tagMatureThe Lesson

The Lesson


Latisha sat quietly while looking at the young man sitting opposite her, he appeared visibly upset by the news and she felt for him.

"Duncan, I don't know what to say to ease your mind, but you know our Amanda, she can be very stubborn at times and after what she saw on that video...well it sounded pretty weird," Latisha said, somewhat sympathetically. She didn't have the heart to tell him that she too had also seen some of the home video; she thought that he would probably have died of embarrassment if he had known his mother-in-law witnessed his part of his kinky side.

"Latisha, it wasn't that bad...really...I wasn't hurting anyone...it was just me," he said solemnly.

Duncan looked back up at his mother-in-law and gazed into her clear blue eyes. He loved the way her curly blond hair hung to her shoulders framing her slim face and aquiline nose, and he found her very attractive now as always.

Latisha sighed, and returned his gaze; she had always been fond of her son-in-law. Her daughter had married far too young at nineteen and now some three years later it was all about to crumble. Duncan had been Amanda's "first" and although he was a couple of years older than Amanda he had lacked experience too. Latisha now felt fairly sure that Duncan's experimenting was nothing more than that of an inquisitive highly-sexed young man and that he was possibly also suffering from a little frustration at his young wife's lack of enthusiasm in the bedroom.

"But the costumes Duncan?"

Duncan averted his gaze again, briefly glancing down at his attractive mother-in-law's cleavage. He noticed she was wearing a striped top that was partially see-thru and her black lace bra cupped her breasts nicely. Latisha often wore revealing clothes around him, often only tiny miniskirts and little tops. At times Duncan felt she just oozed sexuality, if only Amanda was half as sexy, he thought.

"It was just fantasy stuff Latisha...I think Amanda might be exaggerating a bit."

Latisha had seen enough of the video herself to know that he was right in a way and although it had shocked her more than a little to know that her son-in-law was not so straight she did think her daughter may have been over-reacting in wanting to leave him so quickly. There had to be a better way.

"So how many outfits do you have?" Latisha asked.

"Just a few...not many...really..." he said sheepishly, his face flushing crimson. "Do you think I'm weird too? I think they look hot...and I love the feel....you would look good in them Latisha," he blurted without thinking, looking back up again.

Latisha stared back at him briefly then smiled at his suggestion, her demeanour softening. He did have good taste, she thought.

"You think so do you? Don't you like what I wear Duncan?"

"Of course I do...you always look hot Latisha. I wish Amanda dressed a little more like you sometimes," he said regrettably.

"Or maybe a little bit more like you?" Latisha chuckled. "Mmmm...why don't you just show me what you've got hey...maybe the one you like the best?" she asked cheekily, expecting him to blush even more at her stirring suggestion.

"Are you serious? You want to have a look?" he asked incredulously.

Latisha smiled at Duncan and raised her eyebrows cocking her head to one side and shrugging her shoulders. She wasn't really serious of course and shouldn't have made the suggestion to the impressionable young man, but she noticed that he now looked somewhat pleased at her suggestion, so she decided to humour him further for a bit of harmless fun.

Duncan needed no further prompting. He pushed the kitchen chair back and without another word, stood up and turned then walked down the short hallway to his bedroom, leaving Latisha to look on in wonder.

As Latisha sat there waiting for him to return she reflected upon the video that her daughter had recently discovered hidden amongst Duncan's travel bags. It wasn't just what he was wearing while he masturbated that had disgusted Amanda, no; it was the things he was saying too. Latisha's husband had always maintained that Duncan had the hots for her, now she was left with very little doubt, only Duncan was unaware of just how much she now knew.

Duncan appeared moments later carrying a small bundle in his arms and laid it on the table in front of his mother-in-law. He watched her look down at the clothes as he straightened them out.

"It all looks very small Duncan...I mean it's nice...but very small," she said as she picked up a black patent leather skirt with a zipper all the way up the back. She noticed the skirt's zipper ran from the top to the bottom...opposite to normal allowing the wearer to leave it undone a little like a slit. She placed the skirt back down and picked up a very nicely laced bodice of an exquisite red material, "Quite beautiful too."

Then she ran her fingers along the boots, the heels a very high stiletto. They looked 'nasty' but what Latisha really admired was the length of them, possibly thigh high and of the softest leather she had felt, no doubt quite expensive.

