tagInterracial LoveThe Lecher Ch. 02

The Lecher Ch. 02


He could see the SUV coming to halt at the gates and puts his cup of Turkish coffee down expecting the buzz on the prompter. He buzzes him right back and the tall gates open.

As the truck creeps up the winding driveway, he watches on the security monitor and wipes the corners of his mouth, hopping up from the chair. He has more keys than a janitor but his wallet is heavy as well, so no matter how tight the drawstring, his velour pants always sag. He is at no shortage of velour paraphernalia, including hats and belts. His always fresh Nike sneakers squeak against the expensive flooring as he heads for the front door.

"Come right in hombre" says Johannes vibrantly opening the door for his dear friend Maurice, "I see you got them."

"Same ol' Jo'", replies Maurice with his friendly eye contact, "yeah, got'em."

Maurice, over his right arm, is carrying three outfits. In his other arm, pink stilettos.

"Come in and sit down my man, let's get down to business" said Johannes.

Here you have another pair of utterly gorgeous black guys, well kept and smooth in speech. They speak with their eyes and familiar expressions more than anything. Though mere security guards and gas station attendants, and not nearly as wealthy as Johannes' cousin Cecile, they have their appeal. They know what they're doing.

"Where..." says Maurice as he sits down on the couch but Johannes cuts him off-

"Shhhh", he motions, "let me see what you got here."

Johannes snatches the outfits out from Maurice's lap and holds them up-

"Aaah, this will work" he said, particularly intrigued by the female attire, "it's perfect- for her."

"Man, what the fuck-Will-man, what the fuck" grunts Cecile, squirming on the cold floor.

William ignores him, gazing into Victoria's dazzling blue eyes, "by all means lovely, don't be alarmed by my bareness, finish your job."

Victoria gives William a devilish grin then her eyes direct down to the floor admiring the dimples on Cecile's ass cheeks choking his Speedos.

She thought, 'He is cute.'

Victoria spanks Cecile on the ass and grips his ass cheek. Cecile, in the midst of kicking and squirming, rolls over and gets up on his knees-

"No! What the fuck is this? This is not how things work around here bitch. You're assaulting me!" as he attempts to rise to his feet.

Before Cecile could get to his feet, a very nude William interjects and wails on him with his left fist, hitting him square on the chin.

Cecile falls onto the floor, un-cushioned, and unconsciously curls up like a baby.

Melinda and Belinda were in shock, screaming at the blow that Cecile took.

"What are you doing?!?!" yelled Belinda in a panic, "Don't do this!"

Victoria was not alarmed. The way this beautiful man stared at her as he got up from the couch, completely nude, and took charge of Cecile appeared to her in slow motion. She is beginning to like William, but not more than Cecile-of course.

"Poor baby" pouts Victoria as she looks at Cecile completely knocked out on the floor.

"Dearest take care of you."

Her precious blue eyes works like a mirror for long black cocks. 'Her' is Petra. The blonde Hungarian kitten confined to Cecile's wine cellar. She stands at 5'2 with a soft hour glass shape. Her tight waistline compliments her big perky breasts & perfectly chunky backside. Her face is sharp and angelic. Cecile's cellar has been an awakening for 19 year old Petra. After 3 weeks in this cellar she still isn't sure in what manner she should scream. For her one thing is for certain; she has developed a passion for black men.

"These will work right?" asked Maurice as he pours himself a glass of Scotch.

"Perfect" replied Johannes; smoothing out the outfits and laying them over the side of the couch, "so ...want to get down to business?"

"You don't have to ask me twice."

"I hope you like watching yourself on tape" said Johannes.

"Don't tell me he wired the cellar too."

"Of course" replied Johannes with a bright smile.

"Fuck it."

Johannes and Maurice are both tall and slender. Maurice is more slender, so slim that Johannes always jokes about punching him in chest and making his shoulders touch. Maurice, to his credit, has no problem getting the ladies with his father's features. He has a bright smile and squinty light brown eyes. Johannes has dark brown eyes and a equally bright smile. Their identical goatees make them look like twins.

They carry on down one of the many halls of this old fashioned $ 1.5 million dollar villa and come to the cellar. Just the existence of this place puts Cecile's partnership with William in jeopardy. If only his partner knew about what goes on in his cellar.

She could hear them again. Talking. Moving around. Drinking liquor. Loosening their belts. She closes her eyes briefly and sits up on the mattress only wearing one of Johannes tee shirts, wrapped in a velour cover. She leans over a little bit, looking down a long row of French wines, staring right into the dark stairwell. It's cold. Her nipples are hard. Her legs have goose bumps.

