tagFetishThe Librarian Ch. 05

The Librarian Ch. 05


Melanie's trip to work was a nervous one. This was mainly due to the contents of the large sports bag she was keeping between her feet. Slowly the bus wound its way through the various streets that led to the Library where she worked. By the time Melanie reached her stop, the butterflies in her stomach were making her desperate for a pee. Alighting from the bus, she immediately fought the urge to cross her legs. Instead she bit her lip and marched hurriedly towards the grey imposing building in front of her. Just staring at the large double doors that were still closed to the general public made Melanie recall the night she had carried a sneaky piss in the enclosure that housed the tall wooden structures. This memory did not help her current situation and for a brief moment she felt a warm wet feeling growing around her pussy lips as she carried out a quick pee in her underwear.

The sensation of urinating in her panties, albeit very quickly, was a massive turn-on. Her pointed nipples did a wonderful job of revealing her current frame of mind as they poked outwards through the thin fabric of her summer dress. She was so incredibly tempted to simply rush into the Library and find a suitable spot in one of the darkened alleyways between the bookshelves. Once in her secret location, surrounded by ancient tomes of forgotten knowledge, she would squat down after discarding her panties. With her wide bum cheeks hovering only inches from the dusty floor tiles, Melanie would then release her golden spray. In her mind she had no trouble imaging what her toilet would feel like as she squirted her morning piss all over the place. Her hot yellow urine would squirt strongly out of her pee flaps, jetting forth from the hidden hole in her pussy. Once she was up to full strength she might even attempt to stand and direct her flowing piss fountain up and down the rolls of shelving. The very idea of pissing once again over the books at her place of work was such a deeply sexual thrill!

Back in reality, away from the mental image of peeing in work, Melanie stopped dead in her tracks. Did she really want to risk another naughty pee over the Library floor? It was one thing to take a piss after hours when there was plenty of time to clean up afterwards, but peeing first thing before opening the doors? Melanie shook her pretty head from side to side. The motion caused her small framed glasses to slip down her nose so she quickly re-seated them. No! She had a much idea in mind now.

As casually as possible, Melanie took a good look around her. There were people milling about but they were all intent on going about their business. Already a small queue was forming as members of the public gathered by the Library doors. A quick glance at the watch on her slender left wrist revealed the time. At 8:50am, she still had a good few minutes before she needed to clock into work. The opportunity was simply too good to miss.

The butterflies were back in Melanie's stomach as she set off again. This time her path strayed. The large Library building was surrounded by a wide grassy area of manicured lawns. Around to one side was the children's play area where Melanie liked to enjoy her lunch whilst watching the kids at play in the sun. All around were park benches designed to allow the weary public to sit down and rest with plenty of opportunity to watch the world go by. At this time of day, most of the benches were empty apart from an elderly gentleman sitting off to the left. Reaching a fork in the path, Melanie hurriedly switched to the right hand trail. Another couple of paces and she had reached an empty park bench. Not wanting to waste any time she quickly deposited her sports bag at one end of the bench and walked down to the other. A quick look around revealed that nobody was taking any special interest in her activities.

With trembling fingers Melanie reached for the hem of her summer dress. With one deft movement she sat down, backwards onto the bench whilst at the same time ensuring that the back of her dress stayed away from her legs and bum. The cold chill of the metal and wood composition of the chair seat nearly made her loose control of her bladder there and then. With a whimper of self restraint Melanie held back. Taking a deep breath to try and calm her nerves, she looked around. Meanwhile under her dress, there was nothing now between her brown curly haired pussy and her wide bum cheeks apart from the white cotton fabric of her small panties. The coast was still clear so Melanie slowly spread her legs open. From a distance she looked the picture of innocence, just a pretty woman enjoyed a seat in the warm morning sun. However Melanie's subsequent actions were anything but innocent.

Between her legs and under the safety screen of her white summer outfit, a sudden damp stain appeared in the centre of her panties. Immediately this damp stain started to grow, radiating outwards from the initial point and racing towards the creamy flesh of Melanie's thighs. On the other side of her underwear, Melanie's pussy was squirting out a thick squirting stream of incredibly hot piss. Her pee hole was open wide allowing her relief to gush uncontrollably into her rapidly dampening panties. Her relief had now saturated the cotton material beyond the point of no return. From the centre of the stain in her once white panties was now issuing a thick golden stream of flowing piss. With its power stolen by the passage through Melanie's cotton underwear, the resulting stream fell almost immediately downwards without any forwards momentum.

Below the bench and Melanie's parked posterior, a flowing stream of golden rain was proceeding to fall downwards, causing a growing wet puddle to grow on the ground below. Only the slightest sound reached Melanie's ears as she continued her toilet on the park bench. The soft pattering sound of her spent piss landing on the earth was simply just another buzz to the incredible sensation she was currently experiencing. It had been many years since Melanie, as a child, had peed in her underwear. On that occasion it had been one born of desperation resulting in humiliation as her friends witnessed the entire event. Now, the sensation was simply mind-stunningly orgasmic; deliberately peeing into her panties as a grown adult, whilst sitting in an open place surrounded by the general public!

