The Library


It was so hot outside I wanted to sneak inside the library for a few minutes, hoping to cool off. I wandered up and down the aisles, fingering books as I walked by, not really seeing anything interesting until I came upon a book called The Story of "O". I remember my mom telling me how she had bought it when she was younger and hid it from my dad (he was soooo straight). So of course I had to pick it from the shelf. As I took it down I kind of looked around, hoping no one was looking .... Embarrassed for my thoughts I guess. lol I didn't have a membership, and really, I didn't want to check it out either. Gawd only knows what the librarian would think ...

I walked a few rows down and saw a couple of chairs by a window that were not occupied and decided to sit and read for a bit, I mean, its not a big book so it shouldn't take too long to read. As I sank into the chair I enjoyed the softness and size of the chair, quite happy that it had solid sides on it. I leaned back and opened the book.

Wow! No wonder Mom hid it!

I was so engrossed in the book that I hadn't noticed a nice looking gentleman had sat in the chair beside me. I peeked around the corner of the book to look at him. Dark hair with a few errant curls here and there, a close fitting shirt and cargo shorts .... nice. He moved his head so I quickly took the book back up to make like I was reading, forgetting what book it was. He must have noticed my gaze because he cleared his throat and said "It's pretty hot outside, thought I could escape the heat in here for a bit. I hardly ever come into the library."

I knew my face was flushed a bit so I was trying to compose myself before responding, "yes, that was my thoughts exactly! How sad that we only venture into the library to avoid ... it really is a lovely building." OMG what was I saying? Talking about a structure! Must have been the contents of the book mixed with the embarrassment of admiring Gods handiwork.

"Well, your dressed for the weather I see," he said as he looked me from head to toe ... or was it toe to head? I was wearing my favorite summer dress, spaghetti straps, little blue and white flowers flowing just above my knees to the heart shape at the bust. You could just see the tip of my tattoo poking thru the top of it. I had my hair pulled back and up, too darn hot to have it down that's for sure!

I smiled, "Yes, this is definitely one of my favorite things to wear when it's hot." A bit self-conscious now, I pulled at the hem of my skirt trying to make it longer.

I swear he mumbled something like "yes, mine too", but I didn't bother saying anything after that. He turned his attention back to what he was reading, some magazine. Well, that's that I guess.

I began reading again, getting lost in the words and the images in my mind. I noticed my hand on my own leg, touching the edge of my skirt, glanced up, blushed and put it on my arm. Damn, I should really put the book away and leave, but I just can't. Have to finish it now.

As I continue reading I can feel the warmth starting between my legs. I cross them and uncross them ... crossing them again and squeezing them together.

I know my nipples are starting to respond also, just to touch them, brush against them. I lift my arm a bit so the back of my hand brushes against the left one. A soft moan escapes. I bite my lower lip trying to take it back in but it's already out there. I lower my book, and my friend is reading intently his magazine.

Hmmm, maybe he didn't hear me, oh I hope not! I do notice that there are little beads of perspiration along his hairline. It's not hot in here .... I continue to read. My legs slowly part on their own as I'm reading. I wriggle in the chair a bit and rearrange myself, oh how I wish I was at home reading this, able to take care of the tension building up within me. I hear an announcement over the intercom but miss what it said.

"Ummm, excuse me, what did the lady announce?" I ask quietly.

"I'm not sure, wasn't really paying attention," he answered with a knowing grin and looked back at his reading material.

I kick off my sandals and bring my legs up under me, hoping to get comfortable. Nope, I lean back and hang one leg over the side of the chair, brushing my foot against his.

"oh, sorry". He glanced up and winked, "it's ok." Much better. One hand holding the book and the other combing thru my hair.

Just about finished. I hadn't noticed that when I lifted my hand into my hair that my dress rose up a little, nor had I noticed that the lamp was on and it was darker outside, the sun slowly fading away.

Done! What a read! I noisily close the book and stretch my arms up. That's when I noticed everything.

"Oh, it's gotten dark out." I sighed.

