tagFetishThe Librarian Ch. 02

The Librarian Ch. 02


The next day dawned. It was a Wednesday, possibly the most boring day of the week for Melanie. The Library was always at its lowest attendance rate during this day, the place normally deserted of customers. Normally she would pass the time by reading a book or catching up on her filing but after her activities last night she simply couldn't focus. Throwing down her latest novel she stared around at the stacks of books that lined the room. Who cared in Mr Darcy was a stuck up arrogant pig that would put his pride before his common sense! Grabbing a stack of books that needed returning to the shelves she stomped off with a quick glance at the clock on the way. It was only 11am and still hours to go before she could surf the web again.

Melanie set about her filing, her mind in a daydream about the images she had seen the night before and also the fantastic time she had had in the Ladies toilet with her own naughty pissing. Suddenly a sly thought came into her mind and she quickly looked around. There was nobody in sight. She was at the far back of the long building in what most be the most boring book section. It was a wonder there were even any books to return to the shelves here!

The volume in her hand was a heavy affair and belonged on the bottom shelf. Squatting down she started to push it in amongst the other heavy tomes. Stopping half way she took another look around. She could not see a soul from her vantage point. Had anybody been near then she would have easily have been able to see their feet under the shelves. The idea in the back of her mind was now causing butterflies to dance in her stomach. Stealthily she parted her legs and drew her skirt slightly up past her knees. With one hand she reached up between her legs to where her white panties were stretched across her pussy. With nimble fingers she prised back the elastic uncovering her vagina lips in the process. Once done she slid her hand back out and took one final look around.

There was still nobody in sight. Closing her eyes Melanie relaxed the hold on her bladder and tried to squeeze. For several seconds nothing happened and then she felt a sudden familiar rush moving through her stomach on its way to her waiting pussy lips. The moment arrived and from under her skirt suddenly shot a thin yellow stream of hot pee playing downwards to cover the floor between her feet. Flicking open her eyes Melanie stared down at her skirt. Nothing was yet visible coming from under the material but yet Melanie could feel herself pissing; her pee-hole opening wider by the second. Between her thighs she could feel the warmth of her urine stream as it squirted out of her hairy cunt. The simple feeling of relief as her piss flowed out of her lower lips was ecstasy. However, the feeling of having a wee over the floor in the library was orgasmic.

Carefully Melanie increased the flow of her piss and gasped in delight as suddenly a small growing pool of pee came into sight flowing out from under her skirt. As the seconds passed and Melanie continued her wee over the polished floor boards, the puddle continued to grow, flowing outwards. Suddenly she realised just how big the puddle was. The shock of the size of her mess instantly caused her piss flaps to close sealing off her wee. Standing awkwardly upwards, her panty elastic uncomfortable pushed as it was to one side of her pussy lips, she stared in disbelief at the puddle of pee on the floor. It was massive! Worse still she was still bursting to go. Hopping from foot to foot whilst staring at the mess on the floor she wondered what she should do next. She couldn't dare risk making the puddle on the floor any larger by resuming her wee over the floor and she definitely didn't want to run to the Ladies to finish her toilet.

The library was still quite the only sound being that of the spinning fans overhead. 'Damn it!' she thought, her hands already beginning to push her long skirt and panties down her creamy legs. Within moments her large creamy bum cheeks were in full view as well as the matted triangle of pubic hairs nestled between her legs. As soon as her skirt was done to her knees she grabbed the biggest book she could find from the nearby shelves, flung it open to its middle pages and held it up to her waiting pussy. Within seconds a streaming yellow flow of piss was squirting out of her cunt lips and splashing over the pages of the book. Melanie could barely believe her own eyes as she witnessed her golden piss shower shooting out of the base of her hairy muff and spraying down to rain over the open pages of the book she was holding up to her crotch. Already the paper sheets were darkening as they hungrily soaked up her hot wee. 'This was so fantastic and so incredibly naughty!' she thought as she enjoyed every single moment of her latest wee. The awesome sense of relief as her piss flooded out of her pussy lips combined with the delicious sight of her pee shooting out of her uncovered cunt.

The fast flowing stream of urine emanating from her vagina was beginning to wane now as she neared the end of her bladders stockpile of piss. With one last long squirt of pee out of her pussy lips and over the sodden book pages, Melanie finally finished her morning wee. It was now a case of hiding the sight of her toilet which unfortunately took well over 20 minutes with a bucket of water and a damp cloth. By the time she had finished the book aisle looked completely undisturbed, all traces of her golden pee having now been removed. However on one of the book shelves, was now hidden a large book whose pages were now permanently stained with a golden yellow stain.

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