tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Librarian's Name is Andrea

The Librarian's Name is Andrea


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She's so graceful. The way she walks; the way she interacts with other people. Even her long, dark hair has an elegant way of moving especially when she wears it in a loose ponytail. Her knee-length skirt flows around her body with each step she takes and the buttons on her tight blouse look like they're going to pop under pressure. Her curvy hip holds the books in her left arm and she has a sexy sway as she walks. The nerdy glasses she wears adds a seductive touch to her hidden beauty that I'm sure is hiding underneath her clothing. As she returns a book to its proper place on the shelf, I notice her looking at me out of the corner of her eye. Instead of being a gentleman by smiling and indicating that I notice her, I cowardly shrink behind the large book I'm pretending to be interested in. Little did I notice that the librarian spreads a tiny sheepish grin on her lips when she sees me hiding my admiration for her.

I moved to my current location a mere three months ago and I have found a lot of solace in the library. I never intended on coming here to admire and meet women but it just kind of happened that way. My soon-to-be ex-wife and I decided things were no longer going to work out for us so we settled on the idea of getting a divorce. I packed my things and moved here; a small town where everyone knows your name. Well, not me yet anyway; I'm just the new guy in town.

The librarian whom I've been admiring is Andrea. She's usually hidden away in the basement where the book processing takes place but she does make a rare appearance every now and then when she puts books away or decides to man the circulation desk. Today I happen to catch her on the second floor working in the adult section. I don't mean adult as in XXX material; I mean, this is where you can find adult fiction, nonfiction, and other materials aimed at mature readers. The juvenile and young adult sections are downstairs on the main floor. She doesn't work that area often; they have librarians who specialize in those age groups, instead.

I'm sitting at a reading table with a thick fiction book in my hands. I was skimming through it when I noticed her walking by. She was close enough for me to get a waft of perfume. It's floral with a hint of spice; something Grandma would never wear. I watch as she disappears behind a book shelf and I let out a loud sigh. I quickly regret it; the sheer silence of the building amplifies my verbal relief and my heart skips a beat with the possibility that she heard me.

I really don't know why I am so nervous around her. Approaching women has always come easy for me but not when it comes to her. Andrea has something about her that makes me second guess every attempt I throw out to start up a conversation. I'm like a high school boy attempting to approach a crush in the lunch room only to turn and run when she says hi.

I decide the book I have chosen is not one I want to read after all. I make my way back to the fiction section where I found it. As I begin to slide it back onto the shelf I hear a small voice next to me.

"Would you like me to put that back for you?" I quickly turn to find Andrea next to me. I just now realize that I have never really heard her voice until now. It's quiet yet stern. She has a nice naturally tanned complexion and very dark brown eyes along with a smile that would turn steel to liquid.

"I...um...I think this is where I found it?" I stammer. I, myself, am not even sure if I was asking or trying to convince her otherwise. I feel like a kid who is caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I really have no idea where the book belongs but this looked like a good spot when I saw it.

"Think?" She asks with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm in the wrong spot, aren't I?"

"You're not far off. Here, let me," she says as she gently pulls the book from my fingers. She quickly inserts it on the shelf below the one where I was initially going to place it. "You see, they're in order by the author's last name which is on the spine label and then they're alphabetized by the title." She points a dainty finger along the shelf to show me the specific order in which they are placed.

"Huh, I had no idea," I say with a little embarrassment in my voice. I learn something new every day.

"It's ok; I don't mind re-shelving books. It's kind of what I do," she says with a smirk. Is she mocking me? "Is there something I can help you find?"

"Um, yeah, actually there is. I'm looking for stories on shipwrecks; specifically the Great Lakes," I inquire. "Where can I find those?"

"Are you interested in fiction stories or are you wanting to research them with some non-fiction suggestions?"

"Research, I don't want to read made-up ghost stories; I'm hoping to learn a little something about them." I really am interested in the topic; I'm not just making something up to keep her company. I've been meaning to ask her for help for some time now but, like I stated, she seems to be scarce and I could never muster the courage to say anything to her when I actually did see her.

