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The Librarian


I had recently gotten back to work on a book I started on sometime ago and I had to go to the public library to do some research on various scientists in the electrical field such as Ampere,Volta and George Ohm.

There was a librarian there who was quite help full to me and she dressed the part as well. A black skirt and white ruffled V neck blouse, a bun in her hair and black oval style glasses hung from an eyeglass chain of small pearls.

One day while helping me, her eyeglass chain separated itself from her glasses and both went to the floor. I was quick enough to grab them off the floor and I tried her glasses as I checked out the end of the chain and found a small gap where none should have been. Well Joan, here is the trouble. There is a small space here but I can fix it for you. Give me a couple minutes to get a pair of long nose pliers from my truck.

I was back in two shakes and had her beaded eyeglass chain fixed and her glasses would stay where they belonged, sitting on the shelf of her 44D size bosoms.

"Oh thank you so much Ray, I really appreciate your kindness in fixing these for me."

"Well Joan, I am glad I was able to do so. Any chance of taking you out to dinner Saturday evening?"

"Of course you can take me out to dinner."

So she told me where she lived and gave me her number and I went about my research as I planned on.

I was really looking forward to taking Joan out. and frankly speaking getting her into the sack as well. She is about six foot tall with long gray hair so smooth you can see soft highlights.

Her shoes are black patent say two inch chopped heels buffed to a high shine.

Saturday finally arrived and I was casually dressed and we went to a well known Italian joint for their great salad an bread sticks as well as four cheese macaroni sauce with spaghetti and meatballs.

Joan had her dressier pair of glasses tonight, being gold half-round in style and an eyeglass chain of small purple beads.

"Ah different glasses tonight Joan?"

"Yes, these are not for work but for in the house and going out. Anywhere but work."

"Tell you what Joan, how about me keeping them nice an spotless for you when we are together. how does that sound?

I guess she liked the idea as she took the eyeglass chain from over her head and gave them to me. I had a clean cotton hand herchief so I cleaned them then tried them to see if they were as clean as they looked.

"You really like these huh Ray?"

"Well to be honest, I do like the looks of a woman in reading glasses, and the eyeglass chain is very feminine looking.

"So Ray, did you say you play piano?'

"I guess I did because I do play, mostly classical music say a few pieces from Chopin and Beethoven's Moonlight sonata."

"That is a hauntingly eerie piece of music." Said Joan.

"Oh so you are familiar with it?"

So we are having a great time just talking and eating and she says,

"Other things could be done with my eyeglass chains, you know that?"

She said it with a smile and I could not believe what she was suggesting.

"You made a very nice offer to keep my half-glasses spotless and I want to show you my appreciation for that offer."

"Well that is very nice, I have no idea where those eyeglass chains could be wrapped but I am sure it will be quite nice."

The next thing I know is she has the pointy toes of her black patent heels stuffed into my crotch and I had no trouble with that.

"Ray, I have like a few dozen pair of reading glasses with beaded chains, think you can handle the job?"

"All half-glasses style?"

"No, mostly half-glasses and some silver ovals."

"Well Joan I would like to see those sometime."

"O.k. how about dropping in to my place after we leave here?"

"Sounds good to me."

"So Joan, do you play piano?"

"Sort of, I have a Yamaha stage piano with an amplifier but a piano gives a warmer sound by far."

"Well if you want, you can come over to my place and play my Baldwin."

"Thanks, how about tomorrow after I get out of church? say around noontime?"

"Great, I will look forward to that.

We finished our dinner and had some Italian doughnuts that you dip into a caramel or raspberry sauce and some coffee then headed over to her place.

So we sat on her sofa for a bit and talked, she made some coffee and then she told me to close my eyes. Next thing I know she has my hands tied behind my back with a belt.

"I want you to take off my bra with your teeth."

She says as her blouse was off. So I nuzzled around her shoulders and got a good grip on her bra strap and gave a good tug. I had gotten that strap down to her elbow then I went to work on the other strap and did likewise.Once Joan had her hands out from under the straps she put her hands up like she was under arrest and I had to grab the bra with my teeth and pull it up over her head.

Joans' aureola's were large and her nipples were about a half inch long red and thick.

"Have at them." Said Joan.

So I took her gold half-glasses with the purple beads and rubbed them all over her nipples. Then I took those purple beads and her half-glasses and ran the beads past her nipples rather quickly so they fluttered back an forth. And in a short time she is starting to get really turned on and I see her dainty fingers making a beeline towards her vagina, so I had her legs opened more so and with those purple beads ran them over her labia Joan was going wild now and I got my tongue up into the furnace of her desires. One of her heels was off and I figured it cold be put to better use than lying on the floor.I started to finger fuck Joan with my second and third fingers and she was getting wet as I heard her love juices sloshing around my fingers. Then I grabbed that heel and stuffed the toes end up into her garden and worked that heel back and forth all the while the light for an antique lamp shining on said heel was bouncing all over that heel and it was like the shoe was talking to me, telling me to really do Joan with it.

Well, Joan was bucking at the hips and making all sorts of sounds which I took as sexual pleasure.

"Now it's your turn Ray, cum on in!" She said with heavy breathing.

I was already nude so I got on top and got that pepperoni lined up for her love box. I was in and it was great. She had muscles down there like "Popeye the sailor man" the way they gripped my cock I knew it would be in her for a while. I had no intention on hurrying this thing up and I went for the long slow style and would let her tell me to speed up the works.

I played Joan like I was doing that Chopin piece, opus ten No.3 to be exact and when the dynamics called for louder or softer, Joan got it faster or slower.

Part of this etude calls for playing louder and slower at the same time and I would go in with a raging fury but at a somewhat slower tempo and at the Crescendo I went in with all my might then returned to the regular tempo and from there a bit softer and slower all the while the melody of this classical piece was playing in my ears and I was seeing Joan and her sweet smile as she looked at me either through or over the tops of her gold half-round glasses with the purple beads hanging from them.

Joan had to have cum three or four times as her body would stiffen up so as to keep my organ in her and by her looks I know she enjoyed this very much.

We lied upon the bed for a while talking about whatever and then it happened, ah HUH the munchies. Joan went out to the kitchen and came back with a tray of various chips an dips. I had a thing for the spinach dip but Joan went for the hot salsa.

"Close your eyes." She said.

I did so and started to feel something cold an lumpy on my cock. She poured the salsa over it and started licking it and licking went to sucking. quick as a flash she wiped my cock of all that salsa and sour creme so everything was spic 'n span down there.

She is now donning the gold half-glasses with purple beads and she takes the black oval style glasses with the beads I fixed and wraps them round my cock and rubs the glasses all over my balls and over the top of my cock while giving me a hand job to die for. I am feeling all those sexy pearls moving around and she holds her black oval style glasses in such a way that when I start cumming, they are holding the nice warm man-sauce and Joan is licking the stuff off them with a passion.

"You gonna clean these for me?" asks Joan.

"Hell yeah." so I took the damp dishcloth she cleaned my cock with and I had her black ovals sparkling and ready for another good time.

It was now the wee hours of a new day and I was bushed. Joan would be over after church to play a real piano and I was really looking forward to that.

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