tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Lessons Ch. 07

The Lessons Ch. 07

byCharles Petersunn©

Chapter 7: Tina Becomes Mr. Peters' Teaching Assistant

This is Chapter Seven of The Lessons. If you haven't already done so, you are encouraged to read the earlier chapters; otherwise, this story might not make much sense.

In any case, please do provide feedback. I am very grateful to those who provided positive feedback and supportive suggestions in response to Chapters 1-5. Please note that much of Chapters 6-10 were drafted prior to these suggestions, so please don't be annoyed or disappointed if a suggested story is not among them. I liked a lot of the suggestions and will definitely use them later. I have tried to incorporate stylistic suggestions. Finally, yes, a few of the original chapters were not classified correctly. Sorry! In any case, please enjoy and vote!

* * * * * * *

Tina wanted another private lesson from Mr. Peters. Masturbating Jimmy had made her very excited. She stopped by his office unannounced later that evening. She tentatively knocked on the door. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard his manly voice.

"Yes, please enter."

She quickly opened the door and strode in, only to be disappointed by the fact that he was not alone. One of his teaching assistants was with him: Gordon Richards. He was a graduate student at Jackson University, receiving additional experience and training as a college instructor (as well as needed employment) by working with Mr. Peters at Templeton. They were apparently going over grades and lecture notes. Tina was disappointed and she showed it. She went from a rapid stride to a reluctant walk.

"Tina," Mr. Peters said, "please come in." He was very glad to see her. He was also looking forward to another visit, although he would have preferred to be in charge of the time and place.

Tina slowly walked up to them. She stopped about halfway, wondering if perhaps she should just leave.

Gordon though was happy to have her join them. Tina was a very pretty girl. She was not voluptuously sexy but was nevertheless beguiling in her youthful sweetness. Many said that she closely resembled Sally Field. She even had the bangs and wavy brunette hair of the Sally Field's character, Gidget. She was bubbly and playful like Gidget, but the greatest resemblance was facial, with the exception that Tina wore round-framed spectacles and was currently wearing her hair in pigtails. Tina's glasses and pigtails though made her even more charming.

Tina, however, had wanted to visit Mr. Peters alone. It wasn't that she disliked Gordon. She did like him. He had tutored her earlier in the year when she was having difficulty with her math. She considered him to be very nice, as well as smart. He was also good looking. She liked his wavy red hair. He was rather studious and business-like. He always wore a sports jacket and tie. She found his behavior and appearance to be signs of maturity, and she liked older, mature men. She noticed that Mr. Peters and Gordon appeared to have been engaged in an animated discussion. She swung at her plaid skirt with her hands, trying to draw Mr. Peters' attention.

"Tina," Mr. Peters exclaimed, gesturing with his hand for her to come over to his desk. Gordon was sitting in a hard back chair in front. "You've arrived at a very opportune moment. I believe your input in this matter would be most illuminating."

Tina was flattered. 'Mr. Peters actually wanted my opinion on something,' she thought. She would love to be helpful to him. She walked up to stand by his desk, smiling with pride.

"Mr. Richards and I are having a discussion regarding my methods of instruction. He questions whether they are helpful, or even appropriate. I think the opinion of one of my better students would be quite relevant."

Tina beamed at the compliment. "Certainly, Mr. Peters, I would be happy to help, but I don't understand what you want?" She looked at him quizzically.

"Well, Miss Andrews, lets speak quite openly."

Tina wondered how open Mr. Peters really intended to be. 'He isn't going to expose our secret, is he?' she wondered.

"Were you troubled or embarrassed by any of the exercises or punishments that have occurred over the last week?"

Tina quickly answered, "Of course not, Mr. Peters. If a student does something wrong, they do need to be punished."

"But Tina," Gordon interjected, "Must they be openly spanked in front of other students?"

"They don't have to be, Gordon," Mr. Peters responded, "but the humiliation is very effective in encouraging discipline. These students are past being scolded or shamed through the usual methods. Being reduced to the level of a child in front of their peers is the most effective way to get their attention and obedience."

Tina found it flattering to be allowed in this discussion. She felt like Mr. Peters' confidant.

"But," Gordon objected, "aren't you worried that one of the students will file a complaint?"

