tagErotic CouplingsThe Legacy Pledge Ch. 03

The Legacy Pledge Ch. 03


Lana was in the main campus library, her hair in a messy bun and her glasses on as she sat a desk covered with notes, two textbooks and an open MacBook. The first test of the term was coming up and if she got anything less than an 80, she would never forgive herself. She had neglected her work over the past two weeks and as much as her pussy thanked her for it, her marks did not share the sentiment. She had gotten a less than desirable mark for her last practical and she needed to hit this test out the park to keep her GPA as respectable as possible. But even as she frantically worked on her calculus, her brain would wonder back to Aurora every now and again.

All she had been able to think about was the sorority president's fingers and the way they had made her pussy feel like heaven. Lana had never experienced anything that had left her weak with as much wanton desire before. When she had gotten back to her room, Rachael had thankfully been fast asleep and Lana had quietly rubbed and fingered herself to completion but it wasn't the same. Whereas before, that would have been enough, now she longed to cum around someone else's hand. A specific, blue-eyed someone else. Lana crossed her legs where she sat and squeezed her thighs, willing the throbbing in her womanhood to subside so she could concentrate on her schoolwork.

She had her pen in her mouth, nervously chewing at it as her eyes took in the math problem that was on the laptop screen, hating that she couldn't figure it out. Since when had numbers become difficult for her? She had been a Mathlete back in high school, for crying out loud! Groaning out in frustration, she scrolled the electronic paper and moved onto the next question but to avail. Her brain was shot.

"Having trouble?" she heard a voice.

Lana looked up from her seat and she was glad to see a familiar face.

"You have no idea," she griped. "This sucks."

Freddie pulled up a chair and sat next to Lana. She had changed her hairstyle since the last time they'd seen each other, this time her braids were a short bob that just touched her shoulders. She looked over all the work Lana had on the table.

"Fucking hell, you're a math nerd?" she said. She picked up the text book. "How does this even count as math? There aren't any numbers?!"

"Shhhh!" an agitated fellow student shushed them from the desk across Lana's.

"It's calculus, not algebra," Lana explained in a whispered tone.

"It's still shit," Freddie whispered back. She placed the book back on the desk. "It's a Friday, you shouldn't be doing this. What are your plans for tonight?"

Lana grandly gestured to the work in front of her, causing Freddie to side-eye her. Lana suppressed a laugh.

"You're coming out with me," Freddie said matter-of-factly.

"Freddie, I can't," Lana lamented. "I have a test on this next Wednesday."

"Wednesday?!" Freddie exclaimed, forgetting to regulate the volume of her voice. She went back to a whisper. "Ditch this, just for tonight. You need to unwind a bit and maybe your brain will be working better by Sunday. I promise you."

Lana contemplated the offer. It didn't sound half bad at all. Plus, it hit her that for the first time since she had started college, she was being asked out to a party that was not Sigma orientated. Maybe this would be good for her, to be a normal coed for a night, no kinky hazing.

"Ok," Lana conceded. "Wanna meet me at my dorm in two hours?"

"Sounds like a plan," Freddie grinned.

They exchanged numbers and Freddie dashed off. Lana packed up all her belongings into her backpack and left the library. She got to her room and greeted Rachael as usual before dumping her school bag on her bed. She took a quick power nap, wanting to recharge her batteries after having had a pretty stressful day of classes before waking up and getting ready. She had a PG-rated shower this time around, and was more laid back with her option of clothing. It was just a normal college party. There wasn't anyone she needed to impress.

She blow-dried her hair before straightening it with a hair iron. She loved it when it became a long, brown, glossy curtain that cascaded down her back. And plus, for some unknown reason, straight hair made her look older and she wasn't in the mood to get ID'd. Her make-up consisted of her trusty mascara which lengthened and thickened her already ample eyelashes and made her teal eyes pop. She put on a little black dress with spaghetti straps, black chunky heels and a denim bomber jacket for the cold. She was excited, finally going to go to her first college party.

Her phone pinged on her bedside table and she picked it up to read the text as she swiped red lipstick over her lips:

Waiting for you outside. HURRY UP NERD!

She gave a small laugh at the nickname that Freddie had seemingly given her and quickly typed her reply that she would be outside in less than five minutes. After a squirt of perfume, Lana grabbed her purse and headed out the door, not even saying goodbye to her roommate.

