-on bag. After coming out of the locker room, which is across from the concierge desk, she walks into the main part of the lounge. The place is well appointed; on her left is a sitting area with tables, chairs, sofas, and a HD television tuned to some sort of movie. Straight ahead is the bar and to the right of that is a small buffet with snacks, sandwiches, and a salad bar all of it complimentary. She walks up to the bar and gets the bartender's attention, she is watching the movie.

The bartender walks over and says, "Good afternoon, Ms. Hewitt what can I get for you?"

"Good afternoon Samantha, what kind of bourbon do you have?"

"We have Wild Turkey, Maker's Mark, Jack Daniels, Old Grand Dad, and Jim Beam."

"Let me have a Turkey on the rocks. It's a little early but it's five o'clock somewhere." She says with a smile.

"Sure thing, coming right up, in here it's always five o'clock." The bartender politely smiling at her little joke.

"Thanks Samantha."

"You're welcome and you can call me Sam."

"Okay, thanks Sam, you can call me Love."

While Sam is making her drink, she looks around the room and sees a tall, well-dressed black man standing by the window taking in the view. He is wearing a black suit that fit him like a glove, a pair of black dress shoes and a white button down dress shirt. She could tell even with the suit that he has a build like an athlete with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. When he turns around and starts walking towards the bar, she could see that he is very handsome with a shaved head, which suited him well. She watches as he comes closer and notices that he moves with grace like a cat and wore a red patterned silk tie that hung loose from the open collar around his neck. Involuntarily she licks her lips like a hungry person seeing their first meal in days. She could not believe she had not noticed him when she looked around the room before. Other than the bartender and concierge, he is the only other person in the lounge.

The bartender returned with her drink and said, "Here you go Love that will be twelve dollars please." When she didn't respond, the bartender knocked on the top of the bar to get her attention.

"Oh sorry, I was somewhat distracted." she said, took out her credit card and handed it to Sam.

"Yeah, that tall dark drink of water would distract any warm-blooded female. Would you like for me to open a tab for you?"

"Yes that would be great. Do you know who he is?"

"All I know about him is his name. He introduced himself as Jonathan Douglas."

"Okay thanks, Sam"

She took her drink walked towards the sitting area, as she passed him she smiled and said good afternoon. He returned the greeting and continued towards the bar. Glancing over his shoulder, he took note of her great hourglass figure and firm ass. It wasn't one of those typical white girl asses; she has a little junk back there. As he got to the bar, he is thinking to himself that he would like to get some of that.

When Sam comes over to where he is standing, she asks, "What can I get for you, Jon?"

"Let me have another beer and the name of that lovely lady over there."

"You don't recognize her? That's Jennifer Love Hewitt."

"I know the name but never had a face to go with it. I've heard men talk about how pretty she is and now I know why."

"Yeah, she is one of the prettiest actresses in Hollywood. Here is your beer, and good luck."

"Why did you wish me good luck?"

"Let's just say I can hear the wheels turning. My advice is to just go up to her and start talking."

"Is it that obvious?"

"Yes it is, I'm betting you want to see her out of that dark red pencil skirt she has on."

"Thanks Sam. By the way what's the bet?"

"I'll bet she has on pantyhose; if I'm right you have to buy me dinner at the Urasawa restaurant. If I'm wrong you get to fuck me until your heart's content."

"Done." Then they shook hands to seal the bet.

As Sam walked away, he turned and leaned up against the bar and watched Jennifer find a place to sit and watch the movie that is playing. He took in the outfit she is wearing, the dark red high waist pencil skirt that ends just above her knees and matching short waist long sleeve jacket. Under the jacket, she has on a black lace blouse that hugs her breasts and body like a second skin. It didn't seem all that cold in the room so he is surprised to see her nipping through the blouse and her bra. She must be wearing a soft cup bra for her nipples to be so pronounced. Her shapely legs are sheathed in a pair of sheer black pantyhose or thigh high stockings with black high heel shoes on her feet. He wants to find out which of the two she has on, pantyhose or thigh highs.