"Would you like me to walk you to your place? Don't want you wandering around in the dark by yourself," he offered.

"Is there anyone here? It has gotten awfully quiet, even for a library" I said as I looked around.

"Hmmmm, I guess we were too involved in your ... our reading to realize that they had closed the library," he said with a sideways grin.

"If you don't mind, I'm not too far from here. I just have to put this book away. I hope someone is still here or that we can get out ...."

Hope he's not some homicidal maniac ... perv might be ok at the moment ... lol

He follows me to where I got the book from and as I reach to put it back he is so close to me I can smell his cologne, taking in a quick breath. Mmmmm, manly odor is so enticing right now. His hand is on the small of my back and I can feel the warmth there.

I turn quickly, "oh, sorry" I whispered. His other hand goes to the back of my neck and he pulls me in, "it's quite alright" he whispers back. I'm a bit shorter than he is so my head is tilted back looking up at him. My eyes drop to his lips, hoping he will lean in for a kiss .... and he does not disappoint! What soft lips, a gentle kiss to stir up what is already brewing within me. My arms go around his waist and I pull myself in closer, feeling his hardness against me. Our kiss deepens, his hand slides down to my bottom, giving it a squeeze as he is kissing me. His lips move from mine to my chin, to my cheek, to my ear stopping to nibble a bit. My head tilts back a bit more. Now his tongue is tracing an invisible line from the bottom of my ear to my collar bone ... followed by a light bite. A jolt travels down, stopping at my inner core.

I suck in a quick breath and want more, always wanting more ....

"So I noticed you were reading a rather interesting book, enjoy it?" he asks looking down at me.

My head is swimming, "Yes, very much so." My legs are a bit weak and I spread them a bit to have a better stance to hold myself upright. He slides his between mine and presses it against me. I moan quietly, close my eyes, enjoying the pressure.

My hand slips from his waist to feel with my hands the hardness that is there. Oh how I want to feel him inside of me rather than inside my hand. I know that when he moves his leg there is going to be a wet spot where it was up against me.

"Oh my, it seems you were not properly dressed for your outing .... " he said as he pulled away. I could almost see a look of sternness there, but it quickly went away. I backed up a bit, but there was nowhere to go except the bookshelf. He reached for me again, both hands on my butt, pulling me into him. If there were any misgivings a moment ago they were gone when his kiss drew out passion and his tongue demanding my full attention.

His hands fell from my bottom and encircled my fingers, keeping them by my side as he kissed each side of my full lips, kissed the tip of my nose, again full on. Oh how I wanted more.

"Well, we best be going if we want to get out of here," he said when we heard some movement up at the front of the library. It was the cleaning lady. He explained to her how we had gotten lost in our books and if she would be kind enough to let us out. We smiled at her as we left.

"Which way should we go hun?" he smiled. Too many ways to answer that question ....

"Ummmm, I'm just a few blocks this way," I said hesitantly. Do I really want him to know where I live? My loins say yes and my mind is saying I don't know if that's a good idea. And we begin to walk hand in hand, quietly.

"Sooooooo, how bout that weather ...." I said staring up at the sky. He kept walking quietly, not commenting, looking deep in thought.

"Ok, this is my place here," I said as we neared the towering apartment building. We stopped and I looked up to his eyes, wanting to ask him up, but not sure if he would accept. Gawd I hate rejection.

One hand on my back and the other on my bottom he pulls me in. "I would very much like to finish what we started in the library, but I don't want to assume anything."

Oh, even a gentleman .... "I would like that very much, I was going to ask you but didn't want to seem to forward," I answered with a sideways glance.

I fumbled in my purse looking for my keys, inside shaking with anticipation. Did I clean up before I left today? Hope my laundry is lying around.

I let us in the front door and lead us towards the elevator. Crossing and uncrossing my feet, feeling a bit self conscious as we wait for the car. I sneak a look at him from under my lowered eyelashes. Damn, he looks good ... but know what is going to look better on him .... ME!!!! lol I giggle to myself and he glances my way. Ding! Oh there's the car, whew! In we get. The door closes and he slips his hand under my dress, caressing my cheek.

