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The Letter


Lori Monroe was becoming worried. Her husband of eight years had left the house early on Friday morning for a business trip and was expected home on Sunday evening. Now it was Monday morning and he had not come home or even had contacted her while gone which was also very odd.

Monte Monroe, her husband, was a kind and gentle man. He was the epitome of the modern urban male. He seldom went out and drank with the boys, he helped with the household tasks as well as keeping the landscaping up to par, he always remembered to put the seat down on the toilet, he brought home flowers and small gifts for her and always, I mean always, contacted her at least once a day while traveling for business.

This weekend trip was supposed to be a routine one. He had to travel about four hours across the state to a meeting with a client. He usually stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and would even call or text her his room and phone number in case his cell phone went dead or lost signal for some reason. He had been upbeat and happy when he left on Friday but then nothing, absolutely nothing by way of text, email or telephone contact since leaving.

He would usually return home around six or seven o'clock on Sunday evening and they would then go out and have a meal and get caught up on the weekend. They would usually come home and then have a nice welcome home bout of sex before retiring for the night.

Lori spent the evening Sunday night worrying about Monte. He was a great IT guy but sometimes lacked the skills to figure out car problems. Hell, even though he had made this trip many times before he always used his GPS and even his cell phone GPS to make sure he didn't take a wrong turn and end up in a whole different state.

When she tried to call him his phone went straight to message. There were no responses to multiple texts and even e-mails. She then broke down and called his parents, Lester and Millie Monroe, but they had not heard anything from Monte for about a week. This was not unusual. He usually called them on Monday nights and caught up with them.

Lori even called the state police but they had no record of any kind of accident or incident involving Monte. Since it was Sunday night she could not call his place of employment either. She finally fell asleep on the couch sometime after one a.m.

Lori woke early in the morning with a stiff and sore back and neck but Monte had not come home while she slept. She took her morning shower and ate a quick breakfast before going to work. At her job she clocked in and then tried Monte's work phone number. His group had a receptionist that handled all work requests and fielded phone calls so the technicians could keep working undisturbed.

Hanna Billings was the group receptionist and was always pleasant and friendly on the phone. Lori identified herself and Hanna's on phone demeanor changed abruptly. "Hanna, can you tell me if there is something happening with Monte? He didn't call home at all this weekend and didn't come home last night. Was there an accident or something that kept him from coming back to town?"

Hanna was abrupt. "Mrs. Monroe, I have to inform you that the company has very strict rules concerning estranged significant others. According to policy this is your only allowed phone call. I have to inform you that if you attempt to call here again or if you personally come to this office, the police will be summoned and you will be hit with a restraining order and/or arrested for trespassing."

Lori was now anxious and extremely concerned. "Hanna, you know me. You have always called me by my first name. We have sat and visited at each and every Holiday party. What is going on?"

Hanna tried to be a little friendly. "All I can tell you is that Monte called here early today and spoke to Mr. Jennings, the CEO. He informed us that you and he were separated pending a divorce and that he was taking today off to take care of some personal matters. Mr. Jennings then called me and told me to follow the standard policy. That is all I know right now and all I will comment on. Have a nice day, Mrs. Monroe." Hanna then broke the connection.

Lori was totally confused. Separated? Divorce? What was going on? She had to find Monte and find out what was making him decide to do this. They had made love Thursday night and Monte had seemed normal when he left on Friday morning. There was nothing new or different in his demeanor. Was he having an affair?

Lori sat in her office and tried to think. Had Monte acted any different lately? She thought back on the time since his last weekend business meeting and the passing time between. If he had a lover in that other city would he have tried to contact her between meetings? She went online and looked up their cell phone bill. No, there was no strange or unusual phone numbers with that area code. As a matter of fact, except for calling Lori at least once a day, Monte didn't seem to use his personal phone for anything else. Did he have a business phone? She didn't think so. At least Monte had never spoken about it or had an extra phone where she would see it.

Lori was a mid-level supervisor in a business that sold and delivered office products. She had reports that needed to be completed and inventory that had to be reconciled. She tried to throw herself into her work but thoughts of Monte and a separation or divorce kept intruding all day. Her normal workday ended at six. Monte didn't know it but Lori worked an extra hour each day so she could come in late on Fridays. This had been going on for about six months. Lori reveled in the luxury of being able to sleep in on Fridays and get those errands done that had to be done during the normal work week.

At a quarter to six she was alone in the offices above the showroom. She was getting ready to shut her computer down when a courier knocked on her door. This delivery was unusual since it was so late in the day. Most deliveries happened a lot earlier. He was a familiar face so she didn't think much about it and signed for the package.

After he left she noticed that Monte's name was on the sending slip attached to the package. She immediately worked to tear the package open. Of course it was a reinforced padded envelope so she was frustrated at her attempt to find out something about why Monte wouldn't come home or communicate with her. Finally she grabbed her scissors from the drawer and snipped the end off the envelope. She found a flashdrive and a letter inside.

She put down the envelope and looked at the folded piece of paper and the drive for a moment. Somehow she knew that the questions she had been asking all day were going to be answered now.