The boys open the door to the cellar.

"Whoa, it's cold down here" said Maurice, taking a swig from the bottle of scotch.

"Of course it's cold down here stupid. It's always cold down here. Why do you think you brought those?"


Petra knows why. She is the one that should be complaining. She would complain but when Johannes arrives he brings body heat. He has weight. He has length. A big, long, warm cock and nice warm cum. She is dependant on 'Master'. He is the kindle to her fire.

"Cece' says to always keep it cold for her. He won't have it any other way."

"God, you talk about her like she's your pet" said Maurice, putting the bottle up to his mouth and laughing.

"She is ..."

Their shadows appear from the darkness at the bottom of the stairwell. Petra looked the dark figures up and down.

"Hey baby doll" said Johannes.

"Master" she said with a parched smile.

The truth is Petra doesn't know many English words beyond 'master'. Her English is rather limited but with 'master' she seems to get by.

Petra gets up from the bed and stands across the room from them, staring at Maurice.

Johannes flips the switch and the murky cellar lights comes on. The boys approach petite Petra and tower over her. Petra could not help rubbing her inner thighs together as the cold air flows up her bumpy legs and right up the flimsy tee shirt.

"Put this on" said Johannes, handing the plastic covered outfit and shoes to Petra.

Petra holds up the outfit, looking it over, noticing that this see through number will not produce much heat.

She must listen to master.

The boys then retreat to the other end of the cellar next to the row of ageless Sicilian wines and begin changing themselves-

"You sure she can handle both of us?" asked Maurice.

"We're about to find out."

"But she looked kind of scared Jo'..."

"So? Looks like you're the scared duck kid. You want to do this or what?" asked Johannes.

"Fuck yeah"

"Well then, hand me mine, its cold down here."

The boys change their clothes and appear in front of Petra who is standing beside the mattress wearing a pink-fishnet cat-suit; the material clinging to her skin, complete with matching 3 inch stilettos. Her piercing blue eyes glowing from out of the shadows.

Johannes and Maurice are simply wearing white thermo outfits. Johannes requested thermos because of the cool temperature of the cellar. The crotch is cut out of both outfits and the boy's cocks hang, gradually getting harder, as they stare into Petra's eyes.

"You" said Johannes, pointing at Petra, "Over there" as he motions her to sit in front of the bar.

"Yes master."

Petra, who is still rubbing her inner thighs together, patters along in her stilettos over to the bar. Johannes has her sit on a stool facing the bar and they approach the bar with their big black cocks swinging.

Of course when wearing no panties, her cold; supple ass cheeks bound like jelly around the seat of the stool. She needs to be touched. She needs warmth.

The boys recognize this as they approach in their thermos, only exposing their cocks. They get close to her, breathing on her neck. Groping her. Starving for her flesh. Squeezing her ass cheeks. Arms around her waist. They both sit atop the bar, facing pretty blonde Petra. She has her arms folded, sitting up straight as they sit on both sides of her. They inch closer to her, their cocks limp ...but hard.

She looks back and forth at their cocks, not moving her head.. 'They look so warm' she thought. She needed that warmness as she unfolds her arms and begins stroking both cocks simultaneously. Master did not tell her to do so but she thought she should take initiative.

Petra lightly strokes their shafts up and down in her small palms, making both of the boys fully hard. Johannes kicks the stool from under Petra and she is a little shaken, but left standing in front of the bar with two beautiful black cocks all for herself.

"You" said Johannes, which always grabs her attention, "start sucking."

The boys shimmy even closer to each other, thigh to thigh, crossing their arms behind each other.

Petra did what master instructed her to do. Attack these cocks. She titled her head, running her mouth and tongue up Maurice's shaft as she looks into master's eyes. She comes to the tippy-top of it and swirls her tongue around the head, diving her head and sucking it up and down as she frantically jerks off master with both hands.

She literally sucks on Maurice's cock, hard, and then stops with a loud pop. She begins jerking him off and switches to master, looking right up into his eyes, flipping her long blonde hair to the side. She kisses up his shaft, giving it little pecks, kissing the head, then spits on it. She wraps her lips around his long skinny cock and begins choking herself, with the help of masters hand mushing her down. Petra looks down, holding his cock in the back of her throat, and they both release, along with strings of saliva.

