tagMind ControlThe League of Super Breast Lovers

The League of Super Breast Lovers


Author's note: The pairings in each of the scoring events in this story have been chosen randomly and there will be six weeks of the game.


Pre-Game Introduction

The shadowed visage of The Game Master looked out through the large video screen at the assembled men. The intimidating figure appeared as little more than a shadow on the large monitor and when he spoke it was clear that his voice was being altered. None of the assembled men knew the true identity of the figure that had assembled them and none of them really cared. They were gathered here in this secret meeting place for the game that they were about to begin and that was all that matter to them.

"Greetings and welcome," the shadowed figure began with audible joy in his modulated voice, "to the inaugural week of the League of Superpowered Breast Lovers!"

The men standing before the monitor all cheered and clapped at the announcement.

"You all understand why you are here," the shadowed figure said once the applause had died down. "We are going to play a little game, have ourselves a little contest. A game specially designed for lovers of superpowered tits, the bigger the better!"

Again the gathered men broke into applause, but this time there were numerous lewd comments shouted out.

Once the furor had died down The Game Master continued. "Each week you shall all go out and find well endowed superpowered women to fuck, chosen from a list that I shall provide you. The first three of you to fuck one of the chosen targets will earn points for the week. The first target fucked will earn the contestant three points, the second fucked two points, and the third one point.

"But that is not all that shall determine the points earned! I have a master list of every busty heroine and supervillainess in the city displayed on the wall over there. As you can see next to each of their names is a number and right now they all read 'one'. At the start of each week every heroine will get one point added to their bonus score. When you fuck that target you get their bonus scored added to your weekly tally and their bonus is then zeroed out. So the longer a target goes without being fucked the more points she will be worth! But to clarify, so that we all understand the rules, only the first THREE heroines fucked each week will score you points.

"At the end of the week we shall all gather here and I will announce the scoring. It is during that time that I will add on anywhere from zero to five points to each scorer for style. I hope that over the coming weeks, or maybe even months if our game continues to be enjoyed by all, you will all come to discover just what it is I like to see when a superpowered woman is fucked.

"'But how will I see this?' you may be asking. Well, that is simple. I have had a number of small floating robots made, each containing state of the art recording equipment. These small robots are also equipped with stealth devices that make them nearly invisible to the human eye. Each of you will have one of these robots following you when you go on the prowl for our little game. Should you succeed in fucking a heroine they will record the whole thing for me, and everyone else's, viewing pleasure! These recordings will also be time stamped so that we can easily tell which three contestants fucked heroines first and thus score for the week.

"So what rules do we have in our little game? Not many. You may use any means necessary to subdue and fuck the targets. But once you are done fucking them you must let them go, for if our game is to continue the targets must ALWAYS escape. Also it would be best if out prey be kept in the dark as to WHY they are being targeted by us. The only other stipulation of notes is that you may not, under any circumstance, interfere in a competitor's attempts to defeat a target. Doing so shall have severe repercussions, anywhere from being docked points to being kicked out of the league all together!

"But what if two or more of you end up zeroed in on the same heroine at the same time? Well, I have decided that team-ups ARE allowed in this game and want to note that they have the possibility of earning bonus style points. But after the point tall is added together it will then be split between both contestants.

"That's about it. But one final note: this league is about these superpowered women's breasts. That means I expect the target's breasts to be the central stars of all the videos that come back to me. If breasts are barely shown or used expect zero style points.

"Now get out there, start hunting our busty targets, and let the game begin!"

* * *

Who are the contestants?

Brain Master: Tall, inhumanly thin, with bright green skin and a bulbous head that makes it look like his brain is three sizes too big. Has the power of mental control over others, but is unable to control more than two people at once. Also has a superhuman intellect and is fond of creating technologically advanced projects.

Crimson Cyborg: An ex-military project that had every aspect of his body enhanced through cybernetics. And that's EVERY aspect of his body, including his manhood. Has superhuman strength, enhanced agility and physical toughness along with a crisp tactical mind.

