tagMind ControlThe Librarian Ch. 02

The Librarian Ch. 02


New tales with the book

Michelle was working the late shift five p.m. until one a.m... It was a little after midnight when she noticed that only a couple people where in the library. One was a young man the usual golden boy blonde hair blue eyed and in great shape. He noticed that she was looking at him and he just waved. She looked down again and the next thing she new he was at her desk talking to her.


"Yes, may I help you with something?"

"Yes, I was wondering if you could help me find a book,"

"Yes of course, do you know the name or the author?"

"Actually no if I see the cover I'll know it, it's in the old section and well you have it blocked it off."

"Right well I guess because there is no one here just this once. I don't want any anybody else asking me all the time."

"Don't worry I won't tell anybody,"

"Well can I ask why you waited until after midnight?"

"Because I just realized I needed it sorry,"

"Ok then follow me,"

Michelle grabbed her favorite book. The Art of the mind, she decided to try it out on this young man tonight. She just hoped it would work. They reached the old section and the young man started looking for the book. She did not know what to look for since he did not know the name or author. Therefore, she just looked at the bookshelves. She tapped the young man on the shoulder and handed him the book.

He just looked at her. She motioned him to read it.

"But this isn't the book I'm looking for,"

"I know but I thought you would like to read it. Just try the first couple of pages and see if you like it. I know I love it,"

The young man leaned against the wall and began reading. When Michelle noticed that, he was past page three. She decided to begin the adventure with the young man.

"What is your name?"


"Tony, what is your favorite sexual act?"

"Doggie style,"

"What is your ultimate fantasy?"

"To have sex with my sister, she is drop dead gorgeous. You and she have the same name."

"Ok then I what you to picture me as your sister. Are you getting hard?"

"Yes I am,"

"Good follow me," Michelle turned and walked back to the more secluded area of the old section. This area had a table and chairs. That the students rarely use. Michelle walked over to the chair and sat down she motioned for Tony to keep standing. Tony just looked at her with a dazed look on his face. Michelle new she had to make this good and she hoped that nobody out in the main floor would notice her absent or Tony. She new that what ever they were going to do that the students would hear them but she just hoped they didn't come an investigate the noises.

Michelle grabbed the book and laid it open on the table she new from other experiences that if she closed the book that the person would come out of the daze and start questioning her if she didn't give that person further instructions before the book was closed.

"Take off your clothes Tony," Tony hurriedly undressed himself. The shirt and pants were crumpled on the floor. He left his boxers on and his sandals. Michelle motioned for the rest to come off too. When he took off the boxers, he tried to hide the growing erection. Michelle ordered his hand away so she could look at his beautiful cock. No two cocks are the same and she loved that. They would feel different each and every time she tried out a new one.

"Tony now I just want you to stand there. I want to look at your body." Michelle got up and started walking around his body. She noticed that he was a good nine inches taller then her, very slim in the waist but he had broad shoulders. She looked down at his ass, and saw how toned and tanned it was. Actually, she noticed that his whole body was tanned.

"Tony do you tan in the nude," Michelle asked the dazed looking Tony.

"Yes I do I started doing that about five years ago." Michelle walked around to his front and looked at his erection. She did a double take. His balls and everything around them was completely clean-shaven. She liked when men shaved down there because she hated sucking cock and the balls with hair on them. She reached out and gently flicked his cock. It bounced in response.

"Tony what do you like to do before the initial act of sex?"

"Um well I love to eat pussy or get a blow job,"

"Well I want this to last. Plays with your cock but do not cum if your anywhere near Cumming stop. If you cum without my permission I will shove something up your ass."

Tony just nodded in response. Michelle pulled off her skirt and shirt but left her bra and panties on. Tony just looked at her. She moved back over to the chair and started to play with her tits. Tony just kept on watching her. His dazed face was turning into lust.

He stood there watching her for a couple minutes before he eventually started to play with his cock. Michelle just ran lazy circles over her clit and nipples, giving Tony a good look at both of her assets.

Michelle stood up and took off her bra. Tony did not miss anything she did with her hands. His stroking became harder and faster and Michelle told him to stop. He reluctantly pulled his hand away. Even under the mind control, he wanted to disobey but that is every man.

Michelle pulled off her sopping wet panties. She moved over to sit on the table and she opened her legs for Tony's viewing pleasure. She was also clean-shaven. She raised her hand, pointed at Tony, and then pointed at her pussy. He walked over and kneeled down. He put his hand between her milky white thighs and inhaled her womanly smell. He kissed her all over. He stuck out his tongue and ran it up from her asshole all the way to her clit where he licked and sucked and then bit it. Michelle squirmed under his tongue.

Tony moved away from her pussy and placed kisses all the way up to her mouth. He pressed his mouth over hers until she opened her mouth to let his tongue in and roam around.

Michelle could feel Tony's cock head rubbing against her pussy. She pushed against it. Tony finally got the hit and pushed until his cock head entered her pussy. Michelle adjusted herself on the table so Tony could enter her fully. He pushed all the way in.

Michelle felt stuffed. Tony started thrusting into her. Michelle reached down and started rubbing her clit. She was close to coming.

"Oh faster Tony ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Tony hit the right spot and she screamed in ecstasy. He kept thrusting in to her until he came. Michelle got down from the table and cleaned off his cock. She got a nice tasty treat after a bit.

Michelle heard a noise coming from the main library. She checked her watch it was after one. She hoped that everybody left or she was going to get in trouble. She pushed Tony away.

"Ok Tony I want you to forget that you had sex with me the librarian but that you had the most vivid daydream of doing your sister here in the library."

Michelle got dressed grabbed the book and as soon as she reached the desk she closed it. She heard Tony scream "Shit," she new that he just woke up naked. He came out a few minutes later looking flushed. He hurried past her and grabbed his stuff and left.

Michelle went home satisfied.

Until the next time at the library.

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