The delicious warmth of her piss circulating around her matted curly pubic hairs inside her panties was nothing compared to the thrill of actually feeling her piss squirting out her pee hole. She could sense her wet stream flowing around her lower private parts, covering her flesh with its warm dampness. Under her bum and between the deep groove between her cheeks, she could feel her pee pooling as she continued squirting for all she was worth. She knew her panties would be worthless by the time she had finished her leak but that was little concern to her now. In fact it was taking all her restraint not to caresses the roundness of her firm tits as she continuing peeing for all she was worth into the now damp sodden mess that had been her underwear.

When Melanie had set off that morning she had little idea that she would actually be peeing in her clothing so soon. She had been thinking about it whilst on the bus, but the contents of her sports bag had been a bigger factor in her fantasies. Recalling her bag, Melanie took a quick glance towards it. Naturally it was still there, sat upon the wooden and metal seat waiting for her to reclaim it after finishing her pee. For a fleeting moment Melanie wondered desperately what would happen if a thief was to run up now, grab her bag and flee. What would he possibly feel when he opened it up afterwards and looked inside?

The flowing warmth between her legs was slowly beginning to dwindle. With a deep sigh of both pleasure and disappointment Melanie finished her piss. Once done, she reached under her dress and fumbled with her wet, urine sodden panties. They didn't want to leave the contours of her private parts and it was quite a struggle to free them loose enough to slide down her long slender legs. With a full wet splat, her panties fell to the ground. Standing up Melanie took an excited whirl around, coming to stare at the mess she had made with her recent pee. In front of her now, the remains of her underwear were a yellow piss sodden mess on the ground. Only scant inches behind them, her pee puddle was a large damp stain on the earth. To Melanie this represented possibly one of the horniest things she had ever seen. She desperately wanted to finger herself and bring on the guaranteed thundering orgasm she knew would be waiting for her. Her naughty toilet had been an incredibly turn-on, both with peeing in public and also peeing for the first time as an adult, directly into her panties.

Suddenly the first bell chime of the 9am clock called out across the Library grounds. She was late for work! For a moment her mind whirled as she wondered what she should do with the evidence of her naughty toilet that she had carried out through the slats in the park bench. Realising that time was against she made the only choice she could. Fleeing the scene of her recent pee, she ran towards the now open doors of the Library. Under the bench lay her piss stained panties and the cooling puddle of female pee, testament to her deeds for the next passing stranger to discover.

Reaching her destination, she quickly excused her way past the queue of people entering the building and rushed inside. Immediately the cool of the interior washed over her making her realise just how flushed she become. One of her colleagues gave her a disgusted stare from behind the high counter that faced the open doors. Melanie looked away, her cheeks burning with embarrassment. The sports bag she had reclaimed and which now hung off her right shoulder suddenly felt like it weighed a ton. She prayed no one would give it any attention whilst she hurried to the Ladies toilets to secure it in her locker. As the steel door closed she gave a deep sigh of relief. Moving over to the sink she stared at her image in the mirror. There was no visible evidence to ever indicate as to what had just had transpired on the park bench. Her dress was knee length and did a good job of hiding the fact she was now panty-less. It was almost as if her sneaky pee into her panties had never taken place!

Almost as if to convince herself that it really had occurred Melanie slowly raised the front of her dress. Her reflection mirrored her actions, slowly revealing more and more of the creamy flesh of her legs and thighs as the dress ascended. Finally her pussy came into sight, the deep grove of her lower lips just visible through her wiry tangle of muff fur. Simply staring at her exposed muff in the mirror was just too much for Melanie. She simply had to have one last little pee before starting work. Gingerly she moved up to the edge of the sink bowl in front of her, coming to stand on tip toes so that the base of her hairy muff cleared the rim. It was then a delicious thrill to then send a quick little squirt of honey coloured urine from out of her pussy hole and into the bowl. Melanie gasped with delight as her piss stream trickled down the white ceramic and disappeared down the plug hole. She desperately wanted to have a full piss into the sink bowl enjoying every second of squirting her yellow pee around the bowl. There was something simply so evocative about the deed that always gave Melanie such a massive turn-on. It seemed incredibly unfair that she was not yet ready to carry out another pee.

Suddenly Melanie came to her senses. Here she was, stood with her dress lifted up to her waist, her hairy pussy on full display and a sink bowl containing her spent piss. Her hands were shaking again both with the very real possibility of discovery and the memory of what had just transpired. The tap handles offered no resistance and seconds later her yellow pee stains vanished from view under a deluge of water. With her dress once again back in place and her private parts safely hidden from sight, Melanie decided it was finally time she turned her attention to her work. If nothing else, there were still the contents of her sports bag and all that it entailed, to look forward to. With this in mind and a happy and contented smile on her face, Melanie left the Ladies toilets and went to start her work.

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