David Daringwood: One of the world's youngest, and most famous, billionaires. He is responsible for the social network that the majority of the world uses. Although not a powered superhuman he is a genius and uses his power and influence like a superpower.

The Dicktator: An African-American supervillain. Physically strong and tough and able to meet even the strongest heroine blow to blow. But his main power is his cum. His costume is designed with his dick exposed, making it his main weapon. He is able to grow hard and cum at will. His semen, when ingested, can have a variety of affects. It can daze a woman, leave her in a highly suggestible state, knock her out, make her breasts grow, and many other things.

Eros' Arrow: A supervillain with highly enhanced agility and perception. Eros' Arrow is armed with a bow and a quiver full of specially tipped arrows. No matter the need this hunter of heroines has an arrow for it.

The Gasser: Not superpowered but equipped with a body suit that augments his strength and agility. He also keeps plenty of high tech anti-heroine grenades with him and his suit has a built in knockout gas delivery system.

The Grower: The youngest supervillain in the league, The Grower is a baby faced villain of the precocious age of eighteen. Costumed in just yellow boots, gloves, a cape and a black domino mask the scrawny youth goes about mostly naked. He keeps his body so exposed because his dick, and the powerful smelly musk that comes off it, is his power. Once a woman smells it they come under his mental control, but once this happen his cock grows to incredible, inhuman size: thicker around than his leg and nearly as long too, although the size and thickness can vary from time to time.

The Shaft: An African-American bruiser who frequently works as an enforcer for one of the city's various criminal syndicates. Called the shaft because his massive black cock hangs down nearly to ground. When erect it is as hard as steal and the criminal bruiser is fond of using it as a weapon to bludgeon heroines into submission.

Sleepmeister: A tall, thin, bald man with elfin features, pointed ears, and ashy blue skin. He has a hypnotic gaze that allows him to put people into a deep sleep and is fond of taking advantage of heroines he has "subdued" in this manner.

Who are the targets?

Agent Purple

Agent Silver



Bovine Justice


Crimson Tide


The Enlarger



Gravity Girl

Heleena the Healer

Lady Centurion

Lady Midnight


Miss Mexicana

Opal Enchantress

Pink Obsession


Pussy Whip

Sister Tempest

Week One First Place

David Daringwood strode into the lobby of the Grand Hotel, the ritziest hotel in Megatropolis. The slender, casually young man looked out of place in the ornately furnished lobby. Everywhere around him was finery, both in the décor and on the people that milled about the lobby, while he was dressed only in well worn jeans and a simple black hoodie. Yet he not only carried himself like he belonged there he walked as if he owned the world around him.

He was shadowed by two large men dressed in black suits. There was no mistaking their purpose: they were body guards. Although all in the lobby noticed the two men no one noticed the way they had held the front door into the building open a bit too long. No one noticed the strange blur that had floated in after them, the sphere of displaced air that hid the camera bot that was following and recording David Daringwood's every move.

"I'm here to meet a friend," David said to the clerk standing at the front desk. He gave the man a polite smile as he saw the look of recognition cross the man's face. As always David's fame had proceeded him, a tool he wielded like a weapon when he needed it.

"Yes, sir! Who is it that you are here to meet?" the clerk quickly asked.

"Diane Larger," David said nonchalantly. "She told me that a room key would be waiting for me and my compatriots," he added, waving to his two bodyguards.

The man typed something into the computer before him then nodded. "Yes, I see the note right here." He grabbed a keycard from the desk and handed it over. "She's in room 813, floor eight."

David gave the man a polite nod then turned, stalking quickly towards the nearest elevator. His bodyguards went in first and prevented anyone else from entering the elevator once David had stepped in. David stood, leaning casually against the back of the elevator, his hands in the front pockets of his hoodie.

As soon as the doors slid shut David looked at the two large men beside him. "You both remember the plan?"

