tagMind ControlThe Lesser Evil Ch. 02

The Lesser Evil Ch. 02


It took only a single thought and she had returned to her floating position in the sphere. Her position hadn't changed, though one of the motes was drifting dangerously near. In fact, she'd have to contort her body to keep it from touching her during its passage. Despite the fact that she suspected what might happen, she still reached out to touch it. Anything was better than just laying here and puzzling over her predicament.

The transition was immediate and disorienting. Suddenly she found herself in a place she instantly recognized: Jack and Terri Clark's basement family room. Jack and Terri were seated in their usual seats on the leather sofa, with Terese Slater, a divorcee friend occupying the chair to their left. Kyra was standing before them, though she couldn't really say why. And they were looking at her expectantly, though again she couldn't say why. Suddenly, she caught sight of herself in the wall mirror to her right. Was that really her? Like the rest of the women, she was wearing summer shorts, sandals and a tank top. But when did she get so thin and shapely? She hadn't looked like that since college! And if she were to guess, she'd say that her boobs were definitely larger than usual. She stared hard at herself, then back at her friends. Something was definitely weird here.

Just then Jack spoke to her, and all her questions fled, replaced by the now familiar insistent buzzing. Her world narrowed to him alone, and she straightened, waiting for his orders. As before, part of her stood aside, observing her actions but unable to affect the flow of events. That part of her knew, without question, that the other part of her was now under the complete command of this man. Her friend. Her neighbor. And the observant part was already imagining what might be coming next.

When Jack gestured that she remove her sandals, she quickly complied. At another gesture, she pulled her shorts down and stepped out of them. At the twirl of his fingers, she slowly spun around, catching a disconcerting glimpse of her hourglass body in the mirror. She was much more toned now, more so than even in college. When, and how, had that happened? As usual, the observant part of her had many questions, while the obedient part simply felt a flush of pleasure at having responded so quickly to the orders given to her. At another gesture, she was excitedly removing her top, leaving her standing before them clad only in a white thong and lacy white bra. She felt warm and sexually excited, with a definite dampness between her legs, as if the mere act of following his orders was enough to turn her on. Would she orgasm if she continued to respond to his orders for the next hour, the observant part of her wondered. The rest of her just basked in the glow and awaited further instructions.

Terri leaned over and whispered to her husband, who then gestured at Kyra. Smiling happily, she unhooked her bra and handed it to him. She didn't feel the least self-conscious standing topless in front of her neighbors. Indeed, she smiled along with Jack, her enthusiasm unflagging even when Terri said something to Terese, and they all burst into laughter. She couldn't hear them, but she seemed to be pleasing them, and that thought sent another flash of pleasure through her. She didn't flinch when Jack had her remove her panties, though she did notice that her pubic patch was shaved to an almost discernible thin line of hair. Another mystery for her observant self.

She spent the next few minutes performing for her neighbors, displaying her body in a wide variety of poses based on Jack's gestures and directions. She had no trouble interpreting what he wanted. In fact, she felt as though she could anticipate his wishes, though she was careful never to act until he ordered it. Her strict adherence made her hot and horny.

The observer part of her was again wondering where this was going when the two other women abruptly approached her and began caressing and groping her naked body. As Terese tweaked Kyra's nipples and breasts, Terri ran her hands up and down her hips and outer thighs, as though testing the firmness of her flesh. Kyra stood stock still, her eyes locked on Jack, waiting patiently for his next order, even as her nerves tingled from the attention of the two women. At his next gesture, she clasped her hands behind her head, in a classic slave pose, even though her conscious mind could never recall having ever stood that way. Somehow she just knew to thrust her breasts out and tuck her ass in, standing with her legs spread at shoulder width and her hands locked soundly behind her head.

With her so submissively positioned, the women's explorations quickly grew bolder and more intimate. Soon Terri was playing with the folds of Kyra's pussy, while Terese was slapping Kyra's ass in a way that was both aggressive and erotic. All the while, Jack sat mesmerized by the spectacle, lightly stroking his hard member through his shorts. All at once, she could see in his eyes that he'd made a decision, though she felt no trepidation as to what it may be. Her only thought was to obey.

