tagErotic CouplingsThe Librarian Ch. 01

The Librarian Ch. 01


After 20 yrs. of living life in the rat race, working 8 - 5 every Monday through Friday, I decided it had to end. I needed to escape, do something that meant something to me, to find my passion in life. I had earned enough money, but I was not happy, hell what good was money if you had nothing that enthused a person? I loved to camp, hike, and what a better place to do it, than around the Great lakes. Take some time, discover life and myself.

I moved out to a small farming community, population around 15,000, yet only 45 minutes from the city. It was an area that was quiet, yet had an underlying feeling, one which I had not yet discovered, but fully intended to explore. It looked like a sleepy little place, yet something told me that it had an excitement, that was not immediately visible to the average person; a seductive quality.

It was warm that summer, always a westerly wind coming in off the lake, making it muggy. Being a small town, there was no high speed internet, at least not in the homes yet, so I became a member at the local library, where one could have access to at least keeping up with what was happening with friends.

It was the time I was joining the library that I first noticed her, she looked about 10 or 15 yrs. my junior, short and curvaceous with long brown hair, with smoldering brown eyes to match. She was definitely not skinny, but she was not fat either, just well built. Her name tag said her name was Carla, and she seemed a little shy, but her smile seemed to say, take me if you dare, if you think you are man enough. Just enough of a contradiction, it was exciting. It was then I noticed her wedding ring. What can I say, I love a challenge.

To me, librarians always fell into that special area, like teachers and nurses. They were either conservatives, or very liberated outside of their work environment, and I had a feeling she was conservative, yet waiting for someone to show her how to live life. Sometimes I am wrong, but sometimes I am right, and I like to live by the old adage, nothing ventured, nothing gained. After all, the most she could do was refuse me.

As she helped me fill out my membership form, I took the time to look over her body. Damn, I could feel my cock growing in my trousers, and tried desperately to change thoughts, but it was too late. I looked down and could see the outline of my 7" starting the journey of going down my left thigh, and there would be no mistaking it if anyone else was to look. Her tits seemed to be about a 38DD, with hips and ass to match. She leaned over the counter, and I managed to look down her shirt as she had 3-4 buttons undone. Her white skin with a light smattering of freckles, looked even more delicious with the blue lace bra she was wearing, inviting the voyeur in me to want more.

I could only imagine the games I would be able to play with those tits, seeing how sensitive they were, how her nipples responded to all the things kinky things I had learned on how to make the difference between pleasure and pain meld together over the yrs.

As my eyes drifted back up, I caught her watching my eyes, and she quickly turned away, as if she was a young child caught with her hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

The sweet innocence only made me want her that much more. To corrupt a librarian, there is no way any normal sexual deviant would not love this challenge. So different than the corporate go getters I was used to. All they wanted was to fuck, and get back to making money, and there was just no fun in that anymore. Here was a woman, who I am sure was no virgin, yet probably never experienced what I was hopefully about to try with her.

I would go into the library 4 or 5 times a week, and I would always make sure to smile at her, always making sure that I asked her for advice, where books were, where to eat in town, just the little things to set her at ease. It was not long before she quit calling me Mr. Ryder, and started addressing me as just Troy.

One afternoon, the library was slow, we were the only two persons there, and I asked her for some assistance, I was looking for a book by Nancy Friday, and wondered if she would be able to help me find which section her books were in. Bingo, Carla blushed instantly, stammering something about going to look it up on her computer. Nancy Friday is a well know author, who wrote a series of books investigating women's sexual fantasies, letting them know it is normal, and that for the most part, all women have them, even if society has spent forever trying to teach that is wrong for them to have them.

I assumed by her blushing and obvious embarrassment, and the fact I had not specified what genre I was looking for, she must have read one or two of the books in question.

I loved it, a vulnerable woman is so sexy to me, the hunt, the chase, makes the adrenaline rush through one's body. I compare it to the first kiss ever, with a member of the opposite sex, and then the first time I copped a tittie feel, etc...