"For what?" Mr. Peters retorted. "The college board is fully aware of my methods of discipline, and when it becomes apparent that grades and discipline have improved, there will not be any problems. Parents consistently expressed their gratitude to me for turning their children around when I was at Abberville."

Tina was feeling a bit left out of the conversation, wondering how she might be able to contribute.

"It doesn't matter. I simply could never do anything like that," Gordon proclaimed.

"Do what?" Mr. Peters asked.

Gordon couldn't even say, certainly not in front of Tina. Mr. Peters furrowed his brow, confused as to his reservations.

Tina, however, understood. "Spank someone?" she asked him.

Mr. Peters looked surprised. "You're joking?" he asked Gordon incredulously.

Gordon looked away, embarrassed that he was so evidently uncomfortable. Gordon had heard of Mr. Peters' unique methods. Mr. Peters had gained considerable reputation among the faculty at a number of private schools and colleges for his innovative techniques. Gordon was ecstatic when Mr. Peters responded favorably to his application to be his teaching assistant and he did not like revealing so soon that he was incapable of incorporating his methods.

Mr. Peters, however, quickly realized some of the difficulty. Gordon was a young man himself. He did not yet have any children. He might not even have had any experience in spanking, except perhaps on the receiving end. He did have a younger brother and two younger sisters, maybe he had some experience with them? "Gordon, have you ever spanked anyone before?"

Gordon looked at the floor and answered quietly, "Well, no, Mr. Peters." He looked back up to him. "There was never any spanking in my family. My parents didn't believe in it."

"That is a problem, Gordon." Mr. Peters tapped a pen on his desk, wondering what to do. He had assumed that any adult, particularly a teacher, would have had experience in spanking.

Tina then realized how she could make a contribution. "I can help, Mr. Peters," Tina piped up.

Gordon and Mr. Peters both turned to Tina, surprised at and confused by the offer. Mr. Peters spoke first, "Tina, what do you mean? How so?"

Tina was beaming, although she thought it should or would be obvious. It was a bit awkward to say it out loud. She looked down at her feet. She fidgeted with her skirt while she poked at the carpeting with her Mary Janes. "Well, Mr. Peters, if it would help, I mean, I would be willing, to, um, to be" her voiced fell to a whisper, "spanked." She looked up, feeling a little flushed. "Gordon, I mean, Mr. Richards, could observe your techniques with me first." She looked away in embarrassment, wondering now if her proposal was absurd and out of line.

Mr. Peters, however, instantly liked this suggestion, feeling a bit of swelling in his cock. He thought it was a grand idea. "Yes, Tina, an excellent suggestion. Demonstrating with you would provide excellent training for Gordon!"

Tina smiled broadly. She was thrilled that Mr. Peters liked her idea. "Goody," she exclaimed.

Gordon, however, was shocked. He couldn't imagine a girl willing to be spanked, and certainly not the cute little Tina. He looked at her closely and differently than he had before. He had to admit that the thought of spanking Tina in her college uniform was appealing. He thought of lifting up the plaid skirt, maybe perhaps even getting a glimpse of her little white panties. However, he quickly realized that she could not possibly mean that. He cleared this throat, realizing that his thoughts were not professional. He said, "Well, yes, I imagine that it would be helpful. Uh, but, what should we do?"

Tina actually had the same question. She wasn't entirely sure what she was volunteering to do.

Mr. Peters got up from behind his desk. He moved over next to Tina and placed an arm around her shoulders as he turned to Gordon. Tina looked up at him and smiled. "Well, Gordon, I think we should review the various positions suitable for a spanking." He turned to Tina, "If you're still willing, of course, Tina."

"Of course, Mr. Peters. I will do anything." Mr. Peters looked into her eyes, enjoying the fact that he knew how true that really was.

"Excellent," Mr. Peters replied. "Gordon, the usual position for a spanking is for the recalcitrant student to be bent over the desk." He directed Tina to move around to the front of the desk and bend over. Tina readily complied. "You should have her grab hold of the opposite edge. This will force her to be well arched and will discourage her from reaching back to protect herself."

Tina cooperated, reaching across the desk to grab the edge. However, it was in fact a bit difficult for her, as she was very short, not even five feet in height. She had to go up on her tip toes in order to reach it. She realized that Mr. Peters was right, this posture did push up her little bottom. She didn't mind though. She hoped that it would excite Mr. Peters.