"Follow me," she says and she turns her back to me. I can't help but watch her tiny waist and round hips sway as I walk behind her. I notice she has dark lines running down the backs of her stockings. I get excited wondering if they are attached to a garter belt under that skirt of hers.

"You're going to find Great Lakes shipwreck books in the nine hundred section; more specifically, the nine hundred ten and nine hundred seventy-seven areas." She leads me to a back wall lined with non-fictions books. The labels on the edges of the books look like a foreign language to me. I don't know what any of it means but she certainly knows her stuff. When we reach the area she is heading for, she points to a couple of shelves.

"They're not in order by title or author like fiction books are but you'll find what you're looking for if you peruse this area," she says as she runs her finger along a section of books.

"Thank you. I really appreciate it," I say.

"You're welcome. I'll be at the check-out desk; let me know if there is anything else I can do for you," she says as she turns and walks away. I watch her ass once again as it seductively sways from side to side. My cock has been rock hard since I smelled her perfume. It twitches at the sight of her and I just want to grab a big book to hide it behind. Thankfully, she's not looking in my direction.

I glance through the shelves she pointed out and, just as she said, I find a few books that really look like they're worth reading. I gather them up and take them to the circulation desk where I see Andrea has made herself comfortable. I hand her my library card and she swipes it under the scanner. She then scans the barcode on each book and prints out a receipt.

"These are due back in three weeks," she says as she hands all of the items back to me.

"Thank you," I say with a warm smile. I feel like I'm slowly starting to relax while in her presence.

"You're welcome, Zach. Have a nice day."

The sound of my name slipping through her lips sends a chill through me. This is the first time she has checked out any materials for me and now she knows my name just from scanning my card into the computer. I feel a little stupid for not introducing myself to her earlier. I make my way downstairs and I have an ear-to-ear grin on my face by the time I walk out the front doors.

Just before my three weeks are up, I make my way back to the library to return my items. I place them in the drop box located by the main circulation desk on the first floor and I quickly make my way upstairs. The books I found were actually quite interesting and I want to get a few more. I head back to the same section I browsed last time and grab another handful. I take them to a table so I can glance through them before checking them out. I take my time in hopes that Andrea will make another appearance. A young man is sitting at the check-out desk so I'm beginning to think she's either working in the basement today or has the day off. After roughly twenty minutes I decide to give up and check out my items. The gentleman at the desk is friendly enough and I thank him before going on my way. When I reach the first floor, I overhear a woman talking with the librarian who is stationed at the main desk. She's asking about genealogy and whether or not the library has anything to offer.

"We sure do," the librarian says. "We have a room downstairs filled with old year books, newspaper articles, cemetery records and the likes." A room downstairs, is it available to the public?! I immediately perk up and begin to get an idea so I briskly walk up to the desk.

"I'm sorry to butt in, but I overheard you talking about genealogy research," I say to the librarian as I kindly smile to the woman who had inquired about it first. I hope she doesn't think I'm a rude asshole who's being nosy but I really want to take a peek downstairs to see if I can find Andrea.

"That's right; we have a room dedicated to that. I'll show you both the way; follow me," she says as she comes out from behind the desk. The other woman and I follow her to the front lobby where we come to a set of stairs that go down. "Turn left when you get to the bottom of the stairs and it'll be the second door on the right."

"Thank you very much!" I nearly squeal with excitement. I'm convinced the ladies both look at me like I'm slightly crazy. I quickly bound down the stairs and glance around. I wait for a moment but the other woman seems to have changed her mind about coming down here. Maybe she's a little intimidated to be in a basement with a strange man. I'm harmless, really. I'm on the taller side but I'm simple and well kept, certainly not someone who would scare the pants off anyone if I accidentally bumped into them in a dark alley.