Duncan looked at her with wide eyes as he watched her pickup the next piece of garment...just a tiny little g-string in a red lace like the bodice and also quite see-thru.

"These look far too small Duncan...they would probably fit me!"

"I bought them for Amanda but she won't even look at them," Duncan explained, but he knew Latisha was right, they probably would fit her too as both mother and daughter were almost identical in size...except Latisha's breasts were larger and her hips were fuller with a beautifully shaped butt that he looked at often.

"Hmm...I see, but I meant your favourite Duncan...you know...what you like to wear."

Again Duncan turned and walked back to his bedroom leaving Latisha to admire the boots.

Some minutes passed before he walked back out...slowly. Latisha looked up from the table and gasped when he came into view.

Duncan stood before her dressed in a black and scarlet corset with matching suspenders and black fishnet stockings; he had on black satin arm-length gloves and held a long riding crop in his right hand.

Latisha noticed he had rouged up his lips and put on some garish blue eye shadow too, but that wasn't all. She watched almost transfixed as he walked closer to the table, his steps quite loud on the kitchen tiles as he was also wearing high pumps of patent leather.

For a brief moment Latisha felt she was looking at an attractive woman and not her handsome young son-in-law. But then when he was no more than a couple of metres from her she noticed something amiss...something that belied the picture...he wore no panties.

Duncan's large penis swayed from side to side as he posed before his mother-in-law.

"Wow...I didn't mean to put it on Duncan...." Latisha said croakily as she surveyed his attire, only to again focus on his penis. She knew his cock was quite large from the video...but to actually see it in the flesh! Of course Latisha realised why it now looked so much more menacing; he was devoid of pubic hair!

"Sooo...what do you think?" Duncan asked almost demurely.

"Duncan...I...I think you should put some pants on...please," she suggested, her mouth agape and her gaze beginning to falter.

Duncan looked back down at Latisha and then he too got a surprise. While he was out of the room his mother-in-law had put on the boots and now sat sideways on the kitchen chair with her legs in plain view.

"Nice...they look very nice on you Latisha."

"Thank you. I couldn't resist...perfect size too."

Latisha stole another glance at his manhood and quickly looked away again...his penis was growing harder and now appeared to be quite erect!

"Duncan...you are very naughty...I should take that crop off you and give you a good smack across your backside!"

Duncan didn't miss an opportunity and within a micro-second he reached out and offered Latisha the long, thin riding crop.

"Oh Duncan....I was only kidding...please...you look very nice, but please...I think you should put some pants on," Latisha stammered while eying the pro-offered whip.

"I am naughty Latisha...you're right...but you don't seem too shocked to see me like this."

"I'm shocked alright...believe me," she said again looking him up and down. She couldn't help notice that he did actually look quite good and wondered if that made her a bit weird too? In all her forty-two years she had seen a lot of things, but this certainly was out there.

"Umm...why don't you try the skirt on too, Latisha? And...maybe even the bodice as well?" Duncan suggested as he eyed her bare thighs above the top of the boots.

"There's matching gloves and stockings in that little bag too..."

Latisha again looked at the pretty clothes that lay on the table and gently caressed the lace of the bodice. It was very nice. Next to the skirt lay a fine cloth bag she hadn't noticed before. She refrained herself from opening it and looking inside.

Latisha knew things were getting out of hand and she needed to take control of the situation. Then just as quickly, she thought that it may be a good chance to teach the young man a little lesson.

"You want to have sex with me, don't you? Don't you?" Latisha asked somewhat bluntly, a wicked smile forming on her lips.

He didn't answer her but merely reached down with his gloved hand and began to caress his own thigh, this momentarily caught Latisha's eye and she watched him briefly. She could now see a drop of pre-cum glistening upon the end of his swollen knob. Yes, she knew he wanted to have sex with her...she had heard it on the video, her husband had been right.

Quickly Latisha reached forward and snatched the riding crop out of Duncan's hand and swished it through the air...only inches from his very erect penis.

"Go to your room....go on...go to your room and I will deal with you in a minute...and no more touching yourself...got it!" she said with a tone of authority.

Duncan backed away in disbelief, did she really mean it, he wondered? As he turned, as if to answer his question, he felt a sharp crack across his bare backside and he hurried down to his room, his heart racing with excitement.