Lori unfolded the letter and began to read.

"Lori, I have debated all weekend how I was going to continue or even if I could continue to be your husband after what I observed Friday morning. I had to come back to the house for some software that I needed. I had forgotten that I was working on the patches at home before we went to bed and didn't have the latest updates at work. I also knew that you would not be able to send me the patches as they were in a password protected file so I had to come home and get them before heading to Central Falls for my meeting.

When I came into the house I was not trying to be quiet as I thought you had gone to work. I should have come through the garage as I would have seen your car and maybe had not been so surprised when I came into the house. I saw you and Michelle Travis from next door."

Lori dropped the envelope and buried her face in her hands and began to cry. Monte had found out. She and Michelle had been having a little lesbian fling for the past six months. They usually got together on Friday mornings and any time Monte was out of town. On those weekends when Monte was gone they dated and then made soft sweet love multiple times. A lot of their pillow talk had revolved around whether Monte would ever want to see two women make love. The women's magazines insisted that this was the most common male fantasy.

She finally got control and tried to read some more.

"Not only did I see you together but I also heard how you spoke to each other. It explained so much in such a short time. I know you will deny this but our lovemaking has fallen off over the last few months. I didn't really pay attention myself until it got to be weeks between times we came together. I try to be the sensitive modern man that your women's magazines insist that the modern woman wants in a partner so I forced myself to not bringing up the frequency of how often we have sex. We went from three to four times a week and multiple times on the weekends to the occasional quick, just stick it in and get yourself off, sessions. You didn't seem to want me to indulge in much foreplay on those occasions and certainly went from wanting us to cuddle and talk afterwards to just roll over and go to sleep.

Because of this I had wondered if you were having an affair. Last week I sent away for one of those wi-fi based security systems and installed it on Wednesday night. You didn't even notice the little extra do-dads in the rooms I would bet. The flash drive included with this letter has what I captured on Friday morning and even Saturday and Sunday.

I left Friday before you could see me and interrupt you and your lover. I went on to Central Falls and that night downloaded the recorded session from that morning. I didn't really watch anything from the rest of the weekend as it is obvious that you are in love with Michelle and she returns that feeling.

From what I observed directly and then on the recorded video I guess I could not compete. You obviously need and want soft and gentle lovemaking, not the sometimes sweaty and always forceful penetration by my cock.

I watched as you two softly kissed and how gently you caressed each other's breasts when she first came into the house. There was just love expressed and not the raw passion that we used to show each other. I could see how later your kisses became more passionate as you turned each other on. You two seemed so in tune with each other. Definitely not the clumsy way I sometimes feel as I try to turn you on. Face it, you only enjoyed sex with me when you were already horny. It has been obvious since we first time we made love together that each session was when you wanted to and not when I wanted to. Any sex when I was too horny was more of a pity fuck than lovemaking.

I also noted how as you disrobed each other that you continued to kiss constantly. You caressed her breast and didn't attack her nipple and also kept kissing and necking. I suppose I should have taken lessons from a lesbian on how to seduce and turn on a woman. I know you probably hated that I loved to suck and nibble your nipples as part of foreplay instead of caressing your breast more.

Then even when her breast was very stimulated you only suckled for a moment before kissing again. Both of you barely interrupted kissing to orally please each other. I mean, it was so obvious that the kissing was almost more important than any other aspect of your lovemaking. How you must have hated when I would work my way down your incredible body and then orally try to please you but I realize I never stopped to come back up and kiss you at any time. I suppose I felt you would not want me to kiss you with your spending on my face. That impression may have come from the all the negative comments you made about how disgusting you thought lesbians were.

Then when you were having an orgasm with Michelle it sounded so different than how you sound with me that I have to question if you ever really had an orgasm with me. I suppose that you could have been the voice over for 'Harry Met Sally' in how to fake an orgasm. I know I didn't have much experience with the opposite sex before meeting you but I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that you experienced the ultimate pleasure with me. How stupid of me. I suppose all you really had to do was squeak and squeal a little and squeeze my cock with your pussy muscles and I would believe I was the world's greatest lover. I now know I was the world's dumbest, clueless cuckold.

Then after watching you with Michelle I was also reminded of the militant feminists who claim that sex with men is a violent act against women. From their standpoint and watching you I guess they might have a point. It was obvious you weren't missing my cock or any penetration as you made love. I suppose that you might have used a single digit on Michelle but she didn't seem to be penetrating you, just used her mouth to get you off.

There was no groaning or moaning with the slamming of my body into yours. There was no perspiration that I could see. How you must hate having to put up with my six inch cock and all that mess of semen at the end. With Michelle I suppose you could just snuggle in and go to sleep without that 'wet spot' to contend with.

No, all I observed was soft and gentle female on female lovemaking. You seemed so content and in tune with Michelle. It was almost hard to see when your lovemaking stopped and you went into post-coital cuddling. Maybe you didn't ever stop. I don't know."

