tagMind ControlThe League of Super Breast Lovers Ch. 02

The League of Super Breast Lovers Ch. 02


Week Two First Place

An abandoned warehouse loomed before Brickhouse. Most of the building's windows were either boarded up or broken. The garbage and rubble all around the property gave the impression that a human being hadn't set foot on the property in years.

But the hulking red skinned heroine knew that looks could be deceiving. All the intelligence the Megatropolis Amazons had gathered said that a small T.A.R.G.E.T. cell was setting up shop here. The city was aflame with rumors of the scientifically advanced terrorist organization slowly infiltrating the city and trying to turn it into a regional hub for their operations.

At that very moment her teammates Archbaroness and Champion Girl were at other locations rumored to be staging grounds for T.A.R.G.E.T.'s new operations in the city. The plan was to try and strike fast, knocking out their advanced staging areas before the group could get a foothold in the city.

Brickhouse watched the building, searching for any sign of movement from inside. She didn't see any but that didn't mean anything. T.A.R.G.E.T. was very good at keeping their cells hidden. They were a well financed terrorist organization, armed with technology far beyond what was publicly available and often beyond what was thought possible. The group was incredibly dangerous and normally taking on one of their bases took the full team of superheroines that Brickhouse was part of. But they expected only two or three T.A.R.G.E.T. members in each of these bases and expected them to be lightly armed.

"If they are in there I should be able to take them out with ease," Brickhouse mumbled to herself. She was incredibly confident in herself. She stood over seven feet tall and every inch of her red skinned body was covered in thick, superhuman muscles. She had more brute strength than any other superheroine in the city and on top of that she was so physically tough that most bullets would simply bounce of her. Piercing her skin was nearly impossible, only accomplished with sharpened Eudium, an incredibly rare and expensive synthetic metal.

Her raw power made it so she could easily punch and plow her way through nearly any challenge. And that was just what she intended to do during this mission. She gave the building an intense glare then leaned forward with one arm out before her, her elbow bent like a battering ram. Brickhouse then took off running, dashing fast and hard towards the front of the warehouse. She crashed through the wall as if it was made of tissue paper, the obstacle exploding out before her, becoming little more than a cloud of pulverized rubble.

Brickhouse had expected to be met by immediate attack of some kind, perhaps blasts form the energy weapons the T.A.R.G.E.T. troopers preferred to use. But as the dust settled around her she realized that even though they had been right about the location of this cell these T.A.R.G.E.T. agents weren't going to be attacking her. There were three of them and each one was sprawled out on the floor, unconscious.

"It seems someone beat me here," she said, scratching her head and looking down at the nearest T.A.R.G.E.T. trooper.

"That would be me," an unseen figure said loudly. The voice was strange, deep and crackly and spoken as if through a microphone that was giving off too much distortion. The distortion made the voice sound inhuman and artificial.

Brickhouse whirled around to face the direction the voice had come from. A large, muscular man stepped out from behind a pile of crates. He wore a tight red and black bodysuit over his well muscled frame. He was a bald white man with strange looking eyes that seemed to faintly glow. Brickhouse quickly realized the eyes were not real, but were instead some kind of cybernetic implants.

Over the man's lower face was a thick black breathing mask, straps of which wrapped around the back of his head. His skin seemed to be fused with the mask, making it seem like more of an implant that just a mask. It was clear that this was why his voice was so distorted, a fact that was only further confirmed by the strange rasping breath that came from the apparatus.

"Who are you?" Brickhouse asked. She stood her ground and clenched her fists but she didn't raise her arms. This man was clearly a superhuman, he was too bulky to be a normal man. And the costume he wore implied he had powers as well, no one but superheroes or supervillains went around dressed that way. But she had no idea what side of the law he stood on.

"I am called Crimson Cyborg," the man said in his strange, distorted voice. As he spoke he started walking slowly towards Brickhouse, cracking his neck and knuckles as he did so.

"Are you a new superhero in town? Is that why you took these T.A.R.G.E.T. goons out?" Brickhouse's voice betrayed the skepticism she felt. There was something about the man that made him feel like a villain... The way he carried himself. The way his strange artificial eyes looked at her. It was all too predatory.

