The Lessons Ch. 06

byCharles Petersunn©

"Maybe if my panties were down, do you think that would help?" she asked, again giving him an impish expression. "That would be more like a real spanking." She reached back to pull her panties down to just below her cheeks.

"Oh my gosh, Penny," Teddy exclaimed, his eyes wide open with surprise as she worked the panties down. It wasn't that easy to do, maintaining the submissive posture while still pulling them down and not letting anyone see. She didn't want to stand up to do it, thinking that she might then just attractive attention.

Her smooth white cheeks, separated by the innocent crack, came into view. Teddy quickly moved right behind her again to help her keep hidden. However, any person who came up to the counter would be able to see her naked ass. Just standing behind her wouldn't hide the fact that she was bare ass naked. And, for all he knew somebody was coming up. He scanned carefully all three directions, trying to see if anyone was indeed approaching, all the time keeping the front of his trousers glued to her naked butt, his hands on each sides of her soft, smooth cheeks to try to keep them hidden as well.

She giggled as he was looking around. She was peeking over the counter and could see that nobody was coming up to the desk. She felt that he was being much too nervous about this. "Are you trying to hide me or have sex with me?" she playfully teased. He looked down at her and saw that the position he was in was in fact more revealing than concealing. If any person saw them from across the room, it would be evident that he was standing right behind the bent over Penny. Nobody could see much of Penny, just the top of her head perhaps, but it might not be hard to imagine what was going on based on their positions. Nobody would probably believe it, but they would have a hard time not imagining it. He quickly moved to the side.

"Teddy, I wasn't trying to scare you away. Come back and protect your girl's modesty. Do you want someone to see my naked bum?"

Penny was driving him crazy. He didn't know what to do. Asking her to leave was out of the question but it was evident that she was not going to behave. He thought that maybe she did deserve a good spanking, at least for fun. He contemplated taking her to the video room. It was largely sound proof. He could leave a note on the counter that he was temporarily unavailable. But, he realized that there are no locks on the video doors. It was too risky.

As he wondered what to do, he couldn't resist the opportunity to explore her naked curves with his hand. He had never touched a girl there before; had never even seen a real girl's naked butt. He enjoyed immensely the sight of her creamy cheeks. He watched as his fingers trace along the crack of her butt. He moved his fingers up and down the crack, enjoying the sensation of the intimate fondling. The fact that she was allowing him to explore her in such a personal manner was terribly arousing. He followed the crack down with the fingers of his hand, stopping when he sensed that he was near her opening. He looked at her face to see her reaction. She just smiled and leaned down further into her hands resting on the stool, and spread her legs to give him more room. He poked his fingers deeper into her crack and touch her asshole. She giggled softly. "You are a bad boy, aren't you, Teddy," encouraging him to continue by puckering her anus as he explored its furrows.

He quickly looked around the library again. He realized that he had become engrossed in the sight and feel of her bare bottom for quite some time. Anybody could have walked up and caught them. He doubted that he would have noticed. Fortunately, nobody had been, or apparently was, moving in their direction. However, Mrs. Baxter did seem to be looking at him from way across the room. He couldn't quite tell her expression from this distance but it was odd how she seemed to be looking straight at them. "Penny, can you see Mrs. Baxter?"

Penny lifted her head up a bit to get a better look. "Yes, but I don't think she can see me."

Teddy disagreed, his finger still exploring her asshole. "If you can see her, she can see you." Teddy gave a squeeze and a little pat, but then removed his hand and walked across his cubicle to the far end, trying to look casual, as if he needed to get something. As he pretended to be looking at a file on the counter, he stole another glance at Mrs. Baxter. By this time she appeared to be concentrating on some paperwork. Teddy breathed a sigh of relief and looked back over to Penny.

Penny was now standing straight up, pretending herself to be looking at a book on the counter. Teddy was a bit disappointed that she was no longer showing him her ass, but he was also relieved. They would have gotten into so much trouble if they had been caught. Probably much more so for Penny than for him, as she was the one with her panties down, but he knew that he should be looking out for her. She had helped him during the class and he needed to be equally protective of her. He walked back to her side.