Lori had to stop and cry some more. She had never wanted to hurt Monte in any way. Had she really not made love to him more than a few times since taking up with Michelle? She tried to deny the reality to herself but other than Thursday night she couldn't remember when the last time she and Monte had 'done the nasty' especially on the weekends when they used to play together in bed all day. No, she had spent more time wondering if Michelle was missing her or if she was out cruising for different pussy on the weekends.

She wanted to call Monte and reassure him that she had always had outstanding orgasms with him. She didn't fake anything with him. Yes, he was clumsy with it came to turning her on. He was the exact opposite of the successful seducer. It had endeared her more to him when they first started dating. She had even taken the lead in asking him for the first dance at the club where they met. She had told all her girlfriends that he was the perfect man for her. A stud, with a nice sized cock, when needed, but sensitive and caring enough the rest of the time. When had that changed?

Maybe she had gotten tired of having to take the lead all the time. Had she lost respect for him? Maybe. All she could state for sure was that Michelle Travis had moved in next door a year before and was an unapologetic lesbian who had no use for the average man. She had always stated that she liked Monte but his being Lori's husband had not stopped her from her goal of seducing her neighbor.

And Lori had to admit that it had not been that hard of a seduction. She had reveled in Michelle's obvious attraction to her. The whispered innuendos during block parties, the casual touches, and then the kissing. She had to admit that the kisses were to die for. She had never felt so desired and loved and even cherished than when Michelle was kissing her. There had not seemed to be any ulterior motive with any kiss or caress. The gentle touching had gotten more and more suggestive over time but Lori had welcomed each and every touch and kiss.

Hell, her nipples had started to get hard even with the thought of seeing Michelle, no matter what the venue. Then had come one of Monte's weekend trips. You would have thought that Michelle had been whispering to Lori that Monte might have a weekend mistress but, no, she didn't even suggest in any way that Monte might not be true to Lori. Michelle was a very self-assured person. She wanted Lori and just set out to seduce. Lori had to admit that Michelle had never once demeaned or disparaged Monte in any way. She probably just didn't care. Monte was a non-entity and not worth bothering with. And Lori had just allowed the seduction.

That first weekend Michelle and Lori had gone out to a lesbian bar just to observe. Michelle had probably figured out that Lori had protested too much about how she hated the thought of lesbianism. Quite the opposite, she had sat in that dimly lit bar and watched intently as women paired off and snuggled in the booths opposite them.

Michelle had then danced with Lori and felt her becoming compliant and even pressing against her well-shaped body. Soon they were standing alone in the corner exchanging kisses that got hotter and hotter.

Lori couldn't even wait until they returned to one or the other's home. No, right in the parking lot she bared her breasts and welcomed Michelle's lips and hands. Her pussy was dripping when Michelle made that first tentative finger insertion into her panties. Nope, no more tentative moves after that. From that time forward it was very assured and intended to entice at every step. After getting Lori off in the parking lot Michelle had driven to Lori and Monte's house and proceeded to destroy Lori in her marital bed. Lori thought about that. They had never gone to Michelle's house at any time, nope, it was always at Lori's.

Was Michelle intending to get them caught? Was Michelle getting off knowing she was having sex with Lori in Monte's spot in the bed?

That was a question for later. Now Lori felt she needed to finish the letter and see if Monte had left any hope for them both.

"I suppose you will consider this whining on my part but I just want it to be clear. I loved you from the moment we met. I was tongue-tied that anyone as good looking as you and with such an outgoing personality would be interested in a geek like me. I never looked at another woman since meeting you. When I finally asked you to marry me I had come to the conclusion that I was man enough for you and that we could be happy forever. Maybe I was man enough but not woman enough for you.

When I watched you come down the aisle on your dad's arm I was so full of love for you that I almost broke down. How is that for the modern urban male? Yes, I was close to tears at how happy I was. I also found it hard to say the vows that I had agonized over for weeks. Then when you pledged your love for all eternity my chest was sore from expanding so much due to the pride I felt. What a laugh. I should have known. Wasn't it Shakespeare who wrote that "Pride goeth before the fall"? How true. I am paying the price for the deadly sin of pride."

Lori had to stop and wipe her eyes again. Oh, how she wished she could talk with her husband right now. She had to assure him that he was not too prideful. She had meant every word of her vows. She stopped and thought about that. At the time she had meant every word. She had pledged her fidelity to Monte but now she had broken that vow. Did this mean she didn't really believe in what she had promised just a few short years ago? Was she that shallow and fickle?

She mentally shook herself. She didn't believe that she was so immature but that was not the here and now. She needed to find Monte and talk to him. She decided to not finish reading the letter at that moment. It was now after seven and she should get home just in case he might be there or might call.

Lori packed up the envelope and the contents and shut off her office light as she headed out.

At home she found it just as lonely as it had been all weekend, well at least when Michelle was not there. She changed clothes and got into something soft and comfortable. While doing that she looked into the closet that had been mostly Monte's domain. Her closet had gotten too full of clothing and shoes and she had started to use some of his space, just like she used most of the dresser drawers for her underwear and nightwear. She looked and a lot of Monte's clothing was missing from the bar and his space in the chest of drawers was also empty. He must have come home today.

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