He chuckled, the distorted laugh sounding menacing through the mask on the man's face. "I did take them out. It was easy. But no, I did not do it because I am a new superhero in this cesspool of a city." As he spoke he kept striding towards Brickhouse.

She lifted her fists now, preparing for a fight. The man was clearly trying to intimidate her and it wasn't working. "Then why did you take them down?"

"Because I knew one of you big titted bimbos would be showing up here to take them down too. How do you think word started to spread that they were setting up shop in town? I got a few new augmentations from them then ratted them out. All so I could get the drop on someone like you."

"Well you've wasted the element of surprise," Brickhouse scoffed. As soon as she was done speaking she lunged forward, throwing a wild haymaker at the man.

Crimson Cyborg seemed to have predicted the attack and with startling speed managed to bend back and dodge the blow. The way he bent back was unsettling, bending back past the point other people could bend. Clearly his cybernetic implants went as deep as his spinal cord.

His body quickly sprung back up, moving in towards Brickhouse as she stumbled forward after her blow missed. Crimson Cyborg reached up and grabbed hold of Brickhouse's short dark red hair, jerking her head painfully back. At the same time he pressed her body down and bent it forward so he could jam his knee up into her gut with enough force to knock the air out of the towering superheroine.

A moment later his other hand was around her neck, squeezing tight enough to cut off the flow of any air into her chest. He lifted her up off her feet, something only someone incredibly strong could manage since she was so dense and heavy.

Brickhouse had to fight to breath. She was choking, her eyes opened wide in surprise at her opponent's raw strength. Astoundingly he seemed to be as strong as her, maybe even stronger. She started to strike the single arm that held her by the throat but blow after blow failed to do as much as bend his elbow. She tried to kick at him but he responded by using his free hand to uppercut her cunt, the pain of the blow knocking most of the fight out of her.

"Pathetic," he rasped, looking up at her. "I had thought one as strong as you would have been able to actually put up a fight."

Brickhouse made desperate gasping sounds as she tried in vain to breathe. Her head was starting to sway from side to side, her eyelids growing heavy as the lack of air started to make her feel faint. Soon she started to see stars and stopped struggling, her body no longer responding to her mental commands. As her body went limp and she started to fade from conciseness she realized there was no hope of escape.

It was then that she felt a sharp needle press into her neck. Something was injected into her and then Crimson Cyborg let go, letting her drop down onto her feet as he took a step back. Looking at his hand she could see a Eudium needle (the only metal that could be made sharp enough to pierce her skin) sticking out of his palm, then saw it retract back into his hand as she gasped hungrily for air, her vision clearing.

As soon as she had regained her breath her impulse was to strike at her opponent, to strike hard and fast to gain an advantage over him. But as her mind commanded her body to act she found her body was refusing to do what it was told. Instead of lunging forward and throwing superpowered blows at her enemy she stood still, her arms at her side. She swayed from side to side, feeling dizzy and weak even as her lungs were once more filled with enough air.

She was having a hard time keeping her eyes focused. Clearly the needle had injected some kind of drug that was now weakening her. Finally the growing weakness she was feeling combined with her extreme dizziness and led her to topple forward and fall down onto her knees with a pathetic and very un-heroic moan of defeat. A moment later, feeling even weaker, she fell down onto her hands and knees.

The world felt like it was spinning so wildly around her she had to momentarily close her eyes. Her head hung down and was moving from side to side as she tried to keep her balance and stop from collapsing.

Once she managed to center herself she opened her eyes and looked up at Crimson Cyborg. She found it hard to focus on him. He was standing just before her, staring down at her. His expression was impossible to read since most of his face was covered, only his strange artificial eyes were left exposed and they were unreadable.

"Drugged... me..." she mumbled up at him, fighting to at least remain up on her hands and knees.

For a moment Crimson Cyborg stared at her with his strange eyes, unmoving and unspeaking. Then, silently and with the smooth motions of a predatory animal, he moved forward, lifting his leg up and over her body as he turned around. In the end he was left standing over her back, facing the same direction as her.