Petra runs her hand up and down the shaft, feeling it and looking at it. She goes back in and sucks on the head while she jerks off Maurice with hard strokes, all the way down and all the way up, rolling the skin in her hand. Petra loves bbig warm cocks.

She begins sucking off Maurice once again and this time has both hands free as master grabs her silky blonde hair tightly, letting the movement of her head guide his hands.

Amidst the heavy breathing and taunts to go deeper, Johannes lets go of Petra's hair and gets off of the bar. He picks up the stool from the floor, lifts it up and Petra sits on the cold stool as she eagerly slobbers all over Maurice's cock.

He tears a big hole in the crouch of her fishenets, and begins kissing and licking Petra's ass cheeks, going under it and running his hands up her velvety soft back; palming her ass cheeks, jiggling them, spitting on her asshole and fingering her. In effect Petra begins sucking Maurice's balls, juggling each one around in her mouth, running her tongue over them together; rubbing her spit all over his cock, making it as shiny as possible. Sucking on his cleanly shaven balls as Maurice's glistening hard cock stands perfectly with no assistance. Petra's eyes rolled.

'So warm'

Johannes comes up for air, breathing heavy; his middle finger plugged in her asshole, with the other hand ripping the hole in the fishnets even further, exposing Petra's entire ass to the cold air. Petra lightly thrusts up and down on Johannes finger as she deep throats Maurice.

"Thatta' girl" says Johannes as he watches his middle finger disappear in her tight pink asshole.

Petra moans to herself as she slides her warm tongue up the shaft of Maurice's cock; rolling her eyes.

Johannes made use of his cock and began spanking Petra's ass as she thrusts up and down his middle finger.

Maurice tilts his head back as Petra wraps her little fist around the shaft; taking it in her mouth as deep as possible.

He removes his finger from Petra's anus and her lithe ass cheeks squish against the stool when he begins licking her asshole, letting his saliva drip all over her hairless pussy. Johannes is only interested in the asshole, obviously. Master already knows the pussy is his. He licks her asshole around the rim and then deep inside, spreading her ass cheeks firmly. As Petra leans forward coating Maurice's cock with her soft tongue, large spit bubbles appearing and disappearing, Johannes comes up for air and plugs his middle finger up her ass again, spanking her left ass cheek with his cock.

Maurice leans forward and momentarily catches eye contact with Johannes.

'Fuck her'

He pulls out the lube and lathers it around her asshole and inside, fingering her more, making her asshole nice and moist. Blonde Petra liked the warm liquidly feeling of the lube and groans as she smacks herself on the cheek with Maurice's stiff cock.

Johannes assesses the situation and pulls Petra's stool closer to him. Here he is with his best friend, sitting on the bar with a head bobbing up and down in his lap and himself in identical dress; with their cocks hanging out of their tight fitting thermo underwear, about to fuck this poor young Hungarian blonde up the ass. The way it should be.

He grabs the base of his cock and makes the skin really tight and the head really fat as he begins sliding it into her asshole. Petra braces herself as she looks back at master with her soft blue eyes, squeezing Maurice's cock harder and harder as her asshole widens.

Master slides it in, slides it all the way out, slides it in deeper, slides it all the way out, even deeper-until his long, skinny, fleshy shaft disappears up her ass. He looks down as she slowly begins circling her hips, watching his big black cock moisten within her powder white bottom.

Petra deep throats Maurice's cock each time Master goes in deep. She wants to cry for Master. She needs Master to know she feels him all the way inside of her.

Johannes grabs Petra's hair as he thrusts forward, bringing out the dimples in his ass cheeks, and she lifts her ass off of the stool just a bit and begins fucking master. Maurice looked down with a frown of pleasure as Petra's gorgeous mouth wraps around his big black cock; the head beautifully concealed in the soft inside of her cheek, watching her ass cheeks bounce off of Johannes' pelvis harder and harder.

He pulls all the way out, slides it all the way in, pulls it all the way out, slides it all the way in, pulling out his glossy cock and spanking her on the ass cheeks. Petra could feel the coolness going up her asshole as she looks back at masters cock, jerking off Maurice with both hands.

She moans to herself as it bounces off of her ass. Her ass cheeks are cold with goose bumps, her pussy is wet and warm. Johannes looks up at Maurice and motions him to fuck Petra.