She found a chair positioned so she could see the television and the bar without being too obvious. He is standing by the bar with his elbows resting on the top of it checking her out which she didn't mind because she is checking him out too. The first thing she noticed about him was the color of his eyes, a deep dark chocolate brown. His skin looks smooth and soft like well-tanned leather giving it a glow and color of stained walnut. The straight nose complimented his full lips, which sits above a dimpled chin that is part of what they use to call a lantern jaw. His somewhat thick neck flows into his broad squared shoulders and muscular arms. Even through his suit, she could tell that his wide expanse of a chest narrowed down to a trim waist with six-pack abs. At least she thought they would be that defined. She wants to find out if that is true.

Taking his beer with him, he walks over to the sitting area and finds a seat that's a couple of chairs away from where she is sitting. He looks in her direction and says excuse me, can you tell me what this movie is about.

"Sure, it's about a woman who works as a hotel maid that falls in love with a man running for a seat in the Senate."

"Okay thanks. Ummm... what is your name, you look familiar."

"My name is Jennifer Love Hewitt. Maybe you've seen one of my movies, that's why I look familiar to you. I also have a series on television or maybe you've seen one of my music videos."

"Nice to meet you Ms. Hewitt, my name is Jonathan Douglas but you can call me Jon. No I don't think I have seen any of your movies, sorry."

"You can call me Love, all my friends do. No need to apologize, I'm sure there are lots of people that haven't seen my work."

"You sound like a busy woman. I think I know where I've seen you before; it was on the cover one of those glamour magazines. What is your destination, are you going on vacation?"

"Yeah, I am sort of busy but I have enjoyed every minute of the time I've been performing. I wish I were going on vacation, I'm on my way to Hawaii for an audition."

"Well it is unfortunate that you aren't vacationing but Hawaii would be a great place to do a movie."

"That is true. There are not many others places that could beat it as a work environment."

She thought to herself, I love his deep voice. It reminds me of Dennis Haysbert's voice, that smooth baritone that's like music. For some reason his voice seems like it's touching the most intimate parts of her body, making her nipples hard and her pussy moist. She didn't understand these feelings she just met the man. Although she wonders if what they say about black men is true, the bulge in the front of his pants would give credence to the stereotype.

"Where are you going Jon and is it for business or pleasure?"

"I'm on my way to New York to scout locations for a movie I'm producing. So this trip is all about business."

"What kind of movie are you producing an action or horror or maybe a romantic comedy, something that I might want to have a role in?"

"I don't think you'd want to be in the kind of movies I produce, they are adult films."

"What?! Really?! I have never met someone in the adult film industry. What's it like making them and did you start out as a producer?"

He got up from his chair, moved to one right next to hers, and sat down. Moving closer to her, he could see she has honey colored eyes and deep dark brown hair that looked soft and shiny as silk. For someone as petite as she is, maybe five foot three, she has surprisingly large tits. After seeing her up close, he knew he would try to fuck her before her flight.

"I hope you don't mind me sitting next to you, I don't want them to over-hear our conversation."

"No I don't mind, I was hoping you would come a little closer. I was getting a little tired of trying to talk over the TV," she said this with a flirty little smile.

"To answer your question, no I didn't start out as a producer that came later. I started making adult films as an actor, after a while I became a director from there I began producing. Actors and directors make decent money but it's the producers that make the big money. The industry brings in about fourteen billion dollars a year."

"Wow, I didn't know it is that big but I don't see very many adult theatres anymore."

"Yeah, most of the money comes from DVD sales, pay per view streaming websites, and membership websites."

"That doesn't answer my question about what's it like."

"There are people that think making porn is glamorous but it's not. On a set or location, you have many people milling around which can be distracting. The lights are hot, there is sound equipment hanging over your head with the director telling you to get into uncomfortable positions."