I listen to see if I can hear anything. It's well lit down here and extremely quiet. Who knew silence could be so heightening to all my other senses. I hear my feet on the floor as I take a few steps. I stop and listen again. I finally hear the slightest noise coming from a room down the hall near the end. I tiptoe closer and notice a door that is open. Just as I reach the doorway...wham! I am hit broadside by a metal book cart coming through the doorway and, unfortunately, my right nut has been nicked. Not terribly hard but enough to cause me to slightly double over, take my breath away, and caused me to drop my books. I was already nervous but now my stomach really feels like it's going down the most climactic hill on a rollercoaster.

"Oh my goodness! I am so sorry! Are you ok?" I hear as I stand up straight and take a deep breath in. It's her! I almost forget about the pain as soon as I see her big brown eyes full of worry and sorrow.

"I'm ok, really," I say with the most macho tone I can pull off. "I was looking for the genealogy room but I seem to have gotten lost." I hope I'm believable; I don't want her to know I was looking for her.

"Well, you should've taken a left at the bottom of the stairs instead of a right," she warmly smiles at me.

"Yeah, I guess I should have," and I return her smile. "Hey, thanks again for helping me find those books last time I was here. I checked more out today." And then it hits me that my hand is empty. Books! Where are they? I look and they are still on the floor. I feel so stupid.

"Here, let me help you," she says as she and I both squat down at the same time. I glance in front of me and I am eye level with her chest. Her blouse is unbuttoned down to the third one and her cleavage is calling my name. I'm watching her tits sway as she gathers the books with me. I notice her looking at me and we both quickly get to our feet. She hands them over and I thank her.

"I'd better get to work. I have this cart full of new items to put away," she says with blushing cheeks as she nervously nudges her glasses to straighten them and she pushes a stray clump of hair behind her ear.

"Mind if I walk with you?" I ask. "I'll check out that genealogy stuff some other time." I was hoping to have an actual conversation with her but it looks like today won't be the day for that either.

"Sure," she says as she gets behind her cart. She pushes it the rest of the way through the doorway and down the hall towards the stairs I had come down. I hadn't realized there is an elevator located right next to it. She pushes the button and the doors open right away. I help her get the cart over the small bump in the doorway and then I slide in next to her. Standing side-by-side with her has me noticing how tall she actually is. I'm six foot two and she must be roughly four inches shorter than me. I hadn't noticed this when she helped me look for books. I guess I was too busy trying to compose myself. When the elevator stops, I gesture for her to go first and help push her cart out. I don't want to keep her from doing her job so I say my goodbyes and go on my way.

Over the next month, I begin to frequent the library more often. Ok, it has actually become my home away from home. I've been visiting as often as every couple of days. Andrea and I have slowly begun to open up to each other and I'm no longer a ball of nerves around her. Our friendship has been strictly kept at the library so far. I've been meaning to ask her on an actual date but I can't tell if she's interested in me or if I have been stowed away in the friend zone. I guess there's only one way to find out.

Tonight I have decided to help Andrea with a project for her work. They're getting ready for the annual summer reading program and she needs some help folding flyers. She and I are sitting at a table face-to-face. I can't help but smile to myself with the cute way she does things like tucking the hair behind her ears and licking her thumb before picking up each new piece of paper.

"So, what are your plans after work tonight?" I ask in hopes of not sounding too nosy.

"I'm not quite sure, how about you?"

"I'll be having dinner alone," I say and I immediately wonder if that sounded too desperate.

"I'm sorry. Surely you've made some friends in town to hang out with by now," she says.

"No, not yet, I haven't been getting out much." It's true; between work, divorce lawyer appointments, and visiting Andrea, I haven't really been doing much of anything.

"It took me over a month to really make any friends after I moved here, too. It's a nice little town but it's a close-knit community and it takes a little while for people to accept newcomers."

"You're not originally from here?" I ask. I had no idea; I assumed she was born and raised here.

"Oh, goodness, no," she laughs. "I'm from Oregon. I was in a relationship that brought me out here and I decided to stay even after that ended."

