tagLesbian SexThe Lesbian Couples Matching Club

The Lesbian Couples Matching Club



At a five-star luxurious hotel in the heart of downtown Montreal, Henri, the Head Concierge, is making sure that everything is perfect. As he entered the penthouse by opening the elegant 8-foot high stained solid core double doors, he can see Jacques, the Sommelier, putting away dozens of wine and champagne bottles on the wooden wine racks for the upcoming grandiose occasion. Walking further down, Henri smiles as he sees the housekeepers working hard, washing the windows, dusting all the furniture in the bottom and the upstairs living rooms, making sure everything shines from the mirrors in the bathrooms to the door handles.

After polishing the piano situated right beside the sumptuous spiraling staircase connecting the penthouse's two floors, the housekeeper allows Pierre, the pianist, to rehearse a few songs. To the sounds of the lively melodies, the housekeepers are more motivated to work. The over eight thousand square foot penthouse will be ready just in time for a unique event, which Henri knows all too well that the ladies attending this party will never ever forget.

In an apartment building, Carole goes down the stairs to the mailboxes on the main floor. When she opened the box, she was puzzled at the card she just received. Going back to her suite, Carole opened the envelope while her lover Anne P. was working on her laptop sitting at her desk. The card read:

"You are cordially invited to attend "The Lesbian Couples Matching Club Party" live in the heart of downtown Montreal at this Five-Star luxurious hotel. Transportation, meals, accommodations, and drinks will be provided. You will get to play a fun game which consists of the ladies with most to lowest points will be matched up as a couple to go out on a date. The matching lesbian couple with the most points in this game will get to stay in this luxurious penthouse for the entire weekend. Please make your RSVP by sending your response to the email address provided. Remember, as you enter the penthouse, don't forget to kiss the hostess! (Wink). See you soon in 'La belle province'." Signed: Mrs. B.

Carole showed her lover the invitation. Without hesitation, Anne opened her email account on her laptop, replying to Mrs. B, their former French teacher, by confirming that they will attend the event.

Diane, the tall blonde bombshell with the large booty, was at her desk counting all the crispy dollar bills at the bank where she works at. After putting the huge denominations into a large envelope, she looked at her mail basket where a stamped card laid on top of other envelopes. She could not help by smile as she read the card. She too got invited to that upcoming event by the charming Mrs. B. Diane replied right away, excited, and happy that she will fly to Montreal very soon.

Anne R. was lying in bed very sick from her serious weight gain. Since then, she developed some severe health issues. Refusing to go to the hospital, she stayed at her house with her lover Chantal. As she entered the bedroom, Chantal told Anne about the invitation that Mrs. B sent her. The catch was that Anne was the only one invited. After being given her lover's blessing, Chantal replied to the email, saying that she will be the one attending the event. Anne was very happy for her lover to go, and maybe find a new lover if her health deteriorated even more.

Going through some newspapers at home, Lisa, the short dark hair lady with the huge boobs, dug an envelope out of the sports section. She could not believe that she has been invited to such an event. She too could not wait to fly to Montreal. Quite thrilled about her upcoming trip, she wondered if her best friend Diane got the invitation.

While putting food items through her till at the supermarket, Sophie was given a stamped card by her younger brother. After closing her cash register and lane, she took her break going to the lunchroom. Sophie was trying quite hard to hold her enthusiasm as she read the card. Using her portable phone, she replied to Mrs. B's email address. She will gladly attend the event.

After a long shift at her restaurant, Germaine sat on her couch. She grabbed the grocery flyers laying on the coffee table when an envelope fell on the floor beside her shiny black high heel. As she read the invitation, she grinned avidly. Finally, she will be getting out of the house. After losing her best friend Marie-Jeanne to cancer, the mature waitress was sad, lonely, and depressed. Perhaps this upcoming party would help her gain her groove back. And sexual appetite. RSVP sent. She will be there.

At her office, Cindy received the invitation, but she was rather surprised at the written comment below Mrs. B's signature.

"I hope you never forgot that graduation present from years ago! Looking forward to seeing you! (Wink)"

Cindy smiled, her thoughts going back briefly to that prom night, her wild lesbian encounter with her former French teacher. She will be attending as well.

Rolande was just getting home with a bag filled with groceries. Living alone in a big house since her mother died, she never married, never had any children. No man in the town was interested in her. Going through her mail, she discovered the stamped card. She was very stunned at the invitation. She wondered why Mrs. B. would invite her to such an event. Rolande replied to the email with a kind word of appreciation for the request.

Mrs. B. opened all her emails. Confirmed: nine ladies will attend the party. And the best was yet to come.

