The League of Super Breast Lovers


Breathing heavily, knowing she had made a VERY big mistake trying to fight this man on her own, she looked up at her foe. His massively long cock was started to swell, growing thicker and harder. She weakly moaned and shuddered again, the sight of the quickly hardening black cock enough to make her cum a second time.

Grinning happily The Shaft moved forward so that he was standing over Agent Silver, his half erect cock dangling down into her face. He grabbed hold of it and started to get down on his knees. As he did this he slapped his cock down onto her face and started rubbing it from side to side, the massive thick veiny black shaft being slide from side to side over her nose.

Agent Silver pathetically started to struggle, but she was too weak to do much more than wiggle. And the smell of cock was being shoved into her nose, filling her senses with its musky disgusting scent.

At least that's how Agent Silver's mind felt about the smell, her body had different thoughts about the smell of cock. Her mouth slowly opened, her tongue slithering out to lick at the bottom of the big black cock as it was rubbing in her face, to taste the oh so male taste of its flesh. The Shaft laughed again and repositioned himself so that the tip of his cock was in her mouth. Agent Silver closed her eyes and took it deep into her mouth, starting to suck him off on pure instinct, losing the fight and giving into her bodies craving for cock.

Meanwhile The Shaft, now squatting over the cock crazed heroine, grabbed her costume with both hands and tore it open like it was made of tissue paper. He pulled away, his cock popping wetly out of her mouth as he stood, the woman pathetically lifting her head after him in a vain attempt to keep his dick in her mouth. He ripped away her costume till her torso, crotch, and ass were fully exposed. Then he looked down at her and smiled, amazed that the woman's massive breasts looked even bigger out of the costume.

He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her up onto her knees, marveling at how her breasts hung heavily down the front of her chest. They weren't just big, they were dense and wide. They hung heavily, their mass trying to pull their shape down into the droopy tear drop shape of an older woman's breasts. Yet they were so dense and thick that their mass for the most part kept a nearly circular shape.

"Those are some big fucking tits," he mumbled, staring down at them and stroking his cock absentmindedly with one hand. "I need to see how they jiggle or if they are too dense to do that."

As he spoke he grabbed his cock and lifted it up, shoving it into Agent Silver's face. It still seemed only about two thirds hard but it was clear it wasn't going to get any harder any time soon, almost as if there just wasn't enough blood in The Shaft's body to make it fully erect. He pressed his bulbous cockhead into the weakened heroine's mouth, grabbing the back of her head and pressing it in towards his body as he moved his body closer to her.

She choked and gagged and weakly pressed against his legs as his cock moved first into the back of her mouth and then began to snake down her throat. It was so long and thick that she could feel her neck bulging from its girth working down her throat. Soon she was able only to breathe through her nose as her throat was filled completely with thick black cock. Even so, nearly half The Shaft's length was still out of her mouth.

The Shaft, cock as deep as it could go without possibly doing permanent harm to the woman, then started fucking her throat, humping her face and holding her head in place. The weakened heroine kept choking, kept pressing pathetically against his bare legs. Tears began to stream down her face, making the dark eye makeup she had on run messily down her pale cheeks.

As he fucked her throat The Shaft stared down past his cock to the heroine's huge, fat tits. He pounded her face harder, making them jiggle and shake. He marveled at the strange way the overly thick tit-meat moved. They were so thick and dense that they barely seemed to be breasts. They reminded him of something else and after a minute he realized what: a big thick ass! Her tits were so firm and dense they moved more like a thick firm ass then breasts.

That thought reminded him of the fact she had one of the biggest, fattest asses of any heroine he had ever had the joy to fuck. With a sudden lust for ass filling him he started to pull away from the woman, his cock evacuating the woman's throat and then mouth, leaving behind the feeling of moist emptiness in Agent Silver.

With his inhumanly long cock out of her mouth, covered and dripping thick saliva, The Shaft roughly grabbed hold of the thick bodied, huge titted and fat assed heroine and flipped her over, pressing her face first onto the ground of the filthy alleyway. He showed no concern for either her comfort or health and seemed to revel in pressing down on her back and smashing her overlarge breasts into the filth and gravel that littered the ground.