Gordon's jaw dropped. Tina was a cute little vixen, and now she was poking up her little bottom to him, just a couple feet away. The thought of spanking her was now very appealing.

Mr. Peters then flipped up her skirt, revealing the tight white panties that bundled her fanny. Gordon leaned forward in his chair, but also pushed it back, feeling a bit uncomfortable being so close to the exposed bottom of Tina. However, he kept his eyes glued to her sweet cheeks. Her butt was so little and defenseless. He would feel guilty taking advantage of it.

Tina, however, smiled. She liked being Mr. Peters' assistant. She also liked showing him her panties. She tried to go even higher on her tippy toes, provocatively pushing up her tushy even more. Gordon's eyes traveled to the little bulge of her pussy between her legs. This didn't seem right at all to him, her showing him this most intimate part of her body, but he couldn't move his eyes. Her petite mound was so enticing.

"This way; uh," Mr. Peters paused, noticing that Gordon was more intent on what he was seeing than what was being said. "Mr. Richards," he said more forcefully.

"Oh, yes, yes sir, Mr. Peters," he replied with embarrassment. "You were saying?" Gordon turned his attention to Mr. Peters, but fidgeted with nervousness at being so unprofessional.

"Yes, as I was saying," Mr. Peters feigned a mild annoyance, although he was entirely sympathetic with Gordon's problem. "This way, you can stand at the side of her bottom, providing a good angle for the spanking and a good view for all of the students in the class." Mr. Peters than provided Tina with a playful smack directly on her fanny.

"Ouw!" Tina yelped, not really in pain but with sincere surprise. She quickly giggled though and turned her head toward Mr. Peters, "Mr. Peters, I haven't been a bad girl, have I?" She looked flirtatiously at him, coyly moving her bottom.

Mr. Peters smiled at her. "I am afraid so, dear, you are now being quite the scamp, and I believe that you do need to be very severely punished."

Tina placed a hand over her mouth and replied, "Oh my, please don't spank my little bottom."

Gordon was confused. He was happy to see that Tina did not appear to be hurt, but he hadn't expected her to be so playful about it. He could feel a swelling in his loins.

"Now," Mr. Peters said, returning to his instructions for Gordon, "If she is indeed being a bad girl, you will need to pull her panties down."

"But, wait Mr. Peters!" Tina let go of the edge of the desk and put her hands back across her bottom. "Don't make me show you my personal parts; I've never shown anybody them before."

Tina was feigning her protest, partly to keep the secret of her relationship with Mr. Peters hidden, but there was in fact an important truth to what she said. Mr. Peters had done many things with Tina the previous day, including bringing her to an orgasm with his finger up her little cunnie, but he never actually saw her nakedness beneath her panties. He had never seen her bare bottom or her young pussy, and certainly Mr. Richards had not seen anything.

"They will squawk like this, but you mustn't let it stop you. You must show them that you are in charge. It's your class and they must submit." Mr. Peters then crouched down behind Tina, reached for the waistband of her panties and forcefully pulled them down to her knees. He then stayed there for sometime, gazing at the beauty of her young rounded bottom and sweet, delicate, little cunnie.

Her bottom was so small. It seemed like he could envelope each cheek with his hands, and he wanted to do so very much. He found her diminutive bottom crack to be very sweet, and he was very curious what would be revealed down within if he spread apart her cheeks. He followed down the crack until it ended with the small pouch of her cunnie. It wasn't a large mound but it was very nicely exposed. He had known it would be pretty and he was not disappointed. She had very little hair, more like a peach fuzz. He remembered fingering it the other day. She had been so wet, so hot. He thought of touching her there again but he knew he shouldn't do it with the young Mr. Richards sitting just behind him. Gordon probably would not understand. Perhaps he could at least give her a little kiss? No, he realized that he would have to restrain himself, as long as Gordon was in the room. He returned to his standing position next to Tina, now providing to Gordon an outstanding view of Tina's cute fanny and fuzzy little cunt.

"It's useful to keep the panties around the knees. This will help control the movements of legs and feet, as well as perhaps adding an additional touch of embarrassment." Mr. Peters allowed himself to place his hand on Tina's bottom, absentmindedly letting his fingers dance across her white skin as he spoke to Gordon. Tina closed her eyes as she enjoyed the caresses of her teacher's strong, masculine hand. "The presence of the panties around the knees is a constant reminder of the fact that the panties have been pulled down and their bottoms are now fully exposed."