One by one, a lineup of stretched limousines filled the street entrance of the luxurious hotel. The first ladies to come out of the primary limo were Anne P. and her lover Carole, holding hands, and smiling at each other. They were both dressed exquisitely: Anne, a tall brunette dressed in her beige blouse with bursting huge boobs, a white jacket, beige tight short skirt, brown nylons covering her huge calves, and standing on white high heels; Carole, dark long hair to her shoulders, wore an elegant black evening gown with the short skirt, and shiny black high heels. She also had huge boobs and was not shy to show her sexy cleavage.

In the second long stretched limo, four beautiful ladies, who graduated together in high school the same year, got out, and entered the hotel's magnificent lobby. Lisa's wish came true when she saw Diane at the airport. She was also happy to see Chantal and Sophie, but her eyes were on her best friend.

Still beautiful as ever, Lisa had longer dark hair, wearing a white blouse showing her huge bursting breasts, tight short black skirt, brown nylons enveloping her sexy short legs, and shiny black high heels. As for her best friend Diane, the tall blonde was all dressed up in white: tight short dress revealing her bulging huge ass walking on white high heels. However, Chantal was kind of an eccentric lady. With her fluffy blonde hair wearing square glasses, she wore a tight short black dress with a purple silk blouse, and shiny purple high heels. And as for Sophie, she wore round glasses, nice soft long blonde hair, white blouse with a black vest, tight jeans showing her enormous booty, and shiny black high heels.

And in the last limo, the driver opened the door for Rolande, Cindy, and Germaine. They too were dressed up immaculately and quite sexy. For Rolande, it was her first time in getting a complete makeover after a trip to the hairdresser and to one of the most fashionable boutiques in Montreal. She had short dark hair with a tiny bit of grey, wore a red blouse with a tight black short skirt showing her huge appetizing booty, brown nylons on her huge legs, and shiny red high heels. Cindy decided that she would surprise Mrs. B. by wearing a pink blouse showing her now huge breasts, which on top of her left one got a nice tattoo, tight black skirt, and shiny pink high heels. And for Germaine, she wore the chain with the pendant that Marie-Jeanne gave her before she died. Like Diane, she was also wearing all white: a silky blouse showing her huge boobs, jacket, tight short skirt with her cellulite booty bulging, her huge calves covered in brown nylons, and white high heels. All nine gorgeous ladies took the elevator all the way up to the penthouse where they were now guided by Henri the Concierge.

As the elegant double doors opened, Mrs. B. was in the living room to greet her guests. All nine ladies walked gracefully into the penthouse, in awe at the grandeur and splendid décor of the place. An abundance of hugs and kisses were exchanged, and Mrs. B. was elegantly dressed herself. Her brown hair was longer with a tiny bit of grey, still wearing her trademark round glasses, she wore a tight red sweater showing her huge breasts, black pants, shiny black high heels, and wore a black scarf around her neck.

While Pierre the pianist played continuously, Mrs. B. led the ladies to the kitchen where they could each grab a champagne flute and some canapes. Before they could sit down at the table, they had to draw a number out of a hat. This was not only for the surprise decadent 5-course dinner with exceptional wines prepared on-site by the Executive Chef, but for the lesbian matching game after that dinner. Undeniably, the evening was going to be an unforgettable and an amazing one with more surprises.

All the ladies sat on white elegant chairs surrounding a big glass table with Mrs. B. at the helm. Everyone noticed that one chair was empty. Mrs. B. began her speech.

"Thank you, ladies, for attending this fantastic event. I am so pleased to see all of you here tonight. Now I have a major announcement to make. We will not start playing our lesbian matching game until after dinner with our very special guest. I want you ladies to give her a heart warming welcome. This lady is truly one of the greatest porn star the industry has ever had. She is truly one of a kind. She is incredibly sexy, vivacious, curvy, and charismatic."

As the double doors opened, an elegant long hair brunette dressed in a burgundy blouse, her huge breasts covered by a black lace bra, tight black skirt with a black leather belt, her gorgeous legs wrapped in black nylons, and walking on her shiny black high heels with little leather straps around her feet and ankles, she walked assertively with an astonishing smile. Mrs. B. continued her speech.

"Please ladies, welcome the one and the only, the vivacious Sara Jay!!"

The women were awestruck. This was truly an OMG moment!

They just could not believe their eyes when they saw Sara Jay walking into the penthouse, as Pierre still played a welcoming melody. They gave the sultry curvy porn celebrity a standing ovation. Sara hugged and kissed each lady, overwhelmed at this amazing warm and lively greeting. She was almost teary-eyed. Now the stakes were a little higher. One of the nine lucky ladies would be matched with Sara Jay at the end of the lesbian matching game.

After relishing their delicious dinner, drinking wine and champagne, socializing in the lower and upper living rooms, and admiring the incredible view of the city from the large spacious terrace, it was now time to play.

With all the gorgeous ladies sitting at the long table, Mrs. B. began another one of her eloquent speeches. This time she would reveal the rules of the lesbian matching game.