"That was close, Penny," he whispered. "We could have gotten into really big trouble there."

She turned to face him, leaning back against the counter. She lifted up the vase of Lilacs and smelled them. "Don't lilacs smell so nice, Teddy." She held the vase under his nose. He had smelled them a number of times as he was carrying them to the library, and he had to admit that the scent was strong and very pleasant.

"It is nice, isn't it," he agreed.

"I wish we could wear perfume here. Do you think a lilac perfume would be good for me?" She bent her head to the side so that he could sniff her neck, holding the lilacs close by so that the scent would seem to be coming from her.

"Penny!" he scolded. "People will see."

She was disappointed and she showed it. She turned away from him and put the lilacs back on the counter. Teddy knew he screwed up. She was asking from him so very little in comparison to what she was giving to him.

"What difference does it make if they do see," she said quietly. "Why don't you want anyone to see that we like each other."

That wasn't it at all and he felt she should know that. The real problem was that they might get into trouble. He wasn't suppose to have anybody back there, let alone someone with her panties down. He was suppose to be working. He wasn't suppose to be necking with his girlfriend.

However, just saying that made him realize how wrong he was. For sometime now he wanted her to actually be his girlfriend but he couldn't bring himself to openly express his feelings. He had been worried that she would reject him. She was now making it very clear that she wanted him to be her boyfriend and he was letting some library rule mess it up. He came up behind her, parted her hair that hung down her back, and gently kissed her on the back of her neck; not once, but a few times. He wasn't even particularly quiet about it.

She at first sighed then beamed, enjoying the physical sensation but also the fact that he was openly and publicly expressing his affection. He was letting her know how he felt and that he didn't care who knew about it.

When he finished he whispered, "I'm sorry, Penny. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me."

She turned around, smiled, and teasingly scolded, "Theodore Newman, now you just stop that. Somebody is going to see." She moved away to another section of the counter.

As Penny was moving away, Teddy couldn't help himself from checking to see if he had been caught. He looked to see if Mrs. Baxter had noticed, but he seemed to be safe. When Penny stopped, she leaned over the counter, again pretending to look at something, and then nonchalantly reached behind her to scratch her bottom. In the process, she lifted up her skirt to reveal the fact that she had not yet pulled up her panties. They were still clinging to her thighs, just below her smooth white cheeks. She looked around the library to check if anybody was looking. When it appeared safe, she tucked the back end of her skirt into her waistband so that her cheeks were entirely revealed, although the front of the skirt appeared largely normal. She looked over at Teddy and gave him a big grin, as well as a nice view of her round white buns. He smiled back. She reminded him of that old add for suntan lotion. She then picked up a pencil and dropped it on the floor to her right, put a hand to her mouth in mock surprise, turned, and bent full over from the waist to pick it up, presenting to him the full and wonderful sight of her bare ass.

He could see most everything. Her full round white cheeks, her opened crack, her puckered asshole, and the lips of her cunt. None of this he had ever seen before. His eyes opened wide, and his cock swelled. It was only with tremendous restraint that he did not say anything or approach her. Penny stayed bent over much longer than was really necessary to get her pencil. Teddy admired her obscene pose and then looked out across the library, noticing that only a couple of students were looking over at them, having heard the sound of the pencil hitting the floor. He quickly looked back at Penny. She was still bent over, now looking back at him, smiling. There was no way that anybody in the library could see anything. He could tell that her raised butt was still below the top of the counter. She gave him a little wiggle. He thought he detected even a wink from her anus, and then she stood back up, wearing a subtle but evident smile of satisfaction. Teddy turned back toward the rest of the library, reached down to his slacks hidden by the counter and made a few necessary adjustments to provide more room for the swelling of his dick. As he was doing so, he heard the approaching footsteps. He looked up to see one of the students who had been sitting at a nearby table walking toward them. Penny saw him too and quickly pulled the back of her skirt out of her waistband.