When Carla returned she pointed me to a section over in paperbacks, over in the sexuality section she informed me. Of course I asked if she could help me look, and nervously she led the way. As luck would have it, they had a large selection of books in that section, and Carla squatted down to find the ones I was looking for, I stood behind her, grabbing a different book off a shelve above, one with lots of pictures, depicting the Kama Sutra of all things. As Carla rose, I made sure I was very close, so that she had to slide up along me. I leaned in and inhaled her fragrance, making sure that she knew exactly what I was doing, and I could feel her start to shake ever so slightly. There was no room for her to turn around with me uptight against her, and with her hands at her side, she pushed back, unaware that the only thing she would be able to push against was my thighs, and the one now had a hard on bulging against it. I had my arms extended past her face, holding the other book, and as she tried to push, she felt the cock in her hand. She froze in her tracks, not knowing what to do. She did not let go, but she did not squeeze either, it was like she was transfixed. Since I had her in a state of limbo, I opened up the Kama Sutra in front of both of us, leaning into her, asking her which positions she liked. Her breathing became shallow and rapid, but no words came from her mouth. Sitting the book on the ledge, pages still open, I put one hand on her waist, encircling it to caress her tummy, while peering over her shoulder and down her open blouse. She knew I was staring at her gorgeous breasts, and she leaned back into me. I am not sure at this point is she knew that she had started to pump my cock or not, but her hand was pulsing on it, making it dance in her palm. I reached up and cupped one breast in my hand, feeling the heavy weight of her tit meat. Her nipple was already engorged, pushing through the fabric of her bra and blouse. I twisted it firmly, and she let out a throaty moan. I nuzzled her neck, kissing her softly and her head fell back allowing me further access to her throat. Just as I reached down to undo her slacks, the sound of the bell that signalled someone entering the library brought her back to her senses. She quickly pushed me away and bolted to the front leaving me back between the bookshelves alone. Damn, just when we were making headway I thought to myself, and then I took solace in the fact we had started the game so to speak.

Over the course of the next 2 weeks, Carla would smile at me when I came in, but always made sure to never be alone with me. I was certain she was interested, but she avoided contact with me, as if she was either scared to let go, or nervous of allowing herself the sexual freedom she dreamt of. Whatever it was, I was not about to give up that easily. If anything, it increased my desire to possess her.

Friday afternoon had come, and with Monday being a holiday, most people were heading out of town, and I knew she would be working alone. What better time than to advance to part 2 of the seduction.

As I suspected, the place was empty when I arrived, and the Library was due to close in 1 hr. I smiled and said hi, and headed to the back tables. I took a book on Kink from the shelves and pretended to read it, and Carla walked back to remind me that the place would be closing soon. I thanked her, and told her no problem; I was just looking for a few books to get me through the weekend. I could see her eyes widen as she noticed what I was reading, and she told me to take my time, that she would lock up and let me out when I was done. Sweet, I uttered under my breath, it was coming together.

After she was done closing up, she came and sat at the table, and we chatted a bit, she asked about my personal life. I told her that I had never married, always been too busy making money, and how one day I just got tired of it all, and sold everything and moved here, to find myself. She said she was impressed that someone could just give it up and walk away to live their dreams. I told her not to be, that maybe I was crazy, and only time would tell.

I asked about her life, and she told me that she was recently divorced, married for 16 yrs to a man that loved his job more then he loved her. They had no kids, which was a blessing and she lived alone with her 2 dogs. Her eyes had a sad look, as if she had missed out on so much. As she was talking I surveyed her body, and I instantly began to get hard. She was definitely all woman, in fact I would say her body was built for fucking, soft in all the right places. Her long nipples looked as if they were trying to burst right through her blouse.

I told her I wanted to check my e-mail before we left, so I went to the computers, and logged on, I then asked her to come over. I wanted to show her something. I then logged on to a site that had short erotic fiction stories, and showed her a few of mine, the ones I had penned. As she read a couple, her face flushed, and her breasts began to heave a little as she read. She turned to me and asked, if I really wrote them. I told her I had, some were based on fiction, some were based on experience and all were fun to write.

She told me she could never write like that, and I told her anyone can write them, all they need is an imagination, and a little inspiration, which she was providing me. She blushed again. As she started to read again, I massaged her shoulders, slowly reaching down the front, inside her blouse and eventually inside her bra. For the first time, I felt the actual warmth, or should I say heat of her hardened nubs. I squeezed her big tits, as she let out a sigh, and then I squeezed harder, waiting to see her reaction. She moaned and pushed her head back. With her eyes shut, I undid the buttons on her blouse, letting it fall open; I then undid the front clasp of her bra, letting her breast fall out. Considering her age, and the size, there was very little sag, and the nipples looked even thicker and longer out in the open air. I spun the chair around, looked at her eyes as they opened, and then she reached out, undoing my belt, opening my jeans, and releasing my now hard cock. It was dripping with the clear seminal fluid that comes from arousal. There was so much pre cum, she scooped up what was on her hands and licked it off, before leaning forward and engulfing it with her open mouth. Fuck, her mouth was so warm, so wet, that my knees almost buckled from the glorious feeling. I held on to her brown trusses as I slowly started to fuck her mouth, trying to keep my balance. One hand instinctively went back to a breast, kneading it, not wanting to surrender the feeling of those awesome globes.