"All right ladies, I am sure that you are having a terrific time thus far!" The former French teacher said with all the ladies screaming a resounding yes in unison.

"And now, here are the rules of our lesbian matching game. In this game, there will be four rounds. All of you gorgeous ladies will put your matching faith into this deck of cards I am holding right here. Earlier tonight, you all took part of the luck of the draw by drawing out of a hat your seat number at this table.

"Now what I am going to do for our first round, is to give you each one a single card. Starting by the lady to my left, with you Lisa in this case, you will put your card on the table. Let's say for example your card is the seven of hearts. All you must do is count to seven starting from your left. Once you count to that number, you will stand up, get the lady you counted to as seven, for instance right now Cindy, and both of you will exchange a nice deep kiss for sixty seconds. Trust me ladies, I will be timing you. No more than sixty seconds." Mrs. B. said as all the women started getting excited.

"After the four rounds, I will add up all the points for each one of you. Those points are the number of times that you have been kissed. I will be matching each couple by the number of points they obtained. The matching couple who obtains the most points, let's say Cindy and Lisa each have ten points, you will be matched for a date, win the competition, and stay here in this sumptuous penthouse for this entire weekend here in downtown Montreal! All the other matching couples can fix their private dates within thirty days starting tonight. So, ladies, shall we begin?" Mrs. B. says enthusiastically as all the women roared their approval.

"Ladies are you ready? Please tell me that this is way better than playing spin the bottle! Even though we drank plenty of them tonight!" The ladies burst out laughing at that last comment.

Mrs. B. began passing her cards around. The beautiful Lisa drew the four of spades, so she counted four spots. At seat number four, her best friend Diane sat. Lisa was excited to get up, walked towards Diane, grabbed her, started kissing her passionately standing beside the table in front of all the cheering lesbians. Lisa savoured that kiss for one full minute. It has been a very long time.

The matching game continued until all four rounds were completed.

After four rounds of passionate kisses, tender fondling, and hot burning desires, it was time for Mrs. B. to reveal the matching couples.

"All right gorgeous ladies! Did you have fun with this game?" Mrs. B. said as the women applauded and cheered.

"Now it is time to reveal the lesbian matching couples. Finishing fifth are Lisa and Chantal. Finishing fourth are Sophie and Sara Jay."

"Lucky lady you are!" Germaine said as both Sophie and Sara Jay hugged and kissed each other.

"Finishing third are Diane and Carole. And now DJ, may I have the drum roll, please."

As the sound resonates in the penthouse, Margot revealed which lesbian couple finished first.

"Finishing first and winners of our lesbian couples matching game are... Cindy and Germaine. So, finishing second are Anne P. and Rolande. Congratulations ladies!"

Cindy and Germaine won the game and got to spend the entire weekend in the luxurious penthouse. The party continued. The penthouse at this five-star hotel has never been livelier. Mrs. B. was extremely pleased by the smashing success of her lesbian party.

The disc jockey took over the musical duties as Pierre was relieved for the evening. A photographer entered the penthouse, taking pictures of all the lesbian matching couples.

When Sara Jay and Sophie took their pictures holding each other, Sara whispered into Sophie's ear:

"Don't tell anyone but I am going to bring you with me to Las Vegas for an entire week. I am going to spoil you, Baby!" Sophie kissed Sara passionately as she heard about the trip of a lifetime. She always wanted to go to Las Vegas. Now it was her chance with the vivacious Sara Jay.

Standing on the terrace, Cindy was admiring the magnificent view of downtown Montreal. She could not believe that she won the game, and that she will be spending an entire weekend in a spacious lavish penthouse with a lady she knew well from before.

Germaine walked slowly towards Cindy. From behind, she put her arm around Cindy, kissing her cheeks, whispering in her ear:

"Hi Baby! We are going to have a wonderful time together." Germaine said as Cindy grinned still admiring the view. She could feel Germaine's hands caressing her body all the way down her booty.

"I never thought I'd be here tonight. You knew Marie-Jeanne, my best friend?" Germaine asked.

"Yes, I did. She was a terrific lady. I graduated with one of her daughters in high school. You are such a terrific lady Germaine for taking care of her." Cindy said as she kissed the mature waitress on her lips.

"I can take care of you too if you want me to." Germaine said with a smile.

"This weekend is just the beginning, Baby! Let's dance!"

Holding hands, Cindy and Germaine walked towards the living room where the ladies used it as a dance floor. The music was incredible. The disc jockey was thrilled to see all these beautiful women dancing the night away. He must've felt that he was the luckiest man in the world for getting this unique gig.

With the champagne bottles popping and flowing with lesbian love in the Montreal air, the gorgeous ladies had the time of their lives. Anything could happen after this exclusive game. The lesbian matching couples would go out on their dates. Relationships would perhaps develop, while others wouldn't.

But one thing was for certain: these ladies would cherish this once-in-a-lifetime party forever.


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