In seconds Jack had shed his clothing and was perched on the edge of the sofa. His body was a bit flabby, in contrast to his thick and firm cock, which protruded from between his legs like a missile. Following his orders, Kyra knelt before him, hands still clasped behind her head. The obedient animal inside of her could sense what was coming, and she actually began salivating in advance of the next order. His nod was all she needed. Without a single thought to the neighbor women looking on, she bent forward and took his thick rod into her mouth. She sucked it dutifully but not passionately, always on the lookout for another order from him. After a few moments, he bent forward and whispered into her ear. All of a sudden her dispassionate blowjob turned into a burning desperation within her. She had to suck his cock now! Had to pull every drop of jizz deep into her mouth, to be tasted and savored and then finally swallowed to quench the inferno that had just blossomed between the folds of her pussy. She still couldn't use her hands, so she frantically bobbed her head up and down over his rock hard shaft. While any other woman might wonder whether that cock would soon be finding a home between her legs, Kyra entertained no such questions. Her mind was focused like a laser on the task before her, and no other thoughts would intrude unless he planted them there.

So Kyra hardly even noticed when Terese's fingers penetrated her steaming hot cunt hole, or when Terri's lips and teeth locked on her bobbing tits. She was past being fondled. She was being invaded, raped even, and yet she only took notice of it as a sensation that was stoking her desperate, wanton passion. She could feel a thumb flicking her clit, two fingers digging deep into her cunt, wet lips sucking at her tit, nails digging into her ass. But the cock in her mouth took all her focus. The big, mushroom helmet. The throbbing veins. The muscles below the skin. The heavy balls in the taut sack. And inside it all, the pool of sizzling cum ready to erupt into her mouth, coating her tongue with thick white lava. She felt like the goddess of fire, the volcano queen, working hard to bring a life-giving nectar to the surface. Her head pounded with the buzzing, which had no rhythm but entranced her all the same.

She could feel his cock beginning to twitch and prepared herself for the coming torrent. But to her surprise he pulled out of her mouth, leaving her desperately confused and frustratingly desirous. Had she somehow displeased him? She could only watch helplessly as he motioned his wife to lay on the sofa. Somehow in all the excitement the two women had shed their clothes. She noted that Terri had big, full natural breasts that sagged under their own weight. Terese was much smaller breasted, but had a rounded bubble butt, as Tom was fond of calling it. Both their faces were flushed with desire, and Terri eagerly dropped onto the sofa and spread her legs for Jack's straining spear.

Kyra watched in dismay as Jack penetrated Terri's cunt, sinking his cock into her to the hilt. Her pussy screamed for relief even as his cock rubbed Terri's pussy into a frictional frenzy. Her nipples twitched and strained even as he bent and suckled his wife's nipples, his fuck rhythm never wavering. She burned to throw herself between them, if only to lick his quivering cock as it stroked into her friend's sopping wet pussy. Yet he had clearly meant for her to stay in place, torturing her with the nearness of her release from this sexual prison.

Even with that order of obedience in place, Kyra could hardly contain herself when Jack pulled his cock out with a wet, sucking sound, and proceeded to shoot his load onto his wife's gaping pussy. All that precious fluid! Wasted! Kyra could see, could even smell her goal, but was constrained from reaching it.

Suddenly, Jack nodded at her and then down at his wife. Kyra strained forward. What was he ordering her to do? She didn't get it! Again he nodded at her and down at his wife, this time exaggeratedly licking his lips. This time she got it! She could hardly believe her luck. She still get to enjoy her prize! Quickly she hopped onto the sofa, bent over, and began licking Jack's sticky cum from Terri's pussy. The observer part of her was shocked beyond belief. She was actually licking another woman's pussy. Eating cum off of it. How in the hell had that happened?

