tagFetishThe Librarian Ch. 03

The Librarian Ch. 03


Returning to her desk Melanie found she was trembling. What she had done had been so incredibly naughty and yet such a terrible turn on. After five minutes of unsuccessfully trying to return to her work she decided enough was enough and dashed off to the Ladies toilet. Slamming the cubicle door shut behind her she immediately yanked down her skirt and panties and within moments was busily pleasuring herself with a set of probing fingers.

Gently caressing her clit with one hand she plunged her longest digit of her second hand into her moist pussy hole tracing round the contours of her vagina before sliding it back out again. Over and over she repeated this performance, a low groan escaping her mouth as desire overcame her. One hand had now found its way into her blouse and was caressing the erect nipple of her left breast. Her mind was flooded with an intense burning need which became heavier and heavier with every passing second.

She arched her back against the cubicle wall as she climaxed, a much louder groan of ecstasy passing her lips as her sexual desires peaked. Her legs failed her at this point and she collapsed into a heap pressed up against the cold toilet basin wall. Her breathing was hot and ragged as it came it deep gasps, drawing in much needed air into her chest. One tit poked out from the gap in her blouse, still firm and hard from her excitement whilst her skirt was a stained mess on the toilet floor.

Ten minutes later and a red faced Melanie emerged from the toilets and returned to her desk. Looking around she could see nothing out of the ordinary. None of the few customers were paying her any special attention and she thanked her lucky stars that her activities in the bathroom had gone unnoticed.

The stains on her skirt prevented Melanie from venturing out from behind her desk for the rest of the day. Her afternoon pee took place in the Ladies toilet. Not wanting to risk peeing over the floor or into a sink bowl Melanie contented herself to facing the opened toilet lid and whilst her bum cheeks were facing the cubicle door, had started to take a long squirting piss. Her golden pee stream flowed down onto the up-righted lid before streaming downwards into the toilet bowl.

After doing most of her pee in this fashion, Melanie stopped at the last moment. Removing her body from over the toilet she moved over to bring her pussy lips up to the toilet roll hung on the cubicle wall. She then took great delight in subjecting the toilet roll to a shower of hot pussy piss flowing out of her muff and drenching the absorbent paper with her pee stream.

Finally closing time arrived. She had made sure that her bladder was full and as she locked the main doors she knew she ready for her next naughty pee. Looking around the deserted library and its many rows upon rows of books she wondered where she could go. The familiar dancing sensation was forming in her stomach as she contemplated just what a fantastic opportunity this was.

Still stood in the entrance porch Melanie unbuttoned her blouse. Continuing she proceeded to strip from the rest of her work clothes. Within moments her erect tits were sliding into view as she released them from her bra. Throwing her upper garments to the floor Melanie immediately started to remove her skirt and panties. Barely ten seconds later and Melanie was completely naked, her pubic region on full display and her bladder bursting with a desperate need.

Moving her hairy muff up to the dark Mahoney of the front door Melanie let out a little giggle as she allowed her pussy to send a quick squirting shower of piss out of her lower lips. Her golden pee stream shot from the base of her pussy and began to play over the wooden door surface. A long dark stain was running downwards towards the floor mat as Melanie continued her pee. From behind, her golden shower could just be seen under the groove of her buttocks as it flowed out of her pussy and fell over the wooden door.

Stopping her piss she turned and ran back into the main room. 'So many places and so many opportunities - where should she go?' she thought desperately, trying to keep her piss flaps closed. Her pee was bursting to come out and she knew she had to choose straight away. Inspiration struck her and with a big grinning smile she moved over to her chosen location.

The children's book section was made up of low level, open wooden boxes; allowing the youngsters easy access to the books piled within. This also proved an easy location for Melanie to clamber onto and squat down just like a toilet.

Within seconds Melanie was having a new pee. From between her legs shot a new golden stream of her hot urine flowing strongly out of her triangular shaped muff and falling downwards towards the kiddie books. The first of her pee stream arrived at its destination, hot splashes of urine bouncing off the book covers as more and more piss arrived.

Melanie gasped with pleasure at the sight of her yellow pee raining down to cover the books with her pussy shower. She had absolutely no idea how she was going to cover up her mess afterwards but for now she could not care less. Hot piss continued to squirt out from between her thighs forming a cascading golden fountain of pee that pattered down all over the books below. She stared, past her hardened breasts taking in the delicious sight of her pee stream as it rained down over the assortment of book covers. She could already see the piss stained papers inside the books as she continued peeing.

The large room seemed to fill with the sound of the hiss and patter her pee stream made as it flowed out of her body via her pussy lips before cascading downwards amongst the children's reading material. She desperately wished she could take every piss like this with the freedom to squirt her pee where-ever and when-ever she liked. The sense of freedom being naked and taking a piss into a book cupboard was absolutely incredible and she wished it would last forever. Unfortunately this was not to be and her golden shower soon started to show signs of abating. The thick flow of squirting piss juice leaving her pubic region was beginning to diminish and the strong hissing sound was reducing by the second.

It was an incredible disappointment when Melanie exhausted her pee supply. She remained in her squatting position, her legs spread and her pussy hovering over the books she had just pissed over. She stared down at the pee stained reading material and tried desperately to start a new pee. 'I have to do at least one more squirt of piss over the books before finishing my toilet!' she thought.

Melanie had no idea how long it took but suddenly she felt like she had one last little bit of pee stored up in her bladder. Taking careful aim with her pussy she started to squeeze and waited with baited breath whilst her bladder responded. Between her thighs her pussy lips suddenly parted as her pee hole opened just long enough to allow a brief new stream of piss to momentarily shoot out of her vagina and patter downwards over a previously untouched book.

Melanie marvelled as she watched the book cover stain yellow as her pee washed over it. Her latest relief latest a second but it was enough to cause a suitably big stain over the book to satisfy her. Clambering off from the wooden book holder Melanie turned and stood to face the piss soaked collection of books. Slowly she allowed one hand to trace its way down her firm belly to her waiting pussy hole whilst the other reached upwards to caress her waiting tits.

Using the sight of her recent toilet over the children's book collection to spur her on, Melanie started to masturbate furiously. Between her legs, two fingers pumped her pussy whilst she fondled her breasts with her other hand. The room resonated to her soft groans as she continued to satisfy herself. Meanwhile inside the wooden book holder, the books dripped spent pee down to the hidden interior, their dark stained covers testament to her recent piss all over them.

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