Tina though enjoyed being exposed, particularly to the eyes of Mr. Peters. She was even a bit excited by the fact that Mr. Richards was also getting a good peek. As Mr. Peters' assistant, she didn't mind that he was present. She liked being within the inner circle of Mr. Peters. Exciting the son as a way to the father was actually appealing.

"Now, another position," Mr. Peters continued to instruct, "is for the student to bend over in front of the class either placing her hands on her knees, behind her knees, or, the more fully extended position, to be touching her toes. Tina, would you mind demonstrating these positions for Mr. Richards?" As Mr. Peters asked her, he was affectionately patting her bottom.

Tina looked up to him, smiled, and said, "Certainly sir, I would be happy to." Tina then stood straight up, but held onto her skirt so that it would not fall back down. She wanted to show that she was being a very good helper. She knew that both of them would want to continue to view her private areas as she got into the new position.

Holding her skirt above her waist, she awkwardly shuffled past Gordon to the center of the room. She had to take short, klutzy steps to keep her panties from falling down, as well as to keep herself from falling down. It reminded her of when she first wore her mother's high heels, trying to be grown up but having difficulty keeping her balance.

Gordon and Mr. Peters both enjoyed the show. As she turned to walk to the center of the room, they both got a brief but good view of her young cunnie. It was a very pretty little cunt. It looked very inviting, yet also so innocent and vulnerable. The presence of only a bit of fuzz contributed to the appearance of being so open and exposed, as it provided no effective means of hiding from sight the white, pure rise of soft flesh and delicate slit. They imagined that she must be incredibly tight.

As she bumbled past Gordon, taking baby steps with her legs spread well apart to keep the panties up, she gave him a little smile, letting him know that she didn't mind if he was enjoying this. Gordon wanted to smile back but was too nervous. He in fact had a fleeting thought to give her a good smack on her tight fanny as she shuffled past. Who wouldn't have such a thought? Her backside wiggled so invitingly with her floundering steps, and it was such a cute little derriere that it just seemed to be asking for a smacking.

When Tina reached an open spot, she bent over so that her fanny was facing both of them. She reached back to make sure that her skirt was fully tossed onto her back and then placed her hands on her knees, her legs still spread to hold the panties up. She looked back at Mr. Peters and asked, "Sir, is this a good position for a spanking?"

Mr. Peters knew that Tina was a small girl, but he had not imagined how petite her bottom would actually be. He thought that he could probably leave a hand mark across her entire ass if he gave her a good swat. And, with this distance and posture, he could again see well the tiny mound of her cunt swelling out so provocatively between her legs. He swallowed and said, "Yes, that is indeed a very good position, Tina. You are being a very special assistant."

"Why thank you, Mr. Peters. I'm glad you like it." She smiled sweetly at him, moving her knees around, accentuating the exposure of her bottom, drawing both of their eyes to the babyish curves of her tush.

Gordon moved his chair around so that he was again facing her. He didn't want to miss any of this. As he moved the chair, he surreptitiously adjusted the position of his swelling cock. When he returned to his seat, he folded his hands across his lap, trying to keep his increasing erection hidden from view. He could not deny any longer the intense sexuality of Tina's posing. He wondered what it would have been like to have spanked his little sister like this, but he then quickly regretted such lascivious thoughts about his own sister.

Tina noticed what he was doing. As Gordon ostensibly tried to find a comfortable sitting position, Tina caught his eye. When they made eye contact, she glanced down to his lap, letting him know that she knew what he was up to. Gordon crossed his legs, cleared his throat, and looked over to Mr. Peters to see if he saw as well.

Mr. Peters, however, was in the process of taking a position standing next to Tina. He was also concerned with the exposure of his own erection. He didn't mind if Tina saw it, but he wanted to keep his back to Gordon.

"This position is the one most comfortable to the student," he explained, "but also the least revealing. A somewhat more revealing posture is to have the student hold her hands behind her knees."

Tina instantly complied. As she clasped her hands behind her knees her bottom stuck out further, revealing her puckered anus down within the tender crack of her elfin cheeks. Her bottom now had the appearance, or at least shape, of a white heart, split down the middle, with a little rose bud delicately placed inside.

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