tagFetishThe Librarian Ch. 04

The Librarian Ch. 04


The very same evening that Melanie peed her relief all over the children's books in the library, saw her find a new kind of Watersports fetish on the web. One particular site was devoted to pictures of women deliberately wetting themselves whilst still fully clothed. Melanie enjoyed her evening, imaging herself in the roles that the different model took on, desperately fantasying as to what the experience would be like. She was of course very tempted to try it there and then in her home but she had made herself a strict promise to leave her fetish at the door step and not risk vandalising her smart and tidy home.

Her dreams that night were filled with the ideas she had received from the Internet. Initially she was on the bus travelling to work when for no reason what-so-ever, she started to piss in her smart business suit. Hot pee had immediately started to run down her long legs as her panties filled her hot wet pee. Her fellow passengers had started in alarm when trickles of running golden urine had escaped from the bottom of her trousers before starting to form growing puddles on the bus floor. Melanie's dream shifted and she next found herself squatting down in the middle of a public street before starting to fill her panties with her squirting, wet relief. Even in her dream she was amazed that passers-by ignored the mess she was making. A damp puddle had formed under the steady trickling stream of golden pee leaving the fabric of her skirt and dripping downwards.

Melanie woke with a start. Immediately she was greeted with the urge to pee burning in her bladder. Shaking her head from side to side, her long brown strands brushing over her shoulders, she tried to dispel the images from her dreams. Flinging her bed sheets to one side she gazed downwards in expectant horror. Relief flooded her as she saw that her Nightshirt was still dry. She had thought for a moment that events in her dreams had been triggered by an accident in real life. Jumping up from the bed she clutched at her groin, legs crossed with the desperate urging coming from her bladder. The very thought of simply going to the bathroom to relief her pee was out of the question. Her hormones were racing with all the erotic thrills she had received that night, both from the web and from her nocturnal fantasies.

Melanie did a little war dance on her carpet as she fought to hold back the urge inside her. The need to pee was so great now. It was at that very moment when Melanie got an incredibly naughty but very erotic idea. In the twilight flooding her room from the semi-shuttered windows, she could make out a pile of books lying in one corner. At that moment in time she couldn't care less if they were the most valuable books in the whole world, she simply needed to pee in a naughty manner. Seconds later and Melanie's Nightshirt was lying discarded on the floor. Now the only thing she was wearing as she rapidly spread out the books to form a large pile on the floor was her thin framed spectacles, which had quickly grabbed from the Dresser. Adopting a squat over the books with her legs spread leg and wide round bum cheeks hanging only inches over the pages of the open books, Melanie started her toilet.

Immediately the room filled with a gentle pattering sound as from her pussy lips nestled in her triangular mass of pubic hairs, shot a thick jetting stream of hot piss. Her golden flow rained downwards forming a flowing arch in the air between her pussy lips and the books she had laid out. Already the papers were darkening and curling at the edges as they eagerly accepted her steaming hot urine. Melanie gasped at the sight of her pee squirting from her pussy hole and making an incredible mess over the library books she was squatting over.

'So much for my promise!' Melanie giggled. Naturally she was getting an immense thrill from her actions. Her nipples mounted on her perfect, small breasts were proud and erect, fuelled with her naughty passion. Staring between her legs she marvelled at just how wonderful her piss fountain looked whilst she squirted her pee out of her pussy. She wished now she had taken the time to set up her video camera to capture the moment so she could relive it time and time again. She already knew that she would be fingering herself to an incredible orgasm as soon as she had finished her leak over the library books. Although nowhere nearly as rewarding as naughtily peeing at work, this was still so simply incredible. Her hot pee shower was still jetting from her pussy with an incredible force. She really had been very desperate to go. The patter of her falling golden rain seemed so incredibly loud and for a fleeting moment she wondered if the sound would travel through the partly opened windows. It was a hot summer's night and the room would have stifling if she had taken the time to close them before commencing her piss over the books.

Melanie giggled again. The idea of a passing stranger stopping in wonder at the soft sound of her peeing in her bedroom was simply to provocative. Whilst still enjoying her leak over the now thoroughly drenched library property, she fantasised about a stranger coming to her door in the middle of the night to enquire about the sounds. Melanie would then invite them in and show them the puddle of pee she had made in her room with her night-time slash, enjoying immensely their reaction. If it was a woman, Melanie wondered if she would like a go to. Melanie's fevered brain conjured up an image of a stunning blond squatting down over the library books she had just peed all over. This very same blond then started to take a piss of her own, showering the already urine soaked books with a new shower of hot pee. This time though the golden shower issued from the shaved pussy of this blond haired lady, whilst Melanie watched on with one finger hidden inside her moist pussy tunnel.