Latisha watched him disappear into his bedroom a little nervously. Teach him a lesson? What was she thinking? She eyed the beautiful clothes that lay on the kitchen table again as she formulated a plan.

"What do you think you're doing young man?" Latisha demanded somewhat surprised as she stood in the doorway to the small master-bedroom.

"I told you not to touch yourself...get your hand off your penis....now!"

Duncan was lying back on a king-sized bed that appeared to be too large for the room; his left hand was stroking his penis back and forth slowly.

"Sorry...I...I thought..."

"What? You thought what? That I was coming down here to have sex with you or something?" Latisha asked ironically.

Duncan immediately stopped what he was doing and swallowed deeply feeling a bit sheepish for the first time. He looked his mother-in-law up and down as she stood just a few metres from him.

"The boots look really nice on you...really nice," he said softly.

Latisha stood surveying the scene with her hands on her hips. She was a little unsteady in the boots the heels of which had to be five inches high at least. Glancing around, she noticed a dressing gown on a hook by the door. It had a long cord around the waist supported by a couple of belt loops. She stepped towards it and removed the cord.

"Lay back down Duncan...hands up toward the bed head...yep that's it."

Quickly Latisha fashioned a pair of handcuffs with the long cord. Her husband was a seaman and of course knew his knots and such, he had shown Latisha this easily tied, foolproof knot sometime ago and she was surprised that she still remembered it. Kneeling on the bed and with little fuss from Duncan she brought the two loops around his wrists and soon had him restrained to the bed.

Before she hoped off the bed again she looked down at his face a caught him peering up her skirt.

"See something you like...hmmm?" she teased, allowing her knees to part slightly wider and fiddling with the hem of her skirt.

He smiled and nodded, not looking away for a second.

"Don't think it's for you...oh no."

It was still light outside and Duncan said nothing as he watched Latisha walk around the other side of the bed and draw the curtains. His hopes continued to rise as she then turned on the bedside lamps. The room looked bigger than it really was, an illusion because of the mirrored doors to the built-in wardrobe that faced the foot of the large bed.

Latisha looked down almost contemptuously at her son-in-law as he lay motionless with his eyes all agog. Then with out saying a word she left the room.

Several minutes passed before Duncan heard the sharp sound of the stilettoed boots as Latisha returned towards his bedroom. He looked over toward the doorway expectantly as the steps drew nearer.

He was not to be disappointed! There standing in the doorway was his mother-in-law. A vision of absolute beauty in his eyes...the ultimate seductress!

"Sooo...what do you think? Not too bad for an old broad?" Latisha asked confidently.

"Wow...see, see I told you they would fit....oh wow...the gloves and stockings too...fantastic..." Duncan could not believe it. The lacy red bodice struggled to contain Latisha's breasts, with her every breath the cups swelled to almost overflowing.

Latisha walked into the room a few steps and turned to look at herself in the wardrobe mirrors.

"I don't know about 'fantastic' but...hmm...not too bad...the skirt is very short though...see... I barely have to bend and...." Latisha lent forward slightly toward the mirror poking her bottom up a bit.

"Oooh...nooo Latisha I don't think it's too short," Duncan murmured as he watched delightedly as the black leather skirt ride up her buttocks. "Is that the "g" as well? It is isn't it?"

"Duncan!" Latisha admonished, as she quickly straightened up.

Latisha turned around to face the bed and looked at Duncan. He looked almost pretty laying there in the stockings and corset...if was not for the rampant erection he was sporting. She stepped forward and picked up the riding crop from the foot of the bed where she had left it earlier. She then ran the tip of it down along Duncan's right arm and under his armpit, hesitating for a few moments then proceeded to trace it over his bare shoulder, up along his neck to his chin before flicking his full lips lightly with its tip.

"So what am I going to do with you now Duncan?"

Duncan was speechless. Was his dream finally going to come true?

Latisha continued running the leather crop down his body until she came to his groin. His long penis lay vulnerable against his stomach.

"You want to put that inside of me...don't you Duncan?" Latisha asked while running the crop up and down the underside of its length.

"Don't you?"

"Can I? I mean...would you let me...would you...really?" Duncan stammered.

"Hmm...maybe...maybe not, I really don't think it would be a good idea Duncan, do you? Certainly not something a good mother-in-law would consider letting her young son-in-law do to her...hey?"

