The Letter


Dear Tess,

I'm fresh off of the phone with you and my cock is still totally hard. I doubt that I'll ever be able to explain how much I wish that I could be there with you, be inside of you, hearing you moan while we're fucking. I'm going to try to get this written before I absolutely have to go touch myself, but my imagination is already out of control. This could, possibly, be a letter that I shouldn't write, but you tell me that you like my honesty, and these are the things, honestly, going on in my mind.

In my imagination we are arriving at a hotel together. As I look at you, I know that both of our intentions are the same. You are in front of me as we walk into our room. The door closes hard behind us and I stop you right inside the door by putting my arms around you and softly kissing the back of your neck. My hands trail from your hips up your stomach, slowly making my way to your breasts. I stop briefly to feel each one of your beautiful breasts in the palm of my hands. With my right hand I gently turn your head so that I can look into your eyes and kiss your soft lips. As we're kissing you turn your body so that you are facing me.

I guide you backwards to the table. You quickly sit, wrapping your legs around me. I pull your shirt up and over your head going right back to your lips. My hands again find your tits, I can feel your nipples harden as my thumbs move in slow circles over them. I lay you back, onto the table, and kiss my way down your chest pushing your bra away so that I can lick and suck each of your beautiful breasts. I continue to move down your stomach until I reach the top of your pants. I pull them off, leaving you in your black lace panties. You sit up and start to kiss me passionately while pulling my shirt off.

In a rush you slide off of the table and push me onto the bed behind us. As you kneel in front of me, you undo my pants and pull them off. You kiss my chest, pushing me back so that I am laying flat. You've taken off my boxers and now I can feel your hands on my cock. I feel your lips and your tongue all over, up and down the shaft of my dick. After a while, I stop you and pull you up on top of me. As we kiss, I grab onto your ass squeezing tightly.

I ask you to lie down on your back, and as you do, I get on my knees between your legs and pull your panties off. I kiss up the inside of your leg and you start to squirm in anticipation. I'm not going to touch you yet, right as I get to your pussy I turn you over onto your stomach. I run my tongue down the center of your back and lick your ass then I turn you back over and you pull me up to kiss your lips again.

As we are kissing you roll me onto my back and get on top of me. I maneuver my hand down between your legs and slide 2 fingers all the way inside your wet pussy. How does that feel? After a few minutes of this you are coming close to your first orgasm so I stop, bringing my fingers up to my mouth so that I can taste you. I feel your hand grab my rock hard cock and slip the head into your hot pussy. As you begin to thrust your hips down, taking every inch of me into your body, I return with my own upward thrusts. It feels so good to be inside of you again.

With you still on top of me, I sit up and begin to kiss you some more. I run my fingers through your long, beautiful, brown hair. I gently pull your hair back exposing the soft pale skin of your neck. I gently bite your neck then move down to nibble on each of your nipples. You start to move faster and I can feel myself about to cum.

I quickly turn you onto your back, pull my cock out, stand up, and take your hand leading you over to the mirror on the wall. I am standing behind you as we face the mirror. Without a word, I put your hands on the sides of the mirror and pull your hips back so that your ass is pressed hard against me. I reach between your legs and hurriedly thrust my cock back into your pussy. I push slowly in and out for as long as I can stand it, and then with my hands grasping your hips I pull you back to meet my deep, hard thrusts.

I can see your face in the mirror. I gaze deeply into your angelic brown eyes. I love the way that your tits bounce with each movement that I make. I love the way your pussy feels wrapped tightly around my cock. Tess, I want to cum so badly but I don't want this to be over.

I stop right before I cum and we make our way back over to the bed. I am lying on top of you as our passionate kisses begin again. My cock finds its way back inside of you and I move slow and deep. I finally tell you to open your eyes because I want you to see me cum. I tell you that I can't hold it anymore. I can feel myself pushing as far as I can inside of you. My breathing quickens and I start to moan in pleasure. At the same time I can feel your muscles gripping my cock harder and harder. You tell me that you are cumming too. You wrap your arms around my body and start to make those noises that I've missed so much.

Back to reality, it's crazy; you are the most perfect female for me in every way. You're also one of the most unavailable girls I've ever known. Kind of sad really, but I don't truly believe that you are unavailable, at least not to me. As you can tell, no matter what, you will always be my fantasy.

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