Freddie was leaning on an Uber, finishing off a cigarette when Lana arrived. She dropped it on the floor and stubbed it out with the heel of her Doc Marten boot.

"Your chariot awaits," she greeted Lana, opening the door for her.

They both got in and the car began to move. That's when Lana realized she had no idea where they were headed, and she asked her new friend.

"I thought we should suss out our brothers, see what they're about," Freddie said.


"Alpha Gamma Nu," Freddie replied. "Don't tell me you don't know about them."

Lana shook her head. "Like you said, I'm a fucking nerd."

"You're not a virgin, are you?" Freddie asked, her eyebrow raised.

"Surprisingly, no," Lana said. "I had a boyfriend in high school. We broke up after graduation. Different colleges and all that jazz."

"Good," Freddie said firmly. "Being in a relationship while you're a freshman is like, a fucking death sentence. I don't know why anyone would do it."

"Well, with school and Sigma, I wouldn't have time for a boyfriend anyway," Lana said.

"You're such a good girl," Freddie rolled her eyes. "You make me feel like a heathen."

"Don't feel that way!" Lana said quickly. "If anything, I need to be a bit more like you."

"Being me isn't easy, but I can teach you?"

"I'm a model a student," Lana grinned.

They arrived at the frat house and it was exactly what Lana had pictured it would be. It was larger than the Sigma house, and just as impressive in design. The girls thanked their driver and disembarked. The music was so loud that Lana could feel the thumping in her chest and she was afraid she would get a headache before she even managed to have any fun. Freddie, on the other hand, had a large grin on her face. She was clearly in her element. She grabbed the timid girl's hand and dragged her along the pathway through the front yard and to the door.

"Hold up there, pretty ladies," a guy at the door said. He was slurring, clearly having drank his fair share for the night, but his authoritative tone was steadfast. "This is a private party."

"Yeah," Freddie said confidently. "And we're Sigma pledges. Are you gonna turn down your sisters?"

He took them in for a few seconds, clearly undressing them with his eyes. Lana was aware of her bare legs and Freddie's high-waisted jeans and crop top that accentuated her lean curves. It wasn't hard to imagine what a guy was thinking when looking at them as a pair.

"Damn, Aurora really knows how to pick y'all, don't she?" he spoke with a Southern twang.

"Unfortunately, I can't say the same about your president," Freddie challenged him.

She was lying. Even in his drunken state, he was gorgeous, but she didn't want her and Lana to come off as stereotypically giddy freshmen.

"You've got quite the mouth on you," he smirked at Freddie. Lana felt invisible as they openly flirted in front of her. "I could put it to better use."

"You fucking wish," Freddie scoffed. "Now let us in."

He obliged and the girls entered, but his eyes never left Freddie's jean-clad ass. The music was a loud amalgamation of hip-hop and electronic dance music and Freddie immediately began bobbing her head to the tune. She dragged Lana to a table that had red cups and punch and bottles of liquor that were in various states of volume. Lana picked up a bottle of already opened tequila when Freddie swiped it out of her hand.

"What's wrong with you? Are you planning on getting date raped? You know rophy's are like fucking catnip to frat boys. We only drink from the sealed bottles, ok?" she said, grabbing two bottles of Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade from an ice bucket.

Lana took the advice and took the cooler. She twisted it open and took her first sip. It was sweet, cold and tasted nothing like alcohol; her favorite type of beverage. Freddie led her to the backyard where people were either dancing or attempting to have conversations. The two girls had each other and they let the music take them, dancing, drinking, and taking a copious amount of selfies. Lana couldn't remember the last time she had had this much fun and she felt like she was in a bubble of happiness that nothing could pop.

They were dancing and laughing away, Lana having lost count of the Hard Lemonades she'd had but she wasn't feeling too drunk, just tipsy and happy.

"Let's sit down, these shoes are new and they're killing me," Freddie yelled over a song.

They weaved through the throng of bodies and plopped down on a couch that was surprisingly empty. Knowing that she was in a frat house, Lana tried not think about the things that could have occurred on the canvas piece of furniture otherwise she'd be too grossed out to sit on it. She had a fresh Pink Lemonade in her hand as her and Freddie chatted, until their conversation was interrupted. It was the guy that had been at the door.

