The Librarian


All my existence, I wanted to remain one of the faceless masses. I did my very best to blend in, never standing out, never drawing attention to myself...

Every day starts the same, I wake up, I shower, I wrap my thick, jet black, mid-shoulder length hair into a severe bun, don my drab, shapeless black dress and head off to work. Yes, contrary to popular believe, I do have a job. I'm a librarian at the main branch. It's quiet, not too many people bother me, and it gives me an opportunity to brush up on some reading. Sitting at my desk, I quickly scanned over my calendar.

"Oh no." I whispered.

"What's wrong Elsbeth?" Louise asked. Louise is one of my co-workers. Nice looking older woman, not spectacular, but what she lacked in looks, she more than made up with her loving personality.

"Oh nothing Louise. I just realized today was Halloween." I said, smiling thinly. Louise nodded, knowing what I meant. Every Halloween, the library is flooded with nut cases trying to find spell books to conjure spirits and screaming costume clad children demanding candy.

"Ahem, good day ladies." Mr. Parker said, clearing his throat. He was the branch manager. Translation, major egomaniac asshole.

"Hello Mr. Parker, how are you?" Louise asked cheerfully. He simply cocked his head, not bothering to speak to her.

'What a bastard.' I thought to myself.

"Well Ms. Munroe, I see good manners are obviously not part of you vocab." he said, examining his fingernails.

"Well, Mr. Parker, that's a matter of opinion. Good manners recognizes good manners." I said crisply. Screw him, he's just mad I wouldn't give him the handjob he demanded. He's hated me ever since.

"Anyway," he said, ignoring the comment, "I won't be needing two of you to work tonight. And after careful consideration, I decided that Elsbeth, you'll be working the Halloween night alone. Enjoy. Louise I want you clocked out and gone by four o'clock on the dot. Understand?"

"Are you sure Mr. Parker, Halloween is usually a hectic night." Louise started to say.

"I thought you got your hearing checked old woman. I said be gone by four. This discussion is over." he said, storming off. Louise face crumpled, breaking my strong resolve. I took her sobbing body in my arms, hugging her tight.

"Oh Elsbeth, how can he speak to me like that? I've been working here for almost twenty years and no one has ever treated me like that." she wailed.

"Shh, don't cry Louise. I'll take care of everything, you'll see. I promise, okay." I said, blotting her tears with a Kleenex.

"How Elsbeth? How are you going to handle this? He treats you like garbage, too." she cried.

"Don't worry about it, just do as I say and everything will be fine."

Thankfully, it didn't take much convincing. Louise is a sweet woman, but she is incredibly naive. I simply convinced her to cover my shift and let me worry about the rest. By the time four rolled around, I had Louise punch out and go home and told her to return by six. I overheard Mr. Parker telling his wife that he'd be working late helping out with the Halloween rush, then he called his mistress telling her that he would meet her at the masquerade ball. This was working out more perfectly than I had ever imagined. I waited until Mr. Parker left before I snuck into his office, and called his mistress.

"Hello?" she sang into the phone.

"Who is this?"

"Um, this Candy. Who's this?" she giggled. I could envision her silicone tits bouncing with her mindless giggles, twirling her overly bleached blonde hair around her finger.

"This is Evelyn Parker. You do know who I am, don't you?" Silence.

"Um, um, I don't know you or your husband!" she gushed. I swear, for someone who has an overly inflated image of self, Mr. Parker sure knows how to pick them.

"Don't lie to me bitch, I know all about you. And I suggest you stay away from my husband or else! I know where you live, what you look like and where you work. If you don't stay away from him, I will make you life a living hell."

"Okay, okay, I didn't know he way married. Well, I did know but he said that he was getting a divorce. But, I'm suppose to be meeting him at a party tonight." she whined.

"Are you really this stupid? I said stay away. Not tomorrow, not next week, but now, understand? I have a gun and I know how to use it and by the time the police find your lifeless body the only way they'll be able to identify it is by those silicone implants!"

"Oh my God, oh my God please don't kill me, I swear I'll stay away for good!" she cried.

"Good. Now listen to me very carefully. I'm going call you back every fifteen minutes on the hour and the first time the phone rings more than three times, I'm coming over to your house and it will not be pretty. Understand?"

"Yes, yes I understand." she sobbed. I softly cradled the phone. Now that that's taken care of, all I had to do was give Louise her final instructions and I was all set.

Like clockwork, Louise showed up and I told her to simply call Candy as scheduled, telling her to pretend to be Mrs. Parker. She didn't ask any questions thankfully.

