The Letter


My dearest,

Today I have left our happy home that we worked so hard for, for so many years to make as we wanted. Those walls could tell stories of our life, love and sorrow we shared together. Do you recall the first time we met when we were only fifteen years old at the pep rally. Yeah those were fun times at fifteen, at sixteen you stole the first kiss off of my lips behind the bleachers at the football game. I can still feel your lips on mine today honey.

I promised not to get blue and start crying, it looks like that’s one promise I won’t be able to keep today. I am sorry I didn’t want this day, our wedding day fifty years ago to be sad. That was the happiest day of my life when you became my wife. We were eighteen and had the world at our finger tips. Do you remember when we made love Helena? Oh you were so beautiful in that white gown standing under the moon light on that balcony, I came out in my pajamas and two glasses of wine. We drank that wine giggling like school kids sneaking into the parent’s bar. I remember how nervous you were that night when I made you mine and we became totally one in our wedding bed. You looked so scared when I began to enter you, you cried just a little and begged me not to stop. I know it was almost a year before you felt those fire works, the night Benny was conceived was the first time you experienced your first climax.

I am ok my sweet angel, my bones just ache from growing old and tired but tonight we will relive that blessed night from fifty years ago just like we have every anniversary since only difference is we are apart so I will write it for you so you can read it when I leave at the end of our visit my sweet Helena.

Helena was eighteen years old when Jarred took her as his wife, an angel he saw walking down the aisle to become his wife. Both young people they danced around the floor for the first dance as man and wife, tears began to sting his eyes looking at his young bride. That night they were taken to the most elegant Hotel around town and that is where he picked her up and carried her over the threshold spinning around with her in his arms as they laughed and laughed. She went to the bathroom to change into her wedding night gown, while he nervously fumbled into his for they both were virgins on that blessed night.

They sipped on wine and then he brought her into the room in his arms placing her softly on the bed, she looked so fragile and small on the large bed and he felt a stirring in his loins. He removed their clothing so they may gaze upon the others body, her eyes drifted to his throbbing erection that yearned for this sweet body.

He slowly lowered himself down on top of his new bride and their kisses ignited a red-hot passion in both of their bodies. His fingers traced her face, around her jaw line down her neck until he found her small tender mounds. He tenderly caressed her small breast, placing soft kisses on them while his erection throbbed against her thigh. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. He then had his hand follow her stomach to her soft patch of hair between her thighs placing his finger in her sweet, hot juices and they could not contain themselves any more and he entered into her virgin pussy, She cried out from the pain and he felt her virgin blood seep onto his cock from her pussy that he just marked as his forever more. He began pumping her harder with his hard erection, his breathing became intense as did the hardness in his erection that drove deeply into her. The desire and love he felt for her were more then he could stand and he exploded deep inside of her warm moist pussy.

Well my dear that is how we bonded our love together that night. I feel the coldness of this headstone that represents my precious love. I am placing this letter under the soil that covers you like a blanket and then I will lie down on your grave as I take my last breath for I am ready to come home to you my dear.

Love Always and forever Jarred

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