tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Levine Women Ch. 01

The Levine Women Ch. 01


The door to the hotel room shut silently. I remained in the hall staring at it for quite a while trying to forget what I just saw. It was so wrong! Sam and Sylvia were brother and sister for God's sake! If that wasn't shocking enough, Sylvia was also supposed to be getting married in the morning. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see with my own eyes.

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. They didn't notice me the few seconds I was in the room so I decided that the smartest thing to do was forget the whole incident. If Sam wanted to fuck his own sister, then it was none of my business.

Of course, making this type of a decision and believing it were two entirely different things. I grappled with it a few moments longer before deliberately turned away from the door and making my way down the hall.

I wasn't sure where to go, what to do or even what to think. The worst part was that I realized that I was turned on. I guess that's normal when you see a woman who looks as good as Sylvia naked and having sex, but you have to understand that up until that moment I never even thought to look at her that way.

Oh, I'm not beyond having fantasies about my best friend's sister. In fact, I've had quite a few about Sam's other three sisters. They are all attractive in different ways. I especially liked Ruth. Yet, Sylvia was different.

Simply put, she's a bitch. Sylvia is the type of person who seems happiest when she's being cruel and heartless. She has an opinion on everything and likes to share it. She's always right and wants you to know it even if it's the most inane issue. Sam and I started referring to her at "The Shrew" after sophomore year in high school. It was the year we studied Shakespeare.

"Have you seen Sylvia?"

The words interrupted my thoughts. I looked up and saw Sam's mother. She looked annoyed. For one perverse moment I thought about sending her to Sam's room, but I quickly squelched the thought. Mrs. Levine was a nice lady who was already at her wits end dealing with this wedding. Besides, Sam was my best friend.

"No, sorry," I replied.

"That girl!" she huffed, and then sighed and let out a deep breath. "At least she'll be someone else's problem after tomorrow." She caught my look of surprise and rolled her eyes. "Oh, she's my daughter and I love her dearly. She's just such a handful."

I almost nodded in agreement, but then realized I was talking to Sylvia's mother. I remained motionless. Mrs. Levine looked at me and laughed.

"You were always such a smart boy John," she said. "Never speak ill of a child to their mother. It's definitely a lose-lose situation."

"I would never Mrs. Levine," I said with a smile. She laughed again.

"Well," she began as she turned to leave. "If you see 'The Shrew', tell her I'm looking for her."

"What?" I stuttered.

She turned backed, winked and added, "You think I don't know Sam and your pet name for Sylvia? Sadly, it's more appropriate than I would like." Mrs. Levine disappeared before I could think of anything to say. Thank God!

I was calmer now. Sylvia's lithe body still danced in the back of my mind, but I was at least thinking again. I needed somewhere to go. I was staying in Sam's room tonight and it was currently occupied.

Sam convinced his well-off parents to let him bring me to Sylvia's wedding since his girlfriend Sally couldn't make it. He even conned them into letting me stay overnight the day before. I was happily surprised when he told me the news. It got even better when Sylvia insisted that they all stay at the hotel where they were having the reception the night before the wedding. It made sense since she decided on a morning wedding and the temple she was getting married in was only fifteen minutes away.

Sam was part of the wedding party. So were his three other sisters, Tami, Michelle and Ruth. Sam was the 'baby' of the family at twenty and Sylvia the oldest at twenty-nine. She was only a week away from turning thirty. I know from Sam that she insisted on the wedding date being before that. She felt that you were an 'old maid' if you weren't married by the time you hit your thirties. It was probably why she finally decided to settle down in the first place.

I sighed and decided to see if I could find Beth. She was Sam's cousin and we hit it off pretty well at dinner. She wasn't in the wedding party, but she and her mother lived far away and decided to stay at the hotel so they wouldn't have to leave before dawn to make the wedding.

Beth agreed to meet me by the pool after dinner. Sam laughed and winked when I told him. I asked him to join us, but he decided not to come. That surprised me at the time because I knew there would be some cute girls at the pool and Sam seldom passed up a chance to ogle girls in bathing suits. Of course, now it made sense. He had other plans with Sylvia.

I did go to the pool earlier, but Beth never showed up. I took a quick dip anyway and then went to find Sam. That's when I stumbled upon his incestuous tryst with his sister Sylvia. Sam obviously expected me to be gone for some time.

