tagMatureThe Lesson

The Lesson


The boys are gone for the afternoon. You are lying on the bed with your phone on the pillow beside you. The speaker is on so your hands are free. The cool air in the room is a sharp contrast to the heat your body is feeling as my voice comes thru the speaker and fills the room. You are pleased that I called in sick today so I could talk to you. It is time for your lesson.

"Are you naked, Holly?"

"Oh yes, Alex. I am naked like you asked. It is cold in here but I don't really feel it."

"Take your hands and rub them across your breasts. I want you to take one breast in each hand so you can feel your nipples in your palms."

"I can barely feel them right now."

"Take your finger and rub small circles around each nipple until they get harder then honey."

"Ooooo. It kind of tickles when I do that, Alex. But they are getting harder."

'Just imagine that each finger is the tip of my tongue and I am tracing those circles on your tits, Holly. Touch your skin lightly with your fingers."

"Yes, baby, I am touching myself now .. It does feel good .. I wish it was your tongue, though."

"It will be soon honey. For now, you have to let your hands do to you what I would do to you."

'Okay, Alex, I will ..... my skin feels soft on my fingers."

"Are your nipples hard, baby?'

"God, yes. They are hard just thinking of you licking my tits."

"Now slowly and lightly slide your hands down across your stomach until you feel the hair between your legs. Just tickle your skin as your hands move."

"I want to but I'm nervous, Alex. It feels so wrong to touch myself like this."

"Holly, that is how I want to touch you now but I can't be there .. Please do it for me, okay honey? Touch yourself like I would touch you. Tickle those fine hairs for me .. lightly with love baby."

" It does feel good when I do this. God, I am so wet thinking of you doing this to me, my love."

"I want to make you feel good .. I want to make you feel loved Holly. Can you go on, honey? Are you okay?"

"I want to feel you please me, Alex. What should I do next?"

"Take one hand and spread your pussy lips apart. Lick the middle finger of your other hand and lightly run it up and down your exposed slit. Feel your wetness for me. Can you feel it Holly? Can you feel how wet you are for your Alex?"

"I am so wet, honey. It feels so wet and so warm when I touch myself. I want your fingers inside me now."

"Not yet Holly. If I was there I would make you wait while I rubbed our clit. Can you feel your clit at the top of your lips, Holly? Is it hard for me?"

"My god, it is so hard and feels so hot, Alex. My legs jerk every time I touch it."

"Lick your finger again so it is nice and wet and rub your clit for me. How did you taste, darling? How does it feel, Holly? Does it feel good when you rub your hard clit for me?"

"Baaaabbbbyyyy, it feels so strange. I can feel my whole body tingle when I do it."

"Good honey, that's how it should feel. You should feel it all over. Are you ready for more."

"Whatever you want me to do, Alex. These are your hands now, not mine."

"Okay sweetie. Now take that finger that is on your clit and slide it between your pussy lips. Find your love opening and slowly slide it into you. Not all the way, just a little bit. You know that I would be teasing your right now so tease yourself for me."

"Ooooooooo mmmmyyyyyyy. This feels so good. I am barely inside and I want to cum already. Can I put it in deeper, Alex? Can I?"

"You have to say the magic word Holly."

"Please let me push it in deeper, Alex. I want to feel your finger deep inside me. I want you to finger fuck me. Please let me do it."

"Cross your fingers like you are making a wish, Holly. Push your two crossed fingers inside you.. Push them in deeply darling. Push them so deep baby. I want you to feel how deep my fingers are inside you."

"Can't breathe Alex. They are so deep inside me now .. like you would be."

"Uncross your fingers honey and spread them while they are inside you. Stretch your pussy walls with your fingers."


"That's it baby. Now slide your fingers until they are just ready to leave you, then push them in again. Slowly right now, Holly. Just in and out slowly honey. I want you to get used to me fucking you slowly with my fingers."

"MMMmmmmmmmm. Your fingers feel so soft inside me."

"Are you ready for more, Holly?"

"Yes baby .. What do you want me to do now?"

"Faster now, Holly. Pick up the pace .. I am fucking you now with my fingers. Go in deep and fast and hard.. I want to be able to hear your hand slap your pussy and you fuck yourself with your fingers."

"God....o God ...ooo ooooo God. It feels so good, Alex. You are fucking me so good."

"Are you ready Holly? Are your ready to cum for your Alex baby?"

"Can't hold back much longer. Can't hold .....................bbbaaaaccckkkk. Uungggghhhhhh. Alex, I'm cumming for your honey. You are fucking me with your fingers and I am cumming all over your."

"Cum Holly, cum for me baby. Cum hard for me baby. Cum all over my fingers, Holly. I want to feel the heat of your juices all over me."


"I can hear you breathing Holly. Call my name while you are cumming, honey."

"AAAAAAllllllllllleeeeeeeeexxxxxxxx, I am cumming for you darlin'."

I can hear you calling my name over and over until your orgasm subsides. I can hear your head roll over on the pillow and know you are facing the phone more closely now. Your voice is only a whisper.

"God, thank you honey. Thank you for loving me. I came hard for you Alex."

"I know baby. I could hear you. I could close my eyes and picture you cumming for me. I can't wait until I am there in person to see it with my own eyes. You were wonderful to do this for me Holly."

"I love you Alex."

"I love you too, Holly."

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