"Ah, my two favorite pledges," he grinned, sitting down next to Freddie.

"What do you want, white boy?" she jibed.

She was trying to put up a front that he annoyed her but it was clear as day that she was flattered by his attention. There were far easier girls that would have been willing to go anywhere with him, but it was Freddie he pursued.

"You seem like a smart girl, darlin'," he drawled. "You know the answer to that question."

Freddie rolled her eyes at him, but her lips were smiling. He had the broad shoulders of a football player and the cockiness of one too.

"The name's Colton. I thought you should know it -"

"Since I'll be screaming it later tonight? Yeah, I know the drill," Freddie interjected.

"She's Freddie," Lana spoke up.

Freddie shot Lana a daggered look but Lana merrily smiled as she took a chug from her sweet drink. She didn't know why Freddie was playing so hard to get when her attraction to the guy was obvious. She had never been anyone's wing-woman before, but she figured there was a first time for everything.

"And she's single," Lana completed after swallowing.

"Ok, single Freddie, you wanna dance?" Colton offered. "I'm pretty good, for a white boy."

"Fine," Freddie said, defeated.

She took Colton's hand and he led her back outside, leaving Lana on her own. She surveyed the room around her, her head absent-mindedly bopping to the music. After she had finished her drink, she got up and was going back to the ice bucket to get another one, when her hand grazed against another. It was the last bottle of the brand left.

"You take it, I've had enough," she said quickly.

"It's alright, you take it," said the other person. He picked it up and handed it over to Lana. "I should probably be drinking a beer, anyway." He laughed awkwardly.

He was tall, and tan, his blue eyes twinkling when he laughed. Lana felt her heart wallop in her chest as she took him in. He had a chiseled jawline and a symmetrical face that was unfairly handsome. He was a boy but he was even prettier than her! His hair was dark blond, nearly brown, and cut just about an inch shorter at the sides, the top stylishly unkempt. Lana felt the heat in between her thighs develop as she registered just how good looking this guy was.

"Fuck beer, it's gross," she said, trying her best to channel her inner Freddie. She twisted open the bottle. "We can share this."

"Are you sure?" he asked, a small laugh escaping his pink lips.

Lana replied by placing the bottle at her lips and taking a large gulp before handing it over to him.

"I'm Lana," she said.

"Luca," he replied, after he had swallowed his first sip. "I feel really bad, drinking your last Lemonade."

"It's ok," Lana shrugged. "What I really wanted was the tequila anyway but my friend told me to stay away from it cause frat guys put rophy's in everything."

"Hey, that's not true," Luca said defensively. "Well, not mostly true. I can personally say I've never slipped anything into anyone's drink."

"As if you'd need to," Lana said. "I mean, look at you."

As soon as the words left her lips, she clasped her hand over her mouth. She couldn't believe she had actually said that. Luca's laugh was genuine and his smile wide as he took in the compliment.

"Coming from a girl that looks like you, thanks," Luca grinned.

"I guess, thanks as well," Lana blushed when the compliment was returned.

"This doesn't seem like your scene," Luca said honestly. "What are you doing here?"

"Freddie, my friend, dragged me," Lana explained. "I've been having trouble with my calculus and she thought I needed to unwind a bit."

"Is it working?"

"Yeah," Lana nodded. "I mean, she's ditched me for some guy named Colton but now I'm talking to you so that's a plus."

"Colton?" Luca groaned. "You should probably look out for your friend. You know that rophy thing?"

"Freddie's fine, trust me," Lana said, knowing Colton would be no match for Freddie's street smarts and quick wit. "Anyway, I'm kinda having fun talking to you."

"Me too," Luca smiled.

They continued talking, moving their conversation from the liquor area to the kitchen. There, Luca opened fresh bottles of alcohol right in front of Lana and proceeded to make them both coke and rum mixes in red cups. Lana sipped away at hers as they chatted. She was sitting on the kitchen counter with Luca leaning against it next to her, and in that moment, she forgot that they were in the middle of a huge house party. They spoke about everything under the sun; from their majors to their favorite bands and films to politics. They were in the middle of an argument about whether Pink Floyd's magnum opus was Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall when Luca decided to test her conviction.

"I've got both of them on vinyl in my room," Luca began. "You wanna put it to the test?"

"Ok," Lana said.