Melanie's arch of flowing piss was beginning to wane as her fantasy started again in her head, This time it was a tall handsome male who had come knocking at her door. After seeing the evidence of Melanie's toilet on the books he would slowly undo his trouser fly before producing his large wide dick. Melanie imagined herself sinking to a submissive posture like she had seen on some the piss web sites, opening her mouth in readiness for his hot squirting stream.

The last drops of Melanie's pee fell from her pussy crack and landed in the small puddle still sinking into the pages of the book placed directly under her wide, rounded buttocks. With disappointment her fantasy vanished replaced for the need to answer an even more pressing desire than her urge to pee had ever been. Collapsing to the carpet at the side of the piss soaked books, Melanie urgently started to pump away with two fingers inserted deep inside her love hole. Her orgasm flooded over her almost immediately, such had been the fuel of her passion created by her midnight pee. Her soft moans rose momentarily to a crescendo as she came whilst ecstasy racked her brain as her world exploded in bliss. Now the only sound in the room was her panting breaths as she fought for air once again. A wonderful state of euphoria was filling in both her body and soul such had been the power of her orgasm. Finally she managed to drag her sweat stained body back to bed where she immediately collapsed into a deep and fitful slumber free from the torment of more piss fantasies.

The next morning Melanie woke to the calls of birds and the sound of light traffic coming from the street outside her partly opened windows. She lay awake staring at the ceiling for some time trying to recall why she felt so incredibly calm and at peace with the world. Memory of her nightly deed slowly flooded back to her and with a start she sat upright in bed and stared over to the side where she had carried out her naughty deed. Surely enough there were the books laid strewn in a large pile over the floor. Even from the bed she could clearly see the yellow stains marking the pages where her urine stream had played all over them as she had enjoyed her pee in the night. Part of her was horrified at what she had done. How could such a normal, quite girl like herself have possibly carried out such a deed? The memories of the images from the web came flooding back and she could feel her cheeks reddening as she remembered her dreams and then the fantasy she had made in her head at the very same time she was still taking a leak all over her Library books.

Melanie climbed out of bed and wandered over to the books. At the very back of her mind was a tempting voice urging her to even now, squat down over the books and relieve her morning pee all over their already urine soaked pages. 'What possible difference would it make?' the voice asked. Melanie shook he head trying to dispel the images. Squatting down she hurriedly started to close the books and started to stack the offending items in a growing pile. Once finished she hurried to the bathroom. She was still naked, her Nightshirt still on the bedroom floor where it had been left when she gone to pee over the waiting pages of the Library books. Being naked, even if just in her own house, was making Melanie once again very horny. Entering the bathroom she stuck her head inside the shower cubicle and set it to start running. Whilst waiting for the water to warm, Melanie stared at the toilet. The lid was closed, almost as if to say 'out of use'. She did need to pee, her bladder's usual supply of morning piss eager to be released. With a shake of her pretty head, Melanie dismissed the idea of using the toilet to have her pee. Instead she opened the shower cubicle door and stepped inside.

Deliciously hot water started to flow over her naked flesh as she entered the stream pouring down from the shower head above. The warm wet embrace moved around her body, running over her tits and between her legs just as she then started to pee. Immediately her pussy hole started to emit a new stream of heavily yellowed urine, flowing fast from her lower lips to join with the shower water pouring into the drain below. Peeing in the shower was something Melanie had never dared do before. She had always been too prim and proper even at school when the other girls had been so blatant about it. Images from her youth flooded through Melanie's brain as she continued to pee. As the golden stream squirted away from her triangular shaped muff and mixed with the shower water, she recalled the sight of seeing the other girls openly peeing in their cubicles. One girl in particular had been very naughty, deliberately squirting her piss out of the shower so that her flowing fountain of urine had pattered over the tiled floor lining the gap between the cubicles. At the time Melanie had been horrified and disgusted at the sight. Now, peeing in the privacy of her own shower cubicle, Melanie thought it was a wonderful idea.

Once she had finished her early morning pee, Melanie enjoyed the rest of her shower. It was then time to dress and grab breakfast before making ready for work. Butterflies were dancing as she made her way down the road and towards the bus stop. For some reason the dream she had the night before about peeing in her panties during the ride to work, had come flooding back to haunt her. When the bus finally arrived, Melanie darted to the back seat and plonked her wide firm buttocks down on the seat. This was completely unlike her dream where she had been standing in the aisle. If nothing else that day, Melanie had no intention of allowing her secret fetish to become public knowledge. This was not say that she didn't intend to wet her panties that day. In fact that was quite the opposite. The only difference being was that Melanie had a very definite setting in mind for the act she had every intention of carrying out later that day.

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