I found myself at the pool once again as these thoughts passed through my mind. There was still no Beth, but I decided to stay and swim for a while. If nothing else it would help cool me off. Sylvia was a bitch, but she had a great body and I was having problems not picturing it in my head.

I just decided that it was probably safe to return to Sam's room when I saw Sylvia swimming toward me. She had obviously finished with Sam and was taking a dip to clean off.

I quickly got out of the pool. I had no desire to talk with Sylvia. She didn't like me and I wasn't particularly thrilled with her. Our conversations were never nice.

I reached for my towel and saw that she was still swimming toward me. She had something she wanted to say and I was sure it wasn't going to be good. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I decided to at least try and be civil. After all, she was getting married in the morning.

"Hello John," Sylvia said with a smirk as I dried myself.

"Hi, Sylvia. Big day tomorrow," I replied. She ignored my words and continued to smirk.

"Did cousin Beth stand you up?" she asked knowingly. I grimaced because I knew from her tone that she had something to do with it. Sylvia was such a bitch!

She could be a poster child for Jewish American Princesses everywhere. She fit every nasty stereotype of a JAP. Thankfully, she was the only one in her immediate family. The rest of Sam's sisters were much nicer. I especially liked Ruth who was only a year older than Sam. Her birthday was only a couple of days after mine.

Sam and I met the summer before I entered seventh grade and he entered sixth. We both played on the same baseball team. He was new to the team and the coach had me work with him after practice. We were inseparable ever since.

"What? Did you tell her mother I was a rapist?" I asked with a smile, hiding my anger. It would never do to let Sylvia know she'd scored some points.

"Not quite," She replied. "Although, I did tell her about how well you and Beth seemed to be getting along. I may also have mentioned your plans to meet by the pool. Aunt Helen wasn't happy because there is a nice young Jewish doctor she wants Beth to meet at the wedding tomorrow."

I once again had to fight down the urge to share what I saw earlier. I knew Sylvia would freak and I would definitely win this little confrontation, but I decided it wasn't worth it. It might affect my relationship with Sam and I wasn't willing to chance that.

"Sylvia, you really are a bitch," I sighed. Sylvia laughed as made my way toward the entrance to the pool area. I glanced back one last time and she was still smirking at me. Her bathing suit covered her attributes adequately, but I'd already seen what was underneath. My cock stirred despite Sylvia's cruel smile.

Sylvia was blond, but I knew it wasn't natural. She was reasonably tall, thin and had well-shaped average sized breasts. At that moment, bitch, shrew or the devil herself, I wanted her.

"What are you looking at?" she snapped, catching me staring. I was tempted to tell her, but I shook my head instead.

"I forgot to tell you that your mother is looking for you," I said as I forced myself to turn around and leave.

I made it back to my room and climbed into bed, but it took me a while to fall asleep. Sam was blissfully unconscious and that made me feel particularly annoyed. The sick fuck was screwing his sister "The Shrew"! The fact that I was now fantasizing about the bitch only made it worse.

* * *

The wedding went off without a hitch. Sam's parents must have spent a bundle, but I figured I would have spent twice the amount to get Sylvia off my hands. The reception was in full swing.

I was a little annoyed because every time I got near Beth, her mother got in the way. She even forced Beth to dance with a guy a couple of times. He must have been the doctor Sylvia mentioned the night before. He seemed nice enough, but Beth wanted no part of him. It probably had more to do with her mother's pushing then any real dislike.

I noticed Sam making moves on one of the bridesmaids. I wasn't surprised to see him leave with her a little while later. I shook my head and thought, 'poor Sally'. Sam was a great friend, but he was a horrible boyfriend. I gave his relationship to Sally another month. She was sweet and cute, and also too smart to put up with Sam much longer.

I noticed the groom drinking rather heavily with his best man. I really didn't know Sylvia's new husband, but Sam didn't like him and that was enough for me. Sam said he had a Napoleon complex. You know, a short guy with a chip on his shoulder.

We only met at dinner the night before. He seemed to be cut from the same mold as Sylvia herself. He was a stockbroker and did well for himself. At least that's what he told me last night. I'm sure that at least part of the reason Sylvia decided to marry him.