"I'm glad I have someone to talk to who can relate, then," I say and I feel a little better about adjusting. People around town have seemed friendly but they aren't exactly welcoming me with open arms. I don't blame them. Small communities have their quirks and I respect that.

Andrea and I manage to get all of the flyers folded just before closing time. We head up in the elevator as soon as we get them all boxed up. We place the boxes on the main desk just as the other librarian and library assistant are getting ready to leave.

"You two can go on ahead; I'll lock up," Andrea says to them.

"Have a great night, Andrea," the other librarian says. "Same to you, Zach." I smile and wish them both a good night. We're now alone; the entire building is empty. I can't even explain the rush I have in my pants as I stand in the darkened library with Andrea. Just the two of us as we walk to the front lobby. What I really want to do is spin her around, rip her clothes off, and bend her over one of the reading tables.

She locks the inner set of doors and smiles as we walk through the outer set. She removes the key and turns to look at me. The darkness envelops her and the parking lot lights bring out her seductive features. I can't help myself any longer. I step towards her, place my hand on her cheek, and rub my thumb along her bottom lip. My lips are on hers before I know it. They're soft and warm against my own. My heart quickens as she gives herself to me but that only lasts for a few seconds. Her hands are on my chest and she sternly pushes me away.

"I'm sorry, I guess I should have asked," I really am sorry and I don't know exactly what I was thinking. She looks deeply at me.

"It's not that," she whispers as she looks down at the ground.

"Then what is it?" I place my fingers under her chin to tilt her head up towards me. She shakes her head and closes her eyes. "Are you dating someone? I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes." Now I feel like an ass. It has dawned on me that I have no idea what her relationship status really is.

"No, I'm not dating anyone. I'm...I...dammit! I'm not good at this," she stammers.

"Good at what?"

"I like you, Zach; a lot, actually. I just don't want you to get hurt." Her eyes are full of sadness.

"Hurt me? How?" I have no idea what she could be talking about. She's not dating anyone. What else could it be?

"I'm a male-to-female transgender," she whispers. 'Oh!' I think to myself. My eyes widen and my mouth falls open. She looks terrified and now I know why. She must be scared shitless as to how I'd react to something like this, and telling me while we're alone at that. I can't fathom how scary something like this must be.

"I'm sorry. I had no idea," is all I could think of to say.

"I have to go," she says and she quickly hurries towards her vehicle.

"Andrea, wait!" I call after her but she doesn't look back. I watch as her car drives away and I stand here dumbfounded. Shit!

I go home feeling completely numb. The entire drive I keep seeing her scared look and how she must have felt telling me something like this. I have so many questions for her but she ignored me. I can't even call or text her to make sure she's ok because I don't have her cell number. I'm not mad at her; I can totally see where she's coming from. I'm mad at myself for kissing her but it felt so right. How could she have possibly been born a guy? She's absolutely gorgeous and everything I have wanted in a woman. Kissing her was beautiful. It sent a rush through me and I wanted nothing more than to hold her close in my arms.

When I get home, I mix myself a drink and sit on the couch. I have so many emotions spiraling and I don't know which ones to focus on first. Physically and emotionally, I want her completely. Has she fully transitioned? Does she still have her male bits and pieces? I want to know more about her. Dammit! I finish my drink and make another. Before making my way back to the couch, I grab my tablet and decide to investigate. While it's completely unfair to compare her to she-males on porn sites, I don't really know what else to look for. I come across many pictures of beautiful women still equipped with dicks. While I have never had any interest in looking at this type of porn in the past, I find myself focusing on these pictures as the women they have become. I'm not really noticing their packages as much as I am their pretty figures, big tits, and lovely faces. They're all so very stunning. Can I overlook this one small detail on Andrea? Well, I shouldn't say small; her dick might be bigger than mine if she still has one. I'm as straight as can be but I'm now wondering what it would be like to rub cocks with someone like Andrea. My dick is getting hard just thinking about her wearing the cute, stereotypical librarian attire. She's so sexy. It's just too bad its Friday night. The library doesn't open again until Monday and all I can do is wait.

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