Brickhouse immediately started to try and crawl away from him. But she was so weak and disoriented that her movements were painfully slow. She managed to move only a few feet away when she felt Crimson Cyborg take a few steps forward to stand above her again.

Except now he lowered his body down so that he was practically sitting on her shoulders. He grabbed her by the hair with his left hand, pulling her head back and to the side. With horror looked back and she saw that the man had pulled his cock out of his costume and that it was already hard! Hard and large and looking strange as he held it in his right hand, as if it too has been cybernetic augmented.

She snarled in disgust at the sight but he quickly silenced her by moving his crotch closer to her head and smacking her in the face with his thick hard cock. She made a sound of disgust in response. He responded by smacking her in the face with his meaty cock, hard and fast, over and over again. He then started pressing his cockhead into her cheek, rubbing it from side to side and smearing sticky slimy precum over her face.

He slid his cock down towards her mouth and started forcing it between her closed lips. As his thick throbbing cock invaded the weakened heroine's mouth Crimson Cyborg stepped over her, repositioning his body so that he was squatting before her. As he forced his cock into her mouth he pulled on her hair and lifted her up onto her knees so that he could stand straight as he started fucking her face, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth till it was pressing into her throat.

"This hard cock on your nearly worthless face and now invading your throat is your pussy's wakeup call," he growled at her in his strange voice.

"I used to be a member of the military," he continued, starting to explain why he was doing this to her, two hands on her head holding it place as he fucked her face. "I was part of the top secret unit that worked on ways to defend against superhuman threats. Right now all of you genetically degenerate freaks keep yourselves busy playing superhero and supervillain, but the military is prepared for the day you monsters decide to throw your powers behind some kind of anti-American political cause.

"I volunteered for the experimental cybernetic augmentations they were perfecting to help normal decent humans combat people with powers. As they made me better, stronger, more powerful they trained me to fight women like you. I learned what a threat you could be, learned to fear and hate you. Then I learned all about the weakness you all have, the shameful supercharged libidos you are all cursed with.

"They augmented me in every way, both to beat you in a fight AND to take advantage of your sexual weaknesses. But these last augmentations left me with the same curse you all have: an overpowering, insatiable sexual appetite. I was unable to control my urges and was thrown out of the program.

"I was left with a body designed to defeat superheroines and a libido that wanted to fuck all day. And one more thing: an intense hatred of you fucking cunts. It's because of you I was changed into this thing I am now. It's because of you that I can't look at a woman and not get hard and want to fuck till I'm exhausted. So I vowed to make each and every one of you pay. Hero or villain, I'd take my hatred out by fucking you all as often as I could."

As he monologued, explaining what he was and what drove him, he kept hold of her head as he humped her face. Brickhouse gagged and choked on his cock rammed into her mouth and down her throat over and over again. Thick strings of saliva dripped off his cock, ran down her face. Tears streamed from her eyes.

There was a look of despair in her eyes as she took the man's cock over and again. Yes, she was fucked frequently by her enemies, but usually only after she had been knocked out or after she had been aroused to the point that she was taking an active part in the sex. She wasn't used to feeling so helpless and overpowered during sex. There were few that were as strong as her, few able to do what was being done to her.

And the worst part was his cock HAD been a wakeup call to her pussy. As soon as she saw it her body started to crave sexual release. As he had rubbed it on her face she had felt pussy throbbing, growing moist. Even now as he painfully rammed his cock down her throat, her hands were on her crotch, lightly rubbing at her clit through the damp fabric of the black leotard that served as her costume. Yet even though she was playing with herself this felt like something being done TO her, not something she was taking part in.

Eventually he let go of her head, stepping back slightly from her and letting his saliva covered cock fall from her mouth. Without speaking a word he leaned down, grabbed her costume, and began tearing it off of her. The sleeveless and legless black leotard was soon nothing but tattered fabric on the ground around her. She wore no panties but did have a bra on, one that looked like a sports bra but seemed to be made of a strange, semi-metallic material.

Crimson Cyborg grabbed her bra and moved to tear it apart but found the material was too strong for him to rend open. He grunted in annoyance and tried harder but found that the fabric seemed to be impervious to any kind of tearing or ripping.