Much to his oblige, Maurice hopped from the bar top and positioned himself behind Petra, mindful to how hot and slippery her pussy must be. Johannes interjects for a moment and removes the stool from under Petra. She stands and almost stumbles, still clad in pink stilettos and pink fishnet, matching her tight yet sloppy pink pussy. Maurice completely palms her ass cheek as he maintains his own balance.

He wasted no time sliding it all the way in, sliding it all the way out, sliding it in deeper and deeper, until it disappears in all her wetness. Maurice thrusts slowly and holds his cock deep into the softest place on earth, putting her hands on the bar then wraps one of his in her soft blonde hair. He uses her hair for support as he thrusts back and thrusts in harder, amazingly even deeper while Petra's knees touch, relying on her 3 inch stilettos for poise.

Petra loves sex and she's not afraid to show it, even when knowingly expendable, privy to the fact that she's only a petite little slut in Cecile's cellar. With her eyes half shut and her bottom lip hanging, she too feels appreciative of new cock and being fucked in her pussy for the first time after 8 long days, a master's week-of anal training.

Maurice rocks forward and pulls her hair tighter toward him, completely plunged in her pussy, the thermo material around his pelvis mashing up against her ass cheeks. He slightly moans to himself and then begins fucking her faster. Petra gradually responds and meets him half way with every thrust, moaning each time they meet. She's moans faster, then faster, then is forced to switch to an extended groan as Maurice holds his thrust, his long black cock deeply lost in her warmest of places. A single tear fell from Petra's eye.

Petra frowns as she grinds on Maurice's cock, pushing it even deeper inside herself. Maurice, still with a fistful of her pretty blonde hair, pulls tighter as Petra leans her head back. She arches her back and grinds on his cock even harder until Maurice begins banging her quite squarely in solid synchronization.

Maurice pulls out his glistening cock on a down stroke, then uses both hands to rip her fishnets even further. He then grabs her ass cheeks and places his long black cock between them like a heavenly hot dog. The soft skin of his penis rolls down and that beautiful head disappears, only to reappear as he strongly strokes upward, tightening the skin and making the head of his cock pulsate as it seemingly gets fatter with every up stroke. He squeezes her ass cheeks as he strokes up and down, up and down-until shooting ropes of warm sperm all over her ass cheeks.

Petra felt weak at the knees. She could feel his cock pumping out all of that warm cum as it landed on her ass cheeks. The warmness of cum on her skin in this terribly cold cellar amazed her. Maurice continued stroking as it squirted out and dribbled off the head of his cock. He then stops and turns Petra around. Petra faces him and looks into his eyes, her's half shut. Maurice proceeds to rip Petra's fishnet outfit from the neck down to her crotch. Johannes joins him and they rip and tear at Petra until the 'outfit' lands on the floor.

Petra drops to her knees and begins hugging Maurice's leg, getting warmth from his thermos. Maurice pushes her off and wipes his spent cock all over her neck. Johannes looks on with a full erection and pulsing head.

"Suck my cock" he says forcefully.

Petra, kneeling on the cold cellar floor, now only wearing her cute pink stilettos, wraps her fist around the base of Johannes' cock and begins greedily sucking on the big fat head. Johannes arches his back and puts both hands behind his head as Petra slobbers all over his cock. The warmness of it all made Petra masturbate as she sucked on his big black cock. Maurice re-hardens almost instantly as he watches this perfectly blonde princess please his friend. Petra reaches over and starts jerking him off with the other cock filling her mouth.

They then stand pretty Petra up and escort her by hand to her bed, which has no box spring. She sits on the edge of the bed with her legs crossed and eagerly sucks their cocks back and forth for quite a while until Johannes lays on the bed and instructs his slave girl to ride him. Petra complies and looks down on his collected facial expression as she straddles her master. She continues to look him in the eye as she grabs the base of his cock and directs it into her pussy. Johannes quickly reaches up and wraps his hand around her throat, demanding she put it up her ass. Petra gives him an intense look and does what she's told as she presses the pulsating head of his cock against her tight little asshole. She guides it in as she leans back on it, feeling it slide all the way up her glorious passage.

Petra begins riding her master slowly with her hands pressed firmly on his chest. He puts his hands on her waistline and gradually starts mercilessly pounding her ass. Johannes fucks her ass rather hard as Maurice comes over and stands next to Petra, grabbing her hair and making her suck his cock. Petra continues to get her ass fucked smoothly as she sucks on Maurice's cock and deep throats for him. She was doing such a great job that Maurice yanked her hair back, made her look him in the eye, and shook her head as the saliva dripped off of her chin.

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