Once she was pressed firmly into the ground he knelt down on top of her thighs, grabbing her huge plump ass cheeks and spreading them open. They were thick and meaty, even more so than her breasts. Once her ass cheeks were spread open he happily stared down at her puckered, filthy asshole and enjoyed the way he could see the bottom of her pussy from this angle. And like all humans with an active P-Gene she was totally hairless there, not a single pube on her pussy or around her asshole, the flesh perfectly smooth.

The Shaft then grabbed his saliva covered shaft and slapped the massively long cock down between her ass cheeks, the incredible length more than enough to run up from the bottom split of her cheeks up past the top cheeks and onto her lower back. Then, grabbing both cheeks, he pressed them in and around his shaft. Her ass was so fat that her cheeks were able to fully envelope his rod.

He then started humping her backside, using the plump flesh of her ass to hot dog his cock. He kept hold of her fat cheeks, keeping them pressed around his cock and leaning into her and pressing down on them as he furiously humped her ass.

Agent Silver placed one of her arms under her head, burying her face. She gasped and moaned in joy, her body reveling in the feel of cock sliding between her ass cheeks. Her body was still hungry for cock, oh so hungry, and it didn't care in what manner a cock was using her. Just as long as she was being used.

But even though she had lost all control of her body her mind was still aware. She swam in a mental pool of disgust, shame, and revulsion. At The Shaft's cock and the way her body was responding to it. As she continued to moan in pleasure she also started to sob soft tears of utter despair and humiliation. Her body, her foul cock craving body, had once again betrayed her lesbian mind that wanted nothing to do with men sexually.

After what felt to Agent Silver like an eternity of having her ass cheeks fucked The Shaft pulled away from her. He was breathing heavily and he moved with the frantic speed of a man who was close to climax.

"Don't want to cum that way," he mumbled. "Need pussy. And need to make sure her tits are visible to the damn camera when I blow my load."

As he rambled to himself he bent over and grabbed hold of Agent Silver by the waist, easily lifting her heavy body up into the air with his superhumanly strong muscles. She dangled limply in his arms, sobbing quietly in defeated. Gravel and filth had been pressed into her breasts and some of it now remained attached to her body.

His cock had finally grown fully erect. It stood intimidatingly rigid and tall. The Shaft held the heroine's body up above his cock then started to lower her down on it, carefully lining up her dripping wet cunt with his cock head. Once they touched he moved her body from side to side, feeling the tip of his cockhead moistly move through her pussy lips till he felt it resting in the opening of her cunt-hole.

Then, slowly, he started to press her body down on his cock, impaling her with it.

Agent Silver's body tensed and she gasped as he slowly filled more and more of her. She was no longer crying and there was no sign of pleasure on her face, only fear. "Please," she gasped. "There's no way it will fit all the way inside of me! It's far too long!!"

The Shaft chuckled and kept pressing her further and further down the inhuman length of his cock. "Maybe. But maybe your superpowered body is so tough you can take every inch. Only one way to find out."

Perhaps his last comment had been an empty threat or he simply had pressed as far into her body as was possible. Either way, he stopped pressing her down his shaft about two thirds of the way to his balls. He then adjusted his grip on her thick middle section and leaned forward, nibbling on her ear. "Ready to be broken on my monster black cock, you dumb fat ass white bitch?" he whispered in her ear.

Then, not waiting for a response, he started bouncing her body up and down his shaft.

Agent Silver moaned deep and long in pleasure. Her body bounced, her limbs limp and too weak to move. Her head bounced from side to side, her face a contorted mixture of pain and pleasure. Her limbs bounced about as if she was a rag doll. Her tits bounded heavily up and down, the gravel that had been stuck to her flesh quickly flying off. She started to wail loudly, a strange sound that was neither pleasure nor pain, but some perfect combination of the two.