"That sounds like any movie set I have ever been on. There are even scenes where you have to take off your clothes."

"Yeah, it probably does, the difference is that you may have to show your tits or ass and sometimes do a full frontal nude scene but in porn you must show penetration."

"Do you think I would make a good porn star?"

"No, I don't... I think you would make a great porn star. You are beautiful; you have large firm tits, and a great hourglass figure. I noticed your ass earlier when you were walking away from me that you have a very nice apple shape ass that has just the right amount of bump to it."

"Jon you could turn a girl's head if you keep talking like that. Are there any auditions you have to go to for adult films?"

"Not really auditions but there are casting calls."

"What goes on at a casting call?"

"Casting calls are usually filmed interviews and sometimes there is sex involved."

"Why would there be sex during those interviews?"

"The director wants to see if the woman can handle having sex while being filmed and determine how far the woman is willing to go."

"So some women can't handle the camera or won't do what the scene calls for?"

"Yeah, you have to be a little bit of an exhibitionist to be a porn star."

"If I were to go to one of your casting calls what would you have me do, besides the interview?"

"I could show you better than I could tell you but you have to play the part of an amateur porn star trying to break into the professional ranks."

"Okay, I can do that."

"How far are you willing to take this part you are about to play?"

"I want to know what a real casting call is like, that includes everything involved."

"Okay, but that can be pretty hardcore."

They finished their drinks and he asked if she would like another one, she said yes I would I'm a little nervous. He stood up, walked over to the bar and ordered a beer for himself and bourbon for her. When the drinks arrive, he asks Sam if there was some place he could lay down.

"Yes Jon, the club provides some rooms in the back for our members to take a nap in between flights. There are also showers back there if they want to freshen up."

"That would be great, my flight doesn't leave for another six hours and I am a little tired. I could use a nap until then."

"You'll have to get a key from the concierge for the room. So, are you going to get to see her out of that skirt?" She wasn't buying for a minute that he was tired because of his flight.

He just smiles, takes the drinks and walks back over to where Jennifer is sitting. Handing her the bourbon he tells her about the rooms in the back and how to access them. She stands up and says that sounds like a wonderful idea; I could use a nap myself. They walk over to the concierge desk and request a room for each of them. The concierge hands them both a key and tells them there is a shower in the rooms. Jennifer goes into the locker room to retrieve her bag that has her make-up, hair dryer, and things to take a shower after her nap. After leaving the locker room, she heads to the room to prepare for her scene.

After getting his key from the concierge, he turns around as she is entering the locker room and says it was nice meeting you. She replies in kind and pushes through the door. Heading to the room, that the concierge gave him, he wonders if she'll even show up. Upon entering the room, he sees a well-appointed room not as nice as some hotel rooms but nice enough for taking a nap. The room's layout is similar to any motel that you'd have stayed in for any length of time. On his left is the bathroom with a tub/shower, sink, and toilet with towels hanging on a towel bar. Just past the bathroom are a double bed and two nightstands on the left wall. On the back wall is a table and chair with a lamp under a photograph of the LA skyline at night. There are no windows in the room and it is soundproofed to drown out the jet noise. He pushes the bed closer to the bathroom to have a little space between it and the chair. Turning the chair to face the bed, he removes his jacket and tie places them on the back of the chair, sits and sips his beer while waiting for Jennifer to show up.

Her room, which is right next to his, is just like his only in reverse. After placing her carry-on bag on the stand provided, she walks over to the chair sits down and places her drink on the table. She sat thinking on what she has decided to do and why. It is unbelievable that she basically asked him to fuck her. Yeah, it has been a few months; a few months more like almost a year that she's had any dick. On top of that flying always makes her horny as hell. Although he is very handsome with a killer body and that bulge in his pants makes her knees weak, she is not sure she should be doing this. Then again, it would relax her for the audition in Hawaii. With the decision made, she slams down her drink in one swallow, stands up and heads for his room.