The door slides open four floors below mine and old Mr. Palmer is standing there. Damn. "Those kids upstairs, I swear, they are more deaf than I am! Their parents must not be home this week again." We step back and let him in.

My friend dropped his hand the moment the doors opened, but with Mr. Palmers back to us he resumes his position.

"Oh, are you going to ask them to turn their music down Mr. Palmer?" I ask to break the quietness and hope that the quick intake of breathe doesn't seem unusual as he slipped a finger through my lower lips, feeling the dampness there.

"Yes! Just because you are left alone does not give you the right to disturb the rest of the tenants. You are lucky you don't have them below you or you would be upset too!" He said as he exited the next floor.

Thank god! I would not have been able to control my next moan even if I tried as he slipped the finger inside of me. I turned to look at him but the way he was standing I could not. My legs opened a bit but he stopped and brought his finger to my mouth which I took, sucking it clean. He folded his hands in front of himself and looked towards the numbers on the car. Ding!

"Our stop" I said as I led him down the hall towards my apartment.

Keys already in hand I opened the door. Yes! I did clean before I left! I kick off my sandals and start to walk towards the livingroom when he grabs my hand.

"Where is your bedroom?" he asks. Hmmmm, right to the point and no wasting time, I like that!

"You wouldn't like a drink first?" "No, you are going to quench my thirst right away," he answered with a smirk.

As we enter my bedroom you are almost taken aback by the largeness of the bed and bench in the centre. A king size four poster, my one big splurge in the last year! "Nice," he said as he turns to me, "now, let me see what you are hiding under that dress."

That almost sounded like an order, but his eyes were waiting with anticipation and who am I to disappoint? I turned my back to him and he unzipped it slowly. I stepped away from him and slid one strap then the other, still holding it at my breasts. I look at him and then drop it. There was nothing under it, except my nakedness.

"Do you need to freshen up or anything before we take this any further? It might be a while ...." he said as he began to take off his shirt.

"Good idea, be right back, make yourself comfortable."

When I return he is still in his shorts but no shirt. Nice smooth chest, I walk towards him wanting to feel it under my hands. I reach for him and he grabs my hands and ties them together with the belt from my robe.

There is a moment of nervousness, what have I done? "Trust me hun, you are going to enjoy this evening very much," he whispered into my ear as he nibbled. I let my guard down a bit and allowed him to finish his task. Then he dug into his pocket and stepped behind me. All of a sudden it was dark. I don't know exactly what it was that he blindfolded me with but when I reached to take it off he grabbed my hands and led me towards the bed.

I was scared now. No idea what was going to happen next and yet I was excited. He brought me to the end of the bed, leaning me over the bench and tied my hands to the bedpost. It was at such an angle that I could not stand straight and had to stay in that position, rather exposed with my ass sticking out.

I wanted to ask questions, but at the same time thought better of it. Once my hands were tied I could not feel him near me or hear where he was because of the carpeted floor. Then without warning I felt his hand across my ass, spanking me!

I cried out, not from pain but surprise. I haven't been spanked since I was 8! He spanked me again, this time a little harder, then again. My cheeks were tingling now. I was also getting wet. My nipples were starting to pucker. How can this turn me on? But it did.

On the last spank his hand lingered. He rubbed each cheek tenderly then kissed them.

"My but you are wet my dear," he said as he spread my cheeks and kissed the inside of my thighs. I could feel fluid dripping down my leg. I was sooooooo hot, sooooo horny!!!! At this point he could do anything to me and there would be no resistance at all! He stood up and ran his fingers across my slit, stopping at my pleasure button, but only brushing against it. I gasped.

"Not yet ... you are not ready for me yet." But I am! I really really am! I didn't voice it, but my body was screaming it!!! "I want to explore all of you in my own time." He untied me and led me to the side of the bed. He pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me, grabbing the robe belt once again and slid me up towards the other post. He secured me there and kissed me on the forehead.