The student did not stay long. It was evident that he could tell that something was going on. He noticed how awkward Penny and Teddy were acting, but he appeared to suspect only that they were flirting with each other. There was no indication that he actually saw how far it had gone. He asked a few questions of Teddy while Penny pretended to be checking a file beneath the counter.

As Teddy talked to the student, Penny was bent over looking into the file drawer. She wasn't showing them anything as her skirt was now well past her fanny and thighs. Nevertheless, knowing that beneath that plaid skirt her panties were pulled down to expose her naked butt was enough to entice Teddy. Teddy did fear that her panties might in fact fall down the rest of the way, an accident that would not go unnoticed by the student. Teddy continually found excuses to generally look in Penny's direction, checking to see if they were still safe, as well as enjoying the sight of the movements of her bottom as she searched unsuccessfully within the file.

When she heard him walking away, she looked back at Teddy and caught the direction of his eyes. She then stood up and faced him from across the compartment. She wiggled her legs in an odd fashion. He couldn't tell what she was doing. It was as if she had an itch between her legs or was playing with an imaginary hula hoop. He thought for a second that this was how she liked to stimulate itself, and then he saw the panties drop to her feet. She had been wiggling her panties off her hips and onto the floor. They were now wrapped around her ankles.

"Oops," she said, a playful smile on her face. "I think I had an accident, Teddy." She said more softly, "I think my panties fell down. What do you think I should do?" She shrugged her shoulders in a childish manner of helpless confusion.

Teddy was himself blushing with confusion. She started walking to him, despite the panties entangled around her feet. She could only take little, awkward steps, being careful not to trip on the panties but also ensuring that they stayed wrapped around her ankles. Her walk reminded Teddy of a geisha girl; at least one with her panties at her ankles. Teddy wanted to laugh but kept his composure. Penny smiled as she took steps of only a few inches, occasionally shuffling and mildly tripping on her panties.

When she finally got to his side, she whispered, "Mr. Newman, my panties seem to have fallen down. Would you please untangle them from my ankles? I sure don't want to trip and fall."

Teddy looked around to be sure that they were safe. He then got down on his knees, bent over, and removed her panties from her around her feet. Before he stood back up he savored the moment. There was something delightful in actually having in his hands the panties of Penny. They felt so soft, warm, and intimate. He wanted to sniff them but was too self-conscious. He carefully rolled them up and placed them in his pocket. He then looked up to her, tracing his eyes along her smooth, curved legs, noticing that he could in fact look far up her legs. He imagined what must be just beyond the shadows beneath her skirt.

Penny saw the direction of his eyes and pulled the front of her skirt up.

Teddy gasped. He was now looking right up at her naked cunt. He wanted to get an even closer look. He got higher on his knees so that his face was right in front of her pussy, his eyes just inches away. The sight was entrancing. He could see the soft little mound, covered in a furry down, the slit of her lips readily in sight, tracing across the center of her mound and then dipping down in between her thighs. He glanced up to her face. She was smiling down at him. He grasped each of the cheeks of her bare bottom, enjoying for a moment their round pliant softness, and then leaned into her cunt and kissed her lips through the thin layer of young growth. Penny gasped and placed a hand gently on his head. Teddy then tentatively brought out his tongue and softly licked the lips of her cunt.

Penny gasped with the contact. His wet lip on her the lips of her cunt felt deliriously good. Teddy was actually licking her private part, her pussy. She closed her eyes and spread her thighs to give him more room. She fondled the hair on his head as he lapped at her cunt like a puppy. She opened her eyes to look fondly down at him and then realized where they were. She quickly pulled back. Even she felt that this was probably going too far. She knew that there was no way that she would be able to keep her composure if he kept doing that. She playfully smacked him on the head, leaned down, and whispered. "Teddy, who is the bad boy now. Get up before somebody gets suspicious." She pulled down her plaid skirt, hiding her cunt from view.

Teddy hesitated, quietly moaned in frustration, and stood up. He noticed that a few of the persons studying at tables were looking at them. He wondered if they were getting suspicious. He immediately started to pretend that he was writing something. Penny also pretended to be working on something while still standing next to him. She whispered to him, "Are you mad at me, Teddy?"