They nodded. "We keep close to you and wait for the signal. When you say the word 'deal' by itself we jump into action, subduing the target. Then we follow your lead after that."

"Exactly," David said with a smirk. He glanced up towards the corner of the ceiling, smiling at the nearly invisible robot that hovered there. "And make sure that thing has a chance to float in through the door when you close it."

Soon the three men were standing before room 813. David slid the keycard through the lock and the door popped open. He entered the room, his bodyguards and the invisible camera bot following quickly along behind him. Once the door was shut the three men were left alone with the sole figure that sat on the edge of the large bed in the center of the room.

The figure sitting before them was a pretty Hispanic woman with copper colored skin and round, pleasant features that looked to be in either her late twenties or early thirties. She was dressed in a red and black outfit that was more lingerie then supervillain costume. The low cut top and the corset built into it pushed her overlarge breasts up, making them impossible to ignore. The short skirt and the thigh high leather boots she wore left an enticing glimpse of thigh visible, showing off smooth and thick legs.

Her hair was short and wild, a mix of jet black and streaks of highlighted locks colored bright red. The sides of her head were shaved and the thick, wild hair running down the center of her head was pulled to one side. She wore a red domino mask on her face and her lipstick was a shade of near black that matched the black leather sleeves she wore on her arms.

"Why hello, Mr. Daringwood! I'm so glad you could make our little meeting in such a timely mater. Then again I didn't really expect someone so desperate for my services not to show up, not after that fuss you made on the phone last night." As the supervillainess known as The Enlarger spoke she stood up. She was a woman of average height but the tall heels she wore made her tower over the small Daringwood.

"So tell me, why is it that you are in such desperate needs of my services? You made it clear that you needed to meet as soon as possible and that you were willing to pay triple my normal price. Who is it that has incurred your wrath so? What unlucky woman will I be enlarging for you?"

David smiled. The dumb woman had fallen perfectly for his trap as he had known she would. She was gifted with a superpowered mind and had used it to create the world's only permanent breast growth drug. There were plenty of other breasts growth drugs, but they all wore off rather quickly. The Enlarger, though, had found the secret to make such modifications permanent. Her mode of operation was simple: she would use her drug on a superheroine or public figure, increasing their breasts to unmanageable size worthy of public ridicule and then blackmail them for the antidote.

It was a good racket, one that kept the woman flush with cash. Sadly she had a taste for living a decedent lifestyle and always blew through her money rather quickly. As such she was nearly always desperate to take on a well paying job that utilized her unique services.

But till last night, when the game had begun, she was used to the criminal and shady elements of Megatropolis looking at her as one of their own. An attack from someone like David Daringwood, well known in criminal circles as being a "cape chaser" who frequently hired supervillains to capture heroines so he could fuck them, was the last thing she would expect. Sadly, for her, the life of relative safety she had led was now over. For the first time in her life she was going to find that the perverted supervillains and wealthy perverts of Megatropolis were going to be targeting HER for defeat. There would be a lot less team-ups and a lot more teaming up on her in her near future.

"Well, you see," David began, showing no sign of the forthcoming betrayal, "it's a rather delicate position I find myself in. There is a woman who I find I need to, well, make bustier. For my personal enjoyment," he added after a short pause. "And she is not going to be a willing subject of my attentions."

The Enlarger nodded. "Ah, yes, and I assume you would like your fun with her enlarged bust to last? Or why else would you need my services."

He smiled. "Yes, exactly," he said, lying. He honestly didn't care if the breast growth was permanent or not. All that mattered was that The Enlarger had, for the first time, the tables turned against her. That should earn him at least a few bonus points.

"But I mean this woman no real ill will," he added, "so I would like her to be able to return her breasts back to their normal size once I am done with her."

"Well then, Mr. Daringwood, I think we might have a deal. I'll just need half of the payment now and the name of your target."

David held his hand out. "Let us shake on it first, then I will give you the name and the money," he said, smiling again.

