tagNon-EroticThe Legend of The Five Sisters

The Legend of The Five Sisters


There is a legend of five angels who fell from heaven because they wanted to live on earth.

There were five of them.

Wind, Water, Fire, Earth and Spirit. All of them beautiful, all different in their own ways. The angels wanted to be part of the great plan for heaven was not as fascinating as the plan. So the divine one set them on earth to find and keep peace with the plan. Soon they split up after they all decided to explore on their own.

But instead of make peace, they shot the plan out of its original course. But the divine one enjoyed it, for they made the plan a new path. One that could never be seen.

The divine one enjoyed this and left the sisters. They made the greatest changes in the plan. Earth created the ground for each to walk on. So that they would be able to sleep when the Goddess came out to shine soft light on them. Spirit made the plants grow, so they would have fruits to eat and trees to keep them cool from the God's strong light. Fire made light and gave them warmth when the night would be cold. Water made the streams for them to drink and wash when they were parched from the days heat. Wind made the cool breeze, so that her sisters would be cooled when they were not under the many trees spirit made.

But soon they got lost when they split up, each missing the company of each sister. To help them find each other when they felt lost or lonely, they laid out a path to each sister to find.

Water laid her path down and let her stream flow over her sister Earths path.

Wind could not find her sister Earths path, because water had begun to cover it, soon even Fire's path was covered in water.

Fire moved over Earth's path hoping that Wind would find her soon. But Earth's paths changed with Water's path.

Wind could not stand this pandemonium, she lifted Water's path and tried to see if her sisters were caught in it. but the path became too heavy and it began to slip threw her grasp. Rain began to fall over Fire's path and smothered it.

All was lost when Spirit became scared of being alone. She began to search for her sister Fire, but was stopped as Earth decided to break at Waters path to see if fire was under Water's path. Spirit fell into the great crack of Earth's trap and fell into the cold darkness. Fire saw this and quickly ran to try to help her sister Spirit out from the abyss.

Wind saw this too, but realized she was to weak to help her sister Spirit out from under the hard ground. She could do nothing but hope for the best.

Fire becoming angered by this began to melt at the ground. Her anger began to flow like a river, calm then rapid with chaos. She began to burn everything from her blind rage. Wind saw this and began to get scared. She lifted more of Water's path and let the cool water splash over her heated sister.

The ground got harder because of this.

Fire, getting more angered by this dived deep and hard into the abyss to help her scared sister out from within. She lit the abyss with her flames like a shooting star in the night. She finally reached her sister and began to try to help her out. But Spirit was too heavy and fire could do nothing. Wind looked down and began to lift up the ground with her strongest gushes of wind. Sending the bits and pieces all over. Covering over areas far away. But in the end, she could do nothing.

Fire, looking at her scared sister; smiled as she lifted herself out from the abyss. Exploding out from the ground like a volcano erupting.

Spirit became scared but realized something was sucking at her. She looked around scared to find out what it was until she realized. The roots from her plants had began to grow much deeper now. Quickly she smiled and entered threw her plants. As she did this, flowers began to grow from the many fruits and vegetables. Spirit broke free and looked at her sister fire. She smiled to her as Wind smiled down from the sky.

Water, scared, lonely and tired, looked around but she found no one. She began to cry as she saw Earth walking to her. They embraced in each others arms like vines. Soon they met up with the divine one.

He smiled down at the sisters as the Goddess Luna smiled down at her daughters.

They looked to the heavens as the God and the Goddess smiled down at them.

The sisters made what the world is today, from the streams to the forests. But they slumber now, soon they shall awaken again to form a new path for the heavenly creatures on this sphere.

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