She is a little nervous, even though she has auditioned dozens of times before; she knocks on the door to his room. Even with waiting for her to arrive, he is surprised when he hears the knock on the door. He goes over and opens the door to let her in.

She says "Hi", when she enters the room.

"Hello, good afternoon."

"Good afternoon. Before we get started, I have to tell you I only have about an hour and a half for this interview. My flight leaves in about three hours and I'll need to wash up before I get on the plane."

"Don't worry; you'll have plenty of time to get ready. The interview part will only take a few minutes."

He walks over, sits in the chair, and has her sit on the bed. Pretend there is a camera in the corner recording the interview he tells her.

"Is this the place for the audition?"

"Yes, how did you hear about it?"

"From my agent she recommended this audition."

"So you've had some experience in adult film?"

"Just a few amateur films and some photo shoots."

"That's good. How old are you, and what is your name? Most girls use a stage name for this kind of work."

"I'm twenty one and my stage name is Ashley Love Ryder.

"What kind of scenes have you done and are there any scenes you will not accept?"

"What do you mean?"

"Have you done any girl on girl, blowjobs, anal, bondage, interracial or fetish scenes?"

"I have done blowjobs of course; I did one scene with another girl, some light bondage and no fetish or interracial scenes. I am open to just about anything but I don't think I can handle scat and pissing scenes."

"Being open to many different scenes will help you to get more gigs and make more money."

"How much can I make?"

"Depending on the scene, anywhere from one thousand to five thousand a scene."

"Wow, that's not bad for a few minutes work."

"No it isn't. How tall are you and what are your measurements?"

"I'm five foot three inches and my measurements are thirty six double D, twenty six, and thirty eight inch hips."

"Please stand up and take off your clothes slowly like a striptease. Not like a stripper but like you are enticing your boyfriend or lover."

She stands up and slowly starts to remove her jacket, reaching behind herself to slide the sleeves from her arms, which causes her tits to protrude from her chest. With the jacket off, Jon realizes just how large her breasts are, she did say her breasts are double D, the blouse she has on can barely contain them. Once the jacket is completely removed, she folds it in half and lays it on the floor near the foot of the bed. She undoes the belt on her skirt, grasps the zipper pull on its zipper and slowly pulls it open. Turning around she eases the skirt pass her well-shaped ass showing it off to great effect. Jon is feeling the stirring of his cock as he watches the show and takes in the sight of her ass framed by the black lace trimmed French cut panties she is wearing. She steps out of the skirt, bends over and lays it on top of the jacket. He smiles because he has just won the bet with the bartender. She'd bet him that Jennifer was a pantyhose girl; he believed she would have on thigh high stockings. The bet is for dinner or a fuck, if she'd won he would have had to buy her dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town. Now that he'd won, her pussy would get a taste of long thick black cock meat. It has been a while since he's had any Asian pussy. Knowing that Sam is not going to take his word for it, he takes out his phone and snaps a photo of her as proof that she is wearing thigh highs.

Grabbing the hem of her skintight lace top, she slowly pulls it over her head revealing her flat stomach and tiny waist. With her outer clothes removed, she only has her sheer black bra, see-thru French cut panties, lacy garter belt, and black lace top thigh high stockings to take off. Her body and her sensual movements amaze him; which is making his cock harden and throb with anticipation. It's been a while since he's been in porn that a woman has caused this kind of reaction in him; he believes he is falling in lust. She reaches up and grasps the clip on the front of her bra to release her beautiful double D breasts from their confinement. Swinging the bra from the middle of her chest to the side of her body, she drops her arms and lets it slide down them to the floor. She hooks her thumbs into the sides of her panties and begins to slip them slowly down her shapely legs bending over at the waist to step out of them. Arching her back as she stands up, forcing her tits to thrust out, she places her foot on the bed to remove her thigh highs.

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