The party was only half over when I saw him wonder through the door and out of the reception. He looked plastered. I shrugged to myself. I would be plastered too if I thought I had to spend the rest of my life with Sylvia. Oh well, there was always divorce. Of course, Sylvia would rip him apart if he ever went down that path. The woman was a barracuda!

It wasn't long after seeing the groom that I found myself dancing with some girl who wasn't particularly attractive, but moved well. I noticed Sylvia enter the room looking really annoyed. She spotted me and came over. Sylvia grabbed me by the arm and led me out of the room to a small bar in the hotel lounge without a word. Her new husband was passed out at one of the tables.

"It's not even three in the afternoon and he's already passed out! Help me get him to our room. I don't want anyone to see him like this!" she snapped. I could have taken her asking me as a complement. After all, you would think that she would get someone she could trust to help her, but I knew Sylvia and that's not how her mind worked. She asked me because she didn't care enough about my opinion.

"I'll do it if you help me get a dance with Beth," I said.

"No way!" she snapped.

"Then get someone else to help you," I replied as I turned away. I was a little buzzed and not really in the mood to deal with Sylvia's attitude. She grabbed my arm.

"Okay. One dance!" she replied. I smiled and lifted her husband to my shoulder. Five minutes later I put him down on his bed.

"I can't wait until this bastard wakes up! He embarrassed me in front of my friends and passed out on our wedding night!" she snapped.

I almost mentioned that it was still early in the day and that he would probably be okay later, but I took another quick look at him and realized that I wasn't certain it was true. I watched Sylvia steam for a few moments. She was dressed in a beautiful wedding gown that probably cost thousands. Her chest, though covered, was still enjoyable to view.

"And what are you looking at pervert!" she cried. I sighed. I was drunk enough to let myself get caught staring. On the other hand, I was also drunk enough not to care.

"It's a shame. You're such a unlikable bitch, but you've got one hell of a body," I replied.

"Get out!" she snapped, but I could tell she liked the complement about her body.

"Okay," I replied, but then added, "Let's go. You get me my dance with Beth, and you don't have to see me anymore."

"No way! I'm not helping a pervert get near my cousin," she said with a cruel grin. I grit my teeth and tried to calm myself.

"Hey! A deal is a deal," I growled angrily.

"Go to hell!" she said nastily. Perhaps it was the alcohol, but whatever the reason, I had enough of Sylvia's bitchiness and cruelties. Her decision to renege on our agreement was the last straw. All of the tension I was feeling faded as I smiled coldly. Sylvia took a nervous step backward.

"Okay. Since you won't help set me up with Beth, you'll just have to do," I said calmly. A small part of me was as surprised at what I was saying as Sylvia was, but the rest of me didn't care.

"What do you mean?" she asked, her eyes darting from side to side nervously.

"You know exactly what I mean. Now, come here!" I demanded.

"No way! You're crazy! I hate you!" she replied. I just smiled wider.

"It's you're wedding day and your groom is passed out. I'll have to stand in for him." She looked into my eyes carefully. I stared back.

"You're serious!" she finally cried.

"Yes," I said, again keeping my tone calm. Sylvia cursed at me and tried to shove me out of the door. I grabbed her arms and held them at her sides.

"If you rape me I'll have you killed! Sam would do it himself!" she snapped, obviously afraid and confused now. Yet, she also seemed very excited.

"Sylvia, I have no intention of raping you," I replied coolly, confusing her further. "However, if you don't satisfy me, I'm going back to the reception and let all your friends know that you fucked your own brother last night."

"How could you say such a thing? That's sick! Did Sam tell you that?" she asked nervously. I shook my head.

"No, I went back to the room last night and saw you and Sam going at it when Beth didn't show," I replied. A thought struck me as I finished. I broke into a grin and added, "Now that I think about it, it's really your own fault. I would never have known about you and Sam if you had minded your own business. I would have happily been swimming with Beth."

"No one will believe you!" she cried, ignoring my comment. I shrugged and smiled.

"I think they will. Do you want to take that chance?" I asked. I wasn't sure if I would actually follow through with the threat, but Sylvia didn't know that.

"I hate you!" she nearly screamed.

"You're not my favorite person either," I sighed. "But, I'm tired of you being such a bitch and it's time you learned your lesson."