As if to sooth his frustrations he moved in closer and rammed his cock back into her mouth. "Suck, you stupid cunt, or I'll make you pay," he growled angrily as he went back to trying to rip her bra open. After a few more frustrating moments he gave up and instead moved to simple take it off, grabbing it by the bottom and starting to lift it up and over her breasts, all while he kept fucking her mouth. It took a lot of effort and he realized the bra was so tight that only one nearly as strong as he was would be able to remove it.

Her breasts looked large compared to a normal woman. But compared to most other superheroines she looked to be on the small end of breast size, something that had confused Crimson Cyborg. The contest he was taking part in was about sexual adoration of women's breasts, LARGE breasts. All of the targets in their game seemed to have breasts that would be, when compared to normal women, described at least as "huge". But Brickhouse's breasts seemed much smaller than the other women's. He had wondered why this Brickhouse had been on the list.

As he lifted the bra up he started to see why she was being included in this contest. Time seemed to move in slow motion for him, the bra slowly moving up her breasts. Her red tit-flesh bulged out from under the bra as expected at first. Clearly the sports bra was compressing her tits slightly. But as the moment passed into the next it become clear this was no normal bra and these were no normal breasts. The amount of soft red flesh slipping out the bottom of the bra increase at a pace that seemed impossible. More and more flesh was revealed, twice as much as he thought was compressed in the bra then three times as much!

Finally the breast flesh coming out of the bra reached critical mass. The bra popped up off her breasts, the rest of her tits exploding out to their true size and dropping free from the garment. The tits that dropped and bounced into sight were inhumanly large, each breast larger than a normal woman's torso.

And the way they sagged heavily down her front made them look even larger. With her on her knees they hung practically to the ground. Almost all heroines had breasts far perkier and firmer than most their age, but Brickhouse's tits seemed far saggier than most. It was as if their immense size and weight was too much for even her superpowered body to keep firm and perky. And her huge, wide tits also seemed less dense and softer compared to other heroines.

Crimson Cyborg was a man that had loved breasts before his body had been heavily augmented and changed. He was a man who had not just loved breasts, but loved LARGE breasts, the bigger the better. That love had only been increased by intense magnitudes when his libido had been tampered with and supercharged.

The slow reveal of Brickhouse's tit's true size had worked him up. He had started humping the weakened heroine's face faster and harder. And then when they had exploded out in their total true immensity and dropped down, bouncing and jiggling, it had pushed the man over the edge.

He threw his head back and began groaning in pleasure, the sound frighteningly distorted as heard through the mask on his face. Brickhouse's eyes shot open and she attempted to pull back and away from his quivering cumming cock, but he grabbed her head and kept firm hold and held her in place. She started to scream around his cock as the villain kept groaning in pleasure. He was cumming so long and hard, an astounding amount of cum exploding into her mouth.

As she yelled a cock muffled scream cum began to pour out around the shaft in her mouth, oozing out onto her lips and down her chin. Still Crimson Cyborg kept cumming. She gagged and choked on cum and her eyes rolled up into her head. Still he kept cumming. More cum was oozing out of her mouth, streaming down her chin and dripping onto her huge breasts. Still he kept cumming! The villain was ejaculating so much cum into the woman that it even began to pour out of her nostrils.

Finally he let go of her, pulling away. Brickhouse fell down onto her hands and knees, vomiting up a huge amount of cum. It looked like the villain had ejaculated enough into her to fill her gut up and then some. It was clear from the astounding volume of semen that the Crimson Cyborg's whole reproductive system had been heavily modified. No normal man could cum that much without the aid of a drug. Yet his cock still stood hard and it was clear he was far from satisfied.

A man with an active P-Gene was left tired and distracted after getting off. It was a moment of weakness many heroines counted on, letting villains have their way with them till they came so they could easily regain the upper hand. But Crimson Cyborg did not have an active P-Gene so he did not suffer this weakness. He was as sharp and attentive now as he was when he first revealed himself to Brickhouse. And the long, intense orgasm hadn't seemed to satiate his sexual needs in the slightest.

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