I rushed home, snatching off my work clothes. I brushed my hair out, letting it cascade down my shoulders. I slipped on my tight black vinyl catsuit and matching stiletto knee-high boots with silver tipped spike heels. I pulled out my leather cat eyes mask with matching ears and headed out. It didn't take me long to reach the party. I didn't have an invitation, but then again, when you look as hot as I did and had a matching attitude, you didn't need one. I just strolled in. Fending off several unwanted suitors, I quickly found Mr. Parker. He stuck out like a sore thumb, wearing a loud Austin Powers costume, not to mention doing a lousy job impersonating him.

"Hi there you shagadelic thing you." I purred in his ear.

"Yeah baby, yeah." He manage to say. I could smell the booze seeping from his skin.

"Here alone or waiting for someone?" I asked, batting my eyes.

"Well, my mojo is telling me that I'm waiting for you, baby."

"Why don't you show me that mojo of yours." I whispered in his ear, letting my tongue brush lightly over his earlobe.

I grabbed a fresh drink from the waiter, slipping a mixture of Viagra and mild sedative in. Won't knock him totally out, will make him randy as hell, but I can control whatever happens.

"Here baby, one for the road." I cooed, winking at him as I gave him the drink. He downed it in one gulp.

After a few moments it was clear the drugs were working, so I lead him outside and into an awaiting cab. He passed out for the majority of the ride. I had my little "helpers" waiting for my arrival. They helped my sleeping boss inside the house and out of that tacky costume. By the time he regained consciousness, he was naked and shackled to a chair.

"W-what the hell is going on here?" he asked.

"Quiet in the peanut gallery, the show is about to begin." my voice boomed over the intercom.

Slowly the curtains were drawn back and a spotlight shone on the stage. It took a few moments for Mr. Parker's to focus on the stage.

"Evelyn!" he shouted. His pretty socialite wife was centerstage, getting serviced by a well hung "helper" of mine. Her pretty blonde hair was tightly wound around his fist as he pounded in and out of her ass. From prior conversations that I eavesdropped on, I knew that she had never let him within fifty feet of her anus. I figured what the hell, might as well show him what it would look like.

"Evelyn! Oh my God! What are you doing?" he screamed in anguish.

"U-u-ugh...A-Albert! M-my a-ass is on f-fire!" she stuttered, "B-But it f-feel s-so gooddd! Oh fuck me harder!" she screamed, grinding her ass against my helper's thick cock.

"You fucking bitch!" he spat at her as he watched another man take what he had been denied for years. He struggled violently against his bonds, sweating profusely.

"Yeah bitch...take this fucking cock in that tight little ass of yours...ughhhh...oh it cums bitch!" he shouted. Quickly he pulled his cock from her ass, watching as her gaping hole shrank. Yanking her by her air, he pulled her down on her knees in front of him. She grabbed his sticky cock with her mouth, sucking his length down her throat. The room was filled with the slurping sounds of her mouth and his shrill screams. A third voice joined the chorus as my helper shot his creamy load down her throat.

"Don't swallow Evelyn. Hold that load in that sweet mouth of yours." I said over the intercom. She obediently held his cum in her mouth as she backed away from him.

"Now Evelyn, didn't mother teach you to always share?" I laughed over the intercom, "And your husband is entitled to half of all your possessions." I watched as her eyes lit up with obvious pleasure as she stood up and walked over to her husband.

"Oh no you don't, you fucking cunt!" Albert shouted. She tried pressing her mouth to his, but he kept moving his head. Thankfully my helper had regained his composure and hopped off the stage. Holding Albert's head still and pinching his nose, forcing him to open his mouth as Evelyn spat my helper's cum in his mouth. I laughed my ass off watching him gag on the salty fluid. But that should have been the least of his problems.

"Very good Evelyn. Go back on the stage, darling. Bishop, please escort our guest to the stage."

Now you must understand, Bishop is an ex-wide receiver, nothing but pure muscle. Standing about 6'11," 328 pounds of chiseled milk chocolate, cute dreadlocks and a goatee. So fine is my Bishop. Suffice to say no matter how much struggle Albert put up was like a flea trying to fight an elephant. He was on stage in no time.

"Thank you my darling Bishop. Please take care of Evelyn, while I buzz in Mykol."