Latisha stopped what she was doing and walked around the end of the bed to a chair that sat near the curtains. Here she bent over to remove a belt from a pair of Duncan's jeans that lay there. She was well aware her skirt had ridden up and Duncan was more than likely perving at the better part of her bare buttocks. She hesitated a few more moments...knowing she was teasing the young man before she turned around and returned to the bed. Without a skerrick of resistance she looped the belt around Duncan's ankles and fastened the end to the foot of the bed.

"That's better I think...don't want you wriggling around too much," she said as she sat down on the bed.

Latisha looked the young man in the eye and slowly ran the gloved fingers of her right hand up along his stockinged-thigh, caressing him gently. Duncan began to move his hips around with her sensual touch.

Latisha became bolder, gradually moving closer toward the wrinkly skin of his hairless scrotum.

"Orr...yeah...Latisha...yeah...mmm...would ya do that again...please?"

"This?" Latisha enquired cheekily as she cupped his balls in her gloved hand again.

"Yesss....uh hah...that's it...what about my cock....touch my cock too."

"Like this...mmm?" Latisha asked as her fingers danced up along his hard length.

Pre-cum continued to ooze from Duncan's penis. Latisha grasped his shaft in her small hand and stroked his length several times.

"You like this too?"

"Mmm...ah yeah...uh hah...that's it...that's it," Duncan sighed as his mother-in-law slowly pulled his cock, only a little firmer and faster now.

Latisha could feel the heat of his penis rising in her hand, she didn't want him to come, not just yet anyway, so she stopped stroking him for a moment and holding his penis vertical she ran the finger-tips of her left hand over his large knob and slowly rubbed the pre-cum over it.

Duncan looked down at his mother-in-law, he watched her move her head closer to his penis until she was only a few centimetres from it. He tried to raise himself higher. He wanted to feel her mouth on his cock.

Latisha breathed in the musky smell of her son-in-law's cock which was now so close that if she poked her tongue out she would surely taste it!

"Do you like to have your...your cock sucked Duncan?"

He could feel her breath on his member and he almost ached to feel her lips wrapped around it.

"Of course...uh huh...please...go on...stop teasing...go on," Duncan begged.

Latisha recommenced her stroking with ever increasing tempo, her mouth poised open just out of reach of his big purple knob. Her daughter Amanda had told her several times of Duncan's impressive stamina but Latisha was sure he was getting close...so very close to coming.

She stopped.

Latisha stood up from the side of the bed and then knelt on it, moving closer to where Duncan lay excitedly in the centre. Facing him, she reached behind herself and unzipped the tight leather skirt part-way then straddled his hips. Duncan's eyes went straight to her crotch. The skirt had ridden up Latisha's thighs and he could now clearly see she was wearing the tiny lace g-string that matched the bodice. He could just make out a narrow strip of fine pubic hair beneath the lace; the cleft of her bulging pudenda was also quite visible.

"You like?" Latisha asked somewhat unnecessarily. "See...they are very small, aren't they?"

"They look...perfect...just perfect."

Latisha lowered herself down until she was resting on his thighs. This effectively spread her legs open even wider. She was aware of Duncan's gaze that was fixated upon her barely covered pussy.

"Would you like me to move up a little bit?" she asked softly.

"Yes...uh huh...of course," Duncan said hoarsely.

Latisha lent forward to rest her hands on Duncan's chest, her cleavage bulging out as she did so. Duncan's gaze shifted to his mother-in-law's breasts and he noticed a big part of her aureoles were now plainly visible, almost to her nipples. How he now wished he was not restrained so he could reach up to fondle her breasts and expose her hard nipples.

Latisha stared at her son-in-law's face as she moved up his body. Slowly she shimmied up until she could feel the heat of his penis between her thighs. Now with just the thin, lace material separating her pussy from his hard cock she moved her hips back and forth slowly...very slowly.

"You like...mmm?" she chuckled sardonically. "I'm getting wet... Duncan...can you feel it?"

Duncan looked down between his mother-in-law's legs again; he could see his penis laying flat against his stomach as she rubbed herself along part of his length. The red lace material appeared to be riding up between her labia a little more each time she moved back and forth. The warmth of her sex was increasing, and yes he was sure he could feel its moisture increasing too.

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