"Okay, I'll help set you up with Beth," she said desperately. I laughed.

"Yes, you will. After we're done here."

"Don't touch me!" she snapped. I shrugged and turned toward the door. Once again Sylvia grabbed my arm. Our eyes met. Whatever she said, she was obviously turned on.

"Make up your mind Sylvia. I don't have time for your games," I growled. She reared back and raised her hand to slap me across the face. I grabbed her arm before she could deliver the blow and roughly pulled her toward me.

"What do you want?" she cried nervously, her face only inches from mine. She tried to pull away, but I held her still.

"Why, you of course," I smiled. She looked into my eyes again and I let her see my desire for her for the first time. "You're a bitch and a shrew, but after what I saw last night, I have to have you!"

I fully expected her to try and pull away again, but instead she leaned into me. Sylvia's lips reached for mine hungrily and we kissed lustfully. Our tongues fought against each other as our lips mashed. I slowly dropped one hand to her ass. The wedding dress was thick and layered, but she felt my caress and moaned.

I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying myself. My dick was already hard and desperately needing attention. I let my other hand fall to Sylvia ass and pulled her to me. She moaned again as she felt my dick against her stomach. I massaged Sylvia's ass with both hands. It wasn't long before she was grinding into me.

"Touch me," I demanded. Sylvia opened her mouth to reply, but I cut her off by kissing her hard. I was sure I bruised her lips, but she just moaned and reached between us. She started rubbing my cock through my pants.

"It's big!" she said causing me to smile slightly. I knew from my quick look yesterday that I was bigger than Sam. I guessed that I was also bigger than Sylvia's new husband based on her reaction.

Sylvia opened my pants with shaking hands. She quickly slipped one hand into my underwear and caressed my cock. She tilted her face up to mine and parted her lips slightly. I once again crushed her lips in a kiss. Sylvia tongue darted into my mouth as she slowly worked my cock.

"Suck it!" I demanded. Sylvia looked up into my eyes. She was biting her bottom lip in indecision. She was obviously fighting herself. "Do it or I tell your mother about you and Sam!"

"Bastard!" she cried, but she looked relieved. Sylvia had the excuse she needed. She quickly fell to her knees and took the head of my dick into her mouth. She started sucking it furiously. I could smell her excitement in the air.

Sylvia was still in her wedding gown and her veil was pinned back. The sight of her kneeling there dressed like that really turned me on. I grabbed hold of her head and started fucking her mouth. I wasn't normally like this, but Sylvia seemed to be enjoying herself and the truth was, so was I.

She cupped my balls and played with them as she did her best to take me down her throat. She coughed once, but was finally able to take my entire length in. I groaned and spewed my cum deep into her belly. Sylvia stood when I was done and wiped her mouth.

"Get out," she snapped.

"We're not even close to being done," I said as I grabbed her arm.

"Let me go! I've given you your pleasure!" she cried. I smiled.

"Yes, but I haven't given you yours," I replied. I pulled her toward a small table off to one side.

"Like anything about you could affect me that much! What are you..." she began to protest, but I ignored her words as I threw her on the table face first and pulled her dress up. It took a while because her dress was long and she was thrashing about, but eventually only her underwear lay between my goal and me. I ripped them away and drove my tongue into her pussy. Sylvia groaned and stopped fighting me.

"Stop that!" she gasped. I just kept working at what I was doing. "You're a sick bastard!"

"Yes, I am," I said, taking a brief moment away from my task. "But I can't help it. You taste delicious!"

"I'm not even enjoying it!" she insisted.

"Then this won't bother you," I smiled. I started concentrating on her clit. She tried to remain still, but it was impossible. She was so ready to orgasm that her futile attempt to make me believe she wasn't enjoying herself was almost funny.

"No! Stop! Please!" she cried, but my tongue did it's magic and she came. Her body shuddered in what I expected was the best orgasm of her life.

I stood after she was done, but Sylvia remained prone across the table. Her veil was askew and her face sweaty. My dick hardened once again as I looked at her moist opening. She must have trimmed her hair down there, but interestingly, she left it its natural brown color.

"Are you ready, Sylvia?" I asked. She blinked and looked at me.

"For what?" she asked. I moved forward and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit from behind.

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