"Yes my Queen." Bishop said, his deep voice rumbling in his chest. He spread Evelyn on the floor of the stage, burying his face inside her soaking wet pussy. Albert could only watch and sob softly as he watched his faithful wife of twenty years scream in ecstasy. He vainly tried to ignore his rock hard erection protruding from his lap.

"Now don't think I forgot about you Albert. Mykol please join our guests on the stage."

Mykol was another fav of mine. She was a statuesque blonde, with ample breasts, long legs, and the most gorgeous baby blue eyes that I have ever seen. She sashayed on the stage wearing stiletto heels and a thong. Her cherry red nipples stood from her tits like little arrows.

"Mmm...looks like someone is happy to see lil ole me." Mykol cooed as she stroked his cock with her long fingernails. Despite watching his wife getting the fucking of her life at the hands of this huge black man, he felt like his cock was going to explode from her touch. I zoomed the camera in closer for this particular part of the show.

"Mama's gonna make you feel all better." she lisped. Sinking to her knees, she began to run her pink tongue all over his turgid member. Albert moaned as he felt the head of his cock slide down her throat until her lips were pressed against the base of his organ, her nose buried in his pubic hairs.

"Oh fuck" he moaned, "Screw you bitch, this slut knows how to suck cock better than you and Candy combined!" he spat at his wife. His angry words fell on deaf ears as Evelyn rode Bishop as if her very life depended on it. When Mykol was satisfied that Albert's cock was good and wet, she stood up, straddling his lap, with her back to his chest. She looked over her shoulder, licking her swollen lips.

"I heard you never got to fuck your wife in the ass, but you can fuck mines all you want, daddy." she cooed as she moved the thong material from her ass. Positioning the head of his cock at her backdoor, she slowly made her descent, taking his cock deep in her ass. Albert moaned loudly as he felt his prick sinking inside her tight ass. Mykol began riding his tool like a woman possessed, making him scream much louder than his wife, who was now getting her ass reamed again.

Mykol leaned back, freeing Albert's hands, cupping her tits with them.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Ride my prick with that tight ass of yours!" Albert moaned. A sweat broke out on his forehead as he tilted Mykol forward, allowing his dick to sink deeper inside of her ass.

"Oh shit! I'm gonna blow all in your pretty ass!" he screamed, gripping Mykol's hips, shooting his cum deep inside.

As soon as I was sure that he was finished, I got back on the mike.

"Mykol, honey, stand up if you would. Bishop stop for a moment. All eyes on Albert." I waited until everyone had followed my instructions before I continued, "Evelyn dear, kneel in front of Mykol, Bishop, stand behind Evelyn."

I made sure that I had ample tape left before I finished.

"Very good my lovelies. Now Albert I want you to look very carefully. Mykol my love, remove you thong." I watched as Mykol did her little bump and grind routine as she removed her thong. I think Albert must have turned two shade whiter than his natural color as her thong hit the floor, revealing her very hard seven inch cock!

"Oh God! Oh God!" Albert kept chanting over and over again as Mykol's penis swayed obscenely back and forth.

"Mykol my love, you have a choice. You can either fuck his slutty wife or you can fuck him. Which would you like?"

"Actually, my Queen, if I can be a lil greedy, can I fuck him while his slut fucks me?"

"But what about poor Bishop? Look at his cock, it's so swollen and so hard, what will he do while you have your cake and eat it to?"

"My Queen, he can take my ass too!" Evelyn giggled.

"Wonderful. Bishop will you please fetch Mykol's pacifier. Mykol get Albert ready."

Albert tried to fight Mykol off, but what she lacked in strength, she made up with extensive knowledge of pressure points. One well place pinch and Albert was as helpless as a babe.

Mykol had Albert bent over the chair, with his hands strapped to the legs and his ass firmly in the air. Swatting his ass a few time, getting it a nice rosy shade while waiting for Bishop to finish securing the thick strap-on to Evelyn.

"My Queen, if it is all the same, I'd like to keep out of this for the moment." Bishop said.

"But of course my precious. Come keep your Queen company while Mykol plays." I love Bishop. He's been with me for as long as I can remember. I don't care how many women he screws, I'm the only one he makes love to. Besides I knew that screwing Evelyn in the ass while she fucked Mykol was not his scene. He's the only one who has the discretion to leave a scene.

"Bishop, clean yourself first, then join me." I knew he hated watching Mykol perform, so letting him bathe and get himself prepared for me was much more to his liking. Once he was gone, I turned my attention back to the task at hand.

"Mykol you may begin."

"Please don't do this." Albert whimpered.

