tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Legend of the Grey Queen Ch. 02

The Legend of the Grey Queen Ch. 02


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This scene contains male anal penetration of the toy variety. If this squicks you, apologies.

Drake hung his head in shame at what he had done. He gave the lives of his men away to the evil of the Grey Queen, all so he could give pleasure to the most evil human their universe had known, who now sat still and silent in his lap, relishing in the afterglow of the most powerful orgasm he had ever witnessed. Worst of all, his mind was still muddled with pure desire, his untouched, rigid cock still pulsed with his heartbeat, its only stimulation an occasional playful slap from the gloved hand of the Grey Queen.

"Was it worth it, Hero? Do you see the bliss achievable by giving yourself over to your Queen, your new God?" She sat up and stretched her arms, arching her back. Pivoting on his lap, she swung herself around to face him, sliding her ass back so his cock slid between her firm, round ass-cheeks. The feeling was beyond description. "Are you ready to give me the secrets of the Allied defense systems? It will take years to conquer them without your assistance."

Drake couldn't manage to speak as she pulled his head down to her right breast, his mouth reflexively opening and he suckled at the gorgeous, round breast before him. He kissed and licked at it, relishing salty taste of her skin, ever so slightly sweat-glazed from the furious orgasm he had given her. "Be aware, Hero, that the price for defiance is going to do nothing but grow steeper from here forward. Give me your knowledge willingly, give me your planets and wife as a sacrifice to your Queen right now and you will know pleasure unimaginable."

She pulled his face from her breast and stared into his eyes, biting slightly at her lower lip. "You remember the warmth of my pussy on your hand, yes? You must have imagined the feeling of its lips sliding down the length of your hard cock, yes?"

As she spoke, she began to roll her hips backwards and forwards, his cock was hugged by her ass, and the pleasure rose within him like a fire, the smoke collecting in his head and obscuring his vision and thought. "Think of how the pussy of your God must feel, the hot, wet walls milking away at your thick, hard cock. It can be yours, Hero. You'll feel my ass rest just upon your balls as you're buried inside me entirely. My the silky flesh of my pussy will engulf your entire length and you'll be able to release those swollen balls inside me, painting my insides with hot spurts of your rich cum. Do you want it?"

Drake's voice wavered. "Yes..."

"Will you give me everything for the right, for this blessing? You'll be my personal slave, drinking of my pussy whenever I will it, filling my pussy whenever I desire it, holding and touching my pussy whenever I have the slightest urge. Do you relinquish everything you know for the honor?"

The world maybe, but Vanessa – no. Even though the picture of her face in his mind continued to blur, his memories of her twisting into visions of the Queen's petite, curvy body and sylvan face, he knew more of loyalty than anyone he had ever known. He had already given up more than he could bear to this monstrous Queen, he would not sacrifice her. "No... you can't have her..."

For a moment, he thought he saw anger in those cavernous eyes, a flash of red that made his body shudder and his heart miss a beat. But then she laughed. "Oh, you don't understand, Hero. I've already won this game. Victory was mine the moment Oroboros entered Allied space. Your worlds were already mine, your men already mine, your woman already mine!"

She rose off of him, his hungry cock felt stung by the cold air as it slid away and into the cool air. She stood before him, only slightly taller than he while he was sitting. "Most importantly, you've been mine since the moment I decided to take the hero of mankind. Your only choice has been the type of servitude you will live out your life in, and it's just become a little less bearable. Get off of my throne and allow your Queen to sit."

Drake did exactly as instructed. He stared with shock as she sat before him and took off her black leather gloves, revealing delicate, beautiful hands just before wrapping both of them around the length of his cock. She slid both up and down the his length, and he felt an orgasm build immediately; within seconds he was about to erupt, and she moved her mouth directly in front of the head of his cock, her lips opening as climax became inevitable. "You will never reach climax from your cock again. If you do escape from here, Vanessa will have to finger your ass until you cum in a cup, if she isn't too disgusted by having such a weak, feminine mate."

Drake hit a brick wall. His cock felt like it was exploding, but the sensation halted, and instead all he felt was a raging desire like he had never felt before in his life. As her hands ran up and down his lengthy shaft, the need to finish became crazed, and just when he thought he was passing into madness, she opened her mouth wide and rolled her tongue around the head of his dick, sending him into a wild delirium. "I can still make you cum, Hero. It will just cost every world you have ever sworn to protect. Give them to me as tribute and this madness can end."

There was no resisting. Any semblance of will had all but disappeared, the man known as Drake was almost entirely gone. "Please, I'll give you anything, just... please let me cum..."

"Anything?' She asked, now wringing her hands around the head of his dick, sending electric pleasure shooting from the tip of his member and up the length of his spine. "All of those planets, all of those people, subjugated forever just so you can cum? I think you need to beg me."

"Take them! Take them all! Conquer everything, enslave everyone I've ever known and make them yours and yours alone!" Her pace hastened and Drake's legs nearly collapsed beneath him. "Please give them the slavery you've promised me, just please, for the love of my Queen, please let me cum!"

