The Letter


Dear Lover,

Remember the days we spent staring into one another's eyes endlessly? Those days were full of such hope. We could not think of being apart. You cherished the moments we spent together even more than I did.

Sitting here in your absence, I am reflecting back upon that last picnic we shared. Before I spark your mind with the details of that memory, let me please tell you what I've been up to.

The week began with a long past due trip to the quaint little seaside town we'd frequent on the first cool fall afternoon as the bright leaves wafted through the air on the harvest breeze. As those leaves landed in small left over puddles from last night's gentle rain, it made me stare into the reflections of the sky. The pale blue clouds shining against the damp pavement held my attention and captured the beauty of the world surrounding me. Just when I zipped my coat up to my throat, that favorite store was there beside me.

Stepping over the granite threshold, I was greeted with a smiling face and an immediate suggestion for trying on their newest line of clothing.

My face lit up at the thought of what you'd think of me wearing all she displayed. When I tried it on, she nodded emphatically and immediately yelled out that I must take it with me.

Bag in hand, smile on my face, and a pounding in my heart, I stepped back across the granite into the cool moist air and headed home. She wrapped my cherished purchase in a soft pink tissue paper with a satin bow to hold it together. Turning on the hot bath water, I undressed. First item removed was the heavy pink sweater. Each pearl button was opened so slowly so I could pretend it was your hands instead of mine helping to undress me. I ran the back of my fingertips along the curve of my cleavage just as my lace bra outlined.

The feeling was not identical to the way you touch me, but it put me in the right frame of mind. I allowed the silk top slide off my shoulders, down to my elbows and finally off to rest on the bedpost.

The bubbles building in the tub dampened the sound of the splashing water. I made my way to the edge of the tub, lit the rose-scented votives and lowered a foot carefully through the bubbles and into the hot water waiting below. The immediate difference in temperature covered my body in goosebumps, reminding me of the way your touch would just before you'd take me into your arms.

Just before I lay back into the bubbles, I took a handful and dabbed it on my breasts to cover the darker rings that created my nipples. The heat of my body melted the bubbles and they poked through their temporary cloak anyway. The way I began to touch myself helped to dampen the strong feeling of missing you.

These were just the nights that you'd come see me and offer to help wash my hair. I think it may have been so you could watch me bend backwards while covered with bubbles. Maybe it was so you could give me a beautiful cock to hold onto while you poured hot water through my long silky mane. Either way, without you, bathtime was cut short.

When the water cooled, I rinsed off, blotted my smooth bare skin and rubbed a lightly scented oil all over, paying special attention to my still firm breasts and erect nipples. As I got into the bedroom, I thought you had been there. Just a fantasy gone crazy...I picked up the nighty that was wrapped so well. Lifting both hands in the air, I folded my fingers together and pointed my hands to the ceiling. The silk flowed over my body. Spaghetti straps landed just as they should have over my arms. The lace trim of the hem flowed and glided across my lightly oiled body. As it tickled my breasts, I missed you more. When it all finally landed in place, the nipples poked through the cream silk and my pussy glistened a shadow through the reflection in the mirror, putting on display how much I missed you and how much I wanted you there.

With nothing left to do, I climbed up into bed, slipping 'tween the cool crisp sheets and beneath the heavy down comforter. My head sank deep into the comfy pillow beneath my head and my hand slid across my thigh with the back of my fingertips following the curve of my inner thigh...

I miss you, Lover.

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