I then had to pull out, or risk blowing my load way too soon. I was not willing to do that, so my cock unwilling popped out with a sound that echoed. She just smiled, and I knelt before her. I had her stand, and I undid her slacks, pulling them down, revealing matching panties (what did you expect from a sexy classy woman), and I buried my nose in there, inhaling the sweet scent of her pussy. She then stepped out of her slacks, and I rolled her panties down, and she stepped out of them as well, and as she sat back down, I spread her legs, and watched as her cunt lips opened up. Like a flower that was blossoming, the hood of her swollen clit peeled back, exposing her little pink nub. I slowly licked her lips, avoiding the clit, tasting her juices, letting my tongue travel as far up her cunt as I could, trying to get as much of her on it as possible.

Her taste was sweet, like a tropical fruit, juicy, refreshing. I know it sounds corny, but oh so true. I slid my hands under her plump ass, lifting her, allowing better access to her quivering cunt. Soon she was thrusting against my tongue, and once it was wet, I circled her clit, and began doing light butterfly flicks, rapid, then slow, alternating from up and down, to side to side. I could see her soft round tummy starting to convulse, and I took one hand out, and under my chin, inserted three fingers in to her cunt, all the while sucking on her clit. I was rubbing her inner wall, searching for the little spongy mass, which I knew, if I could find it, combined with the oral licking, would send her over the edge. All of a sudden, her legs tensed, she froze, and I knew I had touched it. I continued to gently rub her sensitive spot, biting and licking her clit. My other arm worked it way out and I reached up and grabbed one of her udders, massaging it. Her first climax was intense, she started flailing around, and it was hard for me to stay in there, but being as trooper I managed to continue, licking massaging. She had about 2 more orgasms, each one subsiding just a little.

Standing up, I took her over to the table, sat her on it, and slowly entered her. Her cunt was so warm, so tight, it grabbed my cock and literally sucked me in deeper. I allowed myself a little time to get used to her, and then began to slowly fuck her. I wanted to enjoy it, not a rabbit fast fuck, but a slow sensuous deep fuck. Man, it was special, looking into her eyes, fucking her slowly. We fucked like that for what seemed a long time, and then I pulled out, turned her over, her elbows resting on the table, and I took her doggy style. Opening up her cunt lips so I could see my prick enter her, a sight I will not soon forget. The pinkness of her lips, the foreskin of my cock pulled back, wishing I had a camera to show her later what I was seeing, the sexiness of the moment. I plunged in, wanting to fuck her, the man in me coming out now, wanting to make her my slut, the romance now gone, wanting to cum, needing it. All that mattered was her body, my needs. Like I had said earlier, her body was designed for this, a fucking machine.

As I slammed her, her tits swinging, her nipples rubbing against the table top.

It all seemed so hot, like a porno movie. Here I was fucking the local Librarian, every man's sexual fantasy come true, and not just fucking her, but fucking her in the library

Damn, just thinking about it, I had to say it, and as I told her, telling her, that I was fucking the librarian, she began to buck harder too, both of us lost in the fantasy of it all. We started cumming together, a combination of sweaty fucking perverts, wilding moaning and thrusting. I started to pump my hot seed into her, and she must have felt it, because she started to scream, and next thing I knew, I could feel her hot juices mixed with my cum, running down my cock, soaking my testicles and dripping on to the floor.

I fell forward, using her body to keep me from collapsing. Squashing her against the table, all my weight on her, she kept saying yes, yes, yes, over and over.

I reached down between her legs, scooping up some of the delicious mixture, and I licked it off, and then offered some to her. Surprisingly, she refused. Just when I was not sure, she said she preferred to taste it her way, and she turned around, knelt before and started to suck my cock clean. Needless to say, it was not long before I was hard again, and she sucked me until I shot a load in her greedy little mouth. When we were done, she smiled at me, and said the bathroom was this way.

As we were cleaning up, I confessed to her, that I had been planning this seduction from the first day I saw her. Worried that I shocked her and maybe angered her, she just coyly looked at me and laughed. Silly boy, do you really think it was you who seduced me?

Men, she said, so easy to predict........

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