The shaft grunted and groaned in pleasure, trying desperately to control his breathing and keep from blowing his load. But with each bounce of the heroine on his cock it became harder to hold back. Her cunt was just so moist and thickly tight. It felt like her body was trying to milk his cock dry and he had no doubt it would. But he wanted to be sure of something before he started to cum.

He looked around, searching for a barely visible shimmer in the air. Finally he spotted, straight ahead of him. The nearly invisible camera bot was floating there, recording everything. He looked around the woman's body in his hands, realizing with a smile that it was less like he was fucking her and more like he was using her body to jerk off with. Just as he had hoped her massive tits were bouncing heavily up and down as he jerked her up and down his shaft. He looked from their bouncing bulk to the camera. "Bet they look tasty bouncing like that," he said.

Then, feeling he had hopefully earned a few bonus points from the breast loving Game Master, he let himself cum. He groaned, his muscles all tensing and his hanging balls tightening as his huge, thick load of cum was sent rocketing up his long shaft.

Agent Silver felt the blast of cum fill her insides. The pressure was incredible. Clearly the man's body had compensated for the length of his cock my building up the muscles that sent his ejaculate out of his body. She felt him ejaculating inside of her at least three times as strong as she had ever felt a man cum inside of her.

The feeling pushed her over the edge and she came again, as strong as the first time she had cum at this villain's hand. The orgasm was too powerful, too much for her already weakened body. With quiet gasp and a surprised look of intense pleasure the heroine shuddered then went totally limp as her eyes fell closed.

She had cum herself unconscious.

The Shaft, feeling she had passed out, started to laugh in triumph. Breathing heavily, looking sleepy and sated, he started to slowly lift her up off his cock. It was already growing soft and as he pulled her body up off it the length of long black cock meat started to slide out of her.

When his cock popped out of her cunt there was only a brief moment before the superhumanly sized load of cum The Shaft had deposited into her cunt began to leak out in big thick globs that dripped down onto the ground.

The Shaft carried her over to the door she had been smoking by and sat her next to it, leaning her up against the wall. She was passed out, her costume ripped off of her and only the sleeves and legs still intact, her massive tits resting in her lap, thick and dense. Her legs were spread open, cum still leaking from her cunt and pooling on the ground under her. Her head lolled to the side, the black eye makeup that had once adorned her eyes messily running down her face, making it clear she had at one point been covered in tears and sweat.

"What a beautiful sight," The Shaft said looking at her, then turned to the barely visible camera and winked.

* * *

" A surprisingly good showman," The Game Master mumbled as he typed some notes into the computer before him. "He'll be one to watch out for, although I feel he lucked into fucking this one so early in the week."

"Two points for coming in second place," he said. "One point for the target. And let's see... two points for style. I loved how he finished with her tits bouncing like that but there was a lack of tittyfucking. Would have loved to see her pale, white meat-mountains wrapped around his black cock."

He looked at his notes, did some quick math, then typed in The Shaft's score for the week. "Five points. A respectable showing for a supervillain who is, from everything I have heard, little more than hired muscle."

Week One Third Place

As soon as the door to her office was closed Heleena the Healer locked it behind the client that had just left. With a heavy, exhausted sigh she walked across the small waiting room and sat down behind the front desk. Leaning back in the chair she closed her eyes and took a deep breath before slowing letting it out. The act was supposed to calm her nerves, but as her chest inflated with the deep breath she was made painfully aware of how large and heavy her breasts were at that time.

Begrudgingly she opened her eyes and sat up, looking down at her chest. The costume she wore resembled a retro nurse's outfit, all part of her superheroine persona as Megatropolis' healer of the superpowered. She had the ability to heal any human with an active P-Gene with but a touch. But aiding people this way caused her breasts to swell and grow, becoming sore and painfully full of milk. Only after she expressed the liquid that built up in her expanded breasts would they shrink back down to their normal, manageable size.

Her breasts at the moment were quite large, her quick visual estimation being they were big enough to fill a G cup bra. Of course she wore no bra at the moment, she never did. Her breasts were always changing size which made wearing one impossible.