The obedient part of her reveled in the moment. He'd left four pools of hot cum for her to slurp up, and she was doing her best to get every drop. She enthusiastically licked through Terri's pubic patch, siphoning every speck of jism from the stiff hairs. The pungent odor from Terri's cunt made her heady, and the buzzing in her head was reaching a crescendo. Still, she was driven by the unseen forces to search for all of the juice that she could find. Soon her tongue was sliding between the woman's pussy lips, lapping cum from among the folds. Instinctively, Terri pushed her cunt against Kyra's mouth, and just as instinctively Kyra licked and sucked the swollen flesh. Her own cunt radiated heat like a furnace, her clit an energy core of unimaginable power. She shifted her legs back and forth as she lapped up the cum, as if that might ignite the fuel built up inside her.

Suddenly she gasped loudly into the woman's open pussy, her exhalation rebounding and carrying back to her nose the cloying odor of impending orgasm. She had no care for the other woman's pleasure, however. She'd gasped because someone had begun rubbing and flicking her own clit. Her senses piled upon one and other as she rushed to analyze this sudden pleasure. She could actually feel the friction of their fingerprints as the whorls bumped along the nubs in her flesh. She could almost taste the rush of fluids as her body reacted to the potential penetration. She could hear and smell the activity just beyond her ass as the unknown person explored her most intimate parts. She felt torn in two; one part yearning to taste more cum, one part crying out for release from the pressures inside her.

Obedient to the end, Kyra continued licking her friend's cunt even when Terri began moaning and writhing on the sofa, exploding in an overpowering orgasm. Kyra's tongue lashing continued, fueling the explosion, and then cooling the hissing remains. Finally, at a whispered word from Jack, she ceased her frantic licking. Only then did she look back to discover that the fingers exploring her cunt were not Jack's, but belonged to Terese. That didn't make them any less potent, though. She moaned, thrashed and mewled in reaction to Terese's rubbing, strongly yearning for immediate release.

After several excruciating minutes in which she pivoted upon the finger touching her clit, Jack finally said the words to release her. She felt his breath in her ear, felt the movement of his lips, but beyond that could not discern what words he'd whispered. All she knew was that the orgasm crackled through her like lightning in a thunderstorm. A sonic boom of pleasure crashed through her, causing her to tense like a block of stone, then leaving her as limp as a marathon runner at the end of a race. Her heart thudded in her chest, and a gush of juices streamed from her pussy, filling the air with the smell of tangy hot sex. Even the buzzing in her head subsided a bit, though she still felt a compulsion to obey Jack's every whim.

His lips leaned against her ear once again, and suddenly the buzzing lifted and she could focus her attention once more. Her observant self felt her consciousness return, and she prepared to return to the mote field, as she'd done before. This time, though, she didn't return, and she witnessed herself in the aftermath.

What was going on? Kyra looked around, confused by the sight before her. Her friend and neighbor, Terri, was laying stark naked on the couch before her. Beside Terri sat their neighbor Terese, also naked. At Kyra's side was Jack, naked as well and panting heavily. At that very moment, she realized that she too was completely naked, and covered in a sheen of sweat! As that realization dawned, she felt her face flush as she blushed a deep red, and she struggled to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands. She had no recollection of what she'd been doing there, though the salty taste in her mouth threatened to give her a hint. A hint which she immediately rejected. She didn't want to know what had been going on. She just wanted to get out of there!

She backed away awkwardly, grabbing bits of clothing as she went. She dressed quickly in the kitchen. She'd left her panties in the other room, but didn't want to return to that situation to retrieve them. She'd just do without. Good thing it was a weekday and Tom was at work. She wouldn't need to deal with any questions about missing underwear. As she hurried through the front door, she heard laughter echo from the living room.

Then all was black, and she floated in the sphere of motes. Now she was more confused than ever. Her latest incident had all the hallmarks of a memory, but with more detail than even she could conjure up. Even her fantasies weren't that detailed. But even if the signs pointed to a memory, she couldn't even fathom behaving in such a way. Sucking her neighbor's cock? Eating cum off his wife's pussy? Riding another neighbor's finger? She'd never fantasized like that, much less been in a situation to do it. Still lacking solid clues, all the possibilities were still open: hallucinations, dreams, fantasies, visions, madness or reality.