He replied, not looking up, "Not at all Penny. You were right. I got carried away."

"I just don't think I could keep a straight face if you did that to me."

He smiled at the thought of actually eating Penny out to the point that she had an orgasm. It would be particularly fun to do it while she had to try to keep a straight face. The thought of doing this, doing it anywhere, helped to maintain his erection. He thought about her squirming in passion, trying to look calm while he licked and sucked on little pussy. But, there was no chance of that. They had to get back to work.

They pretended to work for awhile. She then said, "I bet you could keep a straight face."

Teddy briefly glanced at her, then returned to his paper work. He didn't argue with her, but he knew that was a very foolish idea. When he masturbated at home, he was often very quiet, not wanting his parents to hear what he was doing. Perhaps they could do that. He would just have to not show much expression. But, what would people in the library think if Penny all of a sudden disappeared from view for an extended period of time, and what if someone came up to the counter and he needed to get something in a file across from them, and what if Mrs. Baxter came to get something from behind the counter?

As he was contemplating all of these possibilities, Penny crouched down and crawled under the counter to kneel in front of him. She knew that nobody could see her there. Only somebody who came back behind the counter would be able to see her.

She reached out and lightly stroked his erection through his pants. His stiffness was now clearly evident to her. You couldn't see it well through his tight briefs and loose slacks, but Penny could feel the distinct shape, like a hot dog or cigar shoved down his pants. She smiled.

Teddy shifted his posture. He knew that he probably should just walk away to get her to stop, but her hand felt so good he stayed put. He figured she would not take any serious chances. She was the one who had just stopped him when he tried to use his mouth on her. He figured that she would probably just stop with a little playful teasing. He rested his elbows on the counter and enjoyed the sensation of her fingers playing with his cock through his pants. He grinned, and then realized that he needed to keep his composure. He cleared his throat and shifted his feet, giving her more room and giving him a more comfortable position.

Penny then slowly, quietly, unzipped his pants. Teddy glanced around the room to be sure that nobody looked suspicious. He tapped his pen on the counter in a nervous anticipation. Penny didn't want to unbuckle his pants. She didn't want them to fall down, knowing that it would be difficult for him to quickly get them back up if somebody approached the counter. By standing right against the counter, nobody would be able to tell if his erect cock was sticking out of his pants, but the absence of any pants would be difficult, if not impossible, to hide.

She reached into his pants to extract his erect cock. However, she discovered that this was not so easy. Teddy's cock was not particularly big. In fact, fully erect it was probably no more than five, at best, six inches. Penny had measured it in class and wrote down 7 inches, but she had intentionally exaggerated its length. Nevertheless, it was so stiff that she had difficulty extracting it through the flap of his small jockey shorts. Teddy tended to wear briefs that were probably too small for him.

Penny found the flap. She put her index fingers on either side of the oval, and slowly pulled the flap apart. Gradually, a very small opening was revealed as the opening of his briefs begin to part. A grin began to grow on her face as the shaft of his stiffy came into view. She could see the hard snake hiding inside, desperately wanting to escape, to receive her loving, but it was currently trapped within his tight wighties. She slid her fingers into the tight flap and briefly stroked the hard smooth skin of his dick. Teddy sighed and spread his legs a bit, trying to give her more room to work.

Penny then slid her fingers up the flap to where the head of his cock was pressing against the fabric. She leaned in and planted a lick through his fly on the rounded bulge in his briefs. Teddy looked down at his file and rapidly tapped his large indexing pen, feeling Pennies lips for the first time actually trying to wrap themselves around the head of his cock. It was through the cloth of his briefs but it was still intensely pleasurable. Penny then pulled wide and up on the flap, stretching the fabric until the head of his penis appeared and popped out. Her eyes widened in pleasure. It was such a nice sight. His cock looked so strong and powerful to her, bursting through the tight flap of his little briefs. She took her time tracing her fingers around the shaft and head, enjoying the sight of the manly round bulb at the head, the slit where he came and peed, and the firmness of the rod that jutted his cock head so far out from his pants.

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