She smiled and stopped playing with him. "Very well."

Drake looked panicked as her hands stopped pleasuring him. "But, you said..."

"And I do not lie, nor do I break my word, Hero. I swore you would cum, but I had already promised your cock would never give a climax again." Drake looked confused as he found himself moving to lie over the lap of the Queen. "But a climax you will have, Hero, for the cost of all worlds I will make you cum."

Drake was still a little confused as he lay prostrate over her lap, and then he felt a hard slap on his ass. "This belongs to me now, and it will be the only way you ever feel sexual pleasure again. You are a man no longer, Drake, and I will pleasure you like I pleasure my women."

He was still unsure what she meant until he felt a single finger slide down his ass-crack and tickle a circle around his asshole. "No, I didn't mean-"

She dragged her nails across his back and he immediately silenced. "I'm sure you didn't, but this is pleasure for you now. I suggest you learn to enjoy it."

With that, she plunged the slender finger into his ass, and he whimpered with pleasure. "Oh, what a dainty, girlish moan. I think you've always wanted this, haven't you, Drake?"

He was unable to respond as she ran her finger in and out of his ass, rubbing ever so gently against his prostate with each thrust. Drake moaned aloud with each stroke, and began to push his ass against each thrust as she forced herself into him. "Oh, what a horny little bitch. But I don't think this will do, you need something bigger, yes?"

Drake moaned with agreement, the pleasure growing inside him with each stroke was more than he had ever felt in his life. The Grey Queen pressed a small button on her throne, and one of the tall, thin metal spires above her throne began to bend down. "Do you like it, Drake? I find the gothic horror of this metal tendril really lends itself to breaking wills. Do you want it inside you, to get fucked like a woman?"

He looked back at the mechanism, whose point molded like was into a rounded nub, the entire cord a little over an inch in diameter. It didn't matter, it was big, and it would let him cum, let him escape this haze and get his mind back. He nodded. The Grey Queen laughed and began to work it into his ass. The first inches went in easily, and as it thrust deeper into him, the thickness made him yell with pleasure. The smooth, cold metal warmed inside of him, and, almost a foot inside of him, it began to thrust in and out, sliding gloriously against his prostate as it went.

Tears of pleasure ran down Drake's cheek and he barked with pleasure with each stroke, the feeling of a massive orgasm growing within him. With her free hand, the Queen slapped his ass, pulled his hair, and scratched his back. The pain turned into pleasure as the radiating, throbbing ecstasy in his ass spread to his extremities. "Think if your Vanessa could see you know, wouldn't that give you pleasure, to know she could see you turned into my little bitch, my little whore, my little ass-whore who gave up the universe so he could get his ass fucked?"

"Fuck me, fuck me, Queen, make your little whore cum..." Drake whimpered, "Fuck my ass and make me your bitch, please make your bitch cum..."

She leaned towards his ear and whispered, "She can see you, Drake. They all can. This is being broadcast on every channel on every known planet in the universe. Your people are watching you give them up to be fucked, and no doubt your Vanessa can see you being fucked by my metal toy, cheating on her with your sworn enemy. Swear your love to me, Drake, in front of all your people! Give them hopelessness."

The reality began to sink in, that Vanessa had seen him pleasure the Queen, that she saw him beg to be fucked, and now would see and hear this, his voice interrupted with a grunt as the metal dildo slammed into his ass again and again: "I love you, urgh, Queen, ugh, more than I could, guh, ever love Vanessa, OH GOD, you give me so much, ugh, more than she ever could, FUCK ME!"

Tears of pleasure, pain, joy, hate, and loss flowed freely from his eyes as he inched towards orgasm. "Please, I'm yours, OH MY GOD, forever! Give it to me! AH! FUCK YOUR WHORE! AH! LET THEM SEE! OH! MY! GOD! OH! MY! GOD! FUCK! ME! FUCK! ME!"

The Queen began hammering his ass with all of her strength, and then the dam broke. Drake screamed with uncontrolled pleasure, and he erupted with wild spurts of semen, cumming over the metal floor and the Queen's boots. He bucked wildly, before going limp, his vision nearly entirely blacking out. There was no clarity here. His fate was sealed. "What a mess you've made on my boots, Hero. Don't you think you should clean it up?"

Drake's eyes, half-opened and dull, met hers and he nodded. He dragged himself off of her lap and onto the floor and weakly lapped his cum from her pointed boots. "There, much better. Now, I think it is time to revisit an earlier question, and I hope for your sake that this time you do not choose poorly."

He looked up at her, his eyes fastened on her gorgeous, still-wet pussy. "Give me your Vanessa of your own accord. Know that I will break her and use her even more cruelly than I have done to you. Realize that she knows it is coming and will live her days in fear until I break her will and enslave her, wash her mind of her past and turn her into a shell of what she was, and during each moment all she will know is that you betrayed her just so you can pleasure me."

She gently ran the back of her delicate hand along his face, and he pressed against her hand like a devoted pet. "Anything you want Queen."

"Then tell me what you want. Tell all the worlds what you want. Tell Vanessa what you want."