Frustrated by her lack of progress, she grew more determined to find an answer. Concentrating fiercely, she pushed herself back to where it had all begun. Her bedroom. Though, she had to admit, even that conclusion was simply presumption. But she could feel the weight of her body against the bed. She was still naked, still strapped spread-eagle with those invisible bonds. Though she couldn't turn her head, she could now see two silhouetted shapes around her. And, most importantly, she could hear, though the now familiar buzzing was creating some static in her head.

"She's already fully compliant." A man's voice. Not Tom's. Had she heard it before? She stored the question away.

"But the controls are...not ideal." Another man. Tom. She was sure of it.

"So you want me to remove them?"

"Can you? Bring her back to the way she was?"

"Actually...no, I'm not sure. Trying it might have some unforeseen consequences. She's the most suggestive I've ever seen. If it's not removed entirely, I can't guarantee what will happen. So you want me to try it?"

"No...I don't think. Not now. Just...adjust them?"

"An adjustment only you and I will know about." It was a statement, not a question. She could see the speaker, black on a field of black, bend over her nude body. His hand caressed her exposed breast, lovingly, but she could sense malevolence there, too.

"How much is she really aware of?" Tom asked.

"Who knows, exactly? She remembers nothing consciously. Subconsciously? I can't answer that. People react differently. You still seem hesitant. We could try the reversal."

"No. At least now there's certainty."

"It is nice, isn't it? Many would want this."

"Too many."

A chuckle. "As you've said."

The figures moved away, their voices too low to be heard. She waited, but soon grew bored with this black world, and so returned to the motes, still silently gliding upon their concentric paths. She found herself back inside the sphere, on the edge but in a different position than before. There had been clues in that conversation, Kyra felt sure of it. If only she could interpret them. Compliance, controls, consciousness, reversal. The answer was there, she could feel it. But nothing made sense. She looked around at the floating motes. Maybe, she reasoned, she needed these to find the answer.

The center motes still held a strange pull for her, even out here on the periphery. Gradually, she noticed that the mote paths weren't as random as she had at first thought. They moved in predictable patterns, if you kept your attention on just a few at a time. What's more, she could, if she wanted, pinpoint a path that would lead her closer and closer to the motes in the middle. That was where the answer to all this lay. She was as sure of that as she was of anything. It would take some careful planning. And she would have to actively touch the motes. Trepidation about that raised goose bumps on her arms. Already she'd sucked off three strangers, been fucked by her personal trainer and performed unspeakable acts upon her neighbors. Could she take the chance of experiencing that kind of depravity just to get an answer?

On the other hand, was the key to leaving this stasis dependent upon her efforts? She'd often heard people on the edge of death being called "to the light." If she were in a coma or something, did she need to make an effort to leave that state? Was she supposed to "head to the center?" She'd never read anything about people trapped in comas. It wasn't even covered on Oprah. So she had no experience with what was expected of her. Still, she couldn't just sit here and wait for something to happen, or for someone to rescue her. She'd hate herself if she found out later that to get back to reality all she'd had to do was move on her own. It was that realization that made up her mind. Doing nothing meant going nowhere. And going somewhere might mean some shocking experiences, but so far none of them had done her any physical harm. And so the decision was made.

The path to the center was, she judged, a matter of planning and patience. She had no way of knowing how far the other motes might travel while she was experiencing each one. So a direct line of approach wouldn't work. Instead, she planned a path that took her in a direction that might intersect a cluster of motes. With luck she might be able to skip a few layers in her travel to the center. And if not, well, she had nothing to waste but time, and it appeared she had plenty of that.

She didn't have to wait long for the first mote to come alongside. This time she boldly touched it, bracing herself for the onslaught of buzzing in her ears. Instead, she found herself in her own living room. She looked around, confused. Was that all it had taken to get free from wherever she'd been? She began to feel elated, but just as quickly her mood sobered. This was her living room, but at the same time it wasn't. The furniture was in different spots, the floor plants were different, even the window curtains had changed. She moved forward to inspect the curtains. She remembered these! They'd been in the house when she and Tom first moved in. They'd replaced them a long time ago.

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