She'd need to go and express the milk built up inside of them and soon. Once her breasts got this big her ability to heal started to weaken and sometimes gave out altogether. It was her duty to be prepared to heal whoever showed up at her office's front door no matter the time of day.

Still feeling weary, she pushed herself up onto her feet and started to turn back towards the examination room. She kept some breast pumps hidden in there with various other medical supplies. The local superpowered community knew that healing caused her breasts to grow, but only a small few knew about the lactation and she preferred to keep it that way because she felt rather ashamed of it.

As she moved towards the examination room a loud, frantic knock on her front door began to sound. A moment later the doorbell buzzed. Someone had arrived in need of her services, expressing her milk would have to wait.

On the other side of the door into Heleena the Healer's clinic stood a tall, awkwardly thin figure. He was dressed in a form fitting costume made of silvery metallic fabric that looked like something out of a cheesy 1950's sci-fi B-movie. Adding to this "alien" impression was the fact that his skin was bright green and the top of his head was totally bald and misshapen, as if his brain were three sizes too large.

The man was Brain Master, a supervillain with a superhuman intelligence and the ability to control other's minds. It was not unheard of for villains to show up at Heleena's clinic. She vowed to heal all she could, regardless of what side of the law they lived on.

But Brain Master showed no sign of being injured. Nervously she looked through the spy hole built into the door. He looked to be unarmed but he carried a metal briefcase in one hand that made her nervous. The villain had a reputation for conduction perverse experiments on the heroines he defeated. That made her nervous, as did the fact that the man had never paid her a visit before. Luckily the entrance into her clinic was heavily reinforced exactly so she could control the kind of person that was allowed entry.

Brain Master stepped closer to the front door, putting his hands flat on it as if trying to sense what was on the other side of the reinforced entryway. He leaned forward, placing his forehead on the door and closing his eyes, concentrating.

On the other side of the door Heleena was trying to watch him through the spy hole. But now her eyes glazed over and she pulled back from the door. She stood up straight, staring blankly ahead and holding perfectly still.

Outside the door Brain Master still had his head against the obstacle. His eyes remained closed but a predatory, hungry smile had spread across his face. "Open the door," he muttered. "Unlock it. Let me in." He pulled back and waited, listening to the locks on the other side being undone.

The door opened to reveal an African-American woman dressed in a nurse's outfit. She was thin and of average height, although her huge frizzy afro made her seem much taller. At the moment she had breasts that looked far too large for her small frame. The fact that she stood as if she was unused to their size and weight only increased the impression of them not truly belonging on her body.

Her expression was blank and devoid of any emotion or intelligence. She simply stared straight ahead as if she didn't currently see the world around her, as if her brain had been turned off. Brain Master nodded at this, pleased by the sight.

He took his time coming into the woman's clinic, waiting for the nearly invisible robot that was following him to float into the room before slowly closing the front door and securing the many locks on it. He wanted to make sure that his time with the good healer would be both recorded and that there would be no interruptions.

When he was done her turned to the woman standing before him. "Do you know who I am?" he asked her.

"You are the supervillain known as Brain Master," Heleena said. She spoke slowly and without any emotion, sounding more like a robot than like a woman.

"And do you understand what I have done to you?" As he asked this question he raised a hand up and placed two fingers on the side of his forehead, wincing slightly as if concentrating on something.

"Yes, I understand," Heleena said in that same slow, emotionless tone of voice. "You have put me under your mental control. I am now your slave and I must obey your every mental and verbal command. I do what you want me to do and say what you want me to say."

Brain Master laughed happily. "God I love making them say shit like this." He glanced over at the barely visible bot as he spoke, talking to whatever audience he might have. "I know I'm putting the words into her mouth but it's still a joy to hear her say them."

He looked back at Heleena. "Before we get down to business I need to see the goods. From the looks of things you've healed a lot of people today. You don't realize it, but I made sure of that. Controlling heroines and criminals one at a time, making them fight and ensuring the heroines got plenty hurt then planting the driving impulse to come to you to be healed. Had to make sure you were plenty busty before I showed up. Now take your clothes off and let's see how big those black titties of yours have gotten today."

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