She cocked an eyebrow at this. "She must be quite the target if you're not willing to name her before we agree to a deal." She shrugged. "I'm not concerned though, I've used my wonder drug on the biggest names and always gotten away with it. Why even the mighty Archbaroness has given into my demand for blackmail."

The Enlarger reached out and shook David's hand. As they shook David gave her a hungry, predatory grin, glancing down into her cleavage and then muttered a single word. "Deal."

The two bodyguards leapt into action at once. They bound forward, taking up a place on either side of the supervillainess. Each of them pulled out tasers from inside their jackets. David quickly let go of the woman's hand as her eyes opened large in surprise and fear. A moment later the two large men were jamming the sparking tips of their tasers into the woman's overlarge breasts.

It all happened too fast for the supervillainess to react or even realize what was happening. As the electricity shocked into her body The Enlarger screamed, convulsed for a moment, and then dropped limp to the floor.

"Think anyone heard that?" one of the bodyguards asked nervously, looking towards the door.

"Hell no," David said confidently. "These rooms are incredibly well insulated. No one outside this room heard her scream. I can guarantee it. I've had plenty of women up here and played roughly with them and no one ever heard. Besides, in a place where you pay this much for a room it's expected that the staff doesn't ask questions. The price tag includes discretion on the part of the staff. Now come on, let's get this big titted bitch up on the bed. I want to get a look at her breasts before we 'enhance' them."

The two bodyguards grabbed The Enlarger by her arms and hefted her up. Her body was limp and her head lolled from side to side. Her eyes were barely open and she looked dazed and confused, drooling slightly as they turned her body over then placed her back down on the bed.

David Daringwood climbed up on top of her and pulled out a small pocket. With an excited grin he began cutting open the straps that ran up the front of her corset. Once they were all cut he lifted her top up away from her body and cut the whole thing open, throwing the split fabric to the sides and leaving her upper torso fully exposed.

She was an incredibly curvy woman, neither thin nor fat but rather "thick". She had a soft midsection that at its own might have looked a bit chubby but her massive breasts were so large that it made her stomach look small in comparison. Her breasts were overly large, even for a woman with such a thick build. Each one was easily larger than her head and then some. Thick, wide, full and far firmer than one would expect form a woman her age.

While sitting on her stomach David reached forward and started playing with her big tits; massaging and groping them, pinching and tweaking her big nipples. The Enlarger moaned in response, the supercharged libido that comes with superpowers kicking into action. He knew that if he kept playing with her tits she'd become so aroused that even once the stunning effects of the tasers had dissipated she'd be more than willing to let him continue. That was part of why women with powers were so fun to play with.

But first he had to do something. He was, after all, out to win this little game he was playing. That meant he'd need to be going for those style points and he suspected that those would mostly involve what happened to a target's breasts.

"Find her tools," David barked at the bodyguards. "Look for needles, syringes. Stuff like that." As he commanded his minions he kept playing with The Enlarger's breasts, admiring her pretty, quiet moans of pleasure.

It didn't take the bodyguards long to find what they were looking for. One of them came back with a medical syringe, strange thick fluid in it. "Give it here," David said, taking it from the man.

As he pulled the cap off the syringe The Enlarger looked up at him, barely able to move. "No," she whispered hoarsely. "Not that, not on me."

"Oh yes," David said, grinning evilly down at her. "From what I've heard the best way to get results is a little bit in each tit?" He waited for a response then shrugged when he didn't get one.

As the needle moved towards her exposed breasts she moaned in terror but was unable to do more than wiggle slightly under David's body. And her wiggling did was make her breasts jiggle pleasantly.

He carefully injected the needle first into the center mass of her left tit, injecting only a small amount of the fluid into her, then moving to the right tit and doing the same there. When he was done he handed the needle back to the bodyguard and told the man to return it to where it had come from.

"Now we just need to wait," David said, grinning at the other bodyguard.

The man gasped and pointed at the woman under his employer. "No we don't, look!"

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