"Oh please let me Mykol!" Evelyn pleaded, "I have been dreaming of a moment like this forever. I want to be the one to humilate this bastard. God knows he's been humiliating me for years with all his cheap bimbos and whores!"

"By all means Evelyn, he's all yours." Mykol said, stepping aside, "Besides there are far worse ways to humilate him other than taking his ass. You plug that hole and I'll plug this one!" she said, gripping a handful of his hair, yanking his head up.

"If you bite me, I swear to God by the time I'm done with you, you'll wish you were never born." Mykol threatened, using her manly voice.

"Evelyn for the love of God, don't do thissss....AAARGHHHHHHHH!" he howled as Evelyn unceremoniously rammed her fake phallus balls deep in his virgin anus. I didn't think Evelyn had it in her to be so vicious as she pummeled his violated ass. Albert's screams were muffled by Mykol's cock pumping his face.

"Oh God..this feels so fucking good! I'm getting ready to cum again!" Evelyn moaned as she sodomized her husband, "Did you hear me, you son-of-a-bitch, I'm gonna cum while I ram my cock in your ass!"

"Isn't ironic, Albert, you wanted to be the one rammming his cock in Evelyn's ass until you came. Who would have ever thought it would have been the other way around?" I said, taunting him.

"Let it go babygirl, 'cause I'm getting ready to shoot down his throat!" Mykol panted, fucking his face faster and deeper. Tears mixed with sweat poured down Albert's face as the first blast of cum hit his tonsils. Mykol pumped her cum in his throat, pinching his nose close so he had no choice but to swallow. Evelyn speared his anus once more before she came again, and like a man would, she continued pumping until she stopped.

"Mykol please remove your toy and release Albert."

Mykol nodded her head as she obeyed my command. The Parker collapsed onto the floor, both drenched in sweat.

"Thank you for your participation. Show's over."

I turned my mike off, as I waited to see what would happen next. Bishop walked up behind me, massaging my shoulders.

"My Queen, did everything go as you planned?" he asked, softly kissing my neck.

"Mmm, Bishop you did wonderfully tonight, you deserve a treat. Tell your Queen what you would like?"

"The only thing I want right now is to taste my Queen's sweet pussy."

Oh Bishop, you please me mightly." I said, taking off my catsuit. He lapped at my pussy like a kitten would lap warm milk. Slowly, nuzzling his thick, talented tongue inside my wet slit. I toyed idly with his hair, spreading my legs wide, pressing my cunt to his mouth as his teeth nibbled on my throbbing clit. Soon, my pussy was flooding his face with gush after gush of sweet cum that he greedily sucked from my quivering hole. Leaning back in the chair, Bishop stood up, placing my legs on his shoulders as he teased my swollen labia with the head of his rock hard cock. Slowly, languid strokes penetrated my pussy as Bishop leisurely made love to me. He captured my nipple between his teeth, rolling the bud around, driving me insane. Pushing forward, grabbing the back of the chair, Bishop rammed his cock deep inside my cunt, triggering a monstrous orgasm within me. I bit down hard on his shoulder as I shook from the sheer force of the orgasm. Bishop roared as he exploded inside of me, coating my womb with his white lava. He laid atop of me, his cock twitching deliciously inside my pussy.

Vaguely, as I began to come down from my orgasm high, I heard the conversation taking place on stage.

"How could you do this to me?

"How could I do this to you? What about the things you've done to me? You thought you could fuck everything in a skirt behind my back and it would be okay?"

"Eve I never wanted things to turn out like this."

"You stupid son-of-a-bitch, you just can't admit you were wrong, can you? Well let me tell you something, every time you were out fucking your bimbos, I've been here, letting stud after stud fuck my ass knowing that you would never do it! How does it feel knowing that?" she said, taunting him, "Night after night, I waited for you to come home, not knowing what you or who you were doing. Then out of the blue, I got a letter in the mail, telling me to come here that all my questions would be answered. I saw tape after tape of you fucking your slut at the library. Listened to the phone calls of you and her laughing at how I would never find out. I cried my heart out and the my Queen saved me. She gave me a purpose again. She made me feel like a woman again. She gave me to countless men and I let them do all the things you wanted to do to me and then I came home to you. I knew every time you left her house you showered, but I never did. Every time you kissed me, every time you sucked my tits, every time you licked my cunt, you tasted all of them!"

"Eve, oh Eve," he cried, "What are we going to do?"

"You can keep on fucking your slut and I'll keep being my Queen's fuck toy. Either way, you get what you want and I get what I want."

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