"Take Vanessa and break her. Teach her to love servitude, to worship your pussy, to feel the ecstasy of servitude, to use her like an animal bred for your service. Can you hear me, Vanessa? She will have you because I have given you, because your freedom is insignificant. I give you to the Grey Queen so I can drink of her sex, press my nose into her curled hairs, smell her musk, suckle at her pussy-lips, to let her use me like a toy. Please Queen, accept my offering! Be my God!"

The Grey Queen smiled. "Come, Hero. No, no – come, Slave. Taste of your Queen and know glory."

She spread her legs and cupped her breasts in her hands. Drake crawled towards her and kissed the inside of her thighs, working slowly towards the meeting of her legs. He savored the warmth radiating from her gorgeous womanhood, the sweet musk of her sex, and he kissed her thick hair before going down to her pussy. "I've turned off the broadcast so it can just be the two of us, Slave. Only those devoted to their God earn the right to the truth."

Drake thrust his tongue inside of her and she moaned. The silken contours inside of her were heaven; if only he'd seen the light sooner, he could've known them in their entirety. "Do you know what a God is, Slave?"

He massaged her thighs with his hands as he lapped hungrily at her pussy, his tongue rolling around and over her clit, his mind filled with harmony. "They were strong in the past, Slave, back when the people believed. Their thoughts fed raw ideas with the small, constant flow of energy from their minds."

Drake's tongue ran from the bottom of her pussy, up a silken lip and to her clit; he repeated this with the other lip, over and over. "So many of these thoughts – fear, greed, harmony, the majesty of the sky – they became obviated as humans dispelled myth and explored every corner of existence, supplying all people with what they need and deserve."

Her voice was so pretty, Drake thought, and he was so happy she was blessing him with her voice. He hungrily suckled at her clit, rolling it gently between his lips, repeating motions when they were rewarded with satisfied moans. "And so the Gods disappeared. But there was one type of thought that humans were not wise enough to dispel, not wise enough to pull out of them so their subconscious would stop fueling a power beyond reason."

She moaned and grabbed two fistfuls of his hair, pulling him painfully into her pussy. He locked his mouth over her clit and began licking quickly and lightly, not wanting to give her more than she asked for, waiting for twists and tugs on his hair to go faster and harder. A Slave must no overstep his bounds. "Do you know what these thoughts are, Slave? The thoughts that have led to your Queen and the power that forges weapons and technologies beyond human understanding?"

She bucked her hips into his face, and Drake began to only slightly move his tongue, letting his Queen fuck along its length with each roll of her hips. There was so much contentment here, so much safety. His Queen's pleasure granted him complete satisfaction. The taste and smell of her pussy was sending him into a haze, and when he felt a cold, metal, tip tickle his asshole, he knew she wanted him to share in pleasure with her. He grabbed the dildo with both hands and began to vigorously fuck his own ass while she fucked his face.

She started to shriek as she neared climax. To crack a man's will is one thing, but this dominance, this devotion, the complete and total ownership of another's thoughts, desires, and soul: there was no pleasure greater, and she had sampled them all. As she rose towards her orgasm, she bucked harder and faster, both hands smashing Drake's face into her sopping wet pussy. Drake hammered the dildo into his ass as hard and fast as his arms would allow, and he felt the pleasure rising in him as his God quickened her pace.

The Grey Queen arched her back and lifted her ass entirely off of her throne, wrapping her thighs around his head and hanging from his head and her hands clutching at the throne above her. She closed her eyes and tensed her legs, forcing Drake harder and harder against her pussy, cutting off his breath almost entirely. Drake released the metal tendril when he realized it was fucking him of its own accord, and took the Queen's ass in both of his hands to help keep her aloft and comfortable while suffocating him with her pussy. As his lungs burned and his ass throbbed with unbelievable pleasure, the Grey Queen arched her back even harder, yanked on his hair, and her screams of pleasure came out loud and long. As Drake's vision began to tunnel from both pleasure and a lack of air, he was pushed over the edge by his Queen's orgasm, and came sputtering over the base of the throne. He gasped greedily as her legs slacked, and his strong arms helped cradle her back into her throne.

"Secret desire, Slave. So quiet, so little power, never spoken – but over centuries and with the expansion of humankind, my rise was destined to occur." Her speech was interrupted by panting, and Drake, exhausted to the point of passing out, still rested on both knees on a floor slick with their juices. "You couldn't have believed it before, but every human wants the soft hand of complete domination, totally enslavement. I will deliver to humanity the gift they've always wanted, and you, Slave, have done well by your God. Now, go with my Raiders and bring me one of your men. We will break him together. Practice for when we capture and break your wife."

Drake smiled, his face still wet with her wetness. His God was a merciful God, and he watched her play with herself as he slowly walked away, his only thought was wondering how long it would be until he could please her again.

AUTHOR'S PERSONAL NOTE: After reading this, Misses Grey and I ended up 69ing, me eating her out while she licked my ass and jerked me off. She paused mid-act and thoughtfully asked, "Do you think there's a name for this?" And that's the story of how I had a laughing fit while being rimmed.

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