She wanted to sound nonchalant but her stomach was a bundle of nerves. Nerves, alcohol and sexual tension. She hopped off the countertop and was surprised when Luca took her small hand in his larger one as he led her out the kitchen. They weaved amongst the people and walked past a couple that was deeply making out against a wall, the girl's skirt hiked up as the guy ground his crotch against her.

"Lukey-boy got one!" Lana heard someone yell as she followed Luca up the staircase to his bedroom and her cheeks burned.

"Ignore them," Luca said, as they reached his bedroom door. He pulled out a key from his pocket and unlocked it, letting Lana in before him.

His room was exactly what she had pictured from the chat downstairs. The twin bed had a dark bedspread that looked like it had a nebula on it and there was a framed Star Wars poster above his desk. He had turned the knob of his lighting so it was light enough to see, but dim enough for it to be intimate. He had a shelf that was fully stacked with vinyls and record-player on top with a lava lamp besides it.

"Is that what I think it is?" Lana asked as she sat down at the chair at his desk and picked up a glass instrument that was clearly a bong.

"Yeah," Luca laughed nervously. "I use it every now and again. For the stress."

"What does it feel like?" Lana asked. "Do have any weed with you right now?"

"Sure," Luca nodded.

He placed the vinyl on record-player and Time by Pink Floyd began to filter throughout the room, doing an alright job at drowning out the dance music that was banging downstairs as he walked over to where Lana was sitting. He opened his desk drawer and pulled out a box. He flipped that open and took out a medium-sized bag filled with the dried, green drug.

"Every now and again?" Lana said skeptically when she took in the quantity.

"Ok, everyday," Luca laughed. "But I don't drink as regularly as the average college student or ever smoke. That shit's poison. This is natural."

"Spoken like a true pothead," Lana joked.

She watched as he put a small amount in a grinder and then in the bowl. He had a bottle of water on his desk that he filled the bong with.

"Ok, now watch what I do," he told Lana. "And inhale slowly or you'll choke and hate it."

She watched as his dexterous hands lit the marijuana as he also took a deep drag. He held it in for what seemed like forever before finally exhaling a cloud of smoke. He past it to Lana and she repeated what he did. It burned just a bit but she controlled her throat as she inhaled then exhaled.

"I don't feel anything," she pouted.

"Take another drag," Luca said. "Then give it about two minutes."

She followed his instructions and as soon as she exhaled, her body felt a sensation it had never felt before. She felt light and giggly but calm all the same time. Luca could see the change in her and he smiled, knowing that this was her first time getting high.

"I feel...good," she grinned, her eyelids heavy. "Reeeeally good."

"That's the point," Luca stated. "Now listen to this track and tell me Waters has ever done anything better in his life."

Luca was sitting on his bed, facing Lana. She closed her eyes and the music felt like electricity. She could feel every chord and every lyric . When she opened her eyes and looked over at Luca, she felt like his gaze was boring into her, reading her mind. Letting the music take control of her, she got up from the chair and began to sway her hips, the guitar eliciting a tingling feeling in her nether regions.

She didn't break their gaze as she slipped the jacket off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor as her body swayed along to the sexy, psychedelic rock sound. Her hands were in her long locks as she moved slowly and rhythmically, her eyes closed as her hips moved left and right. Her hands traveled over her body, stopping at her breasts as she squeezed them softly and moaned.

She knew Luca was looking at her and the thought gave her confidence that she normally did not possess as she caressed herself and swayed, flipping her hair as her hands stroked the soft satin of her short, black dress. She opened her eyes again and looked at Luca. His azure eyes were dark with lust, the girl's sexy and slow private dance clearly affecting him. She licked her bottom lip, her blue-green gaze looking at him with the need she knew was growing for him in between her thighs.

She let her horniness lead her, her hands slowly pulling the thin straps off her shoulders and letting the flimsy dress slip over her uncovered breasts and hang around her waist. She was still dancing as she pulled it down and it pooled at her feet, and she stood in front of the frat boy in just her lacy, dark blue underwear and heels.

Luca was hypnotized. The girl he had met downstairs seemed shy, understated. But the one standing half-naked in front of him now was a vixen that was making his palms sweaty and his heart race. He could feel his dick throb and grow uncomfortably hard in his jeans and he hoped to hell that she wasn't just teasing him.

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