His hands caressed my arms as they came to rest on my breasts. Mmmmm, so warm his hands are. My butt is still a bit tingly. My nipples are erect and he brushed them with the palm of his hands. They pucker even more. He pinched them, lightly then a bit harder. I moan, arching my back. He pushes me back down. I feel his hair on me, then his teeth. He rolls them between his teeth then bites and flicks each with is tongue. I moan again, not wanting him to stop. His hands follow the curve of my torso, stopping on my hips. I can feel his hair between my tits, down my tummy and then stop. I can feel his breath on my pussy. I try and open my legs, but his are on either side, holding steady.

Oh how I wish I could move! Whiskers brush my inner thighs, only grazing against my naked lips. My head moves from side to side, wishing I had no bonds on my hands!!

I am gratefully shocked with the sensation his very hard and very warm tongue have on my clit. He pushes against it firmly then flicks it up, then nothing! Next his tongue reaches my entrance (which is pretty closed with his legs still holding me steady) and licks just to my clit and stops once again. I am slowly going crazy laying here, wanting, anticipating, NEEDING release!!!!

His hand rests on one leg and pushes the other to the side, giving him a waif of my womanly scent, which he breathes in, and kisses the inside my leg down to my knee, going to the other side and doing the same. I can feel the weight shifting as he gets off the bed. I push my legs together, knees up for an extra squeeze. Where could he have gone? I hear a zip then something dropping. He climbs back onto the bed. "I cannot resist your wanton body any longer, you shall get your release, as shall I."

With that said, he spread my legs and pushed his head against my opening. It nearly slipped in from all the juice at the entrance of my pussy, but he slid it up and down my slit, teasing me further.

"Oh please, fuck me now! I don't think I can take any more teasing!" I whimpered.

"That is what I was waiting for, you to beg me for my cock, now you will get it."

He slid his hardness deep within me in one stroke. I just about came from that alone! He entered me again and again, slow and hard at first, then quicker shorter strokes. I went to put my legs around him and he stopped.

"You keep them the way I have them placed or I will stop again."

Oh, you don't have to tell me twice when I am this close! I could feel the orgasm building to an explosive state! The warmth went through me in waves!

"Harder! Faster! I want you deep inside of me! Fuck me hard!" And saying that, I came!

I moaned .... my head flailing from side to side, wanting to touch him, bring him closer to me ....

Once my inner walls stopped contracting, he pulled out and flipped me onto my tummy. He grabbed one of my many pillows and placed it under me, raising my ass up in the air.

He positioned himself between my legs and said, "you cum beautifully, now it is my turn." He put his cock inside of me slowly, so I could feel every inch. I was expecting for him to plunge deep inside my pussy but he pulled out. Then I felt him pushing against my butt, his hands on either side of me, holding me into place.

"Please stop, I have never had sex this way before," I cried out.

Too late, the tip of his head was already entering me. I tensed up.

"Relax hun, it won't hurt after I have entered a bit more." I relaxed a bit .... feeling him slide in a bit more. Once I was a bit more comfortable, I realized I could very much enjoy the feeling of his manliness in my ass. I slowly pushed back, now wanting to feel him more. He eased the rest of his cock inside, mmmmm, yes, I will like this too! For every stroke in, I pushed back, feeling his balls slap against my pussy.

As we moved, the rhythm grew quicker .... with more force.

"Oh I am going to cum again!" I moaned into the blanket.

"Cum for me darling, I will shoot my seed deep within you too."

I came, and came again when I felt his cum shoot inside of me. I slumped on the bed under his weight. I was smiling.

He reached up and untied the blindfold and my hands. I looked into his eyes and kissed him softly on the lips.

"Thank you, that was incredible!" I said.

"When I saw how that book was getting you rather excited, I couldn't walk away from you. I wanted you the moment I saw you engrossed in the pages and when I got closer I thought, hmmm. I had to see where it would all lead to, and you did not disappoint me in the least!" he said as we climbed under the blankets for a much needed rest.

I